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HGH Therapy Doctors

HGH Therapy Doctors

Visit most physicians with symptoms such as exhaustion, memory problems, difficulty sleeping, hair loss, dry skin, and poor immune functions, and there is a strong chance that the diagnosis will be getting older. The prescription may be sleep more, exercise more, and eat healthier. HGH therapy doctors will not look at those symptoms in the same light. These doctors who specialize in hormone replacement therapy see decreased chemical production as the basis for problems and symptoms such as these. They know that the simple procedure of replenishing the level of growth hormone in the body will reverse these symptoms and provide renewed vitality to the body. Finally, a diagnosis that works! Why is there such a discrepancy between what a general practitioner or family physician might diagnose, and what a specialist who prescribes HGH injections might suggest? Knowledge and training. That is not to say that these other physicians are not extremely knowledgeable individuals because they certainly are. They will, however, probably be the first ones to say that they would not feel comfortable performing open heart or brain surgery as that is not their specialty. The same thing applies to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Doctors who prescribe HGH have spent years researching and studying this field of medicine, so they are the experts when it comes to diagnosing this condition, and prescribing the treatment that will bring results.

Why Doctors Prescribe HGH

Results – that’s what this is all about. The reason why doctors prescribe HGH injections is so that healthy adults can experience a rejuvenation and revitalization to their bodies when age begins to take its toll. Tired does not mean unhealthy, nor does sagging skin and cellulite mean that a person is old. What these concerns show are the changes that are taking place due to a hormonal deficiency. How is this chemical shortage started in the first place? Throughout life, the body goes through changes. Hormone levels rise and fall depending upon what stage of life a person is in at that moment in time. Hormones rage during puberty, as the adolescent body grows and develops at an accelerated pace. These same chemical levels then stabilize during the twenties, and by the time a person turns thirty, some of these hormones begin to level off and drop. It is easy to assume that growth hormone would no longer be needed since the body is done growing, however that could not be farther from the truth. Without GH in the body on a daily basis, there would not be enough new cells produced each day to support the muscles, bones, skin, internal organs, and other parts of the body that rely upon these cells, to replace the ones that die off continually. Muscles, bones, and organs would shrink. Skin would dry out, become thinner, and start to wrinkle and sag. HGH treatment doctors know the importance of growth hormone in the body, and their goal is to restore balance to this vital chemical in order for a person to look and feel their best. Once therapy begins, the results that follow affect a person from head to toe.

How Do Doctors Test for HGH

If this particular treatment is based upon deficient levels of a particular chemical in the body, how do doctors test for HGH? What criteria are used for determining who is an eligible candidate for human growth hormone therapy? One thing that is never advisable is for a person to begin HGH injections if they do not need it. That is primarily the only time side effects would ever occur. In order to ensure that this doesn’t happen, specific blood analysis is carried out in order to determine if a shortage of GH is present. That is done by running a series of tests, including blood count, cholesterol, triglycerides, and most important of all – IGF-1. One of the medical clinicians at our clinic will discuss all the various tests that will be run, but the test for Insulin Growth Factor 1 will determine if the body is low in growth hormone production. By utilizing these results, along with findings from a physical examination and complete review of a person’s medical history as provided on our questionnaire, the doctor can then determine if HGH injections are warranted. The level of deficiency, along with a person’s age, height, and weight will be used to determine the correct dosage of human growth hormone injections for their needs.

How to Get Doctors to Prescribe HGH

Is there a secret phrase that needs to be said in order to get this medication? Many people ask how to get doctors to prescribe HGH when they go in for their yearly physical. As mentioned earlier, the majority of general practitioners and other specialists are not familiar with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). That is why they do not offer it to their patients. Instead, many of them will refer their patients directly to our clinics for help in discovering if this particular chemical deficiency is present. They know that our doctors take exceptional care in both the diagnosis and treatment process. Sometimes we are asked how can I get HGH from my doctor when I go for my yearly physical, and we reiterate that even if a doctor does suspect that hormones may be the reason for the symptoms that are being reported, that same doctor may not have the proficiency in this field to feel comfortable treating this problem. Again, that is where specialists in the field of HRT can be of service. Correcting this hormonal imbalance in the right way is crucial to a positive outcome. The dosage needs to be right for the individual in order for it to accomplish the maximum benefits and do the most good. Too little and desired results will not be achieved, too much and side effects may occur. That is why the help and guidance of a trained professional is required.

What Kind of Doctors Prescribe HGH?

Since this is a specialized branch of medicine, what kind of doctors prescribe HGH injections? Physicians of all types have branched out in this field. Some may be endocrinologists, others may be internists or gynecologists. It doesn’t matter what specialized training or area of medicine a physician was in the past, what matters now is the level of expertise they have in treating hormonal disorders. This expertise is based upon years of study, research, testing, and results. New studies are being released all the time, and our doctors keep up to date with the latest news in the field of hormone replacement. Physicians who prescribe HGH are dedicated to the long term well-being of adults. It is imperative to find ways to keep the body strong and healthy well into the future. The life expectancy has never been longer, extending the amount of time a person has to be a vital, contributing member of society. Maintaining energy, strength, stamina, heart functions, as well as a healthy appearance, has never been more important than it is today.

What Kind of HGH Do Doctors Prescribe?

The over the counter market today is full of all sorts of products that are advertised for weight loss, anti-aging, stronger muscles and bones, improved memory, better sex life, and so much more. People can easily spend thousands of dollars a month purchasing all these products, when in essence, all they need is human growth hormone supplementation. What kind of HGH do doctors prescribe to accomplish all these benefits? After all, the health food and vitamin store shelves are full of products claiming to be HGH. Upon closer examination, these products claim only to release or boost the amount of growth hormone that the pituitary gland secretes. The do not contain any real HGH at all, but are instead just blends of various vitamins, amino acids, and other substances. Their actual properties cannot penetrate the linings of the mouth or nose, and because they are in the form of drops, pills or pellets, or sprays, they are destroyed once they enter the digestive tract. Doctors prescribe HGH injections to correct a growth hormone deficiency. That is the only way to receive the benefits and results that are desired.

How to Get HGH Prescription

There is no need to leave a doctor’s office feeling dejected by the diagnosis of aging. Even though this process is inevitable, it is not a dire life sentence. Vitality is possible at any age, and by learning how to get HGH prescription, it has never been more attainable. The process begins with initial contact, which can be made by telephone or by completing the short contact form on this page. Consultations with Kingsberg HRT Clinic advisors are always complimentary – there are no fees involved for asking questions and receiving answers and guidance. Testing is available at local laboratories nationwide, for easy convenience. Even the actual medication will be delivered straight from a licensed US pharmacy. No worries about contaminated or expired products coming from other countries. Our local HGH doctors take extreme care in the diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency and the determination of the best course of action for treating this condition. Tiredness does not have to be a way of life, but getting results can be!

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