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How to Buy Testosterone Injections

The process to learn how to buy testosterone injections is rather straightforward and simple. We take every precaution to be sure that your safety and well-being are assured as our local doctors evaluate your individual circumstances. Hormone replacement therapy in general, and testosterone hormone replacement in particular, can be life-changing and enormously beneficial when carried out by professionals who are educated and skilled in the field of health rejuvenation and hormone replacement therapy.

  1. Get started by completing the short online form. One of our clinical advisers will contact you. The clinical adviser will go over all the details of Testosterone Injections and hormone replacement therapy and answer any questions you might have.
  2. We will schedule lab work to have your blood tests, and a physical exam in your local area, and ask you to fill in the online medical history form.
  3. Our local doctor will review this information to determine if Testosterone Injections and hormone replacement therapy is right for you. The doctor will then prescribe the appropriate program of hormone replacement therapy.
  4. The doctor will send the prescription directly to the pharmacy. The pharmacist will send the medication to your home or office by overnight delivery (a signature will be required for delivery).
  5. Please note: We do not work with professional athletes or professional body builders. Our local doctors will not approve hormone replacement therapy or testosterone injections for people under the age of 30.

Testosterone Injections Benefits

Hormone levels do not decline because we age – we age because hormones decline. Testosterone Injections work to restore low testosterone levels back to the high testosterone levels we experienced in our youth. Beginning in your 20s, testosterone production begins to slow down. Each year, less and less testosterone is being produced by the body. Testosterone Replacement Therapy results in:

  • Fat Reduction: Stubborn belly fat melts away as testosterone therapy promotes fast metabolism.
  • Improve Mental Acuity: Improve alertness, increase memory and restore your youthful focus and drive.
  • Relieve Symptoms of Depression: Testosterone replacement alleviates many of the symptoms of depression which is associated with low testosterone levels. In fact, many times patients are treated for depression when the underlying problem is actually low testosterone levels.
  • Increase Strength, Stamina and Energy: Testosterone Injections restore youthful levels so you feel more energetic, fatigue becomes a thing of the past, and you’ll feel on top of your game again.
  • Cessation of hair loss: You may also see hair re-growth.
  • Improve Libido, Sexual Drive, Desire and Vigor: Experience full-throttle return of sexual desire and performance. This is one of the most welcomed aspects of testosterone replacement therapy. (We have had wives calling personally to thank us!)
  • Fast Muscle Growth and Recovery: For those who have lost muscle mass due to illness, injury or simply a lack of use when testosterone levels are low, muscle mass can be recovered much more rapidly with testosterone injections to restore the levels you enjoyed in your youth.

Are Testosterone Injections Safe?

We begin with complete blood tests and examinations so that our local doctors may determine your level of deficiency in testosterone hormone. Our local doctors and clinical advisers are experienced in hormone replacement therapy and will monitor your progress to be certain that your levels are being restored safely. Restoring depleted hormone levels involves much more than just taking the injections and waiting. Our professionals have a level of experience and expertise which cannot be matched by your typical family doctor or primary care physician. We specialize in hormone replacement therapy! With testosterone replacement, it is necessary to achieve a balance in the body. Testosterone Injections will be utilized to bring your body’s testosterone levels back up to normal youthful levels, but that alone isn’t sufficient to assure your continued well-being. We follow up the Testosterone Injections with additional necessary therapies which will encourage your body to produce its own testosterone to maintain the wonderful benefits you are feeling.

Testosterone Injections for Men

Male pride is often a man’s greatest strength and his greatest weakness. It is incredibly important to have your testosterone level evaluated, and if it is low, seek treatment. Testosterone Injections restore the exuberance and zest for life experienced during your youth. Testosterone is produced in the testes in significant supply throughout a man’s youth, but it begins to decline around age 25. Testosterone is responsible during puberty for growth of male genitalia and for the development of male characteristics such as facial hair and voice changes. Testosterone stimulates protein synthesis and accounts for the greater muscular development of the male. Hormone Replacement Therapy and Testosterone Injections have been recognized as viable and necessary for a man’s health rejuvenation and overall well-being and can be doctor prescribed to anyone over the age of 30 showing a medical need, and who wants to improve their quality of life.

How to Increase Low Testosterone for Men

Low testosterone for men can be increased with hormone replacement therapy. Beginning with blood tests and evaluations to determine your level of deficiency, our local doctors will then review your symptoms to see just how severely your testosterone levels have dropped. Many of life’s pitfalls will cause your testosterone levels to be low in addition to the advancing years. The most damaging aspect of most high-pressure lifestyles is stress. Some of the signs and symptoms of low testosterone include:

  • Decreased Motivation
  • Memory Loss
  • Depression
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Decreased Sex Drive and Desire
  • Hair Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Reduced Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Osteoporosis
  • Energy Reduction
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Mental Fog or lack of alertness

Testosterone Injections Dosages

Obtaining the correct injectable testosterone dosage is key to effectively restoring your testosterone levels to those of your youth. Our local physicians will determine the correct dosage by evaluating your laboratory tests, your physical exam report, and your medical history form. Our clinical advisers will monitor your progress to assure your results. Our staff of seasoned professionals has dedicated many years (and even their lives) to research in the field of hormone replacement and health rejuvenation. They will work with you and evaluate your ongoing condition to be sure that the correct testosterone injections dosages are achieved and your symptoms of low testosterone are relieved.

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Testosterone Injections Cost

Our clients have reported that the Testosterone Injections cost is minimal when compared to the enormous life-changing benefits they have received. We strive to provide the highest quality testosterone injections at the most affordable price in order to benefit the greatest number of men suffering the ravages of low testosterone. The overwhelming majority of our clients are very satisfied with the improvement in their quality of life when following our programs for hormone replacement therapy and restoring their testosterone levels to those they had in their younger years. Talk to your clinical adviser about your concerns, and we will work out a program with testosterone injections cost to provide you the greastest benefits and improve your low testosterone symptoms.

Depo Testosterone Injections

Testosterone, including Depo Testosterone Injections, belongs to a class of drugs known as androgens. It works by affecting many of the body’s systems so that the body can function normally. Depo Testosterone Injections are given by injection directly into the muscle of the thigh or buttock. Your clinical advisor will direct you to videos and provide you detailed instructions to be certain that you feel confident in self-administering these Depo Testosterone Injections and begin to experience many of the life-changing benefits including restoring your libido and enjoyable sex life, greater energy and stamina for day-to-day activities, improved mental alertness and quickness so you feel on top of your game again.

How to Give Testosterone Injections

The process to self-administer and learn how to give Testosterone Injections will be covered in great detail in a one-on-one conversation with your clinical adviser. Your clinical adviser will go over all the materials supplied with your medication in the shipment from the pharmacy. Testosterone Injections are given in the muscle of your thigh or buttock and are no more uncomfortable than typical shot you get at the doctors office. Your clinical adviser will give you tips on relaxing your muscle so that the testosterone injections cause even less discomfort. You will have everything needed from the alcohol swabs to the disposal container in the package you receive. You will be directed to videos, if necessary, to give you specific instructions to learn how to give testosterone injections.

Low Testosterone Injections

There is absolutely no reason for a man in this day and age to suffer from low testosterone levels when low Testosterone Injections are readily available. While the decline of hormone levels for women is rather dramatic with the onset of menopause, the equivalent for a man (known as andropause) is much more gradual. With testosterone production beginning to slow down in the mid-twenties until it is mostly non-effective after age 40, the male andropause gradually robs a man of the mental sharpness and physical prowess he felt in younger days. Our process for restoring your low testosterone levels and encouraging the body to begin to produce its own testosterone again will have you back in the saddle and ready to ride very quickly thanks to our local doctor prescribed program for low Testosterone Injections.

Testosterone Injections For Sale Online

Is it safe to buy Testosterone Injections for sale online? Yes – but beware of scams – some companies advertise Testosterone Injections for sale without a prescription from a doctor and without medical examination and lab tests. This is illegal and dangerous. Many online sales companies will sell injectable Testosterone made in other countries without FDA supervision. You really have no way of knowing what substance they provide under these circumstances. At Kingsberg Medical, you may begin the process online and request information and confidential consultations with our local physicians and clinical advisers who specialize in hormone replacement therapy. You will need to have a face-to-face wellness exam and blood test with a physician in your area. Our local physicians prescribe only injectable Testosterone from reputable manufacturers, after careful analysis of your bloodwork and medical history.

Where to get Testosterone Injections

After reviewing all the benefits and testimony from satisfied clients, you must have only one question: “Where to get Testosterone Injections?” Testosterone Injections require a prescription by law. It is illegal and very dangerous for your health to take Testosterone injections without a prescription from a licensed physician. Our local physicians thoroughly review your medical history and analyze your blood work to determine that Testosterone Injections are right for you. In order to begin your life-improving program of Testosterone Hormone Replacement therapy:

  1. Please complete the Initial Form or Medical History Form on this website.
  2. Our local physician will review your chart and contact you to discuss your specific medical condition and answer all your questions about Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy. They will discuss all benefits and side effects of the therapies, how to administer the Testosterone Injections, and all dosages and protocols.
  3. After a simple wellness exam and blood tests to determine your current testosterone levels, if our local doctor determines that you have Testosterone hormone deficiencies, then he will prescribe injectable Testosterone hormone replacement therapy.
  4. Your doctor will send your prescription directly to the pharmacy, and the pharmacy will ship to your home or office by overnight delivery (please note that a signature will be required for delivery).

Male Testosterone Injections

At Kingsberg Medical when you purchase male Testosterone Injections, we go to great lengths to insure your safety and privacy are protected. Our local physicians are trained in hormone replacement therapy well beyond that of your typical family doctor or primary care physician, and our clinical advisers are always available to guide you through every step of the process in self-administering male Testosterone Injections. We will help you monitor your progress to be sure that you receive optimal results from Testosterone Hormone replacement therapy. It is wonderful to watch the symptoms of low testosterone fall away and be replaced by youthful vitality, restored passion and mental sharpness which may have been gone for years. Yes – we go to great lengths to ensure a safe and secure experience when you purchase male Testosterone Injections through the process outlined above.

How To Administer Testosterone Injections

Don’t get hung up on the question of how to administer Testosterone Injections. Even people who have never observed a shot being given and certainly have never given one themselves, have no problem giving themselves the self-administered Testosterone Injections. The process is quick and no more uncomfortable than a doctor-given injection with just a momentary stick in the thigh or buttock. Yes, it is a moment of discomfort, but if you keep the goal in mind, we are sure that any discomfort will be worth it. Your clinical adviser will step you through the entire process, many times even staying on the phone with you while you give yourself your first injection. Before you know it, you will be completely comfortable with how to administer Testosterone Injections (and wonder why you ever worried).

Testosterone Injections Online

You know you are not getting any younger. Your symptoms of low testosterone won’t just go away without you taking action. With Testosterone Injections online, you can stop your physical decline now. New physical maladies spring up every day. Even if we do our best at self-care, it is impossible to avoid the effects of the advancing years. Don’t allow another day of suffering by procrastinating. You are worth the investment. People with a deficiency of testosterone hormone become lethargic and overweight; they lose interest in sex and physical activities; they lose the ability to concentrate and remember things; they tire easily, and in general, they lose their enthusiasm for life. With Testosterone Injections online, all of these signs of aging can be reversed.

Where to Buy Testosterone Injections

The process starts here at Kingsberg Medical. It isn’t enough to just know where to buy Testosterone Injections. You need to have great customer service to step you through the process, and that is just what we provide. The situation with Testosterone hormone deficiency is quite important, as it is now formally recognized as a specific clinical syndrome. When you know where to buy Testosterone Injections following our procedure outlined above, you take the first step for reversing this clinical syndrome. You will turn the clock back on the signs of low testosterone and aging, such as decreased sex drive, decreased muscle mass, increased body fat (particularly around the mid-section), and a lack of mental acuity and well-being. Testosterone Hormone replacement therapy can turn back the clock in practically every part of the body. With the support from our professionals, you can be confident of getting the best injectable testosterone and the best service.

Where Can I Buy Testosterone Injections

The field of hormone replacement medicine is booming, keeping pace with the advancing age of the Baby Boomers. New information regarding how to use and buy Testosterone Injections is becoming available every minute of every day. So you ask, “Where can I buy Testosterone Injections?” and how can you hope to stay abreast of this constant bombardment in such a far reaching field? Well – you can’t really, but you can depend on our staff to help you sort through the hype and weed out the mis-information to find the relevant information which will help you reach your goals. When you buy Testosterone Injections through Kingsberg Medical, following the procedure outlined above, you can be confident that you will have a knowledgable professional at your side every step of the way, and you will know the answer to “Where can I buy Testosterone Injections?”

Prescription Testosterone Injections

Only prescription Testosterone Injections are safe and legal. Protect Yourself! As with much of the Internet, scams abound. At Kingsberg Medical, our local physicians specialize in Testosterone Replacement therapy and assuring that you do not experience side effects of Testosterone Injections. The only way to maximize the benefits of Testosterone Replacement therapy is to work with a doctor who specializes in this area and who will analyze your blood work and medical history to determine the correct program for you. Please be aware that a higher dose does not mean more therapeutic. Too high a dosage can be harmful. When you choose Kingsberg Medical, you can be completely confident that you will receive maximum benefits of prescription Testosterone Injections with thorough follow-up from our clinical advisers.

Buy Testosterone Injections Online

When you begin to research your options to buy Testosterone Injections online, please beware of any website which offers to sell testosterone replacement therapy without a doctor’s evaluation or without a prescription. It is absolutely imperative that you are appropriately evaluated by a trained physician and that you only by Testosterone Injections online with a prescription and through a licensed US pharmacy. You may save a few dollars up front by choosing this illegal short-cut, but in the long run you put yourself in grave peril. Testosterone Injections which are provided without a prescription must come from a pharmacy outside the US, and they may or may not be the real thing. You could very easily be getting a product which is at best inert, and at worst could be dangerous or deadly. Always buy Testosterone Injections online through Kingsberg Medical for your health’s sake.

Testosterone Injections Weight Loss

It is a sad thing to see jokes and cartoons about aging showing the body succumbing to the effects of gravity and sagging toward the ground. It is true – during your younger years, when testosterone was active in your body in great abundance, the contours of your body were vastly different. By restoring your hormone levels by Testosterone Injections weight loss and re-contouring, your body flows naturally into place. The fat around the mid-section causing that dumpy apple-shape physique melts away to reveal the lean more muscular body of your youth. With Testosterone Injections weight loss and body re-contouring are a welcomed benefit of restoring your testosterone levels to those of your younger days.

Risks of Testosterone Injections

The most important aspect of protecting yourself from risks of Testosterone Injections is to be evaluated by a physician trained in testosterone hormone replacement therapy. When our local doctor reviews your blood work, physical exam and medical history, he is able to determine your level of deficiency and prescribe an appropriate dosage to return your testosterone levels to the normal healthy levels of your youth. When you attempt to purchase Testosterone Injections online without a doctor’s prescription, then it can be very dangerous indeed.

Testosterone Reviews:

George A. of San Antonio, TX writes:

It wasn’t just that I missed the physical aspects of having a younger body. I missed my mind. I’m actually grateful that I developed ED (erectile dysfunction) because that sent me looking for a solution to the problem. What I found was a solution to that problem and a much more welcomed return of my mental sharpness. I’m not only a power house in the bedroom, but also in the boardroom. Thank you for Testosterone Injections San Antonio TX, George A.

Joe C. of Chicago, IL writes:

I have a very physical job as a lineman. I’m up on top of those tall towers all day every day. I thought my problem with sex drive was because I was tired and worn out from my work. When I started restoring my testosterone levels, all that changed. I have more energy at work and at home. I’m glad I found Testosterone Injections Chicago IL. So is my wife. Joe C.

John G. of Houston, TX writes:

My doctor had been treating me for depression for a while, and I thought it was going ok, but my libido went down the drain. In trying to find a solution for that problem, I started hormone replacement therapy for low testosterone. I gotta tell you – the testosterone did more for my depression than the anti-depressants ever did. My doctor took me off those because I was feeling so much better. I’m not saying this is the case for everyone, but it sure was for me. John G., Testosterone Injections Houston TX

Carlos A. of Phoenix, AZ writes:

I had been in a cycling accident that totally messed up my hips and legs. I was healing up ok, but I just couldn’t seem to build back up the muscles that I lost. I use to cycle a lot and my legs were always really muscular. I was having ED problems and wasn’t quite sure if it was related to my injuries or not. I talked to the doctor at Kingsberg Medical about their Testosterone Injections Phoenix AZ to try to figure it out. I decided to give testosterone injections a try and monitor my progress closely. I’m really happy to see my legs filling out again. I feel stronger and finally feel like I’m recovering fully. Thanks so much, Carlos A.

Charlie T. of Philadelphia, PA writes:

I really just thought I had to kiss my sex life goodbye. I’m passed 70 now, and really … what was I thinking? Well, my 50 year old son started testosterone replacement therapy and he was feeling so darned good, I figured what the heck. We have a family joke now, “Like son – like father” since I’ve learned so much from him. It’s really cool to feel alive again. Thanks to everyone for Testosterone Injections Philadelphia PA, Charlie T.

Questions and Answers:

What are the side effects of Testosterone Injections?

– Elizabeth M., San Diego, CA

To Elizabeth M., San Diego CA concerning Testosterone Injections side effects: Following our procedures alleviates the possibility of side effects with Testosterone Injections. Make sure the patient stays in touch with our clinical adviser and let them monitor the patient’s progress with Testosterone Injections to restore your hormone levels. When someone goes to the family doctor or primary care physician for testosterone hormone replacement therapy, that doctor may or may not know about the other medications and treatments necessary to balance hormone levels and encourage the body to begin to produce its own testosterone and completely restore a wonderful state of health and well-being. We want your husband to have all the energy he needs and feel completely healthy and young again.

– Dr. William Barkley

How long does it take for Testosterone Injections to work?

– Anthony R., Dallas, TX

To Anthony R. in Dallas TX concerning Testosterone Injections: Hormone replacement therapy with Testostorone Injections usually begins to work within the first couple of weeks. Consult our professionals for a more accurate time line for what to expect from your Testosterone Injections. The speed at which your normal functions return depend in large part on the extent of your depletion, and only your clinical adviser can give you a more accurate estimate after reviewing your lab results.

– Dr. Jeanine Warren

What are Testosterone Injections For?

– Chuck R., San Jose, CA

To Chuck R. in San Jose CA regarding Testosterone Injection Benefits:The list of benefits of Testosterone Injections for hormone replacement therapy are quite extensive. You can expect to have significant improvements in your mental, physical and emotional well-being, and since all these areas of your life are inter-related, your well-being as a whole will vastly change for the better.

– Dr. Jeanine Warren

Where Can I Buy Testosterone Injections in Detroit MI?

– Andrew J., Detroit, MI

To Andrew J. in Detroit MI: The place to start is right here on this website. The process is set forth at the top of this page – requesting that you complete the short form to ask for more information. You will be directed by our clinical advisers to step through the straight-forward process.

– Dr. William Barkley

I want to purchase Testosterone Injections, but I’m nervous about self-administering injections.

– Tony M., San Francisco, CA

To Tony M. in San Francisco CA: Your clinical adviser will discuss the methods of testosterone injections with you, so that you can be sure of the procedure and will be able to carry out the process easily. There are also online videos which your clinical adviser will suggest that you can watch to put your mind at rest. All of the materials necessary will be shipped together with your medication directly from the pharmacy. Many of our clients call in to their clinical adviser when their shipment arrives, and the clinical adviser will review the contents of the package as you unpack to be sure you understand the process.

– Dr. Jonathan Thompson

How much do Testosterone Injections cost in Jacksonville FL?

– David W., Jacksonville, FL

To David W. in Jacksonville FL:The cost will vary depending on your prescribed dosage, your body size and chemistry and your personal goals. There are different programs of Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy, which must be tailored to the individual. Please contact one of our clinical advisers today for more information. Then we can figure out your individually-tailored program and cost.

– Dr. Jeanine Warren

Can you tell me how to increase Testosterone?

– James L., Indianapolis, IN

To James L. in Indianapolis IN regarding increase Testosterone: Let’s not get things out of order here. You should start by being evaluated to see if you have low testosterone. It doesn’t make sense to try to increase testosterone if your levels are normal. Start the process and get the lab work, the physical exam and the medical history form completed. Then we, the doctors, can determine if you need to increase testosterone. If there is a need, then we can prescribe injectable testosterone hormone replacement therapy to increase your levels to the normal range.

– Dr. William Barkley

I’d like to know more about how increase Testosterone.

– Walter D., Austin, TX

To Walter D. in Austin TX: Well Walter first of all, review the question right above this one for some important information. If you get the decision back that you need testosterone hormone replacement therapy, then our local doctor may prescribe a 10 week course of testosterone injections. One of the effects of taking testosterone injections is that your own natural production of testosterone slows down or even stops. For this reason, we follow up with 4 weeks of additional therapy which encourage your body to resume testosterone production on its own.

– Dr. William Barkley

I’m confused – What is Testosterone?

– Larry R., Columbus, OH

To Larry R. in Columbus OH: Testosterone is a hormone produced primarily in the testes of males. Testosterone is produced in significant supply throughout your youth, but it begins to decline around age 25. Testosterone is responsible during puberty for growth of male genitalia and for the development of male characteristics such as facial hair and voice changes.

– Dr. William Barkley

What is the normal level of Testosterone in men?

– Jerry P., Fort Worth, TX

To Jerry P in Ft. Worth, TX: The healthy normal range for testosterone is 700 – 900 ng/dl. That is the measurement of testosterone in the system of a 25 year old man.

– Dr. William Barkley

What is low testosterone?

– Jerry P., Fort Worth, TX

To Jerry P. in Fort Worth TX: We judge low testosterone as the level when symptoms and signs of a deficiency appear. That could be anywhere below 700 ng/dl. Typically, a 45 year old man has a testosterone level around 300 – 400 ng/dl, and he is probably experiencing moderate to severe symptoms of testosterone deficiency.

– Dr. William Barkley

Please tell me how to improve testosterone levels.

– John L., Charlotte, NC

To John L. in Charlotte NC: We want to make sure that everyone follows the process for being evaluated and proceeds with a safe and effective method of therapy. The best way to accomplish this begins with the process to get your blood work and physical exam to see just where your testosterone level is. When we review your information and if we determine that you have a deficiency, then we will recommend that you begin a course of injectable testosterone therapy to improve your testosterone levels.

– Dr. William Barkley

I’d like to know how to increase testosterone levels in Memphis TN.

– Gary M., Memphis, TN

To Gary M. in Memphis TN regarding increase testosterone levels: The most effective method to increase testosterone levels is with injectable testosterone therapy. Please be sure to follow the recommendation for being evaluated mentioned elsewhere on this page. It is only after a review of your complete chart that we can make a recommendation and prescribe injectable testosterone therapy.

– Dr. Jeanine Warren

Can you tell me how to naturally increase Testosterone?

– Patrick D., Boston, MA

To Patrick D. in Boston MA: Although there are many supplements on the market which claim to have a beneficial effect on all things manly, there isn’t a shred of evidence that they actually cause an increase in testosterone.

– Dr. Jonathan Thompson

How do you increase testosterone naturally?

– Johnny C., Baltimore, MD

To Johnny C. in Baltimore MD: If you are seeking to increase testosterone naturally by using vitamin/mineral/herb supplements, we can tell right now to save your money. These products are not allowed to claim that they treat any specific medical condition because they are not evaluated and regulated by the FDA. The fact is that they do not have any beneficial effect on testosterone level.

– Dr. Jonathan Thompson

Is there a way to know how increase testosterone naturally?

– Patricia K., El Paso, TX

To Patricia K. in El Paso TX: Over the counter supplements claiming to increase testosterone levels quite simply don’t work. That’s not just us talking … independent researchers at major medical universities have published works stating this fact.

– Dr. Jonathan Thompson

Please tell me how to increase testosterone naturally.

– Donald O., Seattle, WA

To Donald O. in Seattle WA regarding increase testosterone naturally: While we understand the motivation to want to restore testosterone in a natural manner, we would encourage you to follow the safest path in dealing with hormone levels and use the services of professionals skilled in hormone replacement therapies.

– Dr. Jonathan Thompson

I’d like to know how to raise testosterone in Denver CO.

– Troy H., Denver, CO

To Troy H. in Denver CO: To raise testosterone levels, follow the safe and proven method and present yourself to professionals experienced in the field of hormone replacement therapy. Following a complete evaluation to determine your level of deficiency, our local doctors can determine the appropriate level of treatment and prescribe the necessary injectable testosterone therapy.

– Dr. Jonathan Thompson

Tell me how to get testosterone in Nashville TN.

– Richard B., Nashville, TN

To Richard B. in Nashville, TN: Look at the top of this page or our main page, and follow the 5 steps set forth there. Start with the medical history form, and one of our clinical advisers will contact you to schedule your appointments for lab work and your physical exam. If you have a deficiency, then the doctor will determine the appropriate injectable testosterone therapy and send a prescription to the pharmacy. The pharmacy will ship the medication and all necessary supplies to you by overnight delivery.

– Dr. Jonathan Thompson

I’ve had my blood tests – Is it low testosterone?

– Ronnie S., Milwaukee, WI

To Ronnie S. in Milwaukee WI regarding low testosterone: Typically low testosterone is anything under about 500 – 700 ng/dl, however, our local doctor would need to review your complete chart before making a determination and prescribing injectable testosterone therapy.

– Dr. William Barkley

Thank you.

Your information has been sent.
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Please provide any additional information if needed: