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Is it low testosterone?

Have you asked yourself, “Is it low testosterone ?” Do you feel tired all the time, even after a good night’s sleep? Do you find your urge for a sexual relationship with your beautiful partner to be nothing more than a dim and distant memory? Is there a fog in your mind that just won’t clear up and go away? Is it harder than ever to lose that belly fat, even with diet and exercise? Do you just feel physically weaker than you use to? Is your self esteem at an all-time low? Is it Low Testosterone? Read on to see just how to increase low testosterone levels.

Do I have a Low Testosterone Level?

The first cue to answer to “Do I have a Low Testosterone Level?”and deciding if you have this debilitating medical condition are these symptoms and many more. The best way answer that question “Do I have a low testosterone level?” is with a blood test. It is important to be sure that you understand the numbers. Many times a lab testing for low testosterone levels will decide on the average level of testosterone for the typical male based on the results of their testing. This is not a good way to determine the appropriate testosterone level for a healthy male. Is it low testosterone? You will know the answer when you accurately evaluate the information on your blood test.

How does this work to increase Low Testosterone levels?

This process of Testosterone Hormone Replacement works to increase Low Testosterone levels by introducing a bioidentical hormone into your system, and it raises your testosterone levels up to where they were when you were producing adequate amounts when you were 18 to 20 years old. Each Testosterone Injection brings your numbers up a little more. When you start, your low testosterone levels may be under 300, and you are quite deficient. Is it low testosterone ? Most definitely! The therapeutic dosage outlined by your testosterone clinic adviser will increase your low testosterone levels gradually as they climb up to the normal range.

What is a normal testosterone level?

So that you understand the numbers when we talk about a normal testosterone level, testosterone is measured in terms of nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). When you were young and your testosterone production was at its peak, the level of testosterone in your blood was probably 800-1,100 ng/dL. If you will think back to that time, you probably felt full of energy and vitality – like nothing could stop you. You smiled when you looked in the mirror! Life was good and full of promise! You felt this way because of having a healthy normal testosterone level at that time. When you look at how you feel now, and ask “Is it low testosterone?” then you know the answer is “Yes.”

What causes low testosterone levels?

When we ask what causes low testosterone levels, we could answer that low testosterone levels are a normal part of aging, and so men should just get use to that fact. However, it isn’t a fact! Not every man of a certain age has low testosterone levels. Doctors now know that low testosterone level is a serious medical condition with specific causes and symptoms in the body. Is it low testosterone causing your physical problems? Determining what causes low testosterone levels would mean looking at a combination of factors. In general, the glands of the endocrine system (which includes the testes where testosterone is produced) are strongly affected stress and environmental toxins, the poor nutrition of the Standard American Diet (abbreviated SAD, for obvious reasons), and injuries or illnesses which the man has encountered throughout his lifetime. Even injury or trauma to the head can cause a low testosterone level. Being obese compounds the problem, because fat cells convert testosterone to estrogen in the body. There are a wide range of issues which causes low testosterone levels – that’s why we see so many people with this crippling medical condition.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone levels?

The main symptoms of low testosterone levels are insidious and can creep up on you. Gradually as you get older, your testes produce less and less testosterone every year, and as a result your energy level falls a little lower. Your hunger or drive for sex just isn’t there any more. Your body holds a little more fat and loses a little more muscle. Your mind struggles to make decisions which use to come easily. You may feel depressed, and your self esteem suffers. You may not notice a change immediately, but over time the change can be dramatic. The symptoms of low testosterone levels sap the maleness from a man. Is it just aging, or is it low testosterone?

What are the benefits of raising Low Testosterone Levels?

The benefits of raising low testosterone levels are to begin to feel like a robust, strong and healthy man again.

  • Energy levels begin to return by the second week of testosterone therapy.
  • Your sex drive or libido comes back full-throttle after a couple weeks of testosterone therapy. You will actually feel a hunger for sex like when you were 18 – 21 years old. That ho-hum feeling about sex is a thing of the past. You may even see morning erections again.
  • You mental focus improves dramatically, and you feel more on point and able to make quicker decisions. Your memory improves, and you are able to make quick decisions again. Is it low testosterone causing these problems?
  • Your self-esteem begins to rise as your physique improves. You will be putting on muscle and taking off fat. You will hold your head higher and begin thinking and feeling better about yourself.
  • Raising low testosterone levels creates an overall sense of well-being. That sums it all up. When your testosterone levels come up, your over all sense of well-being comes up – you’re happy inside.

Why are testosterone injections better than pills?

Testosterone does come in pill form, but this treatment is associated with a high level of liver toxicity. Injectable Testosterone does not cause liver toxicity. With oral testosterone, you might receive only 60% or less after it has passed through the digestive system. With Injectable Testosterone to raise low testosterone levels, you are certain of receiving 100% of the testosterone you are taking. If you wonder “is it low testosterone,” the solution is with testosterone injections.

How to do the testosterone injections?

Testosterone injections to raise low testosterone levels are taken intra-muscular. You can easily give the testosterone injection to yourself in the buttock muscle (gluteous) or the thigh muscle (quadracep). We will provide instructions, with a detailed protocol and diagrams, direct you to videos to help explain the process, and walk you through your first injection to be sure that you are comfortable with self-administering the testosterone injections. You will have all the information and support you need so that your question “Is it low testosterone?” becomes a thing of the past.

What are the benefits of Combined Testosterone and HGH Therapy?

By combining Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy, they have a synergistic effect, that is, they enhance each other. Incorporating testosterone injections into an HGH Program will provide two to three times the benefits of each therapy if used alone. Your concern about “is it low testosterone” will be remedied that much faster with the combined treatment. Encouraging the body to have balance in each of its hormone levels will allow these two powerful therapies to enhance each other and support your overall feeling of healthy youthfulness and well-being.

Can Females have low testosterone levels?

Women do carry a level of testosterone naturally, although it is not as high as in men. Usually when a female is approaching or going through menopause, a blood test will determine her levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. If she is suffering from hot flashes and roller-coaster mood swings, then the lab work will show the reason with these hormone levels being much lower than normal. Doctors usually prescribe a 1% testosterone cream, and the results can be dramatic, usually with a week or two. Continued monitoring of blood levels and symptoms will help you and your doctor determine if the testosterone dosage is appropriate, to answer “Is it low testosterone,” or if progesterone needs to be added as well. The best measure is to observe when you feel healthy again with no radical mood swings and hot flashes.

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