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What is Depression?

Depression is a “whole-body” illness, involving your physical, mental and emotional well-being. While many people who suffer from Depression Symptoms may have a physiological issue which requires anti-depressant medication, many others have under-lying hormonal issues which cause the very same symptoms of Depression. If you have Depression caused by a chemical imbalance, then being treated by a recognized psychiatric doctor is the recommended method to find relief. However, if you have Depression Symptoms caused by hormonal shifts related to aging and hormone deficiencies, then the solution could be doctor prescribed testosterone therapy which restores low testosterone levels and relieves mild depression Symptoms during andropause in men. Our local doctors who test low testosterone levels know that hormone replacement therapy is required to restore these testosterone hormone deficiencies and get you on the road to feeling happy and usefully whole again.

Do I have Depression?

Depression can be a serious illness. At Kingsberg HRT Clinic, we do not wish to lead someone who has serious depression-related problems to think that it can be dealt with casually. It cannot. If you suffer from feelings of suicide or severe depression, then please get to an emergency room or consult a doctor skilled in this area immediately. Are you asking, “Do I have depression?” If you would describe your depression as a kind of overall “blah” feeling, which for men often occurs during andropause, and you have tried the normal route for dealing with depression symptoms, then you may be well-advised to consult our local doctors who test for low testosterone and can determine if you have a low testosterone level or a low HGH level and develop a course of depression treatment. Our local doctors who prescribe hormone replacement therapy have observed patients with mild depression symptoms, who have been treated with anti-depressants for years, become completely symptom-free after beginning a course of injectable testosterone therapy or injectable HGH therapy, or both.

Is this Depression?

Depression comes in many shapes and sizes. We repeat our very serious word of caution: If you suffer from severe depression and/or thoughts of suicide, then you must see a psychiatric doctor for treatment or get to the nearest emergency room. However, many of the symptoms of depleted hormone levels can be confused with mild depression. Feelings of mental fogginess, being slow at decision making, not quite feeling on-point in discussions, a sense of malaise during andropause – it is likely these all can be alleviated with hormone replacement therapy. You need to be evaluated by our local doctors who test for low testosterone levels and doctors who test for low HGH levels. This process starts by completing the short form at the top of this page to contact one of our clinical advisers from NYGoodHealth and begin the process of depression treatment. Our clinical adviser will direct you to have a blood test and physical performed by a lab and a doctor in your area. You will also need to complete the Medical History Form at the top of this page. With these three pieces of information, our local doctors can review your chart to determine if you have a deficiency in testosterone or in HGH levels during andropause and determine an appropriate protocol to restore the low testosterone level or low HGH levels and find relief for your depression symptoms.

What Causes Depression?

Depression can have many psychological, environmental and biological causes. What causes Depression? Depression symptoms can be caused by stress, low self esteem, or as a reaction to severe trauma. Depression which is brought on through the passage of time and aging process is most often related to hormonal shifts in the body during andropause. It would be wise to be evaluated by our local doctors who test for low testosterone or low HGH to find out if these hormone levels are low in your body and could be contributing to your feelings of Depression. If your hormone levels turn out to be at a level considered normal for someone of your age, then proceeding with a psychiatric doctor would be wise. However, if our local doctors determine that you have low testosterone levels or low HGH levels during andropause, then proceeding with a course of injectable testosterone therapy or HGH injections could be a very useful depression treatment by raising your low testosterone level or low HGH level. In understanding what causes depression symptoms, it is important to determine if a low hormone level is the cause, and if so, treat it appropriately.

How is Depression Treated?

Depression treatment most often consists of medication and psychotherapy. Buy antidepressant online. Buy antidepressant online. Many times both men and women respond to this course of depression treatment and move on to live happy and productive lives. There are times, however, when this normal course of treatment does nothing to relieve the symptoms of Depression. In those cases, we strongly recommend that tests be done for low testosterone levels and low HGH levels, especially during andropause. With injectable testosterone therapy and injectable HGH therapy, many changes in physical, mental and emotional attributes can be seen. Restoring low testosterone levels definitely improves energy level, and from there you can see a cascade of positive effects with reduced fat stores and leaner bodies, more active and sharper mental functions, raised self esteem and just feeling happier inside. It may not be everyone’s answer for “How is Depression Treated?” but for those who need hormone replacement therapy during andropause, then injectable testosterone therapy and injectable HGH therapy can go a long way toward relieving the depression symptoms.

Depression Test

At Kingsberg HRT Clinic, we want to be sure that your depression treatment is the most effective and safest method available. Our local doctors who test for low testosterone levels or for low HGH levels during andropause will determine if you have a deficiency based on the results of a laboratory blood test, your physical examination with a local physician, and your completed Medical History Form. While this is not actually a depression test, if you have low testosterone levels or low HGH levels, we will be able to determine if you should be treated for these deficiencies during andropause. Our local doctors who prescribe testosterone injections and injectable HGH therapy will design a program of therapy for depression treatment to raise your low testosterone levels and your low HGH levels, and with this course of therapy, your low energy, low sex drive, mental fog and mild depression symptoms will leave you.

Depression Symptoms

Our local doctors who test for low testosterone levels and low HGH levels will review your laboratory results and physical examination report to determine if you have low testosterone levels or low HGH levels during andropause. Any depression symptoms or other symptoms such as low energy, low sex drive, stored fat around the abdomen, loss of muscle mass, lack of focus, and memory loss are all indication of having low testosterone levels and low HGH levels, and are among the more common depression symptoms seen during andropause. Using injectable testosterone therapy and HGH injections will help to relieve these depression symptoms and have you losing fat and restoring muscle mass, feeling better, walking taller and greatly improving your self-esteem.

Signs of Depression

When we talk about the signs of low testosterone levels or the signs of low HGH levels during andropause, we are referring those things which we can measure with some certainty. We know that restoring low testosterone levels will bring about healthier heart function and lower cholesterol. Restoring low testosterone levels will also improve bone density and muscle mass. Many times the signs of depression, which have not been relieved by traditional psychotherapy or depression medication, are greatly reduced when your low testosterone levels and low HGH levels are returned to normal ranges. At Kingsberg HRT Clinic, it is our mission to help you Live Youthfully every day of your life. Our local doctors and clinical advisers will work with you to design a course of depression treatment to relieve your signs of depression and depression symptoms and return you to a greatly enhanced quality of life. Call us for more information or to get started right away … (954) 800-5590.

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