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What is Omnitrope HGH?

We hear you asking What is Omnitrope HGH, and we are happy to give you all the details. Without a doubt, the most dramatic thing you can do to look young and feel healthy every single day of your life, and to improve your chances of a long and productive life, is to fully take responsibility for your own well-being and overall health. You know that no one else is going to do this for you. It is our recommendation that any self examination should begin with the help of your doctor. For general concerns, obviously your nearby family physician would be the best choice. However, when you begin to investigate your hormonal health and the functions of your endocrine system, we strongly advise that you seek the advice of doctors who specialize in Human Growth Hormone (HGH) therapy and tests and evaluations such as the HGH Doctors at Kingsberg HRT Clinic. It is impossible for a general practitioner to know everything about such specialized fields of health and medicine. You need a specialist to ask What is Omnitrope HGH, and get a truly useful answer. The best way to determine if the glands of the endocrine system are functioning up to par is with a laboratory blood test. One of the values that our doctors who test for low growth hormone levels check is the IGF-1 level. The relationship between IGF-1 and HGH requires some understanding, so here’s a brief explanation. Growth hormone is released by the pituitary gland and received in various receptor sites throughout the body. One of the receptor sites is in the liver. When HGH reaches the liver, it releases insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). So a trained doctor can evaluate the results of this blood test and see if your liver is releasing adequate IGF-1. If it is not, then the doctors know your natural HGH production is low. This human growth hormone is responsible for many of the healthy and youthful functions in your body. HGH is responsible for healthy skin and bones, muscles and organs, tissues and basic cell functions in your body. So you can see how critically important it is to find a doctor at our HGH Clinics who can answer What is Omnitrope HGH and prescribe injectable human growth hormone therapy if you need it.

Benefits of Omnitrope Growth Hormone

So you may wonder if this really works … is it really worth it to investigate and test your growth hormone levels? Will taking injectable Omnitrope Growth Hormone really make a difference in how you look and feel? In a word: Absolutely! You should be aware that human growth hormone is required for the functions of practically every organ and tissue in the body, and it aids in all of your basic healthy cellular reproduction. It aids in muscle development, the overall strength and health of your bones, the flexibility and stability of your joints, and it even aids in your metabolic processes, to describe just a few of growth hormone’s functions. To give you idea of the usefulness and Benefits of Omnitrope Growth Hormone, let’s start with an understanding of hormones and their purpose in the body. As chemical messengers created by nature in one part of the body, hormones then travel to another part of the body to create a reaction or have an effect. An example of this would be the glands of the endocrine system which create various hormones designed to regulate many of the body’s most important functions, such as growth and metabolism and reproduction. The pituitary gland, located at the base of the brain, produces growth hormone. As an adult, being deficient in human growth hormone can cause many normal functions of the body to slow down or to stop working entirely. Most notably, you will see the hair and skin lose its luster and tone, and possibly even begin to look saggy and withered. When you increase low HGH levels with doctor prescribed Omnitrope Growth Hormone injections, you will see the healthy tone and clarity return your skin, and hair may begin to regrow with a more healthy and lustrous shine. You will also see an increase in your metabolism with a corresponding reduction in accumulated fat stores, particularly around the mid-section. Stubborn belly fat will begin to melt away. This increased metabolism will also give you the energy you need to increase lean muscle mass that may have been lost due to illness, injury or just being too sedentary and inactive. Having a healthy level of energy and stamina could also herald the return of your long lost sex drive and dramatically improve the intimate relationships in your life. Your overall attitude and outlook on life could significantly improve, and you can just imagine all the positive ramifications that will have on your quality of life. We encourage you to continue reading through this vitally important information outlining the Benefits of Omnitrope Growth Hormone. The next step is to request an evaluation and find out if hormone replacement therapy is right for you.

How to Get Omnitrope Pen System

The fastest and easiest way to learn How to Get Omnitrope Pen HGH injections starts with the simple Contact Form on this page. If you want to speed things along, you can simply complete the Medical History Form at the top of this page as it will also be needed by our HGH Doctors who prescribe Injectable HGH Therapy for those with low growth hormone levels. Without a doubt, Kingsberg HRT Clinic is the undisputed authority on legal, ethical, real human growth hormone injections. If you are seeking How to Get Omnitrope Pen, you have definitely come to the right place. Once this form is completed, our medical adviser will get in touch with you to learn more about your individual situation. This personal clinical adviser will be available to answer all of your questions and be sure that you have all the details regarding your HGH therapy program. He or she will arrange for your laboratory blood test at a testing facility near your home or office, and he or she will also schedule a basic physical exam at a location convenient for you if you haven’t already had one. This starts the process and provides our HGH Doctor the required data to evaluate whether or not you have a low IGF-1 level. Notice in the paragraph at the top of this page, we discussed the relationship between your IGF-1 level and your human growth hormone production. This is the first step in the evaluation process in which the doctors in our HGH Clinic determine if you need a prescription for injectable human growth hormone therapy. If you do have a medical need for HGH treatment, then your medical adviser will give you all the details about How to get Omnitrope Pen to help increase low HGH levels.

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Omnitrope Price

One of our main objectives at Kingsberg HRT Clinic is to be sure that you are as well informed as possible about your options with Human Growth Hormone therapy, including the all important Omnitrope Price. However, determining this cost of HGH injections is a very individual process as it is definitely not a one-size-fits-all therapy program. There are many details which must be adjusted to fit your individual circumstances. Our HGH Doctor-prescribed human growth hormone injections are customized to fit your particular needs. Your medical adviser will go over the details of the program as they relate to your particular situation. There are factors such as your height, weight, and age, and just how low your HGH level really is, which must be considered in order to be sure that you are getting the appropriate therapy program for you. There are also individual factors which take into account your personal preferences for self-administering the injections. Your medical advisor will go over the procedure to reconstituting your vials of Omnitrope HGH, and if that is something you are not comfortable with, then he or she may recommend the Omnitrope pens as an alternative. The most important part of the process is that we want to be sure that you are getting the perfect HGH therapy program for you, with the overall goal being to bring about an improvement in your physical condition by increasing your HGH levels back to the levels you had when you were in your twenties and feeling on top of the world. Our HGH Doctors want to help you get back to an exuberant state of health and well-being, once again full of energy and enthusiasm for life. Your Omnitrope Price may differ from the next person’s because of you being prescribed a difference dosage by our local doctor. The Omnitrope Pen was designed to be easy to handle and easy to use. It is important that your Omnitrope HGH injections be not only effective, but also a convenient way of taking the injectable growth hormone therapy … all at a reasonable and affordable Omnitrope Price.

How to Buy Omnitrope HGH

Ok – On to your next pertinent question … How to buy Omnitrope Pen so that you can get started on this wonderful life-changing hormone replacement therapy program. This handy pen system is actually the program doctors use when they take human growth hormone injections themselves. It is important to remember that this isn’t a medication that can be purchased over the counter or from an Internet website. If you are ever offered HGH Injections without a doctor’s prescription, you can be sure that it is NOT legal and authentic human growth hormone. In the US, the FDA regulates human growth hormone injections, and a doctor’s prescription is always required to receive them. So, to be evaluated by the HGH Doctors at our clinic simply follow these steps:

  • First, complete the contact form on this page, or pick up the phone and give us a call at the toll-free number shown at the top of the page. A medical adviser will be assigned to you and will be happy to give you all the necessary information and get you started on the evaluation process. If you have questions (we are sure you do), this is the perfect time to ask them. Your medical adviser is a seasoned professional in the field of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and our team has decades of combined experience. This all serves to benefit you as you seek to improve your health, your youthful appearance, and your longevity and quality of life. Be sure to ask any questions about how to buy Omnitrope Pen system at this time.
  • Your medical adviser will arrange for you to have an appointment with a convenient laboratory for your blood test, and if you haven’t had a recent physical, he or she can schedule that at one of our nearby HGH clinics in your local area. If you have not already done so, you will be directed to fill out the medical history form as well. The button for it is at the top of this page.
  • One of our HGH Doctors will review your blood test results, and he or she will evaluate whether or not you have a low IGF-1 level. If you do have a low IGF-1 level, our HGH Doctor will prescribe the best injectable HGH therapy program for your specific situation. If you and your medical adviser have determined that the Omnitrope Pen is the best method of delivery, then our local doctor will determine the appropriate strength and dosage of injectable Human Growth Hormone.
  • Our HGH Doctor will send your prescription for Omnitrope vials or Pen system directly to our pharmacy. This licensed US pharmacy will ship the human growth hormone injections directly to your home or office (a signature will be required for delivery).
  • It is important to note that Kingsberg HRT Clinic’s HGH Clinics do not treat professional body builders or athletes. Those under the age of 30 also do not qualify for treatment by our local doctors. Before the age of 30, people are usually still producing adequate growth hormone and therefore do not qualify for treatment at our HGH Clinic.

Omnitrope Injections

Every year in the United States, more and more people are found to have low human growth hormone levels. We won’t say it is reaching epidemic proportions, but it is a serious issue as another 10,000 baby boomers turn 60 every day. The best Omnitrope Injections to improve your particular situation can be determined by working closely with your personal medical adviser and our HGH Doctor. Human Growth Hormone injection therapy will help your body restore the attributes we usually associate with being young and healthy: a trim and strong physique, clear and healthy skin, thick and shiny hair, abundant energy and stamina, along with a healthy immune system providing resistance to diseases and illnesses. You can clearly see why Injectable Human Growth Hormone treatment is frequently regarded as a fountain of youth. When your HGH levels are back up to where they were when you were in your 20s, you really do feel healthy, alive, and energetic. Our HGH Doctors will carefully review your pertinent details, including your level of HGH deficiency, your age, weight and height, and prescribe injectable HGH therapy for your Omnitrope Injections protocol.

Omnitrope by Sandoz

Omnitrope is produced in the Sandoz facilities located in Austria, where they have been manufacturing biopharmaceuticals for more than 25 years. Omnitrope by Sandoz has a well-established reputation for the highest standards of quality and purity, in addition to their long history of providing increased access and greater cost savings to the healthcare industry. The field of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy HRT is quite far reaching, and as you start to investigate your options, you will discover the best brands of Human Growth Hormone injections on the market are made by Sandoz, the manufacturer of Omnitrope. The Sandoz facility is state-of-the-art, and manufactures more than a dozen different biopharmaceutical products for clinical and commercial use worldwide. They continually strive to create innovations to bring the highest quality medications to market at the lowest possible cost. Sandoz received mass publicity in 1954 by being featured for its scientific discoveries in a Time Magazine cover story. In 2006, Sandoz became the first pharmaceutical company to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to market Omnitrope by Sandoz, a recombinant human growth hormone.

Omnitrope for Sale

Medical science has progressed by leaps and bounds with the discovery of the effects of low human growth hormone levels on the adult population as they grow older. Here at Kingsberg HRT Clinic, our HGH Doctors will evaluate adults over the age of 30 to determine if you qualify for Omnitrope For Sale from our HGH Clinic. Thankfully this is a very effective solution for the debilitating symptoms of low HGH levels. You do not have to just sit back and accept these limiting symptoms, along with the slow decline of the body and its organs, and consequently accept feeling older as unavoidable. Our HGH doctors test for low HGH levels and can diagnose these conditions in adults with a simple blood test and physical. Treatment for a low HGH level is a quick and simple daily injection of Omnitrope Human Growth Hormone therapy. It is our priority to always be sure that your medications are the best on the market. We are also committed to providing you the best possible patient care. Your personal medical adviser will be sure you have all the information needed and complete instructions and video demonstrations for self-administering your injectable Omnitrope HGH Therapy. With Omnitrope For Sale, you can be certain that you will receive one of the best brands of injectable human growth hormone treatment on the market. Your symptoms of low HGH levels will be relieved and you will observe your energy, stamina, vitality, metabolism, sex drive, and zest for life returning to the levels you had as a twenty year old.

Omnitrope 5.8 mg

Start with a conversation with your medical adviser to review the different methods of delivery for Omnitrope HGH to determine the right delivery method for your doctor prescribed growth hormone dosage. For some patients, the convenience of the Omnitrope pens may not be a priority, and the economy of the Omnitrope 5.8 mg vial would be a greater advantage.  Your individual dosage of injectable Human Growth Hormone will be determined by our HGH Doctor, but any dosage requirement can be met either with the Omnitrope 5.8 mg vials or with one of the Omnitrope pens. Your medical adviser will provide you with complete instructions and direct you to videos which provide complete demonstration of mixing your vials of Omnitrope HGH as well as instructions for taking the injections accurately and safely. Each 5.8 mg vial of Omnitrope is matched with a 1.14 mL vial of bacteriostatic water (preserved with benzyl alcohol) for easier and more consistent reconstitution. You should always be careful to follow the instructions you are provided, and be sure to check that your Omnitrope 5.8 mg vial is clear, not cloudy, and contains no particles before you use it for an injection. If you have any questions, your medical adviser will be available to help you and answer your questions. He or she can even stay on the phone with you while you take your first injection to provide an added measure of comfort and assurance.

Omnitrope 5 mg and 10 mg Pens

For some patients who qualify for our HGH Doctors prescription for low growth hormone treatment, the convenience of the Omnitrope 5mg pen or the Omnitrope 10 mg pen might provide a significant advantage. The pens come with an easy to insert cartridge with the human growth hormone medication already mixed inside. You only need to load the cartridge into the pen, twist the tiny injection needle onto the end, and you’re ready to take your medication. Omnitrope 5 mg and 10 mg pens for growth hormone injections were originally approved back in May 2006 by the FDA under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) for replacement therapy in adults who have been tested, evaluated and verified to have growth hormone deficiency (GHD). Low HGH levels can create a host of negative signs and symptoms ranging everywhere from bothersome (but not life-threatening) issues with excess weight, loss of muscle tone, saggy wrinkled skin and lackluster thinning hair, to the more serious health problems including osteoporosis, high cholesterol, poor heart function and low sex drive. Omnitrope human growth hormone injections were first launched throughout the US in January 2007, and Sandoz Pharmaceuticals launched the convenient and easy-to-use Omnitrope 5 mg and 10 mg Pens with a replaceable liquid cartridge in 2008, thus providing significantly increased treatment flexibility and additional options for our HGH Doctors and a much more convenient, easy-to-use dosage method for you, our patients at our HGH Clinics throughout the US.

Doctors Who Prescribe Omnitrope Prescribing Information

Your Omnitrope HGH injection therapy will be determined by our Doctors who Prescribe Omnitrope and prescribing information will be thoroughly outline by your personal medical adviser to be sure that you completely understand the details of the treatment plan. Your specific medical history and the results of your blood tests and physical exam will be taken into account to determine the right prescribing information for your situation. Our medical advisers, together with our Doctors Who Prescribe Omnitrope, will answer your questions and be certain that you are comfortable and at ease with the self-administering procedures for these Omnitrope HGH injections. As you read through this information on this convenient delivery method for human growth hormone injections, we know your will want more information about our Doctors who Prescribe Omnitrope Pen system of delivery. You are not alone in your enthusiasm, and we will get you on the road to feeling great when you increase low HGH levels and watch the disabling signs and symptoms of low HGH levels fade away. The signs and symptoms commonly experienced with a low HGH level may include:

  • Stubborn hard-to-lose fat, especially around the abdomen
  • Reduced lean muscle mass
  • Beginning signs of osteoporosis
  • Higher cholesterol levels
  • Lower energy levels and reduced stamina
  • Decreased sex drive and enthusiasm

Your next step would be to get in touch with our clinical advisers to discuss How to Buy Omnitrope HGH Injections. You may also discuss any circumstances unique to your life which might have an impact on your bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Your personal medical adviser will schedule your blood tests and physical exam at one of our HGH Clinics near your home or office. You will not need to worry about any long distance travel as our HGH Doctors will be happy to supervise your evaluations electronically. Once we have determined that you qualify for treatment by having a low HGH level, then our HGH Doctors will prescribe the necessary Omnitrope HGH Dosage to get you back on the road to feeling great and looking years younger.

Omnitrope Injection Sites – How to Inject Omnitrope

Your medical adviser will provide you with detailed diagrams for Omnitrope Injection sites and How to Inject Omnitrope HGH. You will also be provided our thorough and comprehensive instruction videos to be sure you have a complete understanding of the injection process. You can be sure that this is a very easy process to self-administer your HGH injections. The insulin syringe is a very tiny needle – the same one used by diabetics every day around the world. The best sites for your HGH injections are the areas with a layer of fat between skin and muscle – usually the abdomen is the best for this. Do not inject near your belly button (navel) or waistline. Each day pick a different spot for your Omnitrope Injection Site that is about one inch from the previous one. Make sure you rotate the injection sites on your body. Before you make an injection, wash your hands and be sure to clean your skin at the injection site well with an alcohol swab. Wait for the area to air dry. Follow the instructions provided by your medical adviser. After injection, press the injection site with a small bandage or sterile gauze if needed for bleeding, for several seconds. Do not massage or rub the Omnitrope injection site. This process for How to Inject Omnitrope HGH is very simple and will be like second nature after the first few days of therapy.

How Much Does Omnitrope Cost

We are aware that this is an important question knowing How Much Does Omnitrope Cost. However, we would encourage you to weigh the cost of Omnitrope HGH injections versus the toll of continuing to suffer from the signs and symptoms of a low HGH level. It is true that this bioidentical hormone replacement therapy will represent a significant investment, but the detrimental effects low energy and stamina, rampant weight gain and uncontrolled loss of lean muscle mass will take an ever greater toll on your overall health and well-being and diminish your ability to function in your personal and professional life. When you think about How Much Does Omnitrope Cost, be sure to notice that the expense is minimal in relation to the benefit it provides in your life.

How to Mix Omnitrope

At Kingsberg HRT Clinic, we have produced professional videos giving specific directions for How to Mix Omnitrope. Refer to these videos for very clear instructions for this process. In general, follow these basic steps:

  • Remove the caps from the tops of each vial.
  • Use an alcohol swab to clean both rubber tops.
  • Attach the large needle to the 3mL syringe.
  • Pull syringe plunger to fill the syringe with air.
  • Insert needle into the bacteriostatic water vial.
  • Inject the air from the syringe into the vial and pull out the bacteriostatic water.
  • Insert the needle into the vial that contains the HGH powder.
  • Inject the bacteriostatic water slowly aiming the stream against the glass to avoid foam (this preserves the potency of your Omnitrope HGH).
  • Remove the syringe and needle and dispose of them in the sharps container provided.
  • Gently swirl the vial until the powder is completely dissolved. It is not necessary to shake the vial in order to know how to mix Omnitrope.

How Much Omnitrope Should I Take

This is a critically important question – How Much Omnitrope Should I Take? It will be addressed by our HGH Doctor and will be written on your prescription for your injectable Omnitrope HGH Therapy. Your dosage of injectable Omnitrope HGH therapy will be determined based on a number of factors, including your age, height, weight and the level of your HGH deficiency. It is different for each person as it is based on your individual circumstances. Your progress will be monitored by your personal medical adviser to determine if your negative symptoms of low HGH levels are being relieved as your HGH treatment progresses. If you have any questions throughout your HGH injection therapy about How Much Omnitrope Should I Take, be sure to contact your medical adviser at once. Never make any changes in your injectable Omnitrope dosage without the permission and direction of your medical adviser and our HGH Doctor.

Omnitrope HGH Pen Reviews

Mitchell R. in San Francisco CA called in to say:

Well I just gotta hand it to you all. I first started looking into HGH injection therapy because of being tired all the time. I was afraid I had some dreaded incurable disease as bad as I was feeling. Your guys sent me for a blood test and turned up my low IGF-1 levels. I’m really grateful to get on this Omnitrope HGH treatment cause it sure has made a world of difference in how I feel every day. I’m starting to lose weight, too. Some people think I’ve had some kind of plastic cosmetic surgery or something because they say my face looks thinner and younger, too. Thanks!

Charles R. in Gary IN dropped a line and said:

I’m not a professional athlete or anything, but I like to stay active and I’m a rather competitive kinda guy. Well I developed a pain in my shoulder that just would not go away. I tried everything, and they were starting to talk about rotator cuff surgery … which is just plain nasty. I didn’t want to have to go through that. I started thinking about why wasn’t my body healing itself like it did when I was in my teens and twenties. I did some research on the internet and found out about human growth hormone and Kingsberg HRT Clinic. I got my blood tests done later that same day. My levels were low, but I still wasn’t convinced that was my problem. However, I figured it was cheaper and less of a pain that surgery, so I gave it a shot – ‘scuse the pun. It wasn’t over night, but gradually over the period of about 6-8 weeks, my shoulder started feeling better. After 3 months on your Omnitrope Pen program, I was actually back in the saddle. I tried a couple of gentle games of tennis with the wife, and my shoulder performed admirably. I’m really glad I found you all – who knew I could heal myself – well you did, that’s who!

Jeffrey A. in Chattanooga TN wrote:

It’s funny – most people call me a man’s man – whatever that means. I grew up in a family of girls – the only boy with 5 older sisters – so my relationships with women have always been easy and comfortable. My wife and I had a wonderful relationship when we first got together 20 years ago – lots of romance and good times. Somewhere along the way thought, we lost our spark – low sex drive had sure bit me. I knew it wasn’t her – she’s just as gorgeous as she ever was. Except for a few laugh lines, you’d think she was still 27. I asked my doctor what was wrong with me, and he gave the old pat on the back and told me to get used to the fact that I was getting older. I wasn’t ready for that one. I talked to one of my brother’s in law and he told me about Kingsberg HRT Clinic. I am so glad I found you. Your Omnitrope injections have sure put me back on track. I’m looking forward to another 20, heck 40 or 60 years even, with my lovely lady. Thank you all so much.

Darrell V. in San Antonio TX emailed this message:

I’ve worked hard my entire life looking forward to my retirement. Now that I have grandkids and no worry about finances and career and such over my head, I was really starting to have some fun. When I hit 55, it was like hitting a brick wall, and low energy and fatigue really put a damper on my good times. All I ever wanted to do was sit in my lounge chair and watch tv. My wife started going places without me, hoping that somehow I would snap out it. Well thank goodness one of her girlfriends had been through the same thing with her husband, and they sent me to your HGH Clinics here in San Antonio. Sure enough – I had a terribly low IGF-1 level like you talk about on your website. I’m happy to write a review for your Omnitrope Pen System, because it really saved my life. I think I might have wasted away in that chair, but now I’m back out with the grandkids again. I’m going camping in the foothills with 3 of my grandsons next weekend. Thank you!

Jan E. in Washington DC wrote:

I’m writing to tell you how happy I am with your Omnitrope HGH program. I’m a career counselor, and I frequently speak before large groups of professionals. My appearance is key. One of my colleagues even mentioned that I was looking rather tired, and maybe I could use a spa retreat or take up yoga or something. I tried that, and I came back looking even more tired than before. I was just looking dried up. Changing my diet around helped a little, but my skin and hair just looked like someone twice my age. I finally consulted your specialist HGH Doctor and got blood tests and everything. That was just what I needed – Human Growth Hormone therapy – the Omnitrope injections. I’ve been taking them for almost a year now, and in my humble opinion I would say that I am the unquestioned leader in my field again. Your Omnitrope Pen program is the best investment I’ve made in a long time.

Our HGH Doctors Answer Your Questions

What do you use Omnitrope Pens for? What is Growth Hormone?
John M. in Fort Worth TX

Excellent question John! Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is secreted by the pituitary gland at the base of your brain, and its purpose is to stimulate the production of various cells and tissues throughout the body. When your pituitary gland isn’t making enough HGH, then all those other tissues die off and their related organs begin to decline in function as well. We have discovered that we can replace your low HGH levels with Omnitrope Pens – a convenient and effective way to take injectable HGH therapy. In a matter of a few short weeks, all the symptoms associated with low HGH levels begin to disappear, and you look and feel like you did when you were in your twenties

How much do Omnitrope Pens cost?
Jill E. in Austin TX

The Omnitrope Pens cost is a very individual thing and can only be determined after you have been tested to determine the extent of your low HGH level. The HGH Doctor’s prescription will also be based on your age, weight, height and other factors. Their goal is the prescribe the best possible HGH injection therapy program to relieve your low HGH symptoms and get you to feeling like a million bucks again – just like when you were in your twenties

Is Sandoz Omnitrope HGH safe?
Jerry H. in Atlanta GA

The FDA approved Sandoz Omnitrope HGH injections for the treatment of adult human growth hormone deficiency. It has been proven to be both safe and effective for relieving the symptoms of low HGH levels. Always be sure to buy any brand of HGH only through a licensed US pharmacy, and only with a doctors prescription. This is the only way you can be sure of receiving real and legal human growth hormone. There are many imitators and counterfeit products available, especially if you seek to buy these medications over the Internet. You may begin the process of being prescribed HGH injections over the Internet, as with the procedures here at Kingsberg HRT Clinic, but you will always need to have laboratory blood tests and a physical exam, as well as providing a comprehensive report of your medical history, before receiving a doctors prescription for injectable Omnitrope HGH

How does Omnitrope HGH treatment work?
Ronnie B. in Cambridge MA

Omnitrope HGH is a bioidentical human growth hormone. It is produced in a laboratory follow careful procedures which have been proven to create a synthetic hormone which has essentially the exact same effect on the organs of the human body. The procedure that you will follow is to take a daily injection subcutaneously (that is just under the skin) with a very tiny needle, and over a period of time your low HGH level will begin to return to the range which you had in your younger days. Your debilitating symptoms of growth hormone deficiency will be relieved over a relatively short period of time thanks to the conscientious treatment of our HGH Doctors and experienced staff

How do I know if I need human growth hormone in the Omnitrope Pens?
Barry N. in Cincinnati OH

Well, to start with, Barry, you have to ask yourself, “How do I feel?” Many of the signs and symptoms of Low HGH Levels can advance over time and come on gradually. If you have started to notice that you just don’t have the energy or stamina you once had, or your immune system is just not up to par as you catch every single bug that seems to be going around, then it is time to see out the experience professional at the Kingsberg HRT Clinic HGH Clinic near you to get some concrete answers. Only with the expertise and care of these HGH Doctors and staff will you start to regain some of that youthful vigor that you’ve lost and probably thought was gone for good. Omnitrope Pens provide the best quality HGH and most convenient method of delivery to make it fast and easy to start to get back on your feet again

How do I get the Sandoz Omnitrope Pens?
Anna Y. in Erie PA

Thank you for asking, Anna. It all starts with contacting our medical advisers at Kingsberg HRT Clinic to schedule blood tests and a physical exam. This will enable our HGH Doctors to determine if you qualify for Sandoz Omnitrope Pens to restore a low HGH level. Simply complete the short Contact Form on this page, or for an even faster response, you can just pick up the phone and give us a call at the toll-free number shown at the top of this page. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get back on the road to feeling and looking great again

How do I take growth hormone? Is there anything different about Omnitrope pens?
Milton T. in Orlando FL

Thank you for a good question, Milton. Human growth hormone is taken by injection on a daily basis. The program is structured for you to be able to self-administer these subcutaneous injections and thus avoid the time consuming and excessively costly nature of visiting a doctor’s office on a daily basis. The Omnitrope Pens provide this human growth hormone in a pre-mixed and ready-to-use cartridge which is inserted to an apparatus that looks like a large writing pen. All you have to do is replace the needle each day and inject the medication in a convenient spot. Our HGH Doctors and medical advisers will provide all the instruction and assistance you need to be sure that you are absolutely confident in your ability to take these injections

How do I find a doctor who can test for low HGH levels?
Jordan S. in Albany NY

Thank you for asking, Jordan – the best way to find an HGH Doctor to test your levels is right here on this website. We have a convenient quick Contact Form available. If you complete that and submit it for review, you will be assigned to a medical adviser who will call you back immediately – many times while you are still online reviewing our website. We do try to be that fast! There is no travel required other than to a local HGH clinic for blood tests and a physical exam to see if you have a low HGH level. If need be, our HGH Doctors can supervise your blood test and physical exam electronically to make it more convenient for you. The important thing is to get started today!

Where do I get a prescription for Omnitrope HGH Injections?
Mandy L. in Tucson AZ

It all starts right here with our HGH Doctors and the contact information on this website. We are happy to provide you all the necessary information so that you understand all the pertinent details about Omnitrope HGH injections. Always remember that injectable human growth hormone treatment is only available by prescription, and you should never be lured into thinking that there is an easier way to get real HGH Injections

Do I have to take Omnitrope growth hormone therapy by injection?
Dwayne R. in Fort Worth TX

Yes, in order to be effective, Omnitrope growth hormone therapy must be taken by injection. You may find offers of other delivery systems, but they are a complete waste of money. It is a known fact that HGH is a 191 amino acid chain which is really quite large. HGH is sometimes sold as an oral preparation to be taken sublingually (in the mouth) from a spray, however, the molecule is too large to be absorbed in this way. Other brands sell HGH pills to be ingested, but they will be digested in the stomach and never get as far as the small intestine and will not be absorbed by the body. We would like to reassure you about the process of self-injection. It really is much easier than you think. Our medical advisers have stepped literally thousands of people through the process and trained them to be confident and efficient at taking these tiny injections. By taking a morning injection each day, your Omnitrope pen will inject the prescribed amount of Human Growth Hormone which our HGH Doctor has determined will remedy your symptoms of a low HGH level as quickly as possible. Your medical adviser is here to discuss any questions or concerns. The sooner you call, the sooner you start to feel better

Where do I put the Omnitrope HGH Injections on my body?
Kris V. in Galveston TX

You will be provided with complete diagrams and instructions for how to take the Omnitrope HGH injections. Your medical adviser will also direct you to our professional Youtube videos which show you exactly what needs to be done to take the Omnitrope injections, whether you are using the Omnitrope HGH pens or mixing the Omnitrope 5.8 mg vials. Your medical adviser will absolutely certain that you are completely comfortable with the self-injection procedure and can even stay on the phone with you while you take your first injection. At Kingsberg HRT Clinic, you can be sure of getting the finest quality human growth hormone injections like the Omnitrope pen system, along with the most comprehensive and compassionate assistance from our extensively trained medical advisers and HGH Doctors

How do I know the Omnitrope pens contain real HGH?
Ernie C. in Oakland CA

Sandoz Pharmaceuticals has been approved by the United State Food and Drug Administration to manufacture and distribute their Omnitrope Human Growth Hormone Injections. As long as you are dealing only with reputable US HGH Clinics such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic, you can rest assured that you are receiving real HGH. All medications prescribed by our HGH Doctors are provided by a licensed US pharmacy and delivered directly to your home or office

Are Omnitrope HGH injections legal in California?
Jerome F. in Long Beach CA

Yes Jerome – and great question by the way! HGH Injections are legal throughout California, from San Diego to Sacramento, and all parts in between. We do, however, suggest that you exercise caution and always avoid any offer of HGH injections without the necessity of a doctor’s prescription. If this is the case, you can be certain you are not being treated by a legal medical provider. You can find websites that say their injectable HGH is legitimate, but it is always a fact that if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Bioidentical human growth hormone injections require a very specialized procedure with expensive equipment and extensively trained technicians. Illegal substances have been seized coming into the US purporting to be human growth hormone. Upon further examination, authorities have discovered they were nothing ground up vitamins. Use extreme caution when dealing with these fringe companies as there have been reports of poison instead of HGH in these seized substances. Only reputable US Clinics and pharmacies are recommend sources for HGH Injections.

I started using Omnitrope HGH Injections – How long till my symptoms subside?
Mindy H. in New Orleans LA

Well Mindy, it is different for everyone. It depends on how quickly your system responds to the Omnitrope HGH injections, how low your HGH levels really were, and many other factors in your body. For most people, some of the worst symptoms begin to subside after just two months. You will certainly feel an improvement in your low energy level and stamina. It takes longer for skin tone and the volume and quality of your hair to respond because they are slower to regrow and regenerate. For most people, by the time they have been on Omnitrope HGH Injections for about 6 months, they report a significant improvement in their overall sense of well-being

Does Omnitrope HGH have to be kept in the fridge?
Rich F. in Hollywood FL

Yes, Rich – Omnitrope HGH does have to be kept refrigerated so that it will not lose potency. Whether you choose the Omnitrope Pens or the Omnitrope 5.8 mg vials, refrigeration is still required. If you have a need for human growth hormone injection therapy that does not require refrigeration, please talk to your medical adviser. There are other brands of injectable growth hormone which do not have to be kept in a fridge.

How do I buy Omnitrope Pens?
Scout F. in Charleston SC

It is important to remember that Omnitrope pens, or really any brand of human growth hormone injections, require a doctor’s prescription and so they cannot be bought over-the-counter or off the Internet in the same manner as perhaps a bottle of vitamins or a cold remedy. We do everything possible to speed along the process for getting you evaluated for low HGH levels and having our HGH Doctor review your laboratory blood tests, your physical exam and your medical history report. Usually from the time your test results are received until your medication is delivered is just a few days. We will always do everything in our power to speed along your process and make it as convenient for you as possible

How do I know if the Omnitrope HGH is working or not?
Marty M. in Portland OR

The best way to know if it is working or not is to keep tabs on your signs and symptoms of low HGH levels. You can determine if your low energy level and fatigue has improved. You can watch the scale and see if some of the excess fat stores, particularly in your abdomen, have melted away. How about your immune system – are you more resistant to the cold germs circulating just about everywhere you go? Do you feel stronger and with more stamina than usual? Most people are happy to see a reversal in low sex drive as well. Over the course of about six months of Omnitrope HGH treatment, you will experience a significant increase in overall well-being

How can I find a doctor who tests for low HGH levels in South Florida?
Stanley K. in Miami FL

Our HGH Doctors will be happy to test for low HGH levels at our HGH Clinics throughout Florida. Whether you are in Miami or Pensacola or Jacksonville, our HGH Doctors are available to test for low growth hormone production and prescribe Omnitrope HGH Pens or 5.8 vials to get you back on the road to being healthy and happily whole.  The process starts with the Contact Form on this page. Once you complete that and submit it, one of our medical advisers will give you call to schedule the necessary laboratory blood tests and physical exam. You will also be asked to complete the Medical History Form at the top of this page. If you would like to be proactive and help the process move more quickly, you can go ahead and complete the form now and it will come directly to our secure server to complete your chart. Our HGH Doctors will review this information and make a determination if you have a low HGH level. Your medical adviser will step you through this process as quickly as possible

Where can I get a doctor prescription for Omnitrope?
Tommy W. in Brownsville TX

Thanks for asking Tommy. No matter where you are in Texas, we’ll be glad to get you started on the process to determine if you have a low HGH level and qualify for Omnitrope HGH treatment. Just complete the Contact Form on this page to initiate contact with our HGH Doctors. One of our medical advisers will schedule your blood tests and physical exam, if you do not already have a recent one. To get a doctor prescription for Omnitrope HGH Injections, your laboratory blood tests, physical exam and Medical History report must be reviewed by our local doctors who prescribe injectable growth hormone treatment. If you want to facilitate the process moving more quickly, simply pick up the phone and give us a call on our toll-free number

Will Omnitrope HGH Injections really make a difference?
Kim T. in Detroit MI

If there is one thing we are sure of, Kim, it is the amazing benefits of Omnitrope HGH injections. There is nothing that will make as much of a wide-ranging improvement in your overall health and well-being. Beginning with your energy and stamina, including your metabolism and encouraging the loss of any excess weight, restoring your low sex drive, and helping with your heart functions and immunity. The benefits of Omnitrope HGH injections are indeed far-reaching and something that we whole-heartedly encourage you check out today.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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