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How to Tell if Testosterone Cypionate is Not Working

Testosterone Cypionate Not Working

Testosterone cypionate is one of the best methods of correcting Low T by raising testosterone levels in the bloodstream, but that does not mean it will work wonders for everyone.

How do you tell if testosterone cypionate is not working and what can you do next?

Those are the questions to be answered here, starting with a list of ways to tell if your testosterone cypionate injections are working:

By the end of month one, you should notice at least some of the changes below:

  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Positive changes in sex drive
  • Less anxiety

By the end of the second month, you will see the above benefits and some of the ones listed below:

  • Reduction in depressed feelings
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Potential changes in lean muscle and body fat mass

If after eight weeks you have not noticed any of these benefits, then testosterone cypionate injections are not working for you as expected.

At Kingsberg HRT Clinic, we recommend that you contact your hormone specialist at the four-week mark if you have not yet seen the materialization of any of the month one benefits. Do not wait until the end of two months to make this call. The doctor will likely want to make some change in your treatment protocol once all other factors have been ruled out.

What to Do if Testosterone Cypionate is Not Working for You

The call to the hormone replacement therapy specialist is extremely important when you realize that testosterone cypionate is not working. This is when we take a close look at what could be standing in the way of your results.

Here are the steps we will take if you contact us to find out what to do if testosterone cypionate is not working as it should:

  • Step #1 – Ensure that you are taking the medication as prescribed.

Some people do not realize that they are not injecting the proper dosage or have injected it at the wrong time of day or not accurately into the muscle. We also double check where you are injecting the testosterone cypionate.

This is also when we make certain that you are not trying to save money by reducing the dosage or extending the time between injections.

  • Step #2 – Where did you get your medication?

If you purchased your testosterone cypionate from anywhere other than Kingsberg HRT Clinic, we want to ensure that your prescription was filled at a licensed US pharmacy. Getting your testosterone from anywhere else could be the problem.

Some companies overseas ship products that are diluted, expired, counterfeited, or even swapped out for other medications.

  • Step #3 – Ensure that the testosterone is not undergoing conversion into estrogen in the body.

Some men experience a testosterone conversion that could stand in the way of them getting the benefits they desire. If you were not given anastrozole or an aromatase enzyme blocker, the doctor might prescribe one at this time. Weight gain is one of the ways we know that estrogen levels are increasing when your testosterone cypionate is not working.

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How to Improve the Effects of Testosterone Cypionate

There are times when testosterone cypionate injections are not working as desired, and this may be because your testosterone levels may be so low that they need an immediate boost. The doctor may want to use a short period of testosterone propionate in addition to the testosterone cypionate injections. Testosterone propionate provides a rapid boost, as it enters the bloodstream very fast, but also does not stay around for more than a day or so. The doctor will only prescribe this medication for a short time.

For some men, changing to testosterone gels, patches, or implantable pellets may also be considered.

If severely low levels of testosterone are not the problem, we may discover that you are hindering your results by unknowingly sabotaging your treatment with some negative lifestyle habits.

Here are the ways you can improve the effects of testosterone cypionate injections:

  • 1. Get enough sleep – if you are not getting at least seven hours of quality sleep a night, and no more than nine hours, you are preventing your body from producing and using crucial hormones.
  • 2. Reduce stress – most people do not know that the stress hormone, cortisol, inhibits the production of other hormones, including testosterone and growth hormone. High levels of cortisol make it difficult to relax and fall asleep at night.
  • 3. Eat right – sugar is your enemy and heart healthy fats are your best friends. Increase your intake of avocados, extra virgin olive and coconut oils, nuts, and seeds. Also look for grassed beef, lean protein, and an abundance of colorful fruits and vegetables.
  • 4. Exercise – engaging in strength training targeted at the large muscle groups will help to increase testosterone levels.
  • 5. Lose weight – the more fat you have around your middle, the more your body will convert testosterone into estradiol. This form of estrogen increases belly fat and decreases testosterone levels and functions.

When testosterone cypionate injections are not working, what to do is pick up the phone and contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic so that we can help you get on track for positive results.