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What Does Testosterone Do for Men and Women with Low T?

What Does Testosterone Do for Men

If there were a magical substance that could strengthen bones and muscles, regulate fat distribution and metabolism, provide abundant energy and sex drive, support sharp brain functions and memory, enhance mood and sleep, and even improve a person’s appearance, every adult would probably line up to get some. The truth is that substance exists inside each one of us and it is called testosterone!

What does testosterone do for men and women who suffer from a condition called Low T or testosterone deficiency?

Quite frankly, it provides all of the benefits listed in the very first sentence above – and more. You see, testosterone is not just the “male sex hormone” that most people naturally assume. While it is crucial for the maturation of sperm that is just one small part of the role testosterone plays in the body. That is why testosterone supplementation is crucial for those with diagnosed Low T.

What does testosterone do for males that is different from the function in females?

First of all, men have much more testosterone in their bodies than women, which is also why they grow facial hair, larger muscles, and have a deeper voice. When a woman suffers from high levels of testosterone, she often develops a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and may discover facial hair growth, irregular periods, and even infertility issues.

Impact of Testosterone on the Male Body

The first impact testosterone has on the male body is often thought to be that of sexual performance and desire. After all, testosterone does stimulate a man’s sex drive, sperm production, and performance. While not every male with Low T will suffer from erectile dysfunction, some do, and testosterone may offer benefits in that area, as well.

What does low testosterone do to males that makes it a dangerous condition?

Check out these reasons why testosterone is essential to the body:

  1. Low levels of testosterone decrease muscle mass and bone mineral density which can weaken the structural integrity of the body. Both men and women become increasingly susceptible to developing osteoporosis and life-threatening fractures as a result of untreated Low T.
  2. Testosterone stimulates brain functions that support learning, memory, focus, and emotional responses. People with low testosterone levels are often depressed, moody, and unhappy with their lives. Dementia is another concern if Low T is left undiagnosed and untreated.
  3. Testosterone also stimulates the production of red blood cells that protect the body against anemia. These blood cells are also responsible for bringing oxygen to the body’s many cells and tissues.
  4. Testosterone improves a person’s metabolism which enables the conversion of food into energy rather than stored fat, and it helps mobilize and burn accumulated fatty deposits.

What does testosterone do for men regarding overall health?

Testosterone helps to keep cholesterol and triglyceride levels in check to decrease the risks associated with high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular disease. Additionally, testosterone helps maintain blood glucose balance to prevent diabetes and obesity.

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Why Females Need Testosterone

A woman needs testosterone just as much as a man – although not in the same quantity. What does testosterone do for females that is different from what has already been discussed for men?

We know that testosterone enhances blood flow, and in a woman’s case, it improves vaginal blood flow as well as lubrication necessary to make intercourse pleasurable. In fact, testosterone is the hormone that stimulates female sexual desire.

Testosterone also undergoes conversion into a form of estrogen that the body needs to help protect the bones, especially in later years of life. One warning about this conversion is that if a woman or man is dealing with “estrogen dominance” – too much estrogen as compared to testosterone and progesterone levels – the doctor will want to include an aromatase blocker to prevent this enzyme from initiating the conversion process.

What does testosterone do for females and males who have estrogen dominance and do not use an aromatase blocker? Increasing testosterone levels means that more testosterone can undergo conversion. This further increases the level of estrogen which can lead to weight gain, depression, accelerated aging, some types of cancer, and other health concerns. That is why you want to ensure you are working with an experienced hormone specialist to diagnose and treat Low T or any other hormonal imbalance.

What does testosterone do for men and women once treatment for Low T begins?

Testosterone replacement therapy improves muscle mass, bone density, brain functions, metabolism, heart health, libido, appearance, and more. Contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic for a no-obligation, complimentary consultation with a clinical advisor for additional information about hormone testing and affordable treatment options.