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Testosterone Cypionate vs. Testosterone Enanthate: Which is Best?

Testosterone Cypionate vs. Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone cypionate and enanthate are both synthetic versions of the hormone testosterone – produced by a male’s testes and a female’s ovaries, and, in a small amount, by the adrenal glands.

A comparison of testosterone cypionate vs. testosterone enanthate to treat low testosterone in males is the focus here. Women will not use either of these medications (except for treating particular types of breast cancer). Instead, a lower dose testosterone cream is the better choice for female Low T.

In many ways, testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate are quite similar:

  • Both are suspended in oil:
    • Cottonseed for testosterone cypionate
    • Sesame for testosterone enanthate
  • Both are administered via intramuscular injection
  • Both offer a sustained release of testosterone into the bloodstream
  • Both lengthen the time between treatments over more costly testosterone therapy options such as gels and patches

Although testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate have similarities, they also have their differences that can make one a better choice than the other for the treatment of Low T.

Primary Differences between Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two most common forms of testosterone injections is their half-life. This is the time that it takes for the medication to reach half its strength in the body. At the end of the half-life, only half of the medication is left in the bloodstream.

The other difference is how quickly the testosterone is released into the bloodstream and how well the body assimilates it for use.

The release time and active lifespan are based on the carbon ester group, and the more carbons the ester group has, the less soluble it will be in water and the more soluble it will be in oil. Testosterone cypionate has an 8-carbon ester chain and enanthate is 7-carbon.

When comparing the primary differences between testosterone cypionate or testosterone enanthate, here are some factors to know:

Testosterone Cypionate  
Pros: longer half-life of 10 to 12 days, less frequent injections (average once every two weeks), lowest treatment cost, more even release in bloodstream, slower releasing than testosterone enanthate
Cons: may create more of a low near the end of the cycle
Testosterone Enanthate  
Pros: shorter half-life of 8 to 10 days which might serve better for some men, quicker initial testosterone release into the bloodstream, more rapid energy increase
Cons: more frequent injections (average once every 8 to 12 days), more expensive than testosterone cypionate due to more frequent administration, may notice a more rapid testosterone decline towards the end of the cycle

One thing to know about both medications when comparing testosterone cypionate vs. testosterone enanthate is that they do carry a 2 to 3 week sustained release, although this will often be very low near the end of their cycles.

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How to Choose between Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate

The choice between testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate is not one to make on your own. While there are plenty of unregulated websites ready to take you money and send you testosterone medications without a prescription, this is a dangerous and illegal move to make.

Here are the primary reasons why you need to discuss your testosterone replacement options with a qualified and experienced hormone therapy specialist:

  1. Testosterone use increases testosterone levels in the bloodstream – if raised too high, certain side effects could occur
  2. The body could shut down its natural testosterone production if it senses too much in the bloodstream
  3. Sincere there is a natural conversion process that transforms testosterone into estradiol, improper use or too much testosterone could lead to a condition called estrogen dominance which can affect PSA levels, prostate health, weight, hair growth, sperm count, and more
  4. Hormone balancing requires advanced knowledge and careful calculations to protect overall health and well-being
  5. Blood analysis measuring testosterone and other hormone levels must be done before a determination of treatment is made
  6. Buying testosterone without a prescription can lead to legal prosecution
  7. Testosterone injections are heavily counterfeited in other countries, and the illegal purchase from unregulated websites could result in the receipt of a product that is dangerous to use

To decide between testosterone cypionate vs. testosterone enanthate to see which one is right for you, please contact the hormone specialists at Kingsberg HRT Clinic for a free and confidential consultation.