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How To Buy Testosterone Injections For Men

The procedure for how to buy testosterone injections for men is rather simple and uncomplicated. We provide every safeguard to be sure that your safety and health are assured as our local physicians review your individual records. Testosterone hormone replacement therapy can be life-changing and provide great health rejuvenation when carried out by our skilled professionals who are trained and educated in the field of anti-aging health rejuvenation and hormone replacement therapy.

  1. Begin by filling out the short online form. Our clinical advisers will contact you right away. Your personal clinical adviser will discuss all the details of Testosterone Injections for men and hormone replacement therapy.
  2. Your clinical adviser will schedule lab work to have your blood tested, and a wellness exam in your local area, and suggest that you to complete the online medical history form.
  3. Our local physician will evaluate this information and decide if Testosterone Injections for men and hormone replacement therapy is appropriate for you. The physician will then prescribe the program of testostorone replacement therapy which will suit your individual needs and provide you the most benefit.
  4. The physician will forward the prescription to the pharmacy directly. The pharmacy will send the complete testosterone hormone replacement program to your home or office by overnight delivery (a signature will be required for delivery).
  5. Please be aware: We do not work with professional body builders or professional athletes. Our local physicians will not approve these programs for people under the age of 30 as the natural supply of these hormones is still sufficient to meet the body’s needs.

Testosterone Injections Benefits

Testosterone Injections benefits are wide-ranging and have a positive effect on your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Testosterone injections work to restore low testosterone levels returning them to the levels you experienced in your younger days. Beginning around age 25, the body’s testosterone production drops off each year. With each succeeding year, less and less testosterone is produced naturally in the body. Testosterone Injections benefits include:

  • Increased Libido, Sexual Drive, Desire and Vigor: Experiencing the return of entusiastic sexual desire and performance is one of the more celebrated testosterone injection benefits. This is also one of the most welcomed aspects of testosterone replacement therapy. Studies have shown that the greatest improvement in this area occurs in men whose starting testosterone levels were between 200 and 300 ng/dL. For a point of reference, the typical testosterone level for a man of age 25 is about 700-900 ng/dL.
  • Reduced Erectile Dysfunction: Many times men with low testosterone levels will not respond to the oral drug designed to produce an immediate erection. Often when testosterone hormone levels are restored to normal, then either the oral medication is no longer necessary, or it is prescribed as an additional medication and truly performs as anticipated. An interesting item to note is that a man whose ED is relieved with erection-producing drugs still refers to himself as impotent, whereas a man whose ED is relieved by testosterone replacement therapy say they feel normal again. This empowering self-perception is a result of restoring testosterone hormone levels to those enjoyed in your younger days.

As more and more men become aware of the symptoms of low testosterone, awareness is also increasing about the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy which relate to every day life beyond the sexual functions. These benefits include:

  • Fast Muscle Growth and Recovery: For those who have lost muscle mass due to illness, injury or simply a lack of use when testosterone levels are low, muscle mass can be recovered much more rapidly with testosterone injections to restore the levels you enjoyed in your youth. Our goal is to restore testosterone levels to the range of normal, and not to increase your testosterone levels above that point. Testosterone hormone replacement therapy works best when combined with an exercise program to improve your body’s strength and lean muscle mass.
  • Fat Reduction: Stubborn belly fat melts away as testosterone therapy promotes fast metabolism and a greater level of energy. The body’s composition tends to move toward being more lean and less fatty which leads to a more healthy and attractive physique.
  • Increased Bone Density: With aging and low testosterone levels, come signs of decreased bone density and osteoporosis. Studies have shown that men with low testosterone levels have twice as many fractures as men with normal or high testosterone levels. Testosterone hormone replacement therapy significantly improves bone density in the hip and spine (the most common area for measuring bone density), although it may take a while (12 – 36 months) for the results in improved bone density to become measurable.
  • Reduced risk for heart disease and cancer: These are the two most common factors which we associate with “good health.” This is because healthy testosterone level is associated with other factors which are related to good heart health like a reduced tendency toward obesity, high blood sugar, hypertension and high cholesterol levels.
  • Increase Strength, Stamina and Energy: Testosterone Injections for men restore youthful levels of testosterone so you feel more energetic, fatigue becomes a thing of the past, and you’ll feel on top of your game again. Men who once commented that it felt like the couch was calling to them “Come on – take a nap now,” are once again feeling a return of their normal energy levels and their enthusiasm to be busy and productive has returned.
  • Improve Mental Acuity: Improve alertness, increase memory and restore your youthful focus and drive. Many times the stress or trauma of daily living can mask the symptoms of low testosterone. When a man finally seeks hormone replacement therapy (usually because of sexual dysfunction), he finds that restoring the depleted testosterone level also results in positive changes in his mental functions as well. Along with family members and associates, he notices a return of his quick decision-making and sharp wit which may have faded away unnoticed over the years.
  • Relieve Symptoms of Depression: Testosterone replacement alleviates many of the symptoms of depression which is associated with low testosterone levels. In fact, many times patients are treated for depression when the underlying problem is actually low testosterone levels. There is considerable overlap between the symptoms of low testosterone and the mild symptoms of depression: feeling gray, blah or washed out. Do not overlook the more severe symptoms of depression (feeling hopeless, helpless or worthless) which definitely require professional help from a qualified mental health practitioner.

How To Get Doctors Prescription Testosterone Injections

We strongly encourage you to only seek out how to get Doctors Prescription Testosterone Injections as this assures that you received Testosterone hormone replacement therapy which has been produced in a licensed US pharmacy. This process assures that you have been evaluated by a physician trained in hormone replacement therapy and that your levels are sufficiently low to require hormone replacement therapy. If you have blood tests and those results are evaluated by any physicians other than those at Kingsberg HRT Clinic, we suggest that you review those numbers and become familiar with the values associated with low testosterone levels.

Many times doctors and hospitals will rely on the laboratory providing the test results to determine the values which constitute low testosterone. These values are dependent solely on the averages which the laboratory as observed from their own tests. These interpretations are independent of the reports of symptoms of the patients who were tested. We know from experience that a man with a testosterone level of 280 ng/dL is considered low and is probably having symptoms of low testosterone; however, the laboratory could very well label that value as normal. One survey of 25 different laboratories revealed 17 different sets of values associated with testosterone levels in the body. So our advice is to be aware and be informed of your own values, and futher, we strongly suggest that you deal only with professionals who are experienced and educated in the areas of testosterone hormone replacement therapy and seek out how to get doctors prescription testosterone injections.

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Side Effects Of Testosterone Injections For Men

There is no substitute for common sense and using your head when it comes to taking care of your body and personal well-being. At Kingsberg HRT Clinic, the testosterone injections used to supplement your body’s testosterone levels are made of the exact same molecule as the testosterone normally found within the body.

  • Many of the side effects associated with testosterone hormone replacement therapy occur when the level of testosterone is raised above the normal range of testosterone levels. It is never our intent in health rejuvenation to raise testosterone levels above the normal range.
  • There has been concern that higher testosterone levels might cause an increased risk of prostate cancer or that it might cause undetected prostate cancer to grow. A large body of evidence fails to support this idea, and a considerable amount of information now shows that testosterone replacement therapy is quite safe for the prostate.
  • Regarding heart disease, multiple studies have shown that testosterone therapy either affects cholesterol level very little or in a good way. In evaluating the presence of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), low testosterone levels were more often associated with a problem in this area than normal and high testosterone levels.
  • One of the true side-effects of testosterone injections for men is erythrocytosis, or the over abundance of red blood cells. In men who have anemia, testosterone injections can actually increase their red blood cell count into a much healthier normal range. For men whose red blood cell count was already normal or high, then testosterone injections could cause the count to increase too much resulting in a possibility of blood clots due to the blood being too thick or viscuous. This can be easily managed by reducing the dosage of the testosterone injections, and the erythrocytosis responds very quickly. Some men receiving testosterone injections simply choose to donate blood on a regular basis to keep their hematocrit in a reasonable range, and they do a good thing for their fellow man at the same time.
  • Infertility is a genuine side-effect of testosterone injections. Although good testosterone levels are necessary to produce reasonable number of sperm, raising testosterone level by supplementation can produce a negative feedback system which in turn shuts down testicular production of testosterone. Low testosterone within the testicles causes the sperm machine to go to sleep. Sperm production returns to normal once the supplementation of testerone is stopped. If you are trying to conceive, then discuss with your clinical adviser other medications which can improve testosterone levels without causing this negative feedback loop and still maintain sperm production. Once you have conceived and the baby is on the way, then you can begin testosterone injections to restore your youthful levels of testosterone.
  • At times, additional medication may be prescribed in order to manage side effects. It is well known that both testosterone and estrogen circulate in the bodies of both men and women. It is possible that the supplementation with testosterone injections could cause a rise in estrogen levels in men, and there could be symptoms of their breast tissue becoming sensitive or swelling. This can be quickly remedied with a prescribed estrogen-blocker medication. Our professionals will monitor your progress and respond to any of your concerns in order to minimize any discomfort in this area.
  • Oral forms of testosterone therapy can cause liver damage, and for this reason, our local doctors only prescribe testosterone injections for men. FDA requires that this warning be provided on all forms of testosterone even though only the oral form has caused this problem.

The only time there is a negative side effect of testosterone injections for men is when high-dose testosterone or oral testosterone therapy is used. Neither of those methods are utilized by our medical clinic for treating low testosterone levels. Our programs are structured to encourage your body to return to the level of testosterone you enjoyed in your younger days, and then our local doctors prescribe additional treatment with either HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) or clomiphene citrate which will turn your testosterone machine back on and put your levels back to where they were before you needed testosterone injections.

Testosterone Injections For Men

Throughout the course of your testosterone injections for men, our local physicians and clinical advisers will follow up with your progress and monitor your improvement to help you move toward attaining your goals. Your own testosterone replacement program will be tailored to your specific condition. The amount of medication in the testosterone hormone injection may differ from one patient to the next, but the procedure will be the same for most of our patients. You will take the testosterone injections weekly for 10 weeks. This will be followed by a 2 week period in which no injections are taken, which will then be followed by a 2 week period of injections with HCG. Our local doctors have found this program of testosterone injections for men to be the most effective to raise testosterone levels quickly and safely, and then to encourage the body’s own production to keep the levels up so that symptoms of low testosterone are relieved for the long run.

How do you determine Testosterone Injections Dosage?

Our local physician will customize the testosterone injections dosage to your particular needs with the goal to raise your testosterone level to the point that allows you to be relieved of your symptoms. If the normal range of testosterone is between 350 ng/dL and 1,000 ng/dL, then for some men the testosterone level will need to be above 600-650 ng/dL before their symptoms are improved. The testosterone injections dosage will cause the level of testosterone in the bloodstream to go slightly higher for a couple of days before it begins to settle down. Pinpointing the testosterone level can be difficult since it is a constantly moving target. Some men will need higher dosages than others. Our clinical advisers will work with you to monitor your testosterone levels, and the relief of your symptoms, to assure you get the results you are seeking.

Testosterone Injections Buy the Best!

Testosterone Injections Buy only medication without prescription made in a licensed US pharmacy. Only in the US are pharmacy procedures and standards governed by the Food & Drug Administration (the FDA). The FDA is our governing body which makes certain that safety policies are implemented and followed so that your health and well-being are protected. When you purchase testosterone injections without a doctor’s prescription, you really have no way of knowing if you are receiving medication which was produced under FDA guidelines and rules. In one instance, a pharmacy in China which had received FDA approval for providing a certain medication had a very similar name to another pharmacy which was not FDA approved. The second non-approved pharmacy provided a medication to customers in the US which actually contained rat poison and caused very severe reactions among those who received the medication in this country. When shopping for testosterone injections buy only medication produced in the US by pharmacies adhering to the FDA policies and procedures to assure your safety and well-being.

Testosterone Injections For Sale

After all the talk about licensed pharmacies, you may wonder if it is safe to buy Testosterone Injections for sale online? Actually the answer is “yes” and “no.” Yes, it can be safe, but beware of scams. Some companies advertise Testosterone Injections for sale without a doctor’s prescription and without medical examination and lab tests. This is illegal and dangerous, and the absence of these safeguards tells you that you are dealing with a disreputable company. At Kinsberg Medical, you may begin the process to purchase testosterone injections online and request additional information and confidential consultations with our clinical advisers who specialize in testosterone hormone replacement therapy. As a further assurance of your receiving testosterone injections for sale in accordance with applicable laws, you will be required to have a face-to-face wellness exam with a physician in your area and a laboratory blood test to evaluate your current levels. Our local physicians prescribe only injectable testosterone from reputable manufacturers, after careful analysis of your bloodwork, physical examination and medical history.

Cost of Testosterone Injections

The cost of testosterone injections will vary depending on your prescribed dosage, your body size and chemistry and your personal goals. We will work with you to help you achieve the goal of turning back the clock on aging, to restore your sex drive and stamina, physical and mental energy and enthusiasm for life which you had in your twenties. There are different programs of Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy, which must be tailored to you individually based on your current condition and the symptoms you are experiencing, together with your body size and laboratory report.

Testosterone Injections Cost

Our clients have stated they believe that Testosterone Injections cost is not too much, when compared to the life-changing benefits such as improved mental sharpness, being on the top of their game again, being a success in the bedroom and having a happy relationship with their wife or loved one. We strive to provide the highest quality testosterone injections at the most affordable price in order to benefit the greatest number of men suffering the ravages of low testosterone. The overwhelming majority of our clients are very satisfied with the improvement in their quality of life when following our programs for hormone replacement therapy and restoring their testosterone levels to those they had in their younger years. Talk to your clinical adviser about your concerns, and we will work out a program with testosterone injections cost to provide you the greastest benefits and improve your low testosterone symptoms.

Low Testosterone Injections

While it is possible to go to your family doctor or primary care physician for low testosterone injections, we find that those professionals who do not specialize in the field of hormone replacement therapy are not usually able to assure the same results that those of us who resolve these issues on a daily basis can accomplish. At Kingsberg HRT Clinic, testosterone hormone replacement therapy is all we do. We know how to watch out for the side effects, and we can suggest corrective action immediately. No matter what your specific situation, our experienced professionals will be there to make sure that your questions are answered and you have all the information you need to reach your goals and vastly improve your quality of life.

Benefits of Testosterone Injections

The list of benefits of Testosterone Injections for hormone replacement therapy is quite extensive. The most obvious change is the improvement in your sex life. Restoring your low testosterone level to those you had in your twenties will restore your libido, stamina and overall performance in that area. You can also expect to have significant improvements in your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Your body will undergo healthy changes in fat to muscle mass ratio, and you will see your body’s contours change for the better. Since all these areas of your life are inter-related, your well-being as a whole will vastly change for the better.

Buy Testosterone Injections Online

We are happy you began to research your options to buy Testosterone Injections online on our website. Please beware of (and stay away from) any website which suggests that you buy testosterone injections online without a doctor’s evaluation or without a prescription. It is absolutely critical that you are appropriately evaluated by a trained physician and that you only buy Testosterone Injections online with a prescription and through a licensed US pharmacy. While it is possbile that you may save a few dollars up front by choosing this short-cut, it is illegal and you put yourself in grave peril with this method. Testosterone Injections which are provided without a doctor’s prescription must come from a pharmacy outside the US, and they may or may not be the real thing. You could very easily be getting a product which at best does nothing, and at worst could be dangerous or even deadly. Always buy Testosterone Injections online through Kingsberg HRT Clinic for your health’s sake.

Testosterone Injections vs Gel

In considering whether to use testosterone injections vs gel applications for testosterone replacement, our local physicians only prescribe testosterone injections. While there is a small chance of the testorone in the gel being transferred to someone you come in contact with, it is easier to minimize that risk by simply not using the gel. If you apply the gel and then come in contact skin-to-skin with another person (specifically a female or a child), then they could absorb a small but unwanted amount of testosterone. Also a concern exists as to whether the full therapeutic dosage would be absorbed if the gel was applied prior to working out (and sweating in the gel area) or if you were to go swimming after application. For these reasons and the ability to have much more specific control over the dosage levels in testosterone injections vs gel application, our local physicians only prescribe injectable testosterone hormone replacement therapy.

Tell Me Where To Get Testosterone Injections

Please remember: Only prescription Testosterone Injections are safe and legal. While searching out where to get testosterone injections, we remind you to protect yourself! As with a vast portion of the Internet, scams are everywhere. Our local physicians specialize in Testosterone Injections and hormone replacement therapy. They can assure that you do not experience the negative side effects of Testosterone Injections. The best way to get the maximum benefits from testosterone injections is to work with a doctor who specializes in this area. Our local doctors will analyze your blood work, physical examination and medical history to determine if you have a deficiency and, if so, to prescribe the correct program for you. Please be aware that a higher dose does not mean the best therapy. Too high a dosage can be harmful. When you come to our local doctors, you can be completely confident that you will receive maximum benefits of prescription Testosterone Injections with thorough follow-up from our clinical advisers, and you’ll know where to get testosterone injections for the best results all around.

Male Testosterone Injections

Testosterone belongs to a class of drugs known as androgens. Male testosterone injections work by affecting many body systems so that the body can develop and function normally. Male Testosterone Injections are given by injection directly into the muscle of the thigh or buttock. Your clinical advisor will direct you videos and provide you detailed instructions to be certain that you feel confident in self-administering these male Testosterone Injections and begin to experience many of the life-changing benefits including restoring your libido and enjoyable sex life, greater energy and stamina for day-to-day activities, and improved mental alertness and quickness so you feel on top of your game again.

Subcutaneous Testosterone Injections

Testosterone injections are administered directly into the muscle of the thigh or buttocks. This method of delivery is call “inter-muscular.” The injection type called subcutaneous means to be injected just under the skin. This method of injection is not appropriate for the injections of testosterone. Your clinical adviser will discuss with you the procedure for inter-muscular injections and direct you to videos to help you become very comfortable with giving yourself these injections. Many times the clinical adviser will step you through the process of taking your first injection. We want to be sure that you feel completely comfortable with this process.

Testosterone Injection Reviews:

Read what our clients are talking about here.

Corey M. of Milwaukee, WI writes:

I’m kind of a young good-looking kid but a bit on the chubby side. My doctor told me that my chubbiness was becoming a problem for my heart and said something about hypertension. My buddy suggested that I get a complete blood panel done and see how my testosterone level was. I never thought that could be an issue, but I had my blood checked anyway. He was right. Even though I am still in my 30’s, my testosterone level was really low. The professionals at Kingsberg HRT Clinic set me up and within a couple of weeks, I was feeling better than I have in my entire life. Over the next couple of months, the fat started falling off of me. My primary care doctor is happy and says my hypertension has improved, too. Thanks to Testosterone Injections for Men Milwaukee WI, from Corey M.

George L. of Washington, DC writes:

I’ve always been the kind of guy who could score pretty easily. I’ve never been married – never even really came close – probably never will. But I noticed over the last year or so that I let a few good ones get away, and even when I snagged a good one, my heart just wasn’t in it. What was wrong with me! Sure work is stressful and all, but that’s not new. I went to my doctor who referred me to a specialist at Kingsberg HRT Clinic who checked my blood levels for testosterone … sure enough it was pretty low. I started treatment with Testosterone Injections for Men Washington DC, and I am really back in the saddle again. Gentlemen – do yourself a favor – get checked! Thank you, George L.

Tony L. of Louisville, KY writes:

I work outside in the weather all day every day, and I thought that was what was causing me to feel so worn out all the time. No one can overcome the negative effects of the weather, but I was really feeling worn down. Not long ago a guy I work with (a guy who always complained about being tired all the time just like me) started looking all energetic and making comments about his relationship with his wife every morning. He was really starting to bug me … where was he getting the energy for that? I finally figured I’d have to ask him his secret or I was just going to punch him. That’s when he told me about Testosterone Injections for Men Louisville KY. I’m really glad he did. I’m a new man – I know it sounds hokey but it’s true. Tony L.

Richard W. of Portland, OR writes:

My wife was really getting worried about me. I’m not one to complain – I never get sick – I never go to the doctor. But she pulled out a video we made about 15 years ago when we went on a vacation just the two of us – left the kids with her mother – had a wonderful sort of second honeymoon. I was able to recognize how much things had changed. I really wasn’t all that much older, but I felt like I was about 30 or 40 years older. Testosterone Injections have made all the difference in the world. We are a very happy couple again. Thanks to Testosterone Injections for Men Portland OR, from Richard W.

Terrence B. of Las Vegas, NV writes:

The blah feeling is gone along with the lackluster performance in the bedroom. All the things they say on the website are true. I feel like a new man, just not one to use a lot of words to convey a simple message. I’m glad I found Testosterone Injections for Men Las Vegas. Thanks, Terrence B.

Questions and Answers

Tell me how to get testosterone injections please.
John P., Oklahoma City, OK

To John P. in Oklahoma City OK: The procedure is set out at the top of this page. Complete the short form to request information. One of our professionals will contact you to set up blood work and a physical exam in your area with a local doctor. You’ll also need to complete the medical history form. If you have a deficiency, then one of our local doctors will prescribe the appropriate medication, and the pharmacy will ship the medication and all necessary supplies to your home or office. It’s pretty simple actually.
Dr. Jeanine Warren

How would I find doctors who prescribe testosterone injections?
Steven L., Tuscon, AZ

To Steven L. in Tuscon AZ: Any licensed doctor can prescribed testosterone injections for men, but it takes a doctor trained in hormone replacement therapy to read your chart and determine what you really need to restore your testosterone levels to those you had in your twenties. You also want to make sure you deal with a specially-trained doctor and support staff who can follow your progress and make sure that any side effects are dealt with immediately. The doctors here at Kingsberg HRT Clinic are exactly what you need.
Dr. Jeanine Warren

Can you tell me how to give testosterone injections?
Jimmy N., Atlanta, GA

To Jimmy N. in Atlanta GA: Testosterone injections are given into the muscle tissue of the thigh or buttocks. Your clinical adviser will give you all the details including suggestions for how to relax the muscle of your thigh to minimize any discomfort. Your medication will be shipped with all the supplies you need to complete this process easily.
Dr. Jeanine Warren

How long does it take for testosterone injections to work?
– Alberto R., Albuquerque, NM

To Alberto R. in Albuquerque NM: Many people begin to experience the positive effects within a few days of their first injection. With each successive injection, the benefits mentioned above become more pronounced and obvious. Depending on the level of the deficiency, they will feel greater mental clarity. If they were experiencing mood swings, they will now recognize more even moods. If they have been working out and exercising, they now have the drive to stick with their program and stay in the gym. Overall, they just feel so much better.
Dr. William Barkley

Tell me how to administer testosterone injections.
Andrew T., Kansas City, MO

To Andrew T. in Kansas City MO: Your clinical adviser will direct you to videos and instructions to administer testosterone injections for men, and he can even stay on the phone with you while you unpack your shipment of testosterone injections and all the related supplies. We want to be sure that you feel completely comfortable with this procedure.
Dr. William Barkley

Can you tell me how to buy testosterone injections for men online?
Charles M., Fresno, CA

To Charles M. in Fresno CA: While you can’t actually buy testosterone injections online, you can begin the process to be evaluated by our local physicians for testosterone deficiency by completing the short form online to ask for more information. Your blood test and physical exam will be completed face-to-face with a doctor in your area. The rest of the process is outlined at the top of this page.
Dr. Jeanine Warren

Are weekly testosterone injections recommended?
Troy C., Mesa, AZ

To Troy C. in Mesa AZ: Our studies have shown that the optimum time between testosterone injections is 7 days. Our goal is to schedule your testosterone injections to help restore your natural testosterone levels and to give you the feeling of well-being that you had in your younger days. Administering the testosterone injections every 7 days is the best way to restore your hormone levels to the point where you are no longer experiencing symptoms and signs of testosterone deficiency.
Dr. Jeanine Warren

How would I know where to buy testosterone injections?
Gordon P., Sacramento, CA

To Gordon P. in Sacramento CA: Just as you would not stop into a store and “buy” insulin, you cannot stop by a pharmacy and “buy” testosterone injections. Its purchase requires a doctor’s prescription which can only be given based on medical necessity, which is determined by laboratory blood tests and physical examination.
Dr. Jeanine Warren

Where do I find doctors who prescribed the best testosterone injections in USA?
Jonny W., Long Beach, CA

To Jonny W. in Long Beach CA: In two words … Kingsberg HRT Clinic. We have researched the quality of testosterone injections which are prescribed by our doctors in both medical journals and in reviews by physicians and consumers. Rest assured – you are receiving the best testosterone injections which can be prescribed to restore your hormone deficiency.
Dr. Jeanine Warren

Can testosterone injections help lose fat?
Tom J., Omaha, NE

To Tom J. in Omaha NE: When a male who is deficient in testosterone hormone begins to restore his testosterone level to a normal healthy range, he will usually experience an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in fatty tissue.
Dr. William Barkley

Thank you.

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