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What is testosterone cypionate?

We often hear people ask, “What is testosterone cypionate?” Basically, Testosterone Cypionate is a great base testosterone to start with for any injectable testosterone therapy. What makes it different is that it is the longest lasting of any testosterone on the market. Testosterone cypionate supplies 200 mg of testosterone per 1 ml injection. You take 1 ml injection each week which supplies 200 mg of testosterone to the body. Testosterone Cypionate will stay freely suspended in your system and available for your body to use for 7 days. This is the least frequent injection of any of the testosterone injections.

What is Depo Testosterone Cypionate?

Depo Testosterone Cypionate is the registered brand name of testosterone cypionate produced by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Depo Testosterone Cypionate is suspended in cottonseed oil and follows the same protocol as compounded testosterone cypionate. Compounded testosterone cypionate is produced in our pharmacy under exact specifications, adhering to the original requirements and regulated by the FDA. Compounded testosterone cypionate is every bit as safe and effective as the name brand Depo Testosterone Cypionate, and it offers some savings to the consumer.

What are the Depo Testosterone Cypionate benefits?

The first benefit of Depo Testosterone Cypionate injections, which you notice within the first two weeks, is the return of your energy. You’ll have a wonderful wide-awake feeling instead of being sluggish and tired all the time. Depo Testosterone Cypionate affects the body in very profound and welcomed ways. Next, you’ll probably notice the return of your sex drive. This is the most celebrated benefit of Depo Testosterone Cypionate injections. Many men describe it as a hunger, or that “Oh! Wow!” excitement you had about sex when you were 18 to 20 years old. You may even experience morning erections again. You will also see a return of energy to your mental functions with an improved memory, focus and quicker decision-making abilities. Depo Testosterone Cypionate injection therapy will help you feel on top of your game in the bedroom and in the boardroom. When you raise low testosterone levels, your body begins to change its contours. No longer will you be soft and pudgy. Your self-esteem will soar as your physique becomes more trim and firm. With Depo Testosterone Cypionate injections, your feeling of well-being returns. You’ll feel like you at your best at home, at work and at play. You just feel happy inside.

What side effects are possible with Depo Testosterone Cypionate?

Side effects with injectable Depo Testosterone Cypionate are minimal, and compared to how great you’ll be feeling as you raise low testosterone levels, any side effects will hardly be worth mentioning. Any side effects you do experience have a remedial plan ready to be put into action to assure your safety and so you can continue to enjoy the amazing benefits of Depo Testosterone Cypionate injections. The enzyme aromatase may cause any excess testosterone to be converted into estrogen in the body. If this occurs, you may experience symptoms of nipple sensitivity or swelling of breast tissue. We will quickly remedy this side effect with a prescribed estrogen blocker. As you raise low testosterone levels with Depo Testosterone Cypionate, your body may slow down or cease to produce testosterone on its own. If this occurs, you might notice your testicles becoming smaller or softer. We include weekly HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) injections in your protocol to prevent this from happening. The HCG can be continued after the end of your Depo Testosterone Cypionate treatment to encourage your body to produce its own testosterone and maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

How to increase low testosterone levels?

A typical course of Testosterone Replacement Therapy to increase low testosterone levels will include 10 weeks on Depo Testosterone Cypionate and Anastrozole (which keeps your body from aromatizing any extra testosterone into estrogen). You will have a 2 week waiting period, followed by 10 days of HCG along with 15 days of Clomiphene. This encourages your body to continue its own production of testosterone. So that covered 14 weeks – then you can start again. After 10 weeks, if you’re not noticing any negative effects like gynocomastia (nipple sensitivity) or testicular atrophy (testicles becoming smaller or softer), then you can continue with Testosterone Replacement Therapy to increase low testosterone levels without the break in injectable Depo Testosterone Cypionate treatment.

Depo Testosterone Cypionate Dosage

Your Depo Testosterone Cypionate dosage will be determined by our professionals in order to best address your specific circumstances. The results of your blood test, your height and weight, your age, and the severity of your symptoms will all be taken into consideration in determining the best possible Depo Testosterone Cypionate dosage for you. Your dosage may be different than other patients, but the overall procedure will be the same. While taking Depo Testosterone Cypionate injections, your testosterone clinic adviser stay in contact with you to be sure that you are moving toward your goals. Our local doctor, who specializes in testosterone hormone replacement therapy, will evaluate your lab reports and determine the appropriate injectable Depo Testosterone Cypionate dosage required to restore your testosterone deficiency. Our goal is to work with you to raise your low testosterone level to the point where you to be free of symptoms. Normal range of testosterone is between 350 and 1,100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). Some men will need their testosterone level increased to be 600-650 ng/dL, or even higher, before they begin experiencing the amazing benefits described above. Being free of the symptoms of low testosterone levels means that you will feel alert and energetic, optimistic and enthusiastic, and like a real man again.

What about Tri-Blend Testosterone?

If you find that you’re just not getting what you want any more from your Testosterone Replacement Therapy, then a blend of the 3 different brands of testosterone is what you need. Tri-blend Testosterone contains a total of 250 mg/ml of testosterone, made up of 100 mg Testosterone Cypionate, 100 mg of Testosterone Enanthate, and 50 mg Testosterone Propionate. The Testosterone Propionate acts first and fastest; it will be consumed by the body in 48 hours. Testosterone Enanthate will act next and will be used up in 4 days. The Testosterone Cypionate will still be working for 7 full days. The cost is slightly higher, but for those whose receptors have built up a tolerance or have been using Depo Testosterone Cypionate therapy for a long time, this is a most effective and safe method to raise Low Testosterone levels.

Where can I inject myself with Depo Testosterone Cypionate Injection?

Depo Testosterone Cypionate injections are taken intra-muscular, that is, you inject yourself directly into muscle tissue. You can administer the Depo Testosterone Cypionate injection to yourself in the gluteous muscle (the buttock) or the quadracep muscle (the thigh). Our testosterone clinic adviser will give you instructions, and provide a detailed description and diagrams. We will also point out videos which help explain the process of self-administering injections. We will be happy to take you step-by-step through opening your package and taking your first injection. We want to be sure that you feel confident and are comfortable with self-administering Depo Testosterone Cypionate injections.

What is the price of Depo Testosterone Cypionate?

The price of Depo Testosterone Cypionate will vary depending on the doctor’s prescribed dosage, which is based on your body size, your lab work and your personal goals. Our testosterone clinic adviser will help you figure out an individual program and cost for your particular situation.

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