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Will Insurance Cover HGH Therapy?

Will Insurance Cover HGH Therapy

In most cases, an insurance company must approve hormone replacement therapy before they will agree to pay for all of it or even only a portion of it. Will insurance cover HGH therapy? If the use of the appropriate medication is for anti aging needs solely, claims are usually denied; however, that is up to each organization, their policies, procedures and stipulations. It is up to each individual patient to find out what their policy includes and that means reading fully through their coverage, fine print and all. Most people who are dealing with the ill effects that go along with aging will understand that spending money that will improve health and ultimately longevity and quality of life is worth whatever the cost. Without health, we haven’t anything. Without feeling well; being physically and emotionally strong, life is just on automatic pilot and that is what HRT can help avoid. Proven to be successful time and again by study after study as published in some of the most prestigious medical journals, HGH treatment has been around for years helping people to live free of aging ailments. One such study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shared, “The effects of six months of human growth hormone on lean body mass and adipose tissue were equivalent in magnitude to the changes incurred during 10-20 years of aging.” Does insurance cover growth hormone therapy? It may, but even if it does not, this kind of treatment has been helping to save lives with its incredibly powerful and safe affect upon the body and the mind. A person will be doing him or herself a favor in saving up the funding necessary to purchase HRT when it is needed any time after the age of 30. It can produce “miracles” as many clients have said. One should just be sure to complete their due diligence in finding a clinic that is well known, reputable, trustworthy and honest.

Does Insurance Cover HGH Treatment?

Human growth hormone therapy can be completely life changing. People often wonder whether they can afford it; however, and they will want to know does insurance cover HGH treatment? The answer to that question depends upon each individual company that covers people for their health issues. One will have to find out if any of their treatment will be covered from reading their coverage information. It used to be that growth hormone therapy was mostly only used by celebrities and athletes; however, today more and more lay people are using it to ward off the negative impact of growing older, according to a popular press release by a very reliable source. Why are people using it? The response is because it works! The V.A. Medical Center and Department of Medicine at Stanford University Medical Center concluded that it is very possible that consistency of normal functioning of the body in all aspects due to the assistance of GH and/or IGF-1 replacement therapy can prevent or reverse many of these “inevitable sequences of aging.” With statements made like this from some of the top researchers in the country (and even in the world) from prestigious universities and research centers, so many people want to try HRT. They often are worried about cost; however, and they will try to find out, will insurance cover HGH therapy? They will explore their policies, but whether their providers will or will not help pay for the cost of treatment, they should also delve into the benefits of growth hormone treatment before making a decision.

Does Insurance Cover Growth Hormone Therapy?

Interestingly, the levels of naturally produced growth hormone within humans are cut in half every 10 years of their lives. HRT can help offset this, but does insurance cover growth hormone therapy is something that many people want to know before partaking in the process. When people learn that a body that is 10 year old produces 50 percent less GH than an infant’s body, it is a shocking revelation. Subsequently, a body that reaches 20 years old has only a quarter of the hormone left when compared to the growth hormone levels in babies. Believe it or not, studies have proven that by a person’s golden years, there is barely enough growth hormone produced in the body to keep the metabolism going. There is good news though. This can be prevented with the use of hormone replacement therapy. The benefits are remarkable and include, but are not limited to:

  • One will have a major boost in energy and vigor
  • Stamina increases and zest for life is elevated to new heights, eliminating depression
  • Intimacy in the bedroom finds new meaning due to increased sexual desire and ability to perform
  • The overabundance of unhealthy fat falls off the body and is replaced with lean muscle mass
  • Bone density strengthens
  • Mental acuity becomes much sharper
  • Sleep patterns change and deep slumber becomes accomplished
  • The immune system strengthens and sickness becomes less a part of life
  • Overall organs, tissues and body cells grow stronger

With the use of HGH therapy, the risk of developing the following medical diseases greatly decreases:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack
  • Diabetes

It is because of the aforementioned advantages of HRT that most people will pay out of pocket for this treatment if the answer is no to is HGH therapy covered by insurance? They understand that every dime spent increasing the quality to their days with hormone replacement therapy is well worth the cost of the simple treatment that helps fight those aging symptoms.

Is HGH Therapy Covered By Insurance?

Why would a person deny themselves the best, safest and only treatment proven to get to the root of aging symptoms and fix them? They may worry about cost and ask is HGH therapy covered by insurance? If the answer is no – that is when they might turn to over the counter products that never get to the core of the problems they have and simply will never work long term. This is a waste of time, energy and a good amount of hard earned money that could be spent on something that has been clinically proven to work right here in the United States and overseas as well. A study completed and published in the European Journal of Endocrinology shared that HRT with HGH has demonstrated valuable effects on considerations such as cardiac and renal function, bone metabolism, thyroid hormone metabolism sweat secretion, fuel metabolism and overall psychological health. It has not always been this way, but many of the symptoms of aging are now recognized as being a part of a specific clinical syndrome that has a plentiful number of varying physiological and psychological mild to significantly serious consequences. They can affect a person as a whole and truly take life and make it miserable. That is why so many people want find out does medical insurance cover HGH injections? Some people are pleasantly surprised by their insurance companies and others are not. However, overall, that should not be the determining factor in a person’s overall health and ability to live a life full of high quality and amazing excellence. People who partake in HRT are now able to enjoy their passions and hobbies well into their golden years and never have age holding them back.

Are HGH Injections Covered By Insurance?

HRT is an amazing combination of quality mediations that are administered via injections while the person is under medical supervision and constant clinical advisor contact. Are HGH injections covered by insurance? A person must check with their carrier to find out for sure. Injections used should only be one of the following brand name medications:

  • Omnitrope from Sandoz
  • Saizen from Serono
  • Humatrope from Eli Lilly
  • Genotropin from Pfizer
  • Norditropin from Novo Nordisk

Anything used short of these names will either be generics that may not work as well as the real medications or fake injections that one should never use. When searching for the right HRT program, seek out only one that is well known and comes with testimonials from users in the past who were successful and happy with their experiences. One never wants to find themselves sucked into a scandalous situation where they are working with pseudo doctors who do not have licenses to practice. They will then be doling out fake injections, without prescriptions and that is just one large recipe for dangerous disaster. When one is attempting to find out how to get insurance to cover HGH, he or she can ask the company if they know of any reputable hormone replacement therapy clinics online. Kingsberg HRT Clinic is one of those clinics whose name is heard and used from coast to coast and will always have the best in everything needed for a successful and productive HRT experience. The manufacturers that produce the medications that should only be used for safe treatment are giants in the field. They are all extremely reputable and most are household names. That is how one will know that their medications are genuine when they are written a prescription by a licensed professional.

Does Health Insurance Cover HGH Therapy?

When it comes to money, most people want to spend as little as they can and that is why they want to know does health insurance cover HGH therapy? Many people understandably will worry about human growth hormone therapy cost because times are tight and the economy is relatively unforgiving. If it is one thing that doctors and even lay people will tell each other is that when it comes to health, money should not be an object. Of course, it is human nature to want to save as much as possible, but when anti aging is mentioned to insurance companies, they usually deny claims. Unfortunately that is the cruel reality; however, that does not mean that one should not check with their companies to make sure. There are sometimes stipulations that will get a carrier to give insurance coverage growth hormone therapy, so one never knows unless they ask. If this kind of therapy is not covered; however, people are still reminded that quality of life should not hold any price tag. When it comes to hormone replacement therapy, the president and founder of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine stated that HGH is the pioneer to anti-aging treatment that has been proven positive by many different double placebo controlled studies. Does insurance cover HGH treatment? Perhaps it does and maybe it does not, depending upon each individual company; however, that should never stop a person from doing all they can do to look and feel their best at any age.

Does Medical Insurance Cover HGH Injections?

Medical professionals often wonder if preventing the symptoms of aging that can lead to some truly serious issues would be optimal. When the question of does medical insurance cover HGH injections is asked and if the answer is no, they will question why not. Does it make sense to have the problems taken care of (that are caused by a depletion of the vital growth hormones) before serious issues arise? Most would say yes. These problems will cost a lot more in the long run as far as money that insurance companies will have to pay out and can even cost one their life. For instance, if a person’s depletion of GH is causing atherosclerosis, this can lead to coronary heart failure or stroke. If a person’s weight is too high because of slowing metabolism, the same issues may arise. Once bone density becomes too low, those who suffer with this can develop osteoporosis and very easily break bones. Ultimately, this will cost the insurance companies much more than if they would have helped to pay to keep people healthy with balanced growth hormone through replacement treatment. So, the question of should health insurance cover the use of HGH has been under a great amount of debate lately. Taking care of issues before they get out of control and in due course cause very dangerous and life threatening problems would make the most amount of sense. Here in the USA and across the oceans, professionals are trying to get more people to consider hormone replacement therapy if they are need. Two prominent physicians at St. Thomas Hospital in London England stated, “All adults with growth hormone deficiency should now be considered for growth hormone replacement therapy.” Another renowned doctor stated, “We really have something here which may be able to reverse some of the problems associated with aging.” With these testimonials coming from professionals in the anti aging field, it is great to know that they are working towards a way how to get insurance to cover HGH. Without stipulations or certain codes needed to prove medical necessity for HGH injections, many believe they should be covered for HRT under their insurance policies even for small aging concerns. Issues that seem mild at first can grow into larger ailments if left untreated. It only makes sense to many that the issues not be allowed to get too serious. So, menacing issues that start off small caused by aging should get nipped in the bud before they explode into critical and frightening problems. This is just common sense, say many.

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