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Is there a blood test to measure my testosterone level?

Yes – there is a testosterone blood test to measure your testosterone level. Your blood will be tested for two measurements of testosterone. First, our laboratory will check your Total Testosterone. The Total Testosterone is the amount of testosterone being produced in the testes which is in your blood and being used for all the health-related functions in your body. The Total Testosterone is bound to the appropriate receptors and doing its job to make sure your body is functioning as it should. The second value we look for is the Free Testosterone. There should be very little Free Testosterone in a healthy individual. If we find that your Free Testosterone value is higher than normal, then that is an indicator that something is not working correctly in your endocrine system. The receptors which should be binding to the testosterone as it is produced are not functioning correctly. Your Clinical Adviser will discuss the results of your laboratory testosterone blood test in detail if you wish.

What is involved in a testosterone blood test?

At Kingsberg HRT Clinic, we will schedule your laboratory testosterone blood test at a facility near to your home or office. Our professional state-of-the-art laboratory will take the necessary samples and have them tested immediately. The results of your blood work will be reported back to our local doctors who specialize in hormone replacement therapy. It is important to recognize the difference between being treated by our local doctors who specialize in testosterone replacement therapy and your primary care physician or family doctor. With our local doctors who prescribe injectable testosterone, you will receive testosterone cypionate injections which are formulated to increase low testosterone levels back to the range you had as a young man in your prime. Usually physicians who are not experienced with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) will not prescribe adequate dosages to increase low testosterone levels to the point where you feel this exuberant level of health and vitality. Only with the Kingsberg HRT Clinic doctors who test low testosterone levels will you get injectable testosterone therapy programs specifically designed to ensure your safety. You will receive additional PCT (post cycle therapy) such as HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) and anastrazole on a weekly basis to prevent any testosterone cypionate, which is not utilized by the body, from aromatizing into estrogen and perhaps causing side effects such as gynocomastia (nipple sensitivity) or oily skin and acne. Our local doctors who specialize in injectable testosterone therapy and our clinical advisers will work with you on a consistent basis to be sure that you progress toward your goals for your overall health and physical well-being.

Why do I need a Testosterone Blood Test?

While it is possible to look around the Internet and find companies who are willing to sell testosterone injections without a prescription, we strongly discourage you from seeking these out. It is completely illegal to sell injectable testosterone cypionate or any kind of testosterone replacement therapy without a prescription in the US. So you ask, “Why do I need a testosterone blood test?” The answer is because our local doctors will require a laboratory testosterone blood test, in addition to a physical exam and your completed Medical History Form, before prescribing injectable testosterone therapy. Any licensed US pharmacy will require a doctor’s prescription before dispensing testosterone cypionate injections. At Kingsberg HRT Clinic, our local doctors who prescribe testosterone cypionate will review these records to determine if you have low testosterone levels, and our local doctors will prescribe injectable testosterone cypionate to increase this deficiency shown on your testosterone blood test.

Are you supposed to fast before doing a Free Testosterone Blood Test?

Yes – you are supposed to fast before doing a Free Testosterone Blood Test. If you eat in the morning before a testosterone blood test, it can throw off your blood sugar levels and not give an accurate reading of your total testosterone and free testosterone levels. Our local doctors will review your testosterone blood test to determine if you have low testosterone level. Our goal is to get your low testosterone levels back up to where you were as a young man, and then plateau it and maintain that level so that you can maintain the feeling of health and well-being you had when you were in your 20s.

Is there a blood test to show testosterone?

There is a blood test to show testosterone. Start by completing the short form at the top of this page, and one of our clinical advisers will contact you as soon as possible to arrange for a laboratory testosterone blood test in your local area. Your personal clinical adviser will explain the details of testosterone replacement therapy, and also schedule a physical exam with a nearby doctor. You will also be directed to complete the Medical History form above. These will be reviewed by our local doctors who test for low testosterone levels to determine if you have a deficiency, and the best testosterone injections will be prescribed to help increase your low testosterone levels.

Do standard blood tests indicate whether a woman has low testosterone?

Usually your primary care physician will not check testosterone levels in men or women with a standard blood test. To answer your question, “Do standard blood tests indicate whether a woman has low testosterone?” These are not normally evaluated unless you have specifically requested it or if you are being evaluated by an endocrinologist. Our local doctors who prescribe testosterone replacement therapy always request a specific testosterone blood test in both men and women to check for low testosterone levels. For men, our local doctors always prescribe injectable testosterone cypionate as an excellent place to start to increase low testosterone levels and begin to experience the amazing benefit of having a healthy testosterone level again. For women, our local doctors usually prescribe a 1% testosterone cream which is applied daily to increase low testosterone levels. The benefits which women welcome with increased testosterone levels are the return of their energy level, increased sex drive, and a reduction in roller coaster mood swings and hot flashes often associated with menopause. When you begin to feel the relief that comes from increasing your low testosterone level with doctor prescribed testosterone cream, you will be happy to waive goodbye to those debilitating symptoms.

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Testosterone Blood Test Results Explained

The results of your testosterone blood tests will show our local doctors the level of your current Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone. We think it is important that you understand the results of your laboratory testosterone blood test. Many times the lab which tests for low testosterone levels will establish an average value of testosterone based on the results of the people who they have tested. This is not a good way to make this determination of healthy testosterone level men or women. Our local doctors who test low testosterone and your personal clinical adviser will help you understand and accurately evaluate the information on your blood test.

Testosterone Blood Test Cost

The Testosterone Blood Test Cost is a small investment to determine if you have low testosterone levels. When you weigh the cost of this investment against the benefits it provides, you will find it an outstanding value for the dollar. It is important to evaluate the cost of injectable testosterone therapy and your individual health condition and notice that injectable testosterone therapy cost will depend on your protocol, your body size and your personal goals. There are programs which can be designed to suit everyone’s needs. Keep in mind that the cost of testosterone cypionate injections is an investment in your overall health and well-being, your longevity and productivity. This is an investment which will reap rewards in all aspects of your life. Contact our clinical advisers today. Together we will work out a program individually tailored for you.