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How to Use Testosterone Cypionate Injections

How to Use Testosterone Cypionate

The first section of this report on how to use testosterone cypionate covers many of the frequently asked questions we hear at Kingsberg HRT Clinic. The second section is your step by step instruction guide to the administration of testosterone cypionate injections.

We begin with these questions about testosterone cypionate dosage and administration:

  • What is my testosterone cypionate dosage?

It is impossible to provide a predetermined dosage for testosterone cypionate as treatment is based on each man’s distinct needs. Blood analysis, along with a full medical review including examination findings are necessary before the doctor can determine the correct dosage of testosterone to prescribe. Do not choose a random number off an internet website. Although the average adult dose is 200 mg every two weeks, this may vary depending on need.

If the suggested dosage is too high, you could be at risk for unsettling side effects. If the recommended dosage is too low for your needs, you may not receive the benefits you desire.

  • How do I choose my injection site for the administration of testosterone cypionate?

Choosing an injection site for home testosterone treatment is easy. The first question we ask is who will be handling the testosterone cypionate administration? If you are going to give yourself the shot, then the thigh is the optimum location. Sitting in a chair, look down at your thigh and imagine that it was divided into three sections from knee to hip. You will administer the shot in the upper, outer portion of the middle section.

If you have someone else at home who will give you the injection, you can opt for the buttocks, hip, or upper arm – as long as you have enough muscle for the needle. Testosterone shots are administered via intramuscular injection.

  • What is the testosterone cypionate injection schedule?

Just as with the dosage, how often to take testosterone cypionate will be determined following the medical review. Most men will administer a shot once every two weeks, on average.

  • Can you tell me how long to take testosterone cypionate to treat my Low T?

The initial course of treatment with testosterone therapy could be as short as eight weeks, or it could extend longer based on need. The doctor will determine this when prescribing dosage and frequency of injections.

Step by Step Guide to Administering Testosterone Cypionate

The first step in how to take testosterone cypionate injection is the gathering of all supplies. You will need the following things before you begin:

  • Syringe
  • 18 G needle for filling syringe with testosterone
  • Testosterone cypionate vial
  • IM needle for injecting testosterone
  • Sharps container
  • Two alcohol swabs

Caution: always examine your testosterone vial before each use. Check the expiration date, and that the liquid is not cloudy, discolored, or containing particles or crystals. Do not use in any of these circumstances.

Here are the easy to follow instructions for how to use testosterone cypionate:
  • 1. Wash your hands with soap and water – dry with a clean towel
  • 2. Use an alcohol wipe to clean the testosterone vial rubber stopper and let air dry
  • 3. Remove a new syringe from a sealed package and check that the 18 G needle is securely attached before removing and setting aside the cap
  • 4. Fill the syringe with an amount of air equal to your dosage by pulling back carefully on the plunger
  • 5. Insert the 18 G needle tip into the center of the rubber stopper while holding the vial of testosterone firmly on the counter
  • 6. Depress the plunger all the way to force all of the air into the vial
  • 7. Turn the vial upside down with the needle held securely in place, allowing the testosterone solution to cover the needle tip
  • 8. Take your time pulling back the plunger while filling the syringe to your prescribed dosage – the solution is thick, and this will take a short while
  • 9. Most men find it easier to go past their dosage line since you will need to check for air bubbles and remove them before pulling out the needle – tap the side of the syringe to send the air bubbles to the needle tip and gently push in the plunger until all bubbles exit the syringe
  • 10. Double check you have the right dosage before removing the needle from the vial, and then replace the needle cap and remove the covered needle from the syringe and discard in the Sharps container
  • 11. Attach a new IM needle to the syringe – this is a smaller needle than the one that withdrew the solution
  • 12. Take a fresh alcohol swab and clean the injection site – allow to air dry
  • 13.Remove the needle cap and set aside
  • 14. Insert the IM needle into the sanitized muscle at a 90-degree angle
  • 15. Carefully pull the plunger back just a little to make certain that no blood enters the syringe – do not proceed if you see blood – remove the needle from the body, replace the cap, discard the entire unit in the Sharps container and prepare a new syringe
  • 16. If you do not see blood you can begin to slowly push in the plunger and administer the testosterone cypionate into your muscle – this will be slow due to the viscosity of the solution
  • 17. Remove the needle from the muscle when the syringe is empty
  • 18. Replace the needle cap and discard the entire unit in the Sharps container

Always remember to store your testosterone cypionate and supplies away from light, at room temperature, and out of reach of children and pets. Do not store in a bathroom.

If you have further questions about how to take testosterone cypionate or would like to speak with a hormone specialist about treatment for low testosterone or any other hormonal imbalances, please complete the form below or contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic directly for a free consultation.

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