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What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

Testosterone affects the body in so many different ways that it is often difficult to determine if you have low testosterone or not. Many of the symptoms of low testosterone are also indications of other issues in the body. What are the symptoms of low testosterone? Well, most certainly sexual functions are affected by testosterone levels, and if your testosterone level is low, then it is most common to have problems in the area of sexual functions as well. While there are other issues in the body which could cause a loss of sex drive and diminished erections, it is very likely that restoring low testosterone levels would awaken a sleeping libido and allow a man to feel that hunger for sex that he felt in his younger years. One of the most celebrated effects of restoring low testosterone levels is the full-throttle return of a man’s sex drive.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone in men?

It is not completely understood exactly how testosterone interacts with the fat in a man’s body, but we do recognize a relationship between low testosterone levels and an excess of fat being stored, especially around the mid-section of the body. What are the symptoms of low testosterone in men? Well, it is also been noted that in addition to an increase in fat being stored in the body, a man with low testosterone levels is likely to have a loss of lean muscle mass and muscle strength. Whether the muscle mass has been lost due to illness, injury or simply through dis-use, using injectable testosterone replacement therapy will enable him to rebuild that lost muscle mass. Restoring those low testosterone levels will definitely enable a man to trim the excess fat stores and rebuild lean muscle mass, reclaiming the trim and sexy physique he had in his younger years.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone in women?

It is well known that a woman’s hormones primary involve estrogen and progesterone. It is not as well known that testosterone also plays an important part in a female’s health and well-being. What are the symptoms of low testosterone in women? During pre- and post- menopause, women often experience hot flashes and severe mood swings which can definitely be linked to their hormonal imbalance. While not as obvious in women as it is in men, there are definite symptoms when the level of testosterone in a woman’s body begins to drop off during pre and post-menopausal periods of life. What are the symptoms of low testosterone in women? Most notably the symptoms of low testosterone in women are related to her sex drive and to the radical mood swings that often accompany menopause. Hot flashes and mental upset are also very debilitating symptoms of low testosterone in women. A blood test and close evaluation of the symptoms would enable a doctor to determine if a woman has low testosterone levels.

How to treat Low Testosterone

For men, we know how to treat low testosterone most effectively is by testosterone injections. Other forms of testosterone supplementation are just not as effective in raising low testosterone levels and relieving the negative symptoms which may be impacting his body and over all well-being. Beginning usually with injectable testosterone cypionate, a typical treatment protocol would include weekly injections along with the addition of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This additional medication is necessary to encourage the testes to resume production of testosterone in addition to the testosterone injections.

For women, raising low testosterone is usually accomplished with a testosterone cream. The testosterone cream contains a much lower concentration of testosterone than the injections used for men, and we know that it is the most effective method for how to treat low testosterone for women. With close monitoring of a woman’s testosterone levels through blood tests, and monitoring her symptoms by close evaluation, the doctor and the patient can decide if the treatment is effectively raising her low testosterone levels. The concentration of testosterone in the cream can be increased if necessary to relieve the low testosterone symptoms in women.

Are those low testosterone symptoms?

Many times, mental and emotional functions are negatively impacted by low testosterone levels. Men often feel themselves slowing down mentally and having a hard time making decisions which use to come easily. They find themselves waivering where they use to be sharp and quick in their mental activity. We often encounter men who are being treated for mild depression with medication specifically for that purpose. Are those low testosterone symptoms? Upon evaluation and determination that they have low testosterone levels, they begin a course of injectable testosterone cypionate and find happily that their mild depression symptoms have cleared up as well. The mental and emotional aspects of a man’s physiology are affected by low testosterone symptoms just as much as the physical aspects of his body. Many of these signs of mental and emotional deficiency are attributed to just growing older, but it truly is not the case. Restoring low testosterone levels will reverse these mental and emotional symptoms of low testosterone.

How to Identify Low Testosterone Symptoms

We know the most effective method for how to identify low testosterone symptoms is with a blood test to accurately check the testosterone levels in the blood. It is important to understand exactly what the numbers mean, because often doctors who are not trained in hormone replacement therapy will rely of the reports of the laboratory to determine the normal ranges for testosterone values. Those ranges quite often are based on the averages of the values which that laboratory sees in the men who are tested there. This in no way reflects what a healthy level of testosterone should be – it simply reflects the averages of those men sampled at that location. For a young man who testosterone production is at its peak around 18 to 21 years of age, the level of testosterone in the blood is usually 800 to 1,100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). This level drops off consistently every year after about age 25. It is not uncommon to see a man in his 30s with a blood test showing a testosterone level below 600 ng/dL, and in his 40s the level of testosterone could even drop to below 300 ng/dL. At this level, you can be sure that the symptoms of low testosterone would be quite severe.

Does a low testosterone level cause the signs and symptoms of aging?

So often medical professionals convince men and women that the symptoms of low testosterone are simply the signs and symptoms of aging. Does a low testosterone level cause the signs and symptoms of aging? Most definitely! Hormone levels don’t drop because people grow older. People show signs of aging because hormone levels have dropped. Restoring those low testosterone levels will quickly and effectively reverse the signs and symptoms of aging and allow men and women to feel happy and usefully whole again.

How Will Testosterone Treatment Improve My Life?

Most importantly, most people what to know how will testosterone treatment improve my life? Raising low testosterone levels back to the levels you had in your youth, when you were 18 to 21 years of age, and truly in your prime, will bring about remarkable changes in five key areas:

  1. Your energy levels will soar. You’ll feel alive again. The couch will no longer call your name and beckon you to nap all the time.
  2. You sex drive will return. That “Oh Wow!” feeling when it comes to sex will return, and you’ll have the stamina to enjoy your relationships. The quality of your erections will definitely improve and make those relations much more enjoyable.
  3. The shape and contours of your body will change for the better becoming more lean and losing the spare tire around your mid-section. You’ll feel trim and lean again.
  4. Your mind will start to work quickly and you’ll feel sharp, quick and often on-point again. Decision-making and thought processes will speed up and you’ll feel on top of your game again.
  5. These positive changes lead to an overall feeling of well-being. Your self-esteem returns – you walk a little taller – hold your head a little higher. You feel good inside. You just feel happy again.

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