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HGH Testing – the Complete Guide

HGH Testing

Doctor ordered HGH testing determines if a man or woman is dealing with a condition called adult growth hormone deficiency. AGHD occurs when the pituitary gland no longer keeps up with the demands of the body regarding human growth hormone production. Blood analysis measures numerous hormone levels and other blood markers to provide an accurate diagnosis.

HGH testing is also done in the sports world to ensure against illegal doping. Although studies have shown that human growth hormones do not increase muscle size, strength, or endurance in adults that are not deficient in this vital chemical that has not stopped some athletes from using HGH either alone or in combination with other performance enhancing drugs. HGH is illegal when used for these purposes, and our doctors at Kingsberg HRT Clinic will not prescribe treatment to people who do not need it to combat a deficiency.

For the HGH test, blood is collected first thing in the morning before an individual eats or drinks anything. This is called fasting, and begins the night before the test to ensure an accurate reading. One of our hormone specialists will arrange for an appointment for this blood sample collection at a local lab.

You cannot order an HGH testing kit online that will provide an accurate diagnosis. This test must be performed by a legitimate laboratory. Accurate results will show the level of deficiency if this is an issue. This information, along with the findings provided in a physical examination report will help the HRT specialist determine a treatment plan.

Determining Which Tests to Run and the HGH Blood Test Cost

The doctor will know which blood tests to run based on a person’s symptoms. Since a comprehensive health history questionnaire is also a mandatory part of the diagnosis process, this information will also help determine which of the blood panels are necessary.

The HGH blood test cost is based on which series of tests the hormone specialist deems necessary, as shown in the chart below:

Blood TestMale Complete PanelMale Super PanelFemale Complete PanelFemale Super Panel
Lipid PanelXXXX
Testosterone TotalXXXX
Free T4 (Direct)XXXX
Testosterone Free XXX
Progesterone   X
FSH & LH X  

The difference in the HGH testing cost between the complete and super panels is well under one hundred dollars so many people do opt on their own to ask for the more comprehensive blood test. Getting a clear picture as to what is going on in the body is crucial for a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan.

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What Answers do the HGH Blood Test Results Show?

Starting at the top of the list, here are some specifics about what we will find out from the HGH blood test results:

  • The CBC or complete blood count checks for anemia, inflammation, blood cell count, and other important information. It will also help rule out leukemia.
  • The CMP panel evaluates specific organ functions and checks that liver and kidney disease, as well as diabetes are not issues.
  • Lipid Panel measures cholesterol and triglyceride levels and is an indicator for possible cardiac risk.
  • IGF-1 is the primary test that measures for growth hormone deficiency by looking at insulin growth factor 1 levels, as IGF-1 is secreted by the liver in direct proportion to how much HGH that organ receives.
  • Testosterone Total checks for low testosterone levels, testicular tumors, infertility, and pituitary or hypothalamic disorders.
  • Estradiol measures estrogen levels for estrogen dominance, testosterone deficiency, ovarian function, estrogen-producing tumors, and is used to determine treatment for andropause and menopause.
  • Free T4 (Direct) checks thyroid hormone levels.
  • TSH is thyroid-stimulating hormone that measures pituitary functions and thyroid disorders.
  • PSA checks male prostate levels.
  • Testosterone Free measures the amount of freely circulating and available testosterone.
  • Progesterone is used for menopause and infertility measurements.
  • FSH & LH checks hypothalamus and pituitary functions, infertility, and testicular dysfunction.
  • DHEA-S is a measurement for adrenal gland function and checks for PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) in women.

The hormone specialists at Kingsberg HRT Clinic can answer any other questions you might have about HGH blood testing, deficiency, or treatment. Call today for a free consultation.