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How to increase low testosterone levels in men?

First things first – We know you are looking for information and want to learn how to increase low testosterone levels in men. Our mission is to give you the tools and information you need to dramatically overhaul the quality of your life. The safest and most effective way to dependably increase your low testosterone level is with injectable testosterone therapy. Other methods are available, but they have not proven to be consistently effective. We also want to be absolutely certain that any therapy our local doctors prescribe will be the safest protocol available for the long term. Your specific treatment program to increase your low testosterone level will begin with injectable Testosterone Cypionate. For every 1 milliliter injection of Testosterone Cypionate, your body will receive 200 milligrams of testosterone. Testosterone Cypionate is prepared in a cottonseed oil base, and over the following 7 days, it will be absorbed and utilized by your body. Your program to increase your low testosterone level will consist of taking one testosterone injection on a weekly basis for 10 weeks. On the same day each week, you will self-administer the Testosterone Cypionate injection which will help your body know how to increase low testosterone levels in men, and you will start to experience the amazing benefits of a normal healthy testosterone level.

What is a normal testosterone level?

Our local doctors who test for low testosterone levels in men will require you to have a blood test at a laboratory nearby to determine if you have low testosterone levels. We think it is important for you to understand the report from your blood tests. It is our experience that many labs will establish a range for testosterone levels based on the average of the men tested by their facility. This does not provide useful information or an optimum range for testosterone levels in which a normal healthy man should live. This determination is not based on the healthy normal range of testosterone levels for a man in his 20s. We find that most men who are around the age of 18 to 21 will have testosterone levels of 800 to 1,100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). This is the testosterone level, which makes you feel young, healthy and vitally alive, then slowly declines more and more with each passing year. This is the range of testosterone which is the healthiest for your body. It is this level of testosterone that we strive to return you to so that you may enjoy the energy,, sex drive, overall health and well-being, and active mental abilities that you had in your younger days. Studies have shown that some men have never had a testosterone level this high. For these men, experiencing a decline over the years as they age causes them to experience even more of the debilitating symptoms of low testosterone levels. Having a testosterone level which is lower than 750 ng/dL is considered low testosterone (a specifically identified medical condition). Evaluate the symptoms listed in this website and see which ones you are currectly experiencing. These are the negative effects of having a low testosterone levels in men. We often treat men with a testosterone level in the range of 300 to 600 ng/dL. This low testosterone level will make you feel much older than your years. As the injectable testosterone therapy works to increase these low testosterone levels, these men literally come alive, perhaps for some of them, for the first time in decades.

What are normal testosterone levels in men?

We hear you asking for a starting point to understand “What are normal testosterone levels in men?” Testosterone is produced in the testicles, and when you begin to supplement the testosterone in your body, then your testicles will receive feedback that there is adequate testosterone in your body and be signaled to produce less testosterone on their own. This process is known as testicular atrophy, and we include additional medication in your protocol to avoid the symptoms of having the testicles shrink in size and sometimes grow softer. Your program will include injections of Human Chorionic Gonadatropin (HCG) on a weekly basis, which will work to keep your own testosterone being produced. This added treatment reduces the possibility of testicular atrophy. Our mission at Kingsberg HRT Clinic is help you know how to increase low testosterone levels, while taking steps which have been proven to lessen the possibility of side-effects from the treatment itself. Your overall health rejuvenation and well-being are our priority as we work to increase low testosterone levels in men. Then the answer to the question, “What are normal testosterone levels in men?” will be the level that you are experiencing.

Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone Levels

Before our local doctors who prescribe testosterone injections can determine the appropriate dosage to increase your low testosterone levels into the normal healthy range, you will be asked to have a blood test at a local laboratory. The results of this blood test will give our local doctors two very important pieces of information about your testosterone level. First, the blood test will report the complete, or total, testosterone in your system. This is self explanatory as it truly is just what it says: the total amount of testosterone available to support your body’s needs. This is the number which will be the determining factor for your injectable testosterone therapy.

The second value which our local doctors who test for low testoserone levels will focus on is the “free” testosterone. This is the amount of testosterone in your body available to be used at any given time. Prior to beginning testosterone replacement therapy, this number has meaning primarily in comparison to the Total Testosterone in your body. If everything is working correctly in your endocrine system (the organs which produce the hormones at work in your body), then the free testosterone should be much less than total testosterone levels in men. This value will be indication of the health and balance of the endocrine system. If the free testosterone is high in comparison to the total testosterone, then it is an indication that something isn’t working correctly in the endocrine system and our local doctors may recommend further evaluation. Once your injectable testosterone therapy has begun, then the free testosterone will reflect the amount of testosterone which you have recently injected and which is available to be used by your body.

Testosterone Levels in Women

Testosterone occurs naturally in women, although not nearly in the quantities as in men. If suffering from hot flashes and dramatic mood swings, then a woman who is pre- or post-menopausal should have a blood test to evaluate the levels of thehormones in her body. We usually think of estrogen when we think of women’s hormones, but it is testosterone levels in women which helps to relieve the symptoms accompanying menopause. Doctors who prescribe testosterone cream review the blood tests to see if low testosterone levels in women could be causing the hormonal upset in the body. Doctors usually prescribe 1% testosterone cream for women, and they direct that it be applied to the thighs and abdomen daily. Dramatic results often follow quickly. Usually within a couple of weeks, there will be a significant reduction in hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats. Happily, this testosterone treatment will also bring back a healthy energy level and her sex drive.

Can low testosterone levels in men cause other problems?

The most notable symptoms of low testosterone levels in men are low energy and low sex drive. Let’s explore what are the symptoms of low testosterone levels in men. It has been noted that men with low testosterone levels are quite likely to have less lean muscle mass and muscle strength as well as an accumulation of fat around the mid-section of their body. Whether your lean muscle mass has diminished due to injury, illness or just due to dis-use, receiving injectable testosterone replacement therapy to increase low testosterone levels will enable you to rebuild muscle mass and strength. Increasing low testosterone levels will also enable you to trim stored fat reclaiming the trim and sexy shape you had in your younger days.

When do testosterone levels start to decline?

You will often hear it from general practitioners or your family doctor that low testosterone levels in men are simply a part of growing older. Starting in your mid 20s, testosterone production in your body drops off more and more every year. Low testosterone levels in men are not a death sentence. There is plenty that can be done to increase low testosterone levels. Restoring low testosterone levels will safely and quickly reverse the symptoms of aging and allow you to feel better inside, hold your head high and walk a little taller as you Live Youthfully every day of your life.

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