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Injectable HGH – Understanding Benefits, Side Effects, and How to Get It

Injectable HGH

Before buying injectable HGH online, research adult growth hormone deficiency so that you know precisely why you are looking into this treatment and what to expect regarding benefits and potential side effects. Injectable HGH is the only form of real human growth hormones. Its molecular size makes it too large to absorb through the skin or nasal and oral membranes. In pill form, it would be rendered useless by the body’s digestive processes. You must get a prescription for HGH injections before you can purchase them legally in the United States.

Getting injectable HGH for sale does not have to be time consuming. Instead of spending untold amounts of time sitting around in a waiting room, hormone specialists such as the ones at Kingsberg HRT Clinic can conduct consultations by phone. You will visit a local lab for the blood test and a doctor of your choosing for the physical exam. All results come straight to our clinic.

Benefits of HGH Injections

The list of injectable HGH benefits is extensive, and brings about change from head to toe, as shown below:

  • Strengthening of the bones – reduces joint pains and osteoporosis risk
  • Increasing lean muscle mass, tone, and strength for a more chiseled appearance
  • Improving metabolism and lipolysis for weight loss
  • Promoting cellular regeneration – helps maintain internal organ size and function
  • Supporting collagen production to reduce the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles
  • Thickening and regrowing hair – possible return of original color
  • Enhancing immune system functions and reducing recovery times
  • Strengthening nails
  • Improving night vision and general eyesight
  • Boosting sex drive, performance, and pleasure
  • Lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Balancing temperature sensitivity
  • Regulating glucose uptake
  • Decreasing depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Improving outlook, mood, and desire for socializing
  • Sharpening memory, brain functions, and concentration
  • Increasing drive, productivity, and performance

Potential Side Effects of Injectable HGH

The most likely side effect of HGH is irritation, redness, or tenderness at the injection site. This is most common during the early stages of treatment as the individual administers the initial shots. With time, the process becomes second nature and this is no longer an issue.

Other than that, HGH typically does not cause adverse reactions, except in situations where someone is using it illegally or administering more than prescribed by the doctor for an extended time. In those instances, these are the potential injectable HGH side effects:

  • Diabetes
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • High cholesterol
  • Acromegaly
  • Edema
  • Joint and muscle pain

Side effect of taking too much HGH will go away when the dosage is lowered for those who need this treatment, or when use is stopped for those who do not require HGH therapy.

How Do I Know Which HGH to Buy?

When you are looking for real injectable HGH, buy with confidence directly from a hormone therapy specialist in the US. Knowing that your medication comes direct from a licensed US pharmacy eliminates the concern over whether the treatment will be safe to use.

The best injectable HGH brands are:

  • Norditropin by Novo Nordisk
  • Omnitrope by Sandoz
  • Humatrope by Eli Lilly
  • Genotropin by Pfizer
  • Saizen by EMD Serono

Our doctors will not prescribe medications from China as the risk of counterfeit and tainted pharmaceuticals is too high. That is also why you should never buy HGH directly off a website.

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What Determines the Cost of HGH Injections?

The injectable HGH cost determination comes from a few different factors:

  1. Blood test results
  2. Height
  3. Weight
  4. Age
  5. Health
  6. Symptoms and severity

The hormone specialist gathers this information from the blood test, physical examination, and health history questionnaire that each person completes. Then, if growth hormone deficiency is diagnosed, the above facts aid in the calculation of the HGH dosage.

Injectable HGH prices differ based on brand selection and style of delivery system chosen. Some people do not mind paying a little more for convenience, and opt to use an injectable all-in-one pen system. Others prefer saving money with the standard vial and syringe method of administering HGH into their bodies.

Under no circumstances should you look to buy the cheapest injectable HGH off the internet. That is when you increase the risk of getting more than you bargained for – and not in a good way. Expired drugs, diluted medications, toxic ingredients, and bacterial residue are not what you want.

To learn more about getting injectable HGH, contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic for a no-cost, confidential consultation with a clinical advisor.