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Kingsberg HRT Clinic provides the best bioidentical human growth hormone therapy available in the Humatrope Pen by Lilly. Our HGH Doctors have thorough research showing that Lilly offers the most effective injectable human growth hormone therapy with the Humatrope line. Lilly Pharmaceuticals was founded by Eli Lilly in 1876, and is the 10th largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Lilly has consistently developed innovative medicines at lower costs. Through the years, Lilly employees have shown how much they value excellence, integrity, and respect for people. Over 132 years ago, Eli Lilly and Company was founded by a 38 year old chemist who was a veteran of the US Civil War. He was frustrated by the ineffective medicines of the day, and so he made three commitments to provide the highest quality pharmaceutical products, he would only provide medications recommended by doctors, and his medications would be based on the best science of the day. The human growth hormone Humatrope Pen by Lilly has grown out of this commitment to excellent medications valued and determined to be necessities by the best physicians. Our HGH Doctors will present the most comprehensive information here so that you can make an educated decision regarding the Humatrope Pen delivery system. There are requirements which must be specifically met before you can receive a doctor’s prescription for human growth hormone injections with the Humatrope Pen by Lilly. It is the FDA which regulates these requirements because it has approved HGH injections for adults only if that adult has a verified low HGH level. We urge you to continue reading through the following information on this page to learn how to be tested at our HGH Clinics throughout the US. You can be absolutely confident that you will receive the best possible HGH injection medication and the highest quality patient service from our medical advisers at Kingsberg HRT Clinic.

What Does Humatrope Do?

Taking responsibility for your own good health is the most important thing you can do. Studies have shown that people recover faster and stay healthy longer when they feel like they are in control of their treatment and therapy methods. Asking What Does Humatrope Do is a very important part of that taking control. We know that Lilly’s high quality Humatrope Growth Hormone has a critical role in raising a low human growth hormone level. To get back on the road to feeling healthy and full of energy again, this is a very important step to take. It’s no use sitting around wondering how you got to this state of low HGH level … the Standard American Diet (abbreviated SAD sadly), together with the high-pressure, high-stress life style, is more than sufficient to cause something as delicate as one’s hormonal balance to be very negatively affected. This is where that question about What Does Humatrope Do becomes even more important. The endocrine system, in general, and the pituitary gland, in particular, are responsible for a critical part of your body’s hormonal balance. The growth hormone produced by your pituitary gland is involved in the function of practically every organ and every system in your body. If you aren’t producing adequate HGH, then the cells of your body are not regenerated as they die off. The organs where these cells live begin to function at a lower level of efficiency, and sometimes they even stop functioning entirely. We can see how vital organs, even including the brain, begin to function slower and slower with the decline of human growth hormone production in the body. One place where a low HGH level is most evident is with the skin. The cells of the skin are replaced more rapidly than most other organs. Without adequate HGH, the skin becomes dry and develops wrinkles and fine lines, and it loses its healthy glow. Use this reminder every time you look in the mirror as a warning sign. The skin is one organ suffering from low HGH levels that you can see … the other organs of the body are suffering as well, but you can’t actually see the effect as easily. The doctors in our HGH Clinics are qualified in hormone replacement therapy, and they have decades of combined experience in dealing with this matters of the hormonal system. If you have a verified low human growth hormone level, then our HGH Doctors can prescribe the Humatrope HGH injections to help relieve these debilitating and disabling symptoms. Whether you use Humatrope Pen or vial delivery system for Humatrope Growth Hormone, you can be sure of receiving the best possible human growth hormone injection medication. The purity and potency of these HGH injections is absolutely assured.

Humatrope Somatropin

If our local doctors who test for low HGH levels have reviewed your Medical History Form, together with your laboratory blood work and physical exam, and found that you do have a low IGF-1 level and therefore qualify for injectable human growth hormone therapy, then the Humatrope Somatropin can be supplemented to help increase your low HGH levels back to the normal range. This is the only method of increasing these low growth hormone levels and allowing you to feel vibrantly healthy and energetic once again. You may begin this process to increase your low HGH right here on this website and set the wheels in motion to receive doctor prescribed Humatrope Somatropin injections. It is an absolutely requirement that you be tested by our HGH Doctors to confirm that you have a human growth hormone deficiency. This is the only way you would qualify for treatment through our HGH Clinics. Do not be lured by counterfeit medications with offers that may seem too good to be true. Many online providers claim they provide Humatrope Somatropin at a deep discount or without a doctor’s prescription, but this just isn’t possible, and you can be sure this is an illegal operation. Only work with a licensed US HGH clinic such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic … one you can trust to provide you only authentic real Humatrope HGH from approved FDA regulated pharmacies located in the US.

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Humatrope Benefits – How Does Humatrope Work?

The most logical question you could come up with at this point is to ask How Does Humatrope Work? What are the Humatrope Benefits for you specifically and are they worth the investment? Will Humatrope HGH injections make that much of a difference in your overall health and wellbeing? In a word: Absolutely! Since you have read that human growth hormone is required for the healthy functioning of practically every system in the body, you can see how it helps with the basic cellular reproduction throughout all of the tissues and organs in the body. For one, Human Growth Hormone promotes healthy muscle development. It also helps with the strength of your bones and supple movement in your joints. A low HGH level can lead to troubles with your metabolism which corresponds with low energy levels, fatigue and stored fat throughout your body but particularly in your abdomen. These are the reasons why it is critically important for you to have an understanding of How Does Humatrope Work? These all-purpose chemical messengers, the hormones, are nature’s workhorses … designed and created in one of the glands of the endocrine system; they then travel to some other organ somewhere else in the body for the express purpose of causing something to happen. The hormones produced by the endocrine system carry out the important jobs in the body related to your growth rate when you are young, and then later in life relating to reproduction and metabolism. Speaking about human growth hormone specifically, it is produced by the pituitary gland, and up till around age 25 it is produced in great quantities. After this age, the production begins to drop off a little more and more each passing year. This gradual decline takes its toll until around age 35, most people have a verifiable deficiency in growth hormone production. If you want to experience the youthful exuberance of years gone by, the doctor prescribed Humatrope HGH injections will be the welcomed relief you are looking for to increase your metabolism, energy and stamina, and corresponding shedding of excess fat in your mid-section. While our HGH Doctors never specifically prescribe growth hormone injections for the purpose of building lean muscle mass, many people with low HGH levels have experienced a marked decline in lean muscle mass due to either illness or injury or simply from dis-use. It is an outstanding Humatrope Benefit that this diminished lean muscle mass can be rebuilt as your low HGH levels are increased back into the normal range. Many people happily experience one of the most welcomed Humatrope Benefits with the return of the romance in their lives as their HGH levels begin to climb back to normal and are thrilled to once again have the healthy sex drive and stamina they haven’t seen in possibly decades. So to be sure we have answered your question How Does Humatrope Work, it works by replacing the lost human growth hormone which your body so desperately needs for proper functioning and operations in each of its cells and organs. Having adequate growth hormone really is important throughout your body. Read on for more information about your body, the effects of a low growth hormone level, and the amazing Benefits of Humatrope HGH. You may request an evaluation at any time by simply completing the Contact Form on this page or just give us a call at the toll-free number. We look forward to serving you.

Humatrope Price

It would be wonderful if money was not an issue, but the reality for most of us is that money is an issue, and sometimes a very big issue. We understand that you want more information about the Humatrope Price. Since each and every one of you reading this page is unique, so will your injectable Humatrope HGH program be different. Because of this it isn’t possible for us to assign a dollar figure on what it will take for you to begin your HGH injections therapy. This is not a one-size-fits all program of treatment, and your specific program which meets your specific needs will be determined by working in concert with your personal medical adviser and our HGH Doctor after a careful review of your Medical History Report, your physical examination and your laboratory blood test report. Once they have determined that you do have a low HGH level and you do qualify for our Humatrope HGH injections therapy, then a cost can be determined. Fortunately, Lilly Pharmaceuticals does offer two options in Humatrope injections: either the convenient and easy-to-use Humatrope Pen system or the more economical Humatrope in individual vials. So take the next step and request an evaluation so we can help you on your way to feeling great again and work out a Humatrope Price that works for you.

Humatrope For Sale

Many times we are asked, and we see many inquiries on the Internet forums, about Humatrope For Sale. It seems as though people have the expectation that human growth hormone injections might be available for purchase over the Internet in the same way that one would buy a bottle of vitamins. This just isn’t so! Please keep in mind that HGH Injections are an FDA-regulated medication available only by prescription in the US. This doctor prescribed growth hormone therapy, whether with some other brand or with one of the best brands we offer, the HGH Doctor-prescribed Humatrope HGH injections, are only available after a doctor’s evaluation to determine if there is a medical necessity for such treatment. There are several factors to be taken into consideration in determining the best possible program for your particular situation, including your height and weight, your age, and the extent of your low HGH level. Speak with your personal medical adviser for complete details about getting Humatrope For Sale through our HGH Clinics located throughout the US.

Humatrope Dosage

Be sure to discuss all the details of your injectable human growth hormone treatment plan with your medical adviser, and specifically go over any questions you might have relating to your Humatrope Dosage. When our HGH Doctor reviews your laboratory blood test, physical exam and your Medical History Form, then he or she will determine the correct Humatrope Dosage for you. As we mentioned above, your dosage amount is determined by our HGH Doctor’s evaluation of the information you provide on your Medical History Form and the results of the blood test and physical, and specifically related to your age, height, weight and the severity of your low HGH level. The amazing changes waiting just around the corner for you are reason for celebration, and we are eagerly awaiting news of your progress as you recapture the youthful vitality and boundless energy you experienced … well the last time you felt this great, you were probably in your twenties. Our local Doctor prescribed Humatrope Dosage will work with your body to bring your back to a state of healthy metabolism feeling healthy and full of energy and stamina, with a mind as quick as a whistle. We aren’t going to say that our injectable Humatrope HGH Injection Therapy program will make you a rockstar – but if that is in your plans, it is certainly a possibility now that you have the tools to achieve anything you want in life.

Buy Humatrope Online

Buy Humatrope Eli Lilly

Buy Humatrope in USA

By the time most people get to this point in our page describing the wonderful benefits of human growth hormone therapy, they mainly just want to know what to do next. The following 5 Steps give you all the details regarding How to Buy Humatrope Online. The doctors at our HGH Clinic know that this best brand of Humatrope offers top quality human growth hormone injections, along with the easy to use pen-type delivery system, or the economy of a vial and syringe method. These steps will guide you to your ultimate goal of feeling and looking great:

  1. Your first step should be completing the Contact Form on this page. If you’d like even faster service, just pick up the phone and give us a call at the toll-free number at the top of this page. One of our highly qualified medical advisers will be happy to provide you will every bit of information you need to know about our injectable HGH therapy and get your evaluations under way. This is the time and place to ask all your questions. Our medical advisers have amassed decades of combined experience with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and they will happy to guide your way to find out How to Buy Humatrope Online and start to make dramatic changes in how you feel and your overall quality of life.
  2. If you haven’t already had a recent blood test and physical exam, our medical adviser will arrange for one at a location and time convenient to your home or office. You do not need to travel to our home office, as our local doctors will be happy to supervise these exams electronically for your convenience. Your medical adviser will give you the details of what this entails. The Medical History Form will also need to be filled out to complete your chart (see the button at the top of this page).
  3. The results of your Medical History Form, your physical exam, and your blood test results will be reviewed by one of our HGH Doctors who tests for low HGH Levels. If they find that you have a low IGF-1 level, then our Humatrope HGH therapy program will be prescribed for you. Your personal medical adviser will discuss the pro and con features of each of the delivery systems to determine the best one for your particular situation. Our HGH Doctor will determine the correct Humatrope Dosage for your specific needs.
  4. Your prescription for either the Humatrope Pen system or the Humatrope vial and syringes will go directly to our pharmacy. This fully licensed FDA-regulated pharmacy is located right here in the US, and they will ship your medication and all the necessary supplies directly to your home or office. You will need to arrange for a signature to receive your medication.
  5. This is one important note … Kingsberg HRT Clinic will not work with any professional body builders or professional athletes. The only approval for adults to use HGH Injections is if they have a verified low HGH level. We also do not treat those under the age of 30 as before that time, they are usually producing enough growth hormone on their own.

That’s it in a nutshell … How to Buy Humatrope Online. Remember, our medical advisers will step you through each part of the process. Here at Kingsberg HRT Clinic, our passion and mission are commitment to your overall health, well-being and zest for life.

Humatrope Pen Instructions

Once it has been determined that you have a low HGH level and you have demonstrated the medical necessity for injectable human growth hormone therapy, then our medical advisers will take care of all the details of getting your medication delivered to your door. You will be provided clear printouts which include your Humatrope Pen Instructions. You may also be directed to our own videos produced here at Kingsberg HRT Clinic giving you complete details for using your injectable human growth hormone, and even showing you a person taking an injection in person. This is not an animation of someone taking an injection like you see on so many instruction videos. This is a real person taking an injection so you have a very clear understanding of the process. In addition to these learning tools, your medical adviser will be on the phone with you while you take your first injection to talk you through each of the steps and provide you with all of the Humatrope Pen Instructions. We want to be sure that you are absolutely comfortable with this process of self-administering your bioidentical human growth hormone injection.

Humatrope Prescription

We know that you have probably worked hard all your life, and it just isn’t fair to go through all you have only to get to this phase of life and be held back and weighed down by a body and mind that just won’t work as well as it used to. We hope you are excited and enthusiastic about having found a remarkable solution for these challenges in life by learning about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, in general, and about injectable HGH therapy with a Humatrope Prescription, in particular. This is absolutely one of the best decisions you can ever make. You should be very pleased with these steps which will take you into this next phase of life filled with energy and stamina, with clear thinking and an able mind, and without the nagging complaints which have held you back for so long. Human growth hormone injection therapy provides benefits which actually seem to build on one another. As your metabolism increases, you will have more energy and stamina. As your energy and stamina increase, you will find the excess weight falling away and being replaced by lean muscle mass. Can you see how this works? It all starts with your Humatrope Prescription and the wonderful connection you’ve made here at Kingsberg HRT Clinic.

How to Get Humatrope Prescription

This is where we get to the nuts-and-bolts of the information provided here. The most important detail is quite simply How to Get Humatrope Prescription from our HGH Clinic located in a city near you. It all starts with the contact form on this page (or with the toll-free number if you’d rather give us a call and have a faster response). Our medical advisers are standing by to discuss all the details of human growth hormone therapy programs and explain how these amazing therapy programs can benefit you directly. These benefits of injectable HGH treatment may look just like so many words on paper, but once you begin to experience them in your own life, you will understand why we sing their praises so highly. Knowing How to Get Humatrope Prescription from our HGH Doctors is fast and easy. It is a step you will be very grateful you took … and you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Humatrope Pen Device

Using the Humatrope Pen Device, you will find that your human growth hormone injections are not just effective and changing your life for the better, but they are also quite convenient and quick to administer. Completing this procedure will be a breeze with the help of your personal medical adviser. The Humatrope Pen Device is made up of the pen holder and a cartridge containing the pre-loaded human growth hormone powder along with the pre-measured bacteriostatic water (also referred to as sterile water). By operating the pen and depressing its plunger, the sterile water will be combined with the HGH powder and reconstitute the growth hormone for injections. You should always look at the mixed HGH to be sure that it is clear and colorless. The mixed HGH should never be cloudy or contain particles. You can take the pen in hand and rock the cartridge back and forth gently ten times to be sure the sterile water and the growth hormone powder are thoroughly mixed. If the mixed HGH cartridge is at all cloudy or contains any particles, you should contact your medical adviser. Do not use any reconstituted HGH which is not perfectly clear. Using this Humatrope Pen Device makes the process of reconstituting your human growth hormone injections fast and easy. Follow the instructions provided to attached the pen tips and take your injections. Welcome to the road to feeling great!

Humatrope Pen Injection Device

The next step in using your Humatrope Pen Injection Device is to attached the needle pen tip and to take your injection. Remove the paper backing on the pen tip, and attach the needle to the Humatrope Pen Injection Device by twisting it on clockwise as far as it goes. Remove the outer shield and set it aside – you will need this to remove the needle after your injection. Remove the inner shield and discard it. The Humatrope HGH Pen is amazingly ease to use. Follow the specific instructions provided by your medical adviser for taking your injection. Choose a spot for your injection that is easy to reach, where you can pinch an inch (so they say), usually on the abdomen or on the upper thigh. Be sure to use your alcohol swab provided in your package to sterilize the area before your injection. Always pick a different spot the next day and avoid taking an injection in the same spot for two days in a row. After your injection, your Humatrope Pen Injection Device containing the reconstituted HGH must be stored in the refrigerator. Prior to mixing, the cartridges containing powdered HGH can be stored at room temperature for up to 3 months.

Humatrope Eli Lilly

The question of dosage concerning your Humatrope Eli Lilly injections is one that should be addressed with your medical adviser and our HGH Doctor. This is a critically important question and a very individual one. The HGH Doctors in our clinic will evaluate your particular situation and determine your optimum injectable HGH prescription dosage to bring about the best possible recovery from your signs and symptoms of a low HGH level. You should keep in mind that this process of restoring your low HGH level is not one that will happen overnight. Usually within the first few weeks, you will experience an increase in energy level and stamina. You should feel less fatigued throughout your days. Corresponding with this increase in metabolism and energy level, you will find any excess fat stores begin to decrease, and you might begin to feel more lean muscle mass developing. With Humatrope Eli Lilly, you will probably be getting more restful sleep and waking more refreshed with a more content state of mind. With the improvement in muscle tone, your second month will bring an improvement in skin elasticity with wrinkles becoming less noticeable. You may also find your hair and nails growing in stronger. The third month is often a wonderful treat for most people on injectable HGH Therapy as it frequently brings the return of your long lost sex drive. You can appreciate the fourth month’s improvements in mental focus, skin tone, and even more weight loss and muscle tone. By the time most people have completed a six-month program of Humatrope Eli Lilly, they report a 5-10% decrease in body fat, usually without strenuous diet or exercise, and a corresponding increased in muscle, resulting in a wonderfully sculpted and attractive physique.

Humatrope Results

Many people have asked us if Humatrope Results are for real. We understand that the claims may seem to be remarkable. But let’s not get the cart before the horse … start by talking to your medical adviser, get tested, and find out if you qualify for our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy program. Our medical advisers and our Doctors who test for low HGH, will review the details of your chart and determine if Humatrope HGH are right for you. This is just the starting point for your HGH therapy program. You probably have many more questions about our programs and our Doctors who Prescribe Humatrope HGH Pen systems. The real fun starts once you begin to see all the symptoms you had come to regard as just a way of life gradually fall away. Everyone is different with when these benefits come about, but at some point you will:

  • Lose the stubborn belly fat on your abdomen
  • Rebuild lean muscle mass
  • Watch the signs of osteoporosis reverse
  • Reverse high cholesterol levels
  • Enjoy higher energy levels and stamina
  • And really enjoy the return of your sex drive and hunger for intimacy

When you contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic’s HGH doctors who prescribe growth hormone injections, Humatrope Results will become a reality for you. The sooner you get started – the sooner you will start to feel great!

Humatrope Injections

Injectable human growth hormone therapy is one prescription that doctors often write for themselves. We have asked those doctors about their brand of choice, and across the board they have selected Humatrope Injections for their convenience and safety. With all of the HGH powder and sterile water being pre-loaded and pre-measured, the Humatrope Pens provide the highest possible level of sterility and precision for your human growth hormone injection therapy. So really, this leaves you with just one important question: How to buy Humatrope Pen HGH delivery system so that you too will experience these advantages discussed on this page and throughout this website. It is important that you only deal with reputable and established HGH Clinics such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic when you wish to buy Humatrope Injections. Remember always that any brand of HGH injections is a prescription medication regulated by the FDA, and as such it cannot be purchased without a doctor’s prescription from an Internet website. It is completely illegal for any company or clinic to offer your injectable HGH without the proper tests and a doctor’s prescription. Stick with the winners at Kingsberg HRT Clinic for the best in Humatrope Injections and the best in patient care from our experienced medical advisers and HGH Doctors.

Humatrope Pen Instructions

It is our goal to make sure that your Humatrope Pen Instructions are easy to follow and easy to understand. Your medical adviser will make sure that you have video instructions for mixing the HGH powder and sterile water to reconstitute your Humatrope HGH. To give you a step-by-step guide, your medical adviser will also provide instructions sheets which can be printed out to follow along as you complete you follow along with your Humatrope Pen Instructions. It is our goal to have you feel comfortable and confident with this injection process. We have heard it time and again … by the time you are taking your third injection, it’s like you’ve been taking them forever. Any misgivings you might feel really are for nothing. Your medical adviser will even stay on the phone with you while you are taking your first injection to be sure you feel completely confident with the process. It won’t be long until you have your old youthful exuberance and vitality back – just like you had when you were in your twenties. Won’t it be great to feel on top of the world again. The Humatrope Pen Instructions provide you tools to use the effective and powerful HGH injections to regain your feelings of well-being and healthfulness. Contact our HGH Clinic for the specifics about getting back to the road to feeling full of health today.

Humatrope Availability

We are happy to let you know that Humatrope Availability is better than ever. The Lilly Pharmaceutical company has done a great job of getting this human growth hormone injection therapy to licensed and regulated pharmacies throughout the US for distribution to their patients. The Humatrope Pen contains a two-chamber cartridge provides a safe and convenient method for handling and reconstituting the HGH powder without having to worry about measuring and mixing and such. Here at Kingsberg HRT Clinic, our HGH doctors are pleased with the abundant Humatrope Availability for their human growth hormone injection patients.

Humatrope Side Effects

Whether or not you experience Humatrope Side Effects is a completely individual situation. Most people do not experience anything but the beneficial changes mentioned above. In the case where someone might experience a negative aspect of this treatment, it is usually caused by increasing the HGH levels in the body to a higher level than would be experienced in a normal healthy adult. Since human growth hormone is a substance which naturally occurs in the human body, adding back in something which the body is supposed to have will not cause side effects. Any reason to worry about Humatrope Side Effects should be very small and always remember that if you have any concern over your injectable human growth hormone therapy, just call your medical adviser directly. We are here to answer any question or concern you might have.

How to Buy Humatrope 5mg or 10mg Pens

The most important thing to remember when you are wondering How to Buy Humatrope 5mg or 10mg Pens is to only deal with a reputable and established clinic such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic. It is when you start looking for alternatives in the far reaches of the Internet that trouble is found usually. We suggest that you keep your eyes open and do not be fooled by counterfeit suppliers. These imposters may offer Humatrope Pens at a discount or without a doctor’s prescription. This is illegal and very dangerous. Stick with licensed US HGH clinics such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic so that you can be always be sure of receiving real Humatrope HGH. The Humatrope HGH Pen is the most convenient method for taking your HGH injections. There is no reason to have a worry about the needle used in this HGH injection. It is the same one used by diabetics daily. The process for attaching your pen tip (the needle) is very fast and easy with the Humatrope HGH Pen. Your dosage is dialed in so it is pre-measured and virtually mistake proof. With the tiny needle you rarely feel anything more than a tiny poke. Please remember to keep your reconstituted Humatrope Growth Hormone stored in the refrigerator. For specific instructions on How to Buy Humatrope 5mg or 10mg Pens, please contact one of our medical advisers today at our HGH Clinic nearby in your town.

Humatrope Reviews

Jennifer M. in Memphis TN left this message:

My energy levels were so low I had a hard time getting out of bed. I really thought a lot of my problem was post partem depression, but it went on for years. Once my kids reached their teen years, I decided I had suffered long enough. I started doing some research and asking my friends if they felt like I did. I found several friends who talked about being treated for a low energy and fatigue with human growth hormone injections. One of my friends particularly raved about Kingsberg HRT Clinic and Humatrope HGH Injections. She said you all were the greatest and the Humatrope Pen was really easy to use. She told me to go get tested right away. I remember when she used to be really subdued, and now she seemed so energetic … well I did what she said. I’m so glad I did. My IGF-1 levels were really low. I decided to go for the Humatrope HGH Pen just like my friend suggested. This is one of the greatest things I have ever done for myself and my family. I can’t even begin to tell you how much better I feel. The Humatrope HGH program is amazing. Thank you Kingsberg HRT Clinic.

Michael C. in San Antonio TX wrote to say:

I’m not a jock or anything … well some people think I’m a jock … but hey, I went to college on a football scholarship and wound up with a degree in psychology. So now that I do counseling and psychiatric evaluations in law enforcement, I find that being a big guy really helps keep some of the more unruly sorts in line. One of the more unruly ones created a bit of a tussle not long ago, and I took a boot to the knee. Wow – that hurt! I managed to get through my football career with my knees in good shape. It took a 150 pound punk to take me down. I had surgery to make things right, but my healing was coming along really slowly. My wife – God bless her – did some research, well really she did a lot of research. She hooked me up with you good folks at Kingsberg HRT Clinic to get my IGF-1 levels checked out. It seems that this low HGH level was contributing to my slow healing progress. I got ahold of the Humatrope HGH Pen. It took a few months and a good bit of physical therapy, but actually the physical therapist was really surprised by the progress I was making after I started the HGH injections. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has really created a huge difference in my healing. I’ve also noticed that other parts of my life are improving. I never realized that my sex drive had slacked off. My wife had a really sneaky grin about that one. She’s so smart! I’m one lucky sonofagun!

Jason J. in El Paso TX wrote:

I’m gonna keep this brief because it’s just not something I like to talk about. In a nutshell, my sex drive was gone. Your website said HGH injections therapy would restore it. I looked at all the Internet-based wild hair-brained claims and the spam that came in my mailbox, but your program made sense and had doctors and tests and all. I took the tests and found my low HGH levels were probably causing my problems. After about three months with your Humatrope injections and I feel like a new man. I’m so glad I found your doctors who test for low HGH levels. I didn’t need no blue pill. I just needed to get healthy again. Thank you.

David N. in Charlotte NC emailed this message:

I’m gonna say it loud and say it proud … your Humatrope HGH Pens really saved my life. The most connected relationship I was having was with my couch and my remote control. I really just didn’t have the mental energy to think about anyone or anything else. Even stupid simple stuff like where would I like to have dinner or what movie did I want to go see were getting to be hard. I restructured my business to put some of my key people in the decision-making spots and kinda write myself out of the limelight. I said I wanted more time for strategizing, but really I was living in a fog. One day I walked into my office and found some information about Kingsberg HRT Clinic on my desk. I was looking at it, but not really able to understand what it said. In walked my assistant – a brilliant woman if there ever was one – I’d be lost without her – and no she didn’t write this for me lol – and she patiently explained that she was worried about me. I’m not sure what else she said, but that afternoon I had an appointment with your HGH Clinic here in Charlotte. A couple of days later, my Humatrope HGH Pens came in, and I got started. I’m not sure what would have happened to me if I hadn’t found this therapy. I think there are many people in old folks homes who really just need HGH. I’m really glad I found it … well that my assistant did. She’s worth her weight in gold! Thank you!

Amanda W. in Indianapolis IN wrote:

You know I’m not a beauty queen or a movie star or anything. I’m just a mom and a wife, but I’ve always been proud of my looks. I take care of myself. I’m not all conceited or anything, but I’m grateful for the gifts the good Lord gave me. When I turned 40, it was like a horrible thing happened. No matter what I did, I just kept seeing not my mother in the mirror, but my GRANDmother. I was getting really upset with how saggy and wrinkled my skin was. Even my friends asked if I was feeling ok. My sister, who much much prettier than I am came into town, and was so scared by my appearance, she made an appointment to get my blood checked. She was afraid I might have some horrible dreaded disease. We finally found Kingsberg HRT Clinic, and a few quick tests later, we discovered that my low HGH Level was causing all my problems. In very short order, I started on the Humatrope HGH pens, and I began to feel like myself again. My sister being a few years younger than me went ahead and had her blood tested, too. Her HGH levels are beginning to fall, but weren’t as bad as mine yet. I’m happy to say that my mirror smiles at me again. I hope your people who might read this don’t think it’s the sad tale of a vain self-centered woman. It’s really not like that. It’s about feeling good about yourself and being able to hold your head up. Things that are important to us humans. Thank you Kingsberg HRT Clinic.

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How do I get the Humatrope Pens please? What are they for?
James H. in Washington DC

Well James, the Humatrope HGH Pens are a very convenient way of taking Injectable Human Growth Hormone Therapy at home. Once you’ve been tested, and our HGH Doctors have determined that you have a low HGH level and need to get on this therapy, then the Humatrope Pens will enable you to self-administer the growth hormone injections every day and not have go through the time and expense of visiting the doctor every day. This is a great question to kick off our Q&A section actually, because people should know that having a low HGH level can cause more problems that practically any other hormone deficiency. Growth Hormone is involved in reproducing cells throughout the body. Every organ and tissue group is involved … your skin, brain, blood, hair and even your nails … and everything in between. Cells are always dying and being reborn. When your pituitary slows down its growth hormone production around 25 or so, you start feeling the low growth hormone levels having an effect on your quality of life. Our HGH Doctors will test your blood and figure exactly what is missing and then prescribe the appropriate strength of Humatrope Pins for HGH injection therapy. It is truly shocking how much of a difference this will make and how good you’ll feel.

How much do the various Humatrope HGH Pens cost?
Jessica R. in Detroit MI

It is impossible to say exactly how much your specific treatment program will cost. That’s a really individual thing that can only be answered after you’ve been tested by our local doctors who prescribe injectable HGH therapy. The Humatrope HGH Pens cost is based on your individual needs and just how low your HGH level is. Our HGH Doctors will prescribe injectable human growth hormone based on your specific needs. Since these therapeutic programs are not one-size-fits-all, the doctors here at our HGH Clinic will evaluate your individual circumstances and create the best possible program for you. We want to be sure that your bioidentical hormone replacement therapy will get you on the road to feeling healthy and vibrant again in no time at all.

Is Lilly Humatrope HGH safe?
Matthew C. in Austin TX

Great question Matthew and the answer is “absolutely!” The Eli Lilly Company has been committed to creating excellent safe and effective medications for over 130 years. You can feel confident in the safety of FDA approved Humatrope HGH Injections. In order to qualify for this treatment, adults must have a demonstrated deficiency in their IGF-1 level. This is the measuring stick which tells our HGH Doctors how much growth hormone is being produced by your pituitary gland. When you follow our local doctor’s protocol for increasing your growth hormone levels using these Humatrope HGH Injections, you will be able to watch the signs and symptoms of a low HGH level begin to fall away.

How does Humatrope HGH treatment work?
Joshua O. in Orlando FL

The Humatrope HGH treatment works by replacing your body’s missing human growth hormone level. By testing your blood, our HGH Doctor is able to determine if you are producing too little of this vital hormone. Then by reviewing your physical exam and your Medical History Report, the doctors in our HGH Clinic can further determine how badly this low HGH level is affecting how you feel and how you live your life. When you replace your low HGH level, you can begin to see your health and good feelings return one by one. On the page above, we talked about a timeline for the return of feeling good and the reduction of negative symptoms of low HGH levels. We are sure you probably have more questions than just this one, so please contact one of our medical advisers to get more information and to be sure to have all your questions answered.

How do I know if the Humatrope HGH Pens are right for me?
Robert H. in Columbus OH

You have many options for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Robert, and the Humatrope HGH Pen system is just one of them. Most people find this delivery method convenient and easy to use, and we are happy to schedule you for testing at our HGH Clinic convenient to your home or office. You can begin to notice how you are feeling in certain areas. Review the questions on our Medical History Form to see how many of these signs and symptoms you have had and how severe they really are. Have you noticed how things can creep up on your slowly. That’s how it works with energy and stamina. It also works like that with your immune system. Maybe coworker comments about you having another cold already when you barely got over the last one. These are indicators that something is off in your hormone production. It isn’t necessary to just suffer with these problems silently. Quality of Life is a birthright for us all. The HGH Doctors and medical advisers at Kingsberg HRT Clinic’s HGH Clinic will provide you with answers and solutions to these problems. You will be able to make informed decisions about whether Humatrope HGH Pens are right for you.

How do I get the Lilly Humatrope HGH Pens?
Bobbie G. in San Jose CA

Thank you for a good question, Bobbie. Start with the Contact Form on this page. Your first step is to speak with one of our medical advisers who will arrange for a blood tests and a physical exam at one of our facilities near your home or office at a time convenient to you. After you have been tested, and you’ve submitted your physical exam and Medical History Report, then our HGH Doctors will review these pieces of information to see if you have a low HGH level. If you do, then you will qualify for the Lilly Humatrope HGH Pens. We know that you want to get back to feeling great just as soon as possible, so for an even quicker response, you could pick up the phone and give us a call on our toll-free number at the top of this page.

Are these Humatrope HGH pens just another gimmick?
Joey D. in Jacksonville FL

You know you’re right, Joey. It does seem like companies are always coming out with something “new and improved” as a marketing ploy when really there’s nothing new about them. With the Humatrope HGH Pen, the people at Eli Lilly evaluated the places where most people run into stumbling blocks using their self-administered HGH injections program and worked to find a solution to the problems. It seems like measuring and mixing the HGH powder and the sterile water was a major challenge for a lot of people. Now with the Humatrope HGH Pen, the HGH Powder is pre-loaded in one side of a cartridge while the other side of the cartridge contains pre-measured bacteriostatic water. The pen system enables the individual to mix these two without them ever coming in contact with the open air. You just have to attach a new needle (the pen tip) and dial in your dosage. It really is as easy as that. If you haven’t done it the old fashioned way, you might not have an appreciation for how amazing this really is, but take our word for it. The Humatrope HGH Pens are great!

Where can I find a doctor who can test for low HGH levels?
Dan C. in Ft. Lauderdale FL

Here at Kingsberg HRT Clinic, we will be happy to schedule your appointments for blood tests and a physical exam. Then our HGH Doctor will review this information, along with your Medical History Form, to determine if you have a low HGH Level. Start by clicking the Contact Form and complete this simple information. This will come directly into our database, and one of our medical advisers will contact you immediately. People often say we call them while they are still reviewing our website. We try to be as fast as possible! You will find that our services are really convenient, too. You never need to travel to our clinics. Our HGH Doctors are equipped to electronically supervise your laboratory blood tests and physical exam to be that much more convenient for you. So that is how you find a doctor who can test for low HGH levels … simple isn’t it?

How can I get a doctor prescription for Humatrope HGH Injections?
Bryan K. in Dallas TX

Hi Brian, from California to Miami, and especially in the Great State of Texas, Kingsberg HRT Clinic is the place to start looking for a doctor prescription for Humatrope HGH Injections. Our fully-licensed and experienced HGH Doctors and medical advisers can provide you with all the details you need to get started on bioidentical human growth hormone therapy. Contact us by phone or through the Contact Form on this page. We will direct you to instructional videos and comprehensive instruction sheets for Humatrope HGH injections. Your personal medical adviser will be happy to review the differences between the various delivery systems and make sure that you get the system that works for you.

Is it necessary to take Humatrope HGH therapy by injection? I’m a bit of a needle-phobe.
Justin D. in Philadelphia PA

You are so not alone, Justin. We hear that many times every day. In fact, it would be truly odd to hear from someone saying the opposite. No one likes needles. We would suggest that you start by being tested to see if this is even an issue … to see if you qualify for doctor-prescribe injectable HGH Therapy. While it is true that Humatrope growth hormone therapy is taken by injection only, there are options. Let me take a second to warn you about those who offer HGH therapy by sublingual sprays or HGH in a tablet form that is swallowed. Neither of these are effective and in fact, they can’t be effective because of the nature of HGH. Human Growth Hormone is a 191 amino acid chain – that’s a rather large molecule. In fact, it is too large to be absorbed through the mouth, and if it is ingested, it will be digested in the stomach. These are definitely not effective methods of taking HGH. Those who sell these items are really just scammers.

We would like you to know that the Humatrope HGH Pen uses the smallest needle available. These are the tiny insulin needles used by diabetics multiple times every day. Often times, you don’t feel a thing. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is. The Lilly Company also provides a Needle Shield which can be used with your Humatrope HGH Pen which shields the needle from view. There are times when our patients find this to be very useful at least in the beginning. Our medical advisers will be happy to stay on the phone with you while you take your first injection and walk you through the process step by step. Have no fear … Kingsberg HRT Clinic is here!

Where do I inject the Humatrope HGH Pen?
Bill B. in Phoenix AZ

You have your choice of spots, Bill, and our medical advisers will be there to provide all the information and instruction you need before the first injection. Human growth hormone injections are taken subcutaneously, that means under the skin. The best spots are those with a little bit of skin where you can pinch an inch. We find the easiest location is on the belly or on the thigh. You will receive complete instruction sheets for Humatrope HGH injections. Your medical adviser will direct your attention to instructional videos produced by Kingsberg HRT Clinic showing you a real person taking an injection. Your clinical adviser will make sure you are at ease with the process, and he or she can even talk you through your first injection by telephone.

How can I be sure that the Humatrope pens contain real HGH?
Ryan E. in Chicago IL

First of all, always be sure you have contacted a reputable HGH Clinic such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic. Make sure that HGH Clinic is located in the US. Second, always verify that your growth hormone injections are being delivered from an FDA-approved US pharmacy. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved Lilly Pharmaceuticals to provide Humatrope Human Growth Hormone Injections. There have been instances of fake or counterfeit brands of HGH being brought into the US, we encourage you to exercise your common sense in these matters. If you are only seeking to save a few dollars, and you find a deal that seems too good to be true… you can be sure that you’re dealing with an unethical business. Don’t walk … run in the other direction. Stick with the tried and true established HGH Clinics, and you can’t go wrong.

Are Humatrope HGH injections legal in Florida?
Erich J. in Miami FL

Yes, they are Erich. Humatrope HGH Injections are completely legal in Florida and in the rest of the United States, too. Trouble seems to come when one tries to get around the rules and save a buck or two. It is the law that you have a doctor’s prescription for injectable human growth hormone. To get a doctor prescription for HGH, you must be tested and evaluated. This means getting a blood test and having a physical exam. HGH Doctors at our clinics require you to provide a Medical History record as well. Human growth hormone injections are always produced using a very specialized process. This process needs specialized equipment and specially trained pharmaceutical technicians. If you think about all that, then you will realize when some of the outlandish claims for low prices seem dangerous … and you should stay clear of those companies. For legal Humatrope HGH Injections in the State of Florida, California, New York, Texas or anywhere in between, please contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic. You can’t go wrong!

How quickly will the Humatrope HGH Injections work on my symptoms?
Melissa C. in Las Vegas NV

A lot of this really depends on your chemistry, Melissa. No two people are exactly alike, and so no two treatment results will be the same either. Your progress and physical symptoms will be monitored by your medical adviser to be sure you are making progress. Within a couple of months, you will start to notice some definite and significant changes. Some people do notice more subtle changes sooner. Patients report improvements in their low energy and fatigue within a few weeks. Other symptoms gradually dissipate with continued HGH therapy. By the 6 month mark, Humatrope HGH Injections will have made a remarkable difference in the negative signs and symptoms you were experiencing when you first contacted us.

Does Humatrope Human Growth Hormone need refrigeration?
Nick O. in Houston TX

Prior to being reconstituted Humatrope HGH cartridges can be kept at room temperature for up to 3 months. After being reconstituted, then mixed cartridge must be kept in the refrigerator. If you use the Humatrope vial, then the reconstituted HGH in the vial must be kept in the refrigerator as well. If you have a specific need for growth hormone injections that do not need refrigeration, please talk to your medical adviser and explore the options which are available. We have an HGH injection therapy method to meet practically every need.

How can I buy Humatrope HGH Pens?
Jeremy R. in Milwaukee WI

When it comes to starting your investigation on the Internet, it seems like everything can be bought there, but it is not possible to legally Buy Humatrope HGH pens over the Internet the same way you might buy a bottle of vitamins or an over-the-counter medication. Human growth hormone requires a doctor’s prescription. You can’t get it legally without a doctor’s prescription. A doctor’s prescription can only be issued for HGH injections after being evaluated and the determination being made that you have a verified low HGH level. We suggest that you contact one of our medical advisers who will be able to answer all the rest of your questions, give you all the details, and get you scheduled for the necessary tests. This only takes a few days to complete.

Is Humatrope HGH effective?
Andy D. in New York NY

Humatrope HGH Pens are truly the best for treating human growth hormone deficiency. Once you begin injectable human growth hormone therapy, we suggest that you maintain a record of your current symptoms associated with a low HGH level and observe how those things change over time as you continue to use your HGH injections. Usually it is the energy level that changes first with people being able to say goodbye to low energy and fatigue. More energy means a better metabolism which also means you’ll probably start shedding excess fat and putting on some lean muscle mass. Your medical adviser will help you keep track of your progress. It is really fun to do!

Where can I get tested for low HGH levels?
Timothy H. in Louisville KY

Start the ball rolling with the Contact Form on this page. Complete the form so that our clinical advisers can get in touch with you to discuss any questions you might have and schedule your blood tests and physical exam. The Medical History Form (You’ll find the button is at the top of this page) will also be required by our HGH Doctors who test for low HGH levels. This is the first step on the road to feeling the return of your youthful exuberance and abundant health again.

How can I get doctor prescribed Humatrope HGH Injections?
Adam T. in Los Angeles CA

You have found the best place to get started on your search for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Our medical advisers will get you started with getting tested and evaluated to determine if you qualify for Humatrope HGH Injections. The Contact Form on this page is the place to get started. Only those with a verified low HGH level qualify for doctor prescribed Humatrope HGH injections. The best answer to question How Can I Get doctor prescribed Humatrope HGH Injections is through this procedure we’ve outlined for you. We look forward to hearing from you and getting you started on the road to feeling great.

Can I get Humatrope HGH Pens to help with my bodybuilding competitions?
Kevin C. in Denver CO

Sorry, Kevin. We can’t help you there. The only way that HGH Injections are approved for adults is if you have a verified low HGH level. This is the FDA’s ruling – not ours. Our HGH Doctors are expressly forbidden from prescribing human growth hormone injections for anyone who does not have a demonstrated low HGH level. With that being said, we are wondering if you are over the age of 30 and having trouble with your fat to lean muscle balance. Those are possible symptoms of low HGH level. We do suggest that you get yourself checked. We may be able to treat you with Humatrope HGH Pens for the purpose for which they were intended. We look forward to hearing from you.

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