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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy

There is no escaping growing older and unfortunately it is not always an easy process for the mind or for the body. Over the years, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been a clinically proven to be a very safe and effective way in which hormones that are lost during the aging progression are brought back into normal ranges. How is this done? Subcutaneous injections of human growth hormones or of testosterone are used in the correct dosages with a doctor’s prescription. Testosterone can also be administered by a prescribed transdermal topical gel for those (usually women) who need small levels of the hormone. Optimal levels of all hormones will give a person exactly what they need to live a great life! What are the side effects of hormone replacement therapy?

  • Maintaining high energy levels
  • Keeping attitude and mood in check
  • Decreasing irritability
  • Eliminating depression
  • Heightening sexual drive
  • Increasing fertility
  • Keeping bones from becoming brittle
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Hair and nail growth
  • Keeping the skin tight and reducing the visibility of wrinkles
  • Helping to control weight gain
  • Aiding lean muscle mass to form
  • Getting better, restful and rejuvenating sleep
  • Sharpening eyesight

What is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy? This process involves replacing a person’s lost GH and testosterone that deplete naturally with age. The formulas that are carefully produced into medications that are administered by injection are made in highly controlled atmospheres for complete purity. GH is considered to be the largest protein of 191 amino acids that is created by the pituitary gland. When created outside of the body in laboratories, it is made to be bio-identical to what the body produces on its own. The bottom line is that the HGH that is genetically engineered for growth hormone replacement therapy is basically accomplished by cloning the duplicate sequence of the DNA so that it is physically, chemically and biologically identical to that which is produced naturally by the pituitary gland.

How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Work?

The first step to beginning any HRT program is to have a consultation with a reputable clinic, such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic. The discussion will consist of one’s symptoms and discovering exactly how does hormone replacement therapy work. Clinical advisors at any popular center will be well trained and be able to answer all of a prospective client’s questions as well as addressing their concerns about the process that has literally transformed thousands of lives. After the first discussion, a person will decide if HRT is for them or not. The advisor will set up an appointment for the patient to get blood work and a physical exam done (in their city) to check for hormonal deficiencies. A medical history is also required. Test results go back to the clinic, are analyzed and if low HGH or low T is found, the correct prescription will be written. The client will be educated about the types of hormone replacement therapy and what kinds of medications they will be using during treatment. Perhaps it will be just one human growth hormone formula or a combination of HGH and testosterone that a patient will need. This answer will be determined by the person’s test results. Every client is unique and will have their own tailor made program made specifically for them and their needs. This is just one of the reasons a person has to be treated by a licensed doctor and put under medical supervision during an HRT program. These medications need to be prescribed with precisely the right dosage in order for a client to reap in the safest benefits of hormone replacement therapy for men and for women. The medications are strong and potent, but yet safe and gentle on the body when given correctly with the right amounts. Advisors at reputable clinics are available to explain the very pain free and simple process of HRT during normal business hours and will never turn a patient’s questions away.

How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost?

Most people are concerned about watching their wallets, especially in today’s economy. That is very understandable. That is why when new and curious clients call a clinic, one of the first questions asked is how much does bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost? There are many different websites that will post ranges of prices of their therapeutic programs online; however, these costs are usually not accurate. There truly is no way to determine what an HRT program will run until the following elements are known:

  1. What kind or kinds of medications will a patient need?
  2. What dosages of injections will be used?
  3. How long will a client be on the HRT program?

These questions all get answered after the appropriate testing takes place. This is when a licensed physician will know what a client needs and exactly how much does hormone replacement therapy cost can be accurately determined. There are many ways that clinics, personal trainers, supplement stores and organic food stores will attempt to persuade a person to purchase inexpensive supplements, boosters or enhancers for HRT. The public needs to be made aware that these forms of so-called medications do not work. Yes, they may cost less, but if they are ineffective, it is a waste of money that could have been used on injections that have been proven time and again to be highly effective. What are the benefits of hormone replacement therapy? These will not be apparent with supplements, but will show through the administration of injections. The advantages can turn an unhealthy and unhappy life around into one that is full of joy and new experiences well into the golden years and beyond. A person must think about how much that is worth to them monetarily? How can somebody put a price on health and happiness? Female and male hormone replacement therapy cost may differ for each individual undergoing HRT; however, the price one will pay if they continue living with an unhealthy body and mind may be the same.

Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe?

It is completely expected that one would be concerned whether or not HRT is reliable and non-toxic to the body, so when the question of is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy safe, it is not considered a strange inquiry. Educated consumers who know what they are putting into their bodies are the best kind of patients because they know what to look for and what not to presume will happen with HRT. This way, they will set realistic expectations for therapy with which they will be pleased. As long as treatment is prescribed by a licensed doctor after proper testing and diagnosis is completed, treatment is considered to be not only safe by clinics, but by many highly significant medical studies as well say the same. The New England Journal of Medicine published great papers defining what are the benefits of hormone replacement therapy. One of the studies included in the journal proved that a study group that participated in a 6 six month base period of HRT injections had an increase in muscle mass, a decrease in fat tissue (adipose) and an upsurge of vertebral bone height. All of the subjects showed measurable increases in their IGF-1 blood values and the control group who did not received treatment for their low HGH did not experience any of the above mentioned benefits. Both female and male hormone replacement therapy options will be discussed between the staff at the HRT clinic of choice and the client. Ultimately, the best program protocol will be decided upon by the physician after close examination of test results, but the process of treatment is a team effort. The doctor will prescribe what is necessary for each individual patient and the patient will be responsible for following the precise instructions on that prescription. They will need to change their lifestyle habits to living healthier as well. In order to help the natural production of their human growth hormones and to work well with both male and female hormone replacement therapy, clients are expected to eat well, get plenty of sleep, exercise daily, keep stress levels low and stay away from smoking.

Can Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Help With Weight Loss?

It is commonly known that with the depletion of HGH within the body due to aging, people tend to gain weight without necessarily even eating more than they normally would. Can bioidentical hormone replacement therapy help with weight loss is a common question that many people ask. How will I lose pounds? Do I have to exercise and eat less when on HRT? Do I need to be on a certain diet? HRT is considered magical. One does not need to do any crazy dieting or excessive exercise in order to lose excess fat while taking their prescribed injections. HGH works with the human body to change its composition metabolically. It noticeably re-contours the physique by reducing fat and increasing lean muscle mass. Weight loss will be seen, especially throughout the mid section of the body. What are the side effects of hormone replacement therapy? One of the most popular advantages of HRT is that HGH injections accelerate the fat burning process by helping to use fat as fuel for energy. In addition, injections will also help to increase the expenditure of energy to in essence, help the body to burn calories faster. Bio-identical HGH works with a patient’s body to naturally reduce fat and increase muscle. More detailed sources will share that human growth hormones will help increase the uptake of amino acids within the cells of the system to enhance the synthesis of proteins. What does this do? Much like testosterone hormone replacement therapy, the result will be a rise in cell size, cell division and muscle growth. Some sources say that HGH keeps the body with a good amount of proteins in the cells. Quickened cell division and restoration leads to fast healing and repair after injury or sickness, meaning it keeps the metabolism strong – faster mending and quick weight loss.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Learn about ways to help the body in a very natural way to replace its missing HGH that depletes with age. What is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy? HRT has proven to be the most effective and popular way to fight aging symptoms. There is absolutely no solid evidence that proves that there are any unfavorable long term side effects from this kind of treatment. Of course abuse of different hormones, especially ones that are bought on the black market without the medical necessity or prescription can be extremely dangerous. Incorrect dosages of HGH or testosterone or impure medications can lead to negative side effects too, for example, acromegaly which is the enlargement of the bones (mostly in the face, such as the jaw). Hormone replacement therapy has been around for years now and is helping to turn around the lives of so many people experiencing the terrible effects of the aging process. No longer do people have to hear the phrase from their doctor, “Your ailments are caused by aging and there is nothing that can be done to turn back the hands of time.” What is correct in that sentence is that time it cannot be stopped; however, HGH and testosterone hormone replacement therapy can be extremely successful and enrich the lives of those who may have never thought they could feel as though they were in their 20’s again. Now that people are able to do research on the Internet and educate themselves, they do not have to solely rely on the opinions and biases of their general practitioners who may not know about how does hormone replacement therapy work. They may need to be educated themselves.

Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy

Studies, research and evaluations have been going on for decades now by licensed endocrinologists and other professionals in the anti aging field of medicine. More clinical proof comes out every day that verifies the efficacy of HRT and how growth hormone replacement therapy should be more commonly diagnosed when patients verbalize the most common symptoms of a depletion in GH and testosterone. Not everyone who complains of the common symptoms of these conditions will qualify as a good candidate to partake in HRT, but it should at least be considered. It is due to this lack of consideration by general care practitioners that people are suffering with low levels of the necessary hormones to keep them strong and healthy. These professionals may not be educated about HRT or question is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy safe? The lack of knowledge about this practice is what has caused too many people to suffer needlessly for years of their lives when they could have gotten the help they needed with HRT safely and effectively sooner. They could have been saved years of uncalled-for symptoms if more doctors knew the facts, pros and cons regarding female and male hormone replacement therapy options. Times are changing quickly and HRT is becoming more and more popular as days go by. This is great news for those dealing with the terrible symptoms that can truly take their lives away, causing anything from depression to heightened risk of cardiovascular issues. More education will lead to a more proactive stance towards the safe and legal practice of HRT.

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