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What is Testosterone for Men?

What is Testosterone for Men

As men age, it is only natural for their hormone levels to decrease. What is testosterone for men? This vital chemical controls many functions in the human body, and its depletion with age cannot be ignored without some very serious consequences. HRT (hormone replacement therapy) can naturally help the body to get its hormonal levels back into the correct range for each particular person who is dealing with a medical need for this treatment. Increasing Low T can:

  • Help to reduce excess fat stores
  • Help build muscle
  • Increase the ability to achieve erections, perform sexually and desire intimacy more
  • Enhance mood
  • Decrease irritability and moodiness
  • Decrease depression
  • Help hair to grow on the head thicker and healthier
  • Help in heart health by reducing cholesterol levels
  • Improve lung functioning
  • Increase metabolism
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve sleeping

Getting educated about the common side effects of low testosterone in men is something that has been proven to be extremely significant for those who want to remain healthy and strong well into their golden years. Medical journals are full of well demonstrated research that shares how vital it is to increase low T for keeping overall health optimal. The goal of medically necessary TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) is not to help a man to gain bulging muscles and to feel like a stud; however, gaining back self esteem is a plus from treatment. The benefits of testosterone replacement for men as listed above are to help improve all aspects of physical, emotional, mental and sexual health that can usually go downhill quite quickly as a man ages. Many sources concur that men with “normal” testosterone levels in the proper range for their age, size, body chemistry, etc. will live longer due to having less heart disease. They will have stronger bones and more vitality for life, less erectile dysfunction and a better libido. If one gets approved medically for TRT to increase testosterone levels in aging men, they will prove to have better quality of life as their hormone levels balance out and they feel like they are in their 20’s again.

Testosterone Injections for Men Pros And Cons

When one is deciding upon whether or not a hormone replacement therapy program is right for them, they should learn about the testosterone injections for men pros and cons. Some of the major pros of this kind of therapy are its miraculous ability to fight:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Weight gain
  • Anemia
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Lethargy
  • Low sex drive
  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Erectile dysfunction

There are many more benefits to therapy, but the aforementioned are largely why many men seek out treatment. For those who may attempt to use these kinds of injections when not medically necessary or approved, there can be some serious cons to consider. When a man is only looking for testosterone for male enhancement to perform better in the bedroom, for example, but they are not dealing with low T, this can become dangerous. Side effects can be quite serious and even be life threatening. A person should never attempt an HRT program without the correct diagnosis, prescription and medical supervision. The Archives of Internal Medicine published a study that showed that subjects who had normal levels of the hormone had longer longevity to their lives. The International Journal of Impotence Research published an article that shared those with high testosterone levels had a lower risk of coronary heart issues. Finally, one of the great benefits of testosterone for men was shared in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. It showed that testosterone stimulates the brain and helps with emotional and mental functioning. Overall, all these advantages can lead to a life full of quality and excitement.

Testosterone for Men’s Health

The most important hormone that helps to keep the male mind and body healthy and strong needs to be kept at optimal levels (not too much nor too little) for the best health. Testosterone for men’s health is something that used to be relatively neglected, but it is now becoming more and more studied and getting more of the attention it deserves. Health professionals and researchers used to focus most of their consideration on women’s health, but now more men are able to get the help they need to keep their health more ideal. When low T occurs, more men are being properly diagnosed and are able to replace the missing chemicals that can keep them at top notch health at any age. The importance of testosterone for men is that it targets the following bodily organs:

  • Skin: Helps with strong elasticity, sebum production and hair growth
  • Brain: Aids in the growth of the brain, the strength of the libido and mood
  • Liver: Works on the synthesis of serum proteins
  • Muscle: Increases volume and strength
  • Kidney: Stimulates production of erythropoietin
  • Male Sexual Organs: Helps with penile growth, spermatogenesis and prostate function and growth
  • Bone Marrow: Stimulates stem cells
  • Bones: Helps to accelerate the linear growth of bones

What is the best low testosterone treatment for those in need? The answer is that it is the kind that helps the body in all the aforementioned areas. It is the kind that is prescribed by a licensed doctor after the proper testing takes place and the correct prescription is written.

Common Side Effects of Low Testosterone in Men

With the increasing prevalence of low T symptoms comes the decrease of this chemical’s concentrations in the body. Some of common side effects of low testosterone in men are getting heavy, feeling depressed, experiencing sleep disturbances, the inability to concentrate or focus, hot flashes, loss of libido, loss of joy and vitality for life and even diabetes, heart conditions and erectile dysfunction. Irritability, fatigue, loss of desire for intimacy and mental fogginess, erectile dysfunction and loss of hair are also symptoms that continue to get worse as levels of low T shrink more and more with age. Now that what is low testosterone symptoms is quite clear, men are encouraged to take this knowledge with them to their general practitioners when they are feeling unhealthy. Perhaps with this education about low T, they can help to get the correct diagnosis upon their first meeting with their doctors. Most internists do not understand the symptoms of a chemical imbalance such as this and will treat conditions of fatigue, etc. with other medications or just inform the man that this is the natural progression of aging that does not have any treatment. There is no reason why one must suffer when TRT is available, safe and effective for those who work with reputable clinics that understand what normal testosterone levels for men by age and other factors should be. Using these medications without a prescription is not advised. Sources share that the ones who usually abuse testosterone are those who are attempting to gain large amounts of muscle for bodybuilding or think that they will become “sex monsters” in bed. These are the men at risk and who have given a bad name to the use of testosterone medications. It is partly the reason that these medicines have to be highly controlled and only given out with a prescription. Interestingly, no one knows exactly why, but studies have shown that what is normal range of testosterone for men is decreasing as the years pass. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism published a research study that showed a population level decline in serum testosterone levels in American men. It measured testosterone in 3 separate decades and found a substantial decrease in T in the subjects. The test was adjusted for general health conditions, whether the subjects smoked or not, body mass index (BMI), employment, marital status and chronic illness. The results were clear; what is range for testosterone for men declined through those different decades. There could be many factors to blame, but no scientific evidence has been printed as of yet.

The Effects of Taking Testosterone for Men

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is usually thought of as providing significant physical benefits, and this is the most commonly discussed attribute of increasing Low T levels. The effects of taking testosterone for men can have an incredibly positive outcome on the psyche, as well. A very rich study done out of the Department of Family Medicine, Gulhane School of Medicine researched men who were dealing with failure of the body to produce enough testosterone. The study shared that anxiety, depression and decreased quality of life were the most common conditions experienced in the young participants. These males were given bioidentical testosterone for men and compared to relatively healthy males in a control group. After 6 months of treatment of the psychologically upset subjects, the impact of TRT on the patients’ anxiety and depression levels, sexual functioning and emotional stability leading to quality of life issues were significantly improved. According to a 2012 issue of the International Journal of Endocrinology, depression, anxiety and mood changes such as irritability and anger are very common in men and women with low T. The best source of testosterone for men through injections can boost psychological emotional well being of many with low T, especially in the elderly. Of course, many men of all ages can suffer from low T leading to depression and anxiety, but it seems to be more common in older adults. Since depression, anxiety and other cognitive difficulties can also be normal signs of aging, it is important to learn what is low testosterone for men. This will help a patient to avoid getting misdiagnosed when going to their doctors with these symptoms and not given the proper treatment that can make a healthy difference in quality of life.

How Testosterone Levels Affect Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

Two of the most common complaints that come from men who have low T are weight gain and loss of their lean and attractive physique. How testosterone levels affect muscle growth and fat loss has been widely studied and some positive results have been shared. Many sources clearly state that the single factor that most affects the growth of muscle the inability to lose fat is low testosterone levels. An article published in the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism concluded that TRT made great changes in fat free mass, muscle size, strength and power without exercise. Most sources give large warnings to stay away from enhancers or supplements because they do not work to make any significant changes in muscle mass. The Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science out of Los Angeles CA conducted a study on testosterone for weight loss men. The findings were clear. The higher the testosterone levels in men were, the leaner they were. Conversely, the lower their levels were, the more fat they had on their bodies. When the researchers chose certain subjects and decreased their testosterone levels, they saw a 36 percent increase in fat mass. Overall, the study proved that testosterone directly inhibits the development of fat cells and that low T has a direct correlation to gaining too much weight. What does testosterone do for men when it comes to body shape and size? Depending on how a person eats, exercises and rests building muscle and losing fat can be very easy or it can be rather difficult. TRT can aid in the enhancing of the human body to what is societally pleasing for most; however, it is also important to remember to live a healthy lifestyle of eating well, sleeping well, exercising, not smoking and keeping stress low. This combination is the best course of testosterone replacement therapy for men. It is how men can start to actually see results upon looking in the mirror and being proud of what they see.

Risks of Taking Testosterone for Men

One should always research the possible benefits and issues that can arise upon partaking in any medical treatment program. There are truly very few to no risks of taking testosterone for men when it is done under medical supervision with a reputable clinic. These are the keys to staying safe and protecting one’s body when undergoing TRT:

  1. Make sure the clinic of choice only works with licensed doctors
  2. Ensure the clinic conducts the proper testing through blood work and a physical exam to check for low T
  3. The clinic must also get a full medical and family history on the patient before prescribing
  4. The center should enforce that the only way to purchase medications is with a licensed doctor’s prescription
  5. Make sure the clinic provides full medical supervision

There can be great potential advantages as well as negative possible risks when using estrogen and testosterone for men; however, there is a way to take the proper precautions to avoid the latter. They are listed and should be taken very seriously. Purchasing medications from the black market is never condoned and neither is self medicating. People need to be tested to make sure that hormone levels are low and that there is a medical need to use injections to balance levels in order to get positive results. Only a fully trained and licensed doctor should be doing the diagnosing and prescribing in cases where people are dealing with symptoms for low testosterone for men. When men approach physicians complaining of decreased energy and a lowered sense of emotional well being that they never felt before, doctors usually diagnose with anemia, diabetes or hypothyroidism, according to the Joslin Diabetes Center. The center acknowledged that only about 40 percent of doctors in general look for low T as the cause of the symptoms that plague men as they get on in age.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Older Men

Low T can start to become a problem for many men sometime after the age of 30. They can start to become lethargic, depressed, not as interested in sex and have other symptoms as well. Testosterone replacement therapy for older men is becoming more popular each day. This is great news because it means that men who are getting on into their golden years are not giving up on life as they experience more negative symptoms from having low T. A study done and published in the World Journal of Men’s Health shared that although it is widely known that testosterone levels will naturally decrease in men as they grow older, there have only been a handful of studies that looked at depletion in men over 65 years of age. This study concluded that by using the best testosterone for men, patients could reverse their low T issues which might contribute to heart failure. TRT was associated with an improvement in stamina and endurance when it came to exercising. The journal of Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management shared that since men are now living longer than years past, many will be dealing with late onset low T symptoms. Even though this is a very common condition experienced my men of all ages, it is unfortunately highly underdiagnosed, especially in older gentlemen. This journal article admits that more studies need to be conducted on TRT treatment for men with low T ailments; however, it also states that many reports indicate that testosterone replacement therapy for men may produce a wide number of benefits. These can include:

  • Improvement in sexual libido
  • Better sexual function
  • Increase in bone density
  • More muscle mass
  • Better body composition
  • Heightened mood
  • Sharper mental cognition
  • Less cardiovascular disease
  • Overall better quality of life

Learning how to increase testosterone levels in men can lead to benefits and risks according to this article. Although TRT has been associated with some negative outcomes, the literature does not back this allegation when treatment is done under a licensed doctor’s care with the correct prescription. In other words, negative side effects from testosterone treatment with a reputable clinic are rare, if they occur at all.

The Importance of Testosterone for Men

As the main hormone of the male body in particular, the importance of testosterone for men is great. It can be quite disconcerting to experience unexplained symptoms such as mood swings, excessive weight gain, fatigue and lethargy, loss of sex drive, softer than normal erections or erectile dysfunction, flabby muscles and depression. Lack of sleep because of low T can definitely be a determining factor in one’s mood and even in their appearance. To find out if low T is to blame, a quick and simple blood test given by a professional can tell. Call a reputable clinic such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic to get all the information one will need on testosterone injections for men pros and cons. Expert clinical advisors should be available at any well known, popular clinic for questions and concerns involving treatment. When it comes to experiencing low T, the symptoms come on very gradually for men. It may take a while to notice that one is experiencing less sleep at night, lower amounts of sexual arousal, less morning erections or the inability for muscles to fully recover after exercise. However, stamina and endurance does decrease and the benefits of testosterone replacement for men can help with all these issues. It is wise to get hormonal levels tested as soon as one feels the aforementioned symptoms. Do not wait. Simple testing can get someone the correct diagnosis and prescription needed for the medications they will need in order to boost their energy and metabolism, to lose weight by burning fat, to build good solid muscle, to heighten their sexual libido and to improve their sleep and mood. One should learn what is the best low testosterone treatment and be ready to be their own health advocates. Since most primary care physicians do not usually diagnose a person with low T, it is up to each individual to educate themselves on their conditions. Being an educated consumer can often get a person the best help. After all, a person knows their body best and can help a physician with their diagnosis in order to ultimately receive the best care possible. Testosterone for male enhancement is not the only use for these hormone injections. They are extremely imperative for physical, emotional and mental human functioning as well.

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