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What is HGH? What is Human Growth Hormone?

You are here. That’s what the red arrow over your head reads right now as you view the Kingsberg Medical website, this veritable what is HGH or Human Growth Hormone Library of Alexandria. Yes, you are here….or at least that’s what your red arrow is saying so we may as well believe it, right? Luckily with Kingsberg Medical if you’re seeking Human Growth Hormone information, "You are here" is a very good place to be indeed. In here, when it comes to knowledge and information about Human Growth Hormone injection therapy, we know that we have you covered. So consider yourself now as a pupil, a pupil who has just walked though our doors of injectable HGH higher learning. You’ve waited a long time to get here and find answers, and now you’re simply agog with those questions you just can’t help but blurt out to us. What is HGH used for? What is HGH and how does it work anyway? I heard that HGH is always prescribed but what is HGH prescribed for exactly? What are Growth Hormone injections? What is HGH Supplements or HGH Spray? Okay. Well, you have a lot of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy questions on your mind obviously, and that’s what we’re here for at Kingsberg Medical. We want your quest for knowledge to be both fruitful and painless. Well…mostly painless and very fruitful.

What is HGH and How Does It Work?

You didn’t have to ask the question What is HGH and how does it work in order to be positively affected by Human Growth Hormone injection therapy. That is because each and every one of us has a pre-existing supply of growth hormone already inside of us produced by the pituitary gland throughout our lives. The question that can only be answered with HGH testing at one of our local clinics is has your naturally occurring level of growth hormone diminished to a level which would suggest that you now have a dangerously low HGH level wrecking havoc in your body and mind. If it has and you have asked yourself what is HGH good for, then you’re on the right track already. So let’s address those questions what is HGH and how does it work? Let’s begin. If you have ever wondered about these questions relating to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and if it will help you with your current difficulties, then you might be surprised to discover that Growth Hormone has been an essential, indispensable part of your body’s makeup from Day One. That is because the pituitary gland, your pituitary gland, has been secreting Human Growth Hormone for your body since you were born. Your naturally occurring growth hormone rose consistently throughout your developmental years, so if you ever wondered what is HGH good for, then you have your answer right there. Human Growth Hormone was critical in helping you become a healthy, normal adult!

What is HGH Prescribed For?

In order to answer the question What is HGH Prescribed for, we have to look at its role in the body and the part it plays in the grand scheme of things. In a normal developing body, what HGH is used for is determined by the demands of your development. So because of the biological and body chemistry truth behind the question what is HGH made of, the body can take the Human Growth Hormone that it has at its disposal in those young years and put it to good use: advancing the growth of your human body in areas of height, weight, organ development. The health and vigorous growth of nails, skin, hair and eyes are all thanks to the abundant supply of growth hormone and your pituitary gland doing its job effectively. Those are among the most important basic functions of Human Growth Hormone. Yet the ancillary factors of youth are also at play in HGH production and its activities in your system, and when you wonder just what is HGH up to in the body, there are some other points of light. For example, the energy, vitality, sexual drive and interest, strength and vigor of the youthful years have long been attributed to a young person’s ability to produce and abundant supply of Growth Hormone naturally. That might make it sound as if the key to youth or possibly the key to Anti Aging with HGH might just lie in the pituitary gland as it does its job efficiently. It may sound like a bold claim, but there is good science behind that assertion however. The levels of HGH or Human Growth Hormone reach a peak at about the age of 25 and after that begin to recede. Scientists have long wondered if this phenomenon of a low HGH level could be attributed to the onset of ALL aging processes in the body. Their real question then became what is HGH up to in the body? They wondered: is it possible that a lack of Human Growth Hormone is responsible for us aging in the first place? That same scientific community also began wondering what is HGH testing capable of and more importantly what is HGH and how does it work? Now you understand more about what is HGH prescribed for.

What is HGH Sprays? What is HGH Supplements?

Don’t be fooled by fancy advertising! Don’t be fooled by slick jargon! Those marketers want you to have these questions on your lips: What is HGH Sprays? What is HGH Supplements? The truth of the matter is that they are a waste of your hard-earned money and precious time. The only effective method to increase low HGH levels is by injection. Let’s look at some scientific facts here. The Human Growth Hormone protein molecule is a 192-amino acid chain, which in terms of things that go in your body, is really quite large. It cannot be absorbed sublingually (that is under the tongue and through the saliva ducts) because it is just too big. If it is swallowed and taken into the stomach, then it is broken down by the digestive fluids in the stomach. It never makes it to the small intestine where absorption takes place. Then let’s take a look at the financial motive for this deception: producing human growth hormone takes very specialized laboratory equipment and specially trained pharmaceutical technicians, and that means that it is very expensive to produce. Those looking to cash in on a hot trend will seek whatever shortcuts possible to catch the wave and make a profit. So when the fancy ads encourage you to ask: What is HGH Sprays? What is HGH Supplements? You know just to think “Fraud” and turn the other way. Only through a fully trained and experienced HGH Doctor can you be tested for low HGH levels and finally find an end to the debilitating symptoms and conditions that go along with those low HGH levels. Only with your HGH Doctors prescription can you finally say goodbye to the problems that go along with low HGH levels.

Working with a Kingsberg Medical Doctor and medical advisor, your low growth hormone level can be diagnosed and treated. A low HGH level need not be a dramatic setback in your health, vitality, youthful libido, sex drive, stamina, desire and vigor. What is HGH prescribed for? Well Human Growth Hormone Injections are used to return a body’s HGH levels to the normal range that they once knew in your teens and 20’s! Complete the short Contact Form on this page or simply give us a call at 877-321-8885.

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Scott W. from Baltimore MD writes:

I had been reading an awful lot here in Baltimore MD about Human Growth Hormone and I was wondering what is HGH used for? I mean you hear all this stuff about different things. Like for one thing, who ever heard of erectile dysfunction before we saw those people in separate bathtubs? Turns out I had that! So when I started hearing that a person at my age – I’m 47 – could have a low HGH level and get all kinds of issues out of it, I decided it was time to get around to asking What is HGH testing? So that’s what I did. Turns out my medical advisor had most of the answers to my questions about what is HGH and how does it work and we went ahead with testing from there. No big shocker to discover I have a low HGH level! So I had HGH prescribed, and today I feel a thousand times more youthful, energetic, healthy and prepared for the day. Life in Baltimore MD is different since I began taking HGH Injections.Thanks for helping me out Kingsberg Medical!

Earle V. of Long Beach CA emailed:

I ain’t no big fan of shots of no such kind but still I couldn’t help wondering what is HGH used for? What I mean to say is what is HGH injections gonna do for a man that come around to being 64 years of age with an aching back for himself not the least of the problems? So I get on the horn and I call y’all up right there at Kingsberg Medical. Then I asked that medical advisor: what is HGH prescribed for and what is HGH supplements gonna do for this here aches and pains fella out in California? That was a real nice lady you all hired there! She was quick…tell me: Well HGH is good for a whole lotta things not the least of which is your ol’ aching back! I ain’t no fan of shots no such kind but what is HGH injections compared to the results I been seein’? The answer ain’t nothing big. HGH Injections is good for me in out here in Long Beach, that’s what they’re good for! Thanks kindly!

Donald B. of Milwaukee WI called:

The last time I got on the phone and spoke to you guys at Kingsberg Medical, I was naively asking my medical advisor What is HGH and how does it work? It didn’t seem like such a wild question…there’s a lot of people out there in Wisconsin wondering for the same thing these days. In my case, I’m 34 and my wife was getting more than a little concerned that our sex life was turning into something that would never make the pages of a romantic novel. She was right. I didn’t like to talk about it, but I wondered if HGH injections therapy would help? Could they return my libido, sex drive and desire? I was ready to really do something. I about HGH testing and was told it was required to determine if I had a low HGH level. I went for it. It was determined that I did have a low HGH level, and I went directly to asking well…what is HGH Injections and can I get them in here in Milwaukee? Are those the best treatment plan available because if they are that’s definitely what I want! Turns out that in my case, injectable HGH Therapy was just what I needed, and I would recommend the same to anyone else! We’re in love again and we know how to show it! Thanks Kingsberg Medical!

Carl L. of Las Vegas NV reaches out with this:

I used to do some work in a laboratory right here outside of Las Vegas NV and out of pure scientific curiosity I got on the phone to ask a medical advisor at Kingsberg Medical: What is HGH made of? It was a scientific query, I wasn’t wondering what is HGH prescribed for in Las Vegas NV I was simply asking what is HGH made of? Smart gent I got on the other end. He explains that Human Growth Hormone is a peptide hormone which means it’s a protein made up of amino acids. Most people don’t need that kind of detail but I thrive on it. So we went further in our discussion, and I decided that on a whim, that I would go ahead and have it done. What a shock it was to discover that I have a low HGH level naturally and that my Kingsberg Medical doctor and medical advisor were recommending that I consider HGH Injections. I will reveal something to you right now: If you wonder what is HGH prescribed for in Las Vegas NV or where you live you should start with a medical query on your own situation. If the good people at Kingsberg Medical tell you that you have a low HGH level, JUMP at that chance to experience the benefits of HGH injections. They are nothing short of amazing. I have never felt better. And that is a scientific fact. Thanks Kingsberg for answering all my questions.

Phil Z. of South Boston MA writes in:

What is HGH up in South Boston? Man you have no idea what a curse it can be with my buddies and in this neighborhood if the word gets on the street that you don’t have the…let’s call it the manhood that you was once known for. That’s when I started wonderin’ what is HGH used for? To my crew I’m like yo, I’m 38 man, I ain’t supposed to have the LIBIDO I had when I was 22, and the Red Sox was still cursed. Yeah well really I’m starting to wonder if I’m cursed by the time I call you guys at Kingsberg Medical to ask what is HGH prescribed for in the first place? I got a nice guy on the line, tells me all about what is HGH testing and what to do if it turned out I got…let’s just say an issue. Well I like to protect my privacy a little, know what I mean? But I ain’t as worried as I once was about the LIBIDO. You hear what I’m sayin’? Thanks Kingsberg Medical from the crew on B. Street!


What is the deal with Alaska? This place is awful..dark half the time and cold as a witches you know what. Should I move?
Andrew S. of Anchorage AK

I wanted to make the topic for this week: What is HGH used for? Simple, straightforward and elegant. I even considered asking people to write in on topics such as what is HGH injections or what is HGH good for? I refrained from being that specific, so specific that I would have to make you come right out and say it. Yes, notice I refrained from doing that. It is a decision I now regret. Goodbye Andrew. I hope that answers your ridiculous question adequately.

I eat a really unhealthy diet of mostly tacos and beer. What is HGH made of?
Ron P. of Corpus Christi TX

Ron….when you ask what is HGH made of I really hope the underlying query isn’t if HGH  is made of the same ingredients as tacos and beer. Right? You aren’t asking that question are you? The next time someone asks what is HGH prescribed for, should I be so bold as to tell them it’s made of cumin and corn and beef and barley and hops? I suppose not since that would be medically inaccurate. HGH is made of a protein…protein and amino acids. But you didn’t really want to know that now did you? Thanks Ron. Please don’t write again.

What is HGH testing?
Dale B. of Riverside CA

Thanks for the question, Dale. Well the body after the age of 25 years can develop a low HGH level which can result in aging symptoms ranging from the relatively benign such as a low energy, wrinkles, dry skin, dull eyes, and so forth. On the more serious side, a loss of sexual appetite, a precipitous drop in energy, depression. The list is long. By filling out the Kingsberg Medical contact form at the top of the page, we can have you speak with a medical advisor who can explain how to move forward on HGH testing and finding out if you qualify for doctor prescribed injectable HGH treatment. Thanks for writing in!

What is HGH spray and what is HGH supplements and can you get them in Toledo OH?
Jon B. of Toledo OH

Lot of questions rolled into one there, Jon. We’re glad you got in touch with us! First of all, What is HGH spray and What is HGH supplements? What you’re really talking about there, Jon, are scams we’re sorry to say. There are many get-rich-quick schemes around, and these are just one. The only effective delivery system for Human Growth Hormone is by injection. We would be glad to answer any other questions and see if you qualify for HGH therapy. Hope that helps!

Have you ever been to Newark NJ?
Stuart I. of Newark NJ

I have not, Stuart. But I’d bet anything it’s better than Anchorage AK. At least if you listen to Andrew…which I don’t recommend. Don’t you want to ask me what is HGH used for in Newark NJ instead? Yeah. I didn’t imagine you did. Next!

What is HGH prescribed for? Is Human Growth Hormone available and legal in Greensboro NC?
Rob V. of Greensboro NC

Yes, Rob HGH or Human Growth Hormone is perfectly legal in Greensboro NC. That is to say, HGH is perfectly legal in Greensboro NC when you have an HGH doctor’s prescription. A Kingsberg Medical doctor can prescribe HGH Injections for the treatment of a low HGH level. You should fill out the contact form at the top of the page so that you can speak with a medical advisor about how to proceed.

What is HGH?
Norman W. of Plano TX

Remember what I said about "simple, straightforward and elegant?" It appears that Norman W. of Plano TX received that message when he was compelled to ask what is HGH? Glad to oblige you Norman. HGH or Human Growth Hormone is a hormone that is secreted in nature by the pituitary gland deep within your brain. The pituitary doesn’t cease production of HGH or Human Growth Hormone after the age of 25 years, but there can be a reduction in the levels leading to a low HGH level. You might wonder what is HGH testing based on this answer, so I recommend that you fill out the contact form so that you can speak with a medical advisor.

What is HGH up to? I don’t like the sounds of this.
Drew B. of Lincoln NE

Ahhhhhh, Drew. Where have you been my old friend? See we were all sitting here talking and one of the guys says what is HGH up to in Lincoln NE? I don’t know the answer so I change the subject, real quick like. What is Drew up to in Lincoln NE? That’s what I ask. The guy looks at me kinda puzzled. You know what I’m saying Drew? No. I didn’t suppose you did. What is HGH up to in Lincoln NE? How should I know? Do I look like I work on the Lincoln Police Department? [~scratches head and mutters~ I really have no idea what that guy wanted to know.]

What is HGH used for in the home remodeling industry?
Ali Q. of Henderson NV

Well Ali, thanks for your question. HGH or Human Growth Hormone has a multitude of uses for the treatment of a low HGH level in the body. A successful treatment of prescribed Human Growth Hormone Injections in Henderson NV can mean the difference between having vitality, energy, vim, vigor, a fully engaged libido and sexual appetite. Those are just a few of the things that come to mind when you ask what is HGH used for in Henderson NV.

WAIT! Did you just say….in the home remodeling industry? [sigh]

What is HGH? My wife and I have a bet. She says it’s Human Growth Hormone and I say it’s Hungarian Goulash Hosiery. Who wins?
Larry O. of Fort Wayne IN

Oh boy. Not for nothing Larry, but if you really think this through what would Hungarian Goulash Hosiery actually BE? Pantyhose made out of carrots? Leggings made with beef bones?

Your wife wins Larry. HGH is Human Growth Hormone. Repeat after me: HGH is Human Growth Hormone. Okay, maybe your wife doesn’t really win after all. But enjoy your stockings..I mean soup!

I’m thinking I might have a low HGH level based on what I’m reading. What is HGH testing cost in St Petersburg FL?
Wes E. of St Petersburg FL

Thanks for your letter, Wes. It isn’t possible to answer specifically What is HGH testing cost in St Petersburg FL without speaking to one of Kingsberg Medical’s advisors who can more thoroughly analyze your situation. I recommend that you fill out the contact form at the top of this page so that your question can be properly addressed. Thanks for writing!

What is HGH injections?
Neal T. of Chula Vista CA

Well Neal, What is HGH injections is bad grammar first of all. I suspect what you’re asking is: What ARE HGH injections? To which the answer is as follows: They are an injectable form of Human Growth Hormone which must be prescribed by a doctor. I recommend you fill out the contact form to speak with a medical advisor and learn more.

Are HGH supplements legal in Norfolk VA?
Brandon K. of Norfolk VA

Thanks Brandon. Here we go with my catch phrase of the day: simple, straightforward and elegant. YES, but let’s make a distinction between “supplements” and HGH Injections. Supplements such as oral preparations are not effective at all. They are a complete waste of money. The only effective method of increasing low HGH levels is with Injectable Human Growth Hormone. The answer to your question of are HGH supplements legal in Norfolk VA is yes. The FDA has strict regulations regarding the use and prescription of HGH, and one of those guidelines is that it can only be prescribed to adults for the treatment of a low HGH level….even there in the great Commonwealth of Virginia.

Have you been to Chandler AZ?
Hank O. of Chandler AZ

I have not, Hank. Matter of fact I haven’t been to Anchorage AK either! Come to think of it I haven’t seen anything but letters from Newark NJ either. Tell me the truth Hank. You didn’t come here to ask what is HGH or what is HGH used for? So I want to know something? Are they linking us on the Travel Channel website or something? I’m serious.

Do y’all operate an HGH clinic in Laredo TX?
Nick N. of Laredo TX

Kingsberg Medical is your HGH resource in Laredo TX , Austin TX, Houston TX and as a matter of fact all across the Great State of Texas. We look forward to helping you out, Nick. Be sure to fill out the short contact form at the top of this page, or just give us a call.

Do people get low HGH levels in cold places like Madison WI?
Chris R. of Madison WI

That’s a unique question, Chris! Soooo…I’ll level with you. Generally speaking when people ask me what is HGH and how does it work, they don’t equate their low HGH levels to the weather. But you have so I’ll give you a straight answer: depending on your age you may or may not have a low HGH level. This has nothing to do with the cold or the weather. So you may ask what is HGH testing? I recommend that you fill out the contact form at the top so that you can speak with a medical advisor who can help you out with more information.

Y’all ever try making HGH or Human Growth Hormone in an ol’ moonshine still? I got one up for sale here in Winston Salem NC. Things is gettin’ hot and I gotta unload it right quick…nice price!
Mickey M. of Winston-Salem NC

No thank you Mickey, but thanks for asking. Next!

Buddy Holly was from Lubbock TX. You think he ever needed Human Growth Hormone? I doubt it!
Terry D. of Lubbock TX

Well Terry, your civic pride in Lubbock TX is admirable, and you’re right that Buddy Holly was from your hometown. However, given the fact that Buddy Holly died in 1959 at the age of 23, it stands to reason that he probably had a perfectly normal, Human Growth Hormone level when he went to that great Sock Hop in the Sky. But nice try.

They are putting a tight clamp on illegal drugs here in Texas. Is Human Growth Hormone legal?
Jordan H. of Garland TX

Simple answer Jordan: HGH or Human Growth Hormone is legal by prescription in Garland TX as well as anywhere else in the United States. Any time you see an offer for injectable HGH therapy without a doctor prescription you can be sure that is illegal and probably not the real thing.

What is HGH used for in an older gentleman like myself who at 73 and would like to enjoy a few more exciting years?
Oliver C. of Glendale AZ

You sound like a genuine gentleman, Oliver, and I’m terribly glad that you contacted us. What is HGH used for? Well you didn’t need to be in your early 70’s to wonder what is HGH testing good for because it is the means by which a doctor, such as those here at Kingsberg Medical, can determine if you have a low HGH level.

If you have a low Human Growth Hormone level, then the physician might prescribe to you HGH Injections to increase the level of Human Growth Hormone in your system. This could bring a veritable host of dramatic benefits to you ranging from increased strength and agility, greater range of movement, an increased libido and overall energy, a lessening of depression and diabetic risk. There are many good reasons you should wonder what is HGH used for in Glendale AZ. I hope we hear from you so that we can have one of our medical advisors address your situation one-on-one. Thanks for writing, Oliver. We are wishing you many, many, many more exciting years ahead!

Thank you.

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