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Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects – What to Know

Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects

Testosterone, as with all medications, could cause unwanted responses – even when taken as prescribed by a doctor for legitimate purposes. Some testosterone cypionate side effects may be mild and disappear rapidly, others may last a while, some may be severe, and few may even be permanent in nature.

As a whole, the use of testosterone cypionate and side effects occurrence is extremely rare. The majority of men who use testosterone injections as prescribed by a hormone replacement therapy specialist for the treatment of Low T will never develop any adverse reactions.

The incidence of potential generic, Depo-Testosterone, and Watson testosterone cypionate side effects is reported at about 1 percent of those receiving this medication.

As with any medication, if you do happen to notice any unexpected or concerning testosterone cypionate shots side effects, please contact your prescribing doctor at once. Here at Kingsberg HRT Clinic, we take great care in prescribing hormone replacement therapy to avoid the occurrence of unwanted side effects and reactions.

List of Potential Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects

Testosterone cypionate side effects are broken down into categories: those that are most common (although still rare in nature), those that are less likely, and those that are extremely rare but more severe.

Here is a chart of testosterone cypionate common side effects – those most likely to occur, although rarely seen:

Testosterone Cypionate Common Side Effects
Adult acneOily skinAggressive behavior
DepressionMood changesRedness, irritation at injection site
Sleep apneaInsomniaHeadache
Enlarged prostateDizzinessChanges in hair growth
Weight gainProlonged erectionsGynecomastia – enlarged breasts
Water retentionNauseaNumbness and tingling

The biggest risk in the chart above is for injection site redness, pain, or irritation. This is often caused by inexperience in self-administration of the testosterone cypionate shot and typically stops occurring once the individual becomes adept at the injection.

This next group of side effects from testosterone cypionate features those that are even more unlikely to occur:

Testosterone Cypionate Less Common Side Effects
Increased thirstWeaknessLoss of appetite
JaundiceStomach painVomiting
Increased urinationMuscle twitchingFast or irregular heartbeat
Swelling in ankles and legsHigh blood pressureInfertility

We rarely see any adverse testosterone cypionate long-term side effects. When an individual notices a change and reports it right away, the doctor can alter the treatment protocol to reverse these symptoms and reduce any risks. It is extremely crucial to report any of the following side effects of testosterone cypionate if they occur:

Testosterone Cypionate Rare and Potentially Serious Side Effects
Difficulty breathingSigns of a heart attackSigns of a stroke
Allergic reactionSlurring of speechSudden onset of severe headache
Prostate cancerRage or hostilityIncreased bleeding or bruising
Bone painMemory problemsConfusion

Signs of a heart attack may include chest pain, pressure, sweating, jaw pain, nausea, vomiting, or pain extending down the arm or shoulder.

Signs of a stroke may include sudden onset of a severe headache, sudden loss or slurring of speech, changes in vision, sudden loss of coordination, unexplained weakness, pain in a leg or arm, or numbness.

Signs of a potentially severe and life-threatening allergic reaction may include hives, rash, difficulty breathing, or swelling of the throat or face.

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How You Can Avoid Side Effects of Testosterone Cypionate

When a hormone specialist prescribes testosterone cypionate 200 mg, side effects are extremely rare. The HRT doctor looks at blood test results, physical examination findings, an individual’s prior and current health status, and severity of symptoms when determining a treatment plan. This helps to lower any potential risks for the development of adverse reactions.

Side effects of too much testosterone cypionate generally occur most often in men who use this medication without a doctor’s prescription for athletic purposes. Whether to increase speed, strength, or improve muscle size for bodybuilding, not only are you putting the body at a higher risk for unwanted effects, but you are also making an illegal purchase. Buying testosterone without a prescription is against the law in the US – this is for your protection.

You can avoid testosterone cypionate 250 side effects by following all instructions as provided by the prescribing doctor and reporting any unusual reactions if they occur.

For additional information about avoiding potential side effects of testosterone cypionate, please contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic for a confidential consultation provided at no charge or obligation.