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The best HGH on the market

What Is The Best HGH On The Market?

Human growth hormone (HGH) medications are highly protected by the United States government. Only the best HGH on the market can be sold to eligible patients by licensed doctors. The following points help HGH medications qualify for being the best HGH injections on the market:
  1. 191 amino acid sequences
  2. Bio-identical to the growth hormone that the body makes on its own
  3. Large protein molecules
  4. Created in very controlled laboratories
  5. Very sensitive to light, temperature and movement
  6. Very specific size and shape of molecules
  7. Only sold by prescription
  8. Must be medically supervised when taken
  9. Made and sold by only highly reputable medical companies
    • Sandoz – Omnitrope
    • Merck Serono – Saizen
    • Novo Nordisk – Norditropin
    • Eli Lilly – Humatrope
    • Pfizer – Genotropin
  10. 100 percent pure, real and authentic medication guaranteed
Different HGH clinics may sell varying human growth hormone medications. However, most HGH clinics and doctors will sell the ones listed above, as they are considered by most experts to be the best injectable HGH on the market today. These medications can only be given to those over 30 who have been tested to have a growth hormone deficiency. Then a doctor can write a prescription and individualized treatment plan for the medication.

Pen Forms Of The Best HGH On The Market

The best HGH products on the market come in two forms for injection: (1) via a needle and syringe or (2) via a pen. Many people are moving from using the traditional needle and syringe to using pens that are made to be convenient, simple and painless. Some HGH pens do not require any preparation before using, as the medication comes mixed already in the device. Some pens are convenient and easy to use because dosing is already done for the patient. Other pens may need to be set to a specific dose using a dial. Some pens may need the medication to be reconstituted in the pen. Other pens may need to be refrigerated, are only made for one time use and are easy for traveling. There are many different pens forms of HGH that are considered to be the best and these include:
  • Humatrope:
    • HumatroPen® 6 mg, 12 mg, and 24 mg
  • Genotropin:
    • Genotropin Pen 5
    • Genotropin Pen 12
    • Genotropin MiniQuick
  • Omnitrope:
    • Omnitrope Pen® 5
    • Omnitrope Pen® 10
  • Saizen:
    • Easypod®
  • Norditropin:
    • FlexPro® 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg and 30 mg
What is the best HGH on the market today? Each of the HGH pens mentioned above are equally beneficial and have their own differences. Your doctor will choose the HGH pen that he or she feels is the best for your particular needs for your HGH deficiency and for your lifestyle.

The Best HGH Releasers On The Market

The best HGH releasers on the market are to be determined by your doctor. The difference between HGH releasers and HGH injections are that the former help the body to make its own growth hormone. The latter, HGH injections, actually deliver 100 percent pure, real and authentic HGH directly into the body by subcutaneous injection. HGH injections work quickly when an accurate dosage of the bio-identical medicine is put into the body by an injection just under the skin (subcutaneous). A doctor will prescribe the correct brand he or she feels is best and make sure that the exact dose needed for change is used. In addition, HGH injections must be medically supervised throughout therapy. HGH releasers can often be purchased over the counter. They do not need a doctor’s prescription or medical supervision. Often reading the directions on the box or on the insert in the box they come in is enough to understand how to use HGH releasers. They are not recommended for the best HGH therapy. HGH releasers can create change; however, what’s the best HGH on the market? HGH injections are the number one way to increase growth hormone in the body with safe and legal medication.

How To Ensure You Are Getting The Best HGH On The Market

There is only one way to ensure that you are getting the best HGH on the market. This is to only use a reputable and known HGH clinic for your treatment. The HGH clinic should come with testimonials from past clientele and follow all the regulations for HGH therapy as outlined by the laws that govern HGH distribution, sale and usage within the United States. Never:
      1. Buy HGH from an unknown source
      2. Use a friend’s HGH injections
      3. Buy HGH from overseas
      4. Buy HGH from the online black market
      5. Use a clinic that does not require all testing (blood work, a medical exam and a medical history form) by the clinic or doctor
      6. Use HGH medication without getting it from a reputable doctor
      7. Use HGH medication without getting proper medical supervision from a reputable doctor
The only way HGH medication should ever be used is when prescribed and medically supervised by a licensed doctor of endocrinology (or a closely related medical field). For more information about the best HGH on the market and how to get it, please fill out our online contact form to speak to an expert clinical advisor. In no time, you will understand what to look for in the what makes HGH the best on the market and how to safely purchase it for better health.

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