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HGH Benefits and HGH Side Effects of HGH Deficiency

HGH Benefits

What are the benefits of HGH?

HGH benefits are numerous and life-changing. Before we dig more deeply into some of the controversial issues surrounding HGH benefits, HGH effects and HGH side effects, first of all, it is important to list the proven benefits of HGHHuman Growth Hormone.
  • Weight Loss (even without diet and exercise)
  • Increased Energy and Stamina
  • Increased Skin Elasticity (younger-looking, smoother skin)
  • Increased Focus and Memory
  • Heightened sense of well being, emotional stability and reduction of stress
  • Increased Muscle Mass and Flexibility
  • Increase in Sexual Desire and Performance
  • Deeper, More Restful Sleep
  • Thickening Hair
  • Sharper Eyesight
  • Reduced Cholesterol Levels
  • Reduction of Cellulite
  • Decrease in Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Increased Bone Density
  • Increased metabolism
  • Healthier Heart Rate
  • Improved immunity, including resistance to flu and colds.
  • Faster Healing of Wounds and Recovery from Illness
  • Organ growth (internal organs, including the brain, shrink with age)
  • Enhanced immune system and general health
HGH effects

What causes these HGH effects in our bodies?

It is helpful to understand how the Human Growth Hormone – HGH effects our bodies. HGH is a hormone which is naturally produced in our bodies from birth and is responsible for the healthy growth, development and function of our organs and bodily systems. During our late twenties, the production of HGH begins to decline….and we begin to look and feel older. By administering bio-identical HGH (“bio-identical” means that the HGH is a “biologically exact replica” of your natural hormone), we can restore our depleted HGH levels to the abundant levels of our twenties. Our cells begin regenerating again and our bodily systems and functions are restored to their optimum performance. HGH has an anti-aging effect on almost every organ and system in the body.

What are the side effects of HGH deficiency?

After the age of 30, you will begin to feel the effects of HGH deficiency. The older you get, the less HGH your body produces. Below are some of the side effects of HGH deficiency. If you notice some of these symptoms, it is very likely that you would reap the benefits of HGH therapy:
  • Low Energy and Fatigue
  • Wrinkles (Loss of Skin Elasticity)
  • Diminished Sexual Desire
  • Weight Gain, particularly Stubborn Fat
  • Muscle Loss
  • Memory Loss
  • Lack of Focus
  • Thinning Hair
  • Increased Recovery Time from Wounds and Illness
  • High Cholesterol
  • Cellulite
  • Joint and Muscle Pain
  • Depression
  • Lower Metabolism

Common Questions about HGH side effects and HGH benefits

Below are some of the most common questions found on forums regarding HGH benefits and the side effects of HGH. By gathering and answering these questions in one place, we hope to put to rest some of the myths about the effects of HGH.

Has anyone used HGH before? What are the side effects of HGH?

Has anyone used HGH before? What HGH benefits did you find?

Many people ask this question in forums: “Has anyone used HGH before?” They are looking for first-hand testimonials and reviews about HGH benefits and the potential side effects of HGH from real people. This is an important, intelligent question to ask, yet the responses can be various and conflicting, causing confusion amongst those who are serious about learning the real facts about HGH effects. Here is a summary of the three types of answers found on forums to the questions: “Has anyone used HGH?”, “What are the side effects of HGH?” “What are the HGH benefits?”


Sample Forum Response: “I have tried HGH pills/ spray/ cream. I did not experience any HGH effects, so I stopped using it.”

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“There are many reports of HGH side effects. HGH is unnatural and harmful.”MISLEADING! Explanation why someone might experience HGH side effects: There are two fundamental problems with these reports about HGH side effects:

  • If HGH is prescribed correctly and taken in the correct dosage under a licensed doctor’s supervision, there is a limited chance of negative HGH side effects. While side effects are possible with any medication (no matter how safe and commonplace), it is possible to greatly reduce that likelihood by closely following the instructions provided in your prescription. Dosage is key to successful HGH Therapy. Too high a dosage does not increase HGH benefits. In fact, it can actually negate HGH benefits and cause health issues. Any substance taken into the body in excess, however natural, can be harmful. If you experience any adverse effects while taking HGH Injections, we suggest that you stop treatment at once and consult a qualified medical professional. If the situation is urgent, then seek emergency care. If the situation is not urgent, then discontinue treatment and consult our doctors and medical staff for further discussion. There may need to be some adjustment in your dosage and treatment protocol.
  • HGH injections should always be purchased by doctor’s prescription from a reputable source. Many people are tempted to purchase HGH on the black market or from overseas, because the process might seem to be simpler (no prescription is required) or cheaper – but this is dangerous. You do not know what you are getting, and this is when people experience significant negative side effects of HGH. There are no regulations imposed by the US governing agencies on HGH purchased from overseas. They simply try to stop these medications from entering the country and penalize those who ship them and receive them.

In summary, acquiring unregulated HGH injections without a prescription is neither safe nor wise. All medications have side effects, but the side effects which one might encounter from doctor prescribed human growth hormone injections are not usually severe and rarely life threatening. The leading medical references indicate that one might experience irritation at the injection site which is rarely severe and usually temporary. It is possible to encounter carpal tunnel syndrome, swelling or edema in the hands and feet, tingling in the hands and feet, dizziness or blurred vision. If any of these become severe or if any other severe symptoms occur, we encourage you to stop the medication immediately and consult a medical professional. Our doctors should definitely be consulted to determine if an adjustment in medication strength is needed.


“I have been taking injectable HGH over several years and highly recommend it. In fact, I wish I had started HGH therapy sooner. I have not experienced any HGH side effects, only benefits…” Now learn how you can follow in the footsteps of the third category of respondents, who only experience HGH benefits and no HGH side effects. Note, however, that it is possible to experience side effects from any medication. These respondents have had a symptom-free experience with their human growth hormone therapy program. Full HGH benefits can be experienced by people who:

  • Contact an established clinic with doctors who specialize in HGH Therapy. Contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic via our online form .
  • Avoid buying HGH on the black market. Tell tale signs of scams: If the therapy is unusually cheap, if it is promised without a prescription, if it is offered in exceptionally high doses or comes from overseas, do not compromise your health and your wallet!
  • Agree to treatment only by doctors who analyze each patient’s medical history, blood work and physical exam to assure the dosage is matched to each individual’s body chemistry and type.

Closely follow the above steps to be certain that you will reap all the HGH benefits. This is also allow you to have the best odds against experiencing unwanted side effects. We will discuss these steps in more detail below.

Are there any side effects to taking HGH Human Growth Hormone by injection?

All medications have side effects. The important thing is to be aware of them and determine what is an emergency and what is normal and to be expected. The immediate side effects of HGH injections are similar to those of any other small injection. The HGH injection is just a tiny prick, similar to self-administered insulin injections. If you are susceptible to bruising, rub the site following injecting to help disperse the HGH and minimize soreness or bruising. HGH comes in many forms – including the popular “pen” form. You administer HGH via the “pen” with a simple click like you would with a retractable pen. Your doctor will discuss these difference methods of injections with you, so that you can choose a method best suited to you. The reputable medical resources, such as the Mayo Clinic, discuss other side effects which may occur with human growth hormone therapy. It is possible to experience decreased sensation to touch, blurred vision, itching or prickly feelings, headaches, disturbances in the ears and nervousness. There are extremely rare side effects which may occur, including changes in vision, painful swelling at the injection site, hip or knee pain, or skin rash. If you experience very uncomfortable symptoms, seek emergency care and stop all HGH Injections. Be sure to provide your prescription information to the attending doctor. In the case of mild symptoms, we suggest you temporarily discontinue injections, and contact our office as quickly as possible so that our doctor can reevaluate your prescription and advise you on how to continue treatment. The doctors and medical advisors are here to answer your questions before, during and after your treatment program.

HGH side effects

HGH Effects on Men

HGH Effects on Men are very similar to the HGH effects on women. The hormone HGH is present in both genders and declines at a relatively similar speed as we age. However, emphasis is often placed upon different goals. For men, sexual stamina and performance as well as quickly restoring muscle loss are often high-ranking goals for men. Both genders view weight loss, increased energy and enhanced mental stamina as key HGH effects. Restoring one’s sharp intellect and quick thinking is a benefit both genders seem to enjoy equally.

HGH Effects on Women

HGH Effects on Women can be compared to the way the medication works on men. The growth hormone is present in both men and women, and it declines at a rate which is pretty much the same for both men and women … that is, about 2% per year after the age of 30. Females, however, often have dramatically different goals for HGH Injections. For women, weight loss and restoring skin tone are goals which bring them to Kingsberg HRT Clinic. For men, muscle building and improved sexual performance are seen as higher-ranking HGH benefits. For both men and women, the benefits of HGH therapy are life-changing. The positive effects of HGH are particularly apparent during menopause, but HGH therapy for adults can begin as early as age 30.

Does HGH cause cancer?

Recent reports from the Wall Street Journal indicate that for some older adults there may be a higher incidence of cancer in those whose IGF-1 levels are elevated. Consideration needs to be given to the reason for the elevated IGF-1 levels and whether or not they were elevated due to the administration of human growth hormone supplementation or for some other reason. However, it is also likely that a genetic propensity for developing cancer cells and environmental factors have a much greater influence of the odds of any particular individual developing cancerous growths. Always remember that when you purchase HGH from a reputable clinic, in one of the well-known brands, and delivered from a properly regulated clinic, then it is natural and a bio-identical copy of the growth hormone your body naturally produces. “Bio-identical” means that, biologically, this HGH is exactly the same as your naturally-occurring growth hormone, ensuring that your body will accept it as its own. If you buy “HGH” on the black market, you may experience negative side effects, but that is not due to HGH effects, that is because the substance you are buying could be impure and may not even be HGH at all.

Does HGH have any side effects if taken as prescribed from a reputable source and in the correct dosages?

It is highly unlikely for the vast majority of human growth hormone therapy patients to experience any side effects. However, all medications have side effects. The important thing is to be informed and to consult one’s prescribing physician or staff in the event of any troubling experiences. Always be alert to severe symptoms and seek emergency care if needed. When HGH Injections are obtained by a doctor’s prescription from a reputable source and taken according to patient-specific instructions, the chance of side effects are very low.

Is there any side effects of HGH in adults?

It is possible to experience side effects from HGH Injection therapy, even if you are an adult. Be aware of the possibility and remain watchful for any unusual experiences. You may know that HGH is even approved for children who have slow or irregular growth. Growth Hormone is responsible for the healthy growth of bones, muscles, brain cells – in fact all bodily functions and systems. So when a child has an HGH deficiency, HGH therapy is administered to protect his or her health and encourage normal growth. The governing agencies in this country have also approved HGH Injections for adults who have a verified low growth hormone level and are experiencing debilitating symptoms of a deficiency. Even though this agency has confirmed reports of possible side effects in some individuals, it continues to permit doctors to prescribe this important medication because the benefits far outweigh the possible side effects.

Are All Side Effects of HGH Bad?

side effects of HGH This is another question that we frequently encounter. We often talk about the beneficial effects of HGH Injections as compared to the negative effects of having a low growth hormone level. Clearly, no one wants to live with the poor energy levels, lack of stamina, inadequate sex drive, weight gain, loss of muscle tone, wrinkly skin and loss of mental acuity which can be part of having a low growth hormone level. From this perspective, anyone would obviously say the effects of HGH are very good. We recommend that each person be evaluated by a doctor who specialized in HGH therapy and consider each side of the discussion as applied to his or her own circumstances.

Can HGH Reverse the Effects of Aging?

Absolutely! One of the main reasons people take HGH is to reverse the effects of aging. HGH benefits include reduction in wrinkles, hair regrowth, better memory and focus, more energy and stamina, weight loss and muscle gain. In fact, the effects of aging are caused by HGH deficiency. Stopping the decline of growth hormone levels has been shown by researchers to be very effective in reducing the most unwanted symptoms associated with aging. Always seek out the most reputable clinics with doctors who specialize in hormone replacement therapy and prescribe HGH Injections.

How HGH Effects Your Body to Build Muscle

One of the most sought after HGH effects for men is to build muscle. How does this work? This process can best be explained by examining the full name of HGH – Human Growth Hormone. In other words, HGH is a hormone produced naturally by our bodies to stimulate growth. Without sufficient growth hormone circulating in an adult’s body, cellular regeneration begins to decline … in other words, the cells in the body are dying off faster than they are being regenerated. When HGH levels decline, every process in our bodies begins to slow. Therefore, we start losing muscle quickly and it becomes harder to rebuild it. HGH affects your body by regenerating cells at a faster rate … more like the rate you probably had in your early years.

Are there any side effects to HGH pills?

These methods of HGH delivery are completely ineffective. We don’t discuss the side effects of these methods of delivery because they are never really absorbed into the body. Kingsberg HRT Clinic’s doctors do not prescribe these forms of human growth hormone therapy. The greatest damage done by HGH pills and sprays is to your finances … they are a complete waste of money. The only way to reap the full benefits of HGH therapy is via injectable HGH. If you now change the question to: “Are there any side effects to HGH injections?”, the answer is explored in great detail throughout this page. As long as you acquire your HGH injections from a reputable source and take it under the supervision of a licensed doctor, the likelihood of side effects is minimal. Leading medical reference resources mention the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome, edema or tingling in the hands and feet, dizziness or blurred vision. In the event you experience any discomfort from your HGH Therapy, we direct you to stop the medication immediately and seek medical help. Please complete the online form for a free consultation with a doctor who specializes in HGH Therapy.

Are there any side effects with Lifessence HGH?

Lifessence HGH is a brand of HGH in pill form which claims to combine HGH and other nutrients. Even though people inquire about the benefits and side effects of HGH with the Lifessence brand, it is important to remember that any brand of HGH is ineffective when administered in pill form. In the very best scenario, you will take a course of the Lifessence HGH and decide that the HGH benefits you read about are a gross exaggeration. However, if you had taken injectable HGH in the correct dosage, you would find that they are not an exaggeration at all.

Does Human Growth Hormone have any known side effects?

For complete information on this topic, we have consulted the major medical online reference websites. According the Mayo Clinic, one might experience decreased touch sensation, blurred vision, prickly or tingly feelings, headaches, thumping or ringing in the ears and nervousness. It is also possible to experience more rare side effects such as more pronounced changes in vision, painful bruise at the injection site, pain in the hip or knee, or skin rash. If you any of these symptoms, stop all HGH injections, use your best judgment and seek emergency care if you think it is needed. Be sure to give your doctor the complete information about your prescription. If you experience mild symptoms, temporarily discontinue injections, and contact your personal medical advisor at Kingsberg HRT Clinic. Our doctor can reevaluate your prescription and determine how to proceed with your treatment. Overall, the chance of side effects with bioidentical human growth hormone is very low. This is not a foreign chemical being added to your body. It is essentially the same as a hormone which your body has been producing since birth. Contact our office for complete information and to discuss all your questions.

“I want to lose weight, and fit into my old jeans. Is weight loss one of the benefits of HGH?”

Along with reversing the effects of aging, fast and easy weight loss is one of the top reasons for taking injectable HGH. Weight loss is one of the key benefits of HGH. As we age and our natural production of HGH declines, one of the bodily systems that loses its edge is our metabolism. This means that it becomes harder and harder to lose fat, particularly that stubborn belly fat. One important HGH benefit is that you will be able to lose fat fast and easily without engaging in all-consuming exercise routines and diets.

Recap of HGH benefits and HGH effects

Next Steps: Our mission is to provide you up-to-date, accurate information on HGH benefits and HGH side effects, so please complete our online form to receive additional information about the effects of HGH and begin the evaluation process for HGH therapy. We will never share your information. Through our online forms, you can also complete your medical history. We will schedule your blood test and physical exam at a facility in your local area. After a thorough analysis of your medical history, blood work and physical exam, we will tell you what kind of program and dosage will provide optimum benefits, based upon a variety of factors including:

  • the extent of your hormone deficiencies
  • your body size, height and weight
  • your medical history, health and medications
  • the results of your physical exam

It is essential that you undertake these steps before entering into HGH therapy. This way you will avoid wasting your money and compromising your health, due to ineffective dosages or scams.

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