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Testosterone For Women

Testosterone For Women

Ask most people and they would say that testosterone is a male hormone and would have no idea that women need it too. Yes, men produce more, about 10 times more of this hormone than women, but testosterone for women is very important too. Girls and women in their early reproductive years have 10 times more testosterone than estrogen running through their bodies. Sources are saying that the reason women experience many issues as they grow older is not because of the depletion of their estrogen, but because of low T. Sometime after 30, females tend experience those awful aging symptoms and they can very well be due to a depletion of their HGH; specifically testosterone. So, women and testosterone have a very unique relationship. Loss of the hormone to levels that are below optimal can lead to:

  • Gaining a lot of weight
  • Lethargy and fatigue
  • Weakening mental acuity (memory, focus, concentration)
  • Lower bone density and occurrence of osteoporosis
  • Loss muscle tone
  • A decrease in sexual libido, desire for intimacy and sexual fantasies
  • Body pain and swelling
  • Mood swings and depression

It is becoming more well known why aging women need testosterone just as much as men do and has been proven by studies such as that performed by at Wright State University’s Boonshoft School of Medicine. They have shared that adequate amounts of testosterone that can be created by legal testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) are imperative for physical as well as for mental health in both genders, not just in men.

Should Women Consider Taking Testosterone

Many case studies over the years have focused on what happens to women when they begin to age and experience low T. The question that many people asked was should women consider taking testosterone? This was up for debate primarily because most thought that testosterone was something that men needed to worry about and not women. This quickly became something that all people were educated about; women need optimal ranges of this hormone in their bodies just like men. They need less than males do, but all the same, they need this chemical compound for optimal health and functioning. Some women with low T shared that they felt as though they were in a fog, cried at the drop of a hat, had absolutely no desire for sexual relations and lost their ability to concentrate and focus on hardly anything. Once they became involved in testosterone therapy in women, things changed. Within a week of being on TRT, one woman shared that the light had come back into her life and she felt as though she was 25 again. She had been experience terrible side effects of having low T and estrogen replacement did not work. Her doctor, an expert out of Cornell Medical Center in New York prescribed TRT for her and changed her life. The patient no longer had such emotional instability as she did and she ceased from having night sweats too, which are 2 very common side effects of low T. Another woman benefitted from testosterone for women’s libido. She shard that once she became low in her T levels, she cried at the mere thought of sex because her libido was completely gone. She was numb to even the thought of sex, but TRT changed that around for her too.

Prescription Testosterone for Women

We have learned that women as early as 30 and older, during and past menopause may benefit greatly from gaining a legal prescription testosterone for women. Taking the step of attempting to find refuge from the nasty side effects from low T by using synthetic oral hormones is useless. These oral supplements have not been proven to give any relief or elimination of low T symptoms in any substantial studies. This is why people need to be educated as to the difference between oral enhancers and supplements and bio-identical testosterone. The latter has a molecular structure that is identical to the naturally produced testosterone in the body and research has proved that it is safe and effective. Of course the use of female testosterone replacement must be done with a reputable clinic such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic. This kind of clinic will require full testing to take place to look for a deficiency. If one is found, the person will then get a proper diagnosis, prescription and complete medical supervision during the entire course of treatment. Use of testosterone is not legal without a prescription, as all human growth hormones are strictly controlled by the law and by the honest clinics themselves. They will always test for normal testosterone and estrogen levels in women through complete blood work before prescribing anything. These test results along with a comprehensive physical exam and medical history (sent in online through a secured connection) will allow the physicians to get a great grasp on what is going on with the patient they are treating. If a deficiency is found, they can begin treatment immediately to transform a woman’s life quickly, legally, safely and effectively.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Menopause

A reputable source has shared that the number of women living in the US who are currently on a TRT program is estimated to be in the tens of thousands. This may seem like a lot; however, it is nothing compared to how many millions are using oral estrogen-progestin regimens. Testosterone replacement therapy for menopause has gotten amazing results, truly bringing women out of their brain fogs and back into the real world. According to the National Institutes of Health, total female testosterone levels should range between 30 to 95 nanograms per deciliter. A doctor will know more what this means, but one woman found that her levels were completely out of range and her doctor started her on TRT. She described her experience not sleeping so much, being able to ease back into her job, not feeling so sorry for herself anymore and actually volunteering for sex. The benefits of testosterone therapy for women continued for her by all of a sudden one day bringing her out of her mental fog. The world seemed alive with colors, smells and extraordinary sites that she was missing before menopause. A renowned psychiatrist believes that TRT has become a major advancement for midlife women. She shares that low T may be to guilt for the loss of desire for sexual relations and can hurt relationships. TRT can prevent much unnecessary anguish, she shared. Just as men’s bodies manufacture only a small amount of estrogen, the ovaries and adrenal glands in women make a small amount of testosterone. Some reasons why women need testosterone is because it has proven that in the correct and individualized amount according to each woman’s needs, it helps to boost sexual libido, maintains muscle mass, strengthens bones and adds energy. It also helps with mental functioning and emotional stability.

Reasons Why Women Need Testosterone

As women age, their bodies produce less testosterone and other important hormones.  By approximately the age 40, women’s bodies manufacture about half the testosterone as they did in their 20’s. Some reasons why women need testosterone are to keep them feeling sexual, energized and with a heightened mood. Clarity of the world stays sharp and they are able to concentrate and focus well. Low T takes all these things that the young take for granted away and life can become drab and lifeless. Those bodily aches and pains do not help either. Most doctors traditionally prescribe estrogen to menopausal women complaining of symptoms, but that only address some of the discomforts. Estrogen can stop hot flashes and ease vaginal dryness, but it does little to enhance sexual libido or energy levels. That is where testosterone for women’s libido comes to help. Several studies that have been conducted on menopausal women have demonstrated that small amounts of testosterone added through TRT can greatly improve sexual desire, energy and stamina. Testosterone also helps prevent bone loss which can ward away osteoporosis, which is a very common condition in women as they age. When bones become brittle, they can break easily, but the correct level of hormones can keep that from occurring. Testosterone therapy in women can improve their body composition and it can help them to lose unwanted weight and to achieve a thinner figure of lean muscle. This helps give them back their self esteem and self confidence. A well known clinician and author argued that testosterone is the “missing link” in HRT. In other words, when a woman over 30 is not feeling quite like “themselves,” the missing ingredient needed could be testosterone. Getting prescription testosterone for women and adding this hormone to HRT has been demonstrated to be effective as backed by popular clinical practice.

Testosterone and Weight Loss in Women

A recent article shared how low T levels can affect a woman’s body composition. This news is not new; however, the more that is written about the subject, the more attention it will get. Testosterone and weight loss in women has been clinically proven to play a very large role for both genders who generally gain unwanted weight when their hormonal levels decrease. This can lead to a number of issues including an unattractive body appearance, atherosclerosis and self esteem decline. The relationship between testosterone, women and weight gain is complicated because of the fact that their fluctuating estrogen levels help to perpetuate weight gain. Low T can lead to muscle loss. Sources say that muscle mass burns more calories than fat does, and that keeps the person’s metabolism working well. Hence, a depletion in muscle could lead to weight gain. Can testosterone help women lose weight? Yes. By increasing the amount of testosterone in the female body to the proper ranges and giving it what it needs depending upon each individual’s body, this will help level out all hormones, according to some respected sources. Since they share that there is a direct correlation between elevated estrogen and fat gain, testosterone plays a vital role in leveling out estrogen levels and in the metabolizing of fat. So, with all that was said, the answer to does low testosterone in women cause weight gain – is yes, it can. Another source shared that too much production of testosterone is not good either for women. It can actually cause weight gain. The key to keeping one’s body in tip top shape is to make sure that all hormones are in balance and that good lifestyle habits are being upheld.

Normal Testosterone and Estrogen Levels in Women

The female ovaries are in part responsible for the production of the hormones that make a woman healthy and strong. What is considered to be normal testosterone and estrogen levels in women will differ by each individual, but the amount of what is mostly considered to be a male hormone will be much less present in the woman. Relatively small quantities of testosterone are released into the female bloodstream by both the ovaries and the adrenal glands. They help with body growth, restoration of cells and tissues, strong bone density, sex drive, sleeping patterns and so much more. Hormone levels will fluctuate daily. This variance occurs more or less depending upon the life stage a person is experiencing. For instance, perimenopause occurs before menopause and is usually when a woman will begin to feel her first natural decline in estrogen levels. Testosterone for women has been said to help the leveling out of all hormones as an entire HRT protocol. It can help to control hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, loss of sex drive, moodiness, weight gain and can also help with the risk factors for heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis. Once menopause hits, women will normally experience a greater decline in testosterone which gives more issues with sexual functioning and desire. However, studies have proven that testosterone replacement therapy for menopause can greatly benefit sexual function in many perimenopausal and postmenopausal women.

Why Aging Women Need Testosterone

In order to determine if unpleasant symptoms that occur as a woman ages is due to low T, a blood test needs to be taken by reputable professionals. The testing process is the most important factor in diagnosing the correct condition. It has not been a popular topic, women and testosterone because it was always seen as primarily a male hormone. In that case, many of the symptoms and ailments that a woman would feel that could be fixed by TRT went untreated. Fortunately, medical science has come far and this is not the case anymore. Now more and more women are being diagnosed with low T and getting their levels back into balance with TRT. This has helped to eliminate many of the issues that have robbed them of quality of life for far too long. Should women consider taking testosterone? If a licensed doctor has done the proper testing and diagnosed the condition as low T, than yes, a woman could very confidently consider this option to help her get her life back. Yes, women may have small amounts of this male dominating hormone within their systems, but that does not make it any less important for good health than any other hormone they produce. Female testosterone replacement is gaining popularity and this is great news for those who are suffering with the ill effects of what low T can bring about for an aging woman.

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