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What Is HGH Made of and What Does It Do?

What Is HGH

In this report we answer the following:

  • What is HGH
  • What is HGH made of
  • What Does HGH do
  • What is HGH used for in adults
  • What is the best type of HGH
  • How to get HGH

What is HGH?

HGH (human growth hormone) refers to two different yet similar substances:

  • 1. The naturally produced hormone called somatotropin that comes from somatotropic cells found in the anterior pituitary gland.

  • 2. The biologically produced recombinant form of hormone replacement therapy that is a bioidentical match to somatotropin.

What is HGH made of?

Human growth hormone consists of a 191 amino acid chain protein polypeptide. A sequence of DNA encodes each amino acid. HGH injections are produced by putting together sequences of recombinant DNA until encoding of the entire protein chain is complete.

We have explained what is HGH, and what does it do is next up to discuss. HGH performs many tasks in the body, including directing the metabolism of all foods consumed, supporting healthy immune system functions, maintaining strong bones and muscles, stimulating cell reproduction, enhancing libido, sexual performance, and pleasure, supporting proper brain functions, improving skin tone and hair growth, and improving heart health.

What Is HGH Used for In Adults?

Childhood use of HGH is more known than that of adults, but that does not make it any less important for women and men as they age. Because of its vast array of uses in the body, declining growth hormone levels can cause devastating problems in the future if left undiagnosed. Without treatment, adults often find themselves susceptible to many other health conditions.

What is HGH used for in adults and why the necessity to seek testing and treatment?

HGH fills in the gap when the somatotrophs decreases the output of growth hormones. This decline often begins in one’s late twenties to early thirties and worsens as the years pass. Since the body still requires an abundance of GH, the use of HGH is vital for providing the signals needed to support and stimulate growth hormone receptor cells throughout the body.

In answer to what is growth hormone going to accomplish for you, look at some reasons why maintaining a healthy supply of HGH is vital:

  • Sharpening memory and brain functions
  • Increasing energy and endurance
  • Weight loss and proper metabolism
  • Strengthening bones and muscles
  • Supporting sexual desire and performance
  • Maintaining internal organ size and functions
  • Toning and firming the skin
  • Improving hair growth and thickness
  • Promoting heart health and lowering cholesterol levels
  • Sharpening eyesight and night vision
  • Strengthening immunity and reducing recovery time

After looking at these benefits of HGH it should be understandable why keeping levels at their normal state is vital at any age.

What Is the Best Type of HGH and How Do I Get It?

HGH advertisements can be misleading and trick you into buying something that contains no human growth hormones at all.

What is the best type of HGH to buy?

Real HGH is available as an injection. Products such as pills, patches, lotions, drops, or sprays do not contain real HGH. They do not directly increase the amount of growth hormones in your body the way that HGH injections will.

Also, not all brands of HGH are equal. The best and most recommended brands of HGH are:

  • Genotropin
  • Norditropin
  • Saizen
  • Humatrope
  • Omnitrope

Each one of these HGH brands offers different injectable options for convenience and cost.

Finally, how do you get HGH therapy?

You want to find a qualified hormone replacement specialist to test your hormone levels and diagnose and treat HGH deficiency. Here at Kingsberg HRT Clinic, our doctors are experts in the field of hormone replacement and provide superior care to men and women suffering from growth hormone deficiency.

You will undergo consultation with one of our clinical advisors, be directed to a nearby laboratory for a blood test, and choose your own local doctor or walk-in clinic for a physical examination. Finally, we do need a comprehensive look at your medical history and provide the forms to complete right here on our website.

Get your complimentary consultation by calling (954) 800-5590 of completing the short form on this page. Your information is confidential and affordable treatment options are available.

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