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10 Foods That Kill Testosterone

10 Foods That Kill Testosterone

If oysters are an aphrodisiac, you might also assume that some foods could zap away your sex drive. Your assumption would be correct.

So many people think of testosterone in terms of sex drive, but these 10 foods that kill testosterone can hinder more than just your night of lovemaking. Low testosterone levels also affect brain functions, bone and muscle growth, metabolism, and other important functions so avoiding or limiting these foods if you are concerned about your testosterone levels is a good idea.

What are foods that kill testosterone and why do they have this impact?

The list of foods is varied, from artificially processed meats to canned goods to the sweetener we love to hate and hate to love. Each one has a different impact on not only our bodies but also our testosterone levels.

Take a close look at this list – foods that kill testosterone include:

  • 1. Sugar
  • 2. Soy
  • 3. Processed Foods and Deli Meats
  • 4. Diet Soda
  • 5. Mint
  • 6. Alcohol
  • 7. Canned Foods
  • 8. Licorice
  • 9. Cheese and Dairy
  • 10. Chocolate

After looking over this list, you may be wondering why the last two items are shown when they are also on the lists of the best testosterone increasing foods. Did we make a mistake? How could something be both good and bad for testosterone production?

Read on for the real truth about these foods.

Effects of These Foods on Testosterone Levels

You may think that diet soda and dairy are better for your body than some of the other foods on the list, but that is not always the case. When it comes to healthy foods that kill testosterone, dairy has its pros and cons. Organic, high-quality cheese, yogurt, and milk are good for you, but hormone-laden cheese could throw off your hormone levels. Deli meats, often containing preservatives and hormones are frequently wrapped in plastic that also causes hormonal changes.

Diet soda, on the other hand, has absolutely no redeeming qualities. Artificial sweeteners affect serotonin levels that also lower libido. For the most part, foods that kill testosterone in males have the same effect on females.

Raw, dark chocolate is an aphrodisiac and can help boost testosterone, but the candy bars that you get at the corner store have an adverse effect and will reduce your testosterone levels. Chocolate can also make some people tired.

Of the 10 foods that kill testosterone, soy stands out because as much as 91 percent of soybeans are genetically modified. Soy can decrease testosterone levels and even disrupt a woman’s ovarian functions. Men who consume only half a serving of soy a day could find their sperm count greatly diminished. Be careful because soy can be found in many unsuspecting foods.

Licorice is found on the list of foods that kill testosterone levels because it can suppress testosterone production due to its main compound – glycyrrhizic acid. The menthol in mint has the same testosterone lowering effect.

Testosterone Killing Foods that Lower Libido and Sexual Performance

Of the many foods to avoid that kill testosterone, canned goods can interfere with your libido because of the high sodium count. Increased sodium intake leads to high blood pressure and decreased blood flow to the genitals. Dark chocolate (the good stuff) provides the crucial flavonols that improve nitric oxide production that opens blood vessels.

Among the top foods that kill testosterone and impact libido, alcohol is right there dampening your sex drive. After a night of drinking, many males find it difficult to reach and maintain an erection.

Your sex drive is directly linked to your testosterone levels, so avoiding these 10 foods that kill testosterone will also help up the ante in the bedroom.

Why Some Foods Lower Testosterone and Cause Weight Gain

Processed foods are some of the worst things that you can put in your body. Not only are they void of their natural nutrients, but some, like processed, refined grains, can lead you down the path of insulin resistance – the precursor to diabetes. When you eat these foods that kill testosterone, belly fat often follows. Obesity, metabolic syndrome, and even atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries) can, and often do occur. Many processed foods also contain a high trans-fat content that can lead to weight gain and reduce sperm count. Refined carbohydrates also increase estrogen levels that lead to the storage of belly fat.

We mentioned alcohol before, but it pops up again here because some drinks have a high caloric count that does little for the body except increase weight.

Sugar is number one on the list of foods that kill testosterone & cause belly fat. The more sugar you consume, the higher your insulin levels which lead to belly fat storage and testosterone decline. If you were to give up just one thing from the list – sugar would be your best choice (just don’t swap it out for artificial sweeteners).

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