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Pros and Cons of HGH Therapy

Pros and Cons of HGH Therapy

A discussion of the pros and cons of HGH therapy is very important to have if one is going to consider hormone replacement therapy. Each person should know all the facts and understand what is involved in treatment before beginning. Over the years, an incredible amount of praise has been rained upon the whole idea and practice of human growth hormone therapy. Since the discovery of its uses, it has helped people from all over the USA to drastically transform their lives by giving them incredible health and happiness at any age over 30. When used directly in accordance to a legal prescription written by a licensed practitioner, people should only receive positive side effects. The pros of treatment are numerous and speak very loudly to the efficacy of HGH therapy. On most accounts, when treatment is done under medical supervision of a doctor who legally prescribed the medications and dosages to his or her clients, negative side effects do not occur. However, there can be some cons that are not kind to the body if injections are used without being prescribed, bought off the black market or being used due to self-diagnosis and using dosages that have not been recommended by a physician. The pros and cons of growth hormone therapy are not equal, and as stated, cons will hardly ever show when using the correct amount of the right medications. Almost every kind of drug has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and HGH is not an exception to that rule. This very powerful bio-identical substance, which is the master hormone that regulates the growth and development of all cells and tissues in the body, can have side effects like anything else. However, when working with a reputable clinic, it is so rare to hear of a person having negative issues. Before a prescription is given, the specialist will do thorough testing and analysis of those tests before creating a unique and individualized tailor made program for a patient.

Pros and Cons of Growth Hormone Therapy for Adults

There are many reports in the literature about the pros and cons of growth hormone therapy for adults. This is wonderful to keep any prospective client educated and knowledgeable about what they are about to embark upon if they choose to engage in hormone restoration treatment. Most anti aging experts share that the adverse effects from HGH injections are extremely rare when the correct doctor prescribed amount is used. In addition, there will most likely not be any adverse effects when the treatment regimen is medically supervised by a qualified physician. Positive side effects, on the other hand, are plentiful and remarkable.

  • Energy levels that can be higher than they have ever been
  • Sexual libido can soar along with ability to perform and potency
  • Bone density can strengthen greatly to help in avoiding the development of osteoporosis
  • Mental acuity can sharpen giving a person a great memory and the ability to focus better
  • The immune system will strengthen to help one avoid sickness and infection and to help in healing
  • Cholesterol levels can fall into the perfect range, along with triglyceride levels to help minimize the danger of coronary heart failure
  • Eyesight can sharpen
  • Sleep can become more plentiful, deep and restful, bringing a person to healthy R.E.M.
  • Hair can become thicker and grow in more densely as nails grow as well
  • Stronger skin elasticity can help with the appearance of smoother and tighter looking skin with less visible wrinkles
  • Depression can be alleviated

All these benefits of hormone replacement therapy (and there are even many more) are easily attainable when a person listens to the licensed doctor’s prescription and is under complete medical supervision while doing so. Continue reading to find out what can possibly go wrong if a person decides to partake in HRT without a specialist.

What are The Potential Pros and Cons of Taking Human Growth Hormone?

What are the potential pros and cons of taking human growth hormone when a person is not under the care of a qualified specialist in HRT and anti aging? If a person is lucky, he or she will gain some benefits from using HGH injections without medical supervision. However, this is highly advised against by professionals and it is also illegal. Growth hormone medications are controlled substances and need to be given out with a prescription and great care. However, it is impossible to keep people from purchasing injections without a prescription and trying to use them on their own. It has been reported by many sources that negative side effect can occur from the taking of too much growth hormone medication. Often times, if it is purchased from a non-professional facility or person one can experience acromegaly. This medical condition often begins with the overgrowth of the bones in the face and connective tissue. This can lead to an altered appearance as the jaw and eyebrow bones will protrude, according to a well known source. This particular condition can also create abnormal development of the hands and feet and excess growth of hair covering the entire body. In addition, heart, liver and thyroid enlargement has been reported. Although a bit scary to read, it is very important discuss the pros and cons of HGH treatment. Hopefully in reading some of the pretty daunting consequences of the unsupervised use of growth hormone medications, many will think twice before engaging in its usage without a prescription and regulation. Other cons are low blood sugar, which can lead to hypoglycemia and a risk of diabetes or a diabetic coma, liver and kidney failure, edema and jaundice. Heart enlargement has been conveyed as occurring in people due to prolonged and unsupervised use of injections. The heart will cease to pump efficiently, resulting in a lack of oxygen supply to the body cells and tissues. All these negative consequences can be fatal. However, do not be scared away by hormone replacement therapy as a whole, as it can be extremely safe and effective when used correctly. It has changed lives in positive ways for scores of people all across the United States and beyond.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Benefits

What are the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy benefits for those who use HGH injections properly, with a licensed doctor’s prescription and medical supervision? Human growth hormone has a plethora of benefits for the mind and for the body. It is the chief principal hormone in the human body. As it stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans, it keeps the mind and body useful, acute and strong.  When it gets low, somatropin or growth hormone produced by recombinant DNA technology can be used to replace the missing hormones and balance one’s levels. This will help eliminate the symptomatology that is often very destructive to a person’s life. Having been studied and used for decades, there is plenty of literature published in highly respected medical journals as to the numerous benefits of using prescribed injections. Usage can lead to decreased body fat and increased muscle mass. So many people who have been looking to lose weight find it very easy to do while on an HRT program. The weight packs on the body due to a decrease in the speed of one’s metabolism because of the depletion in HGH as the body ages. Increased bone density, improved skin texture, increased sexual functioning, higher energy levels and improved immune system functioning are other benefits of hormone replacement therapy for men and also for women. As far as bone density increasing, the effects of the proper dosages of medication can help to increase calcium retention, which strengthens and increases the mineralization of the bones to help avoid osteoporosis. It stimulates the growth of all of the body’s internal organs – and that includes the brain. People develop greater emotional stability with a much more positive attitude towards their lives and their futures.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Using HGH?

What are the pros and cons of using HGH? If there is an ailment due to the aging process, prescribed growth hormone injections can probably decrease or eliminate the issues in no time at all. These very controlling hormones are major forces to be reckoned with when a person is fighting them, or when they are fighting the depletion process. Without the correct, balanced and leveled out amounts of the hormone, people will feel the effects in all encompassing ways. Men tend to lose their GH much more slowly than women do and symptoms will surface more gradually. Women tend to feel the symptoms more quickly, especially as they reach menopause. However, for both sexes, controlling the ill effects of depleted hormonal levels can be quite easy with many positive effects and few, if any negative reactions when used correctly. Everybody wants to look and feel great. What are the advantages of HGH supplementation via the method of injection? This is a question often asked and a reputable clinic such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic will share openly what the pros and cons of using growth hormone are.  Human growth hormone works by binding to receptors on target cells, activates a second messenger and then stimulates the development and regeneration of tissues and cells. It affects every part of the body and every system of the body. It will affect the body in physical, mental, emotional and sexual ways. Loss of HGH will diminish the optimal functioning of all the systems, leaving behind symptoms that can be either mild or very severe, depending upon the individual person. This is when one will seek out HRT and want to know the hormone replacement therapy pros and cons. Simply put, the benefits of treatment are plentiful, while having any negatives side effects is highly uncommon. Again, that is dependent upon a person getting professionally tested for deficiencies, being diagnosed and prescribed the correct medications and dosages for their individual situation. Testing is simple and hardly time consuming. It consists of blood work to test insulin-like growth factor 1 levels (IGF-1 levels). This has growth-stimulating effects on a wide variety of tissues and will determine whether growth hormone levels are too low not. Human growth hormone has gotten a lot of press for its purported anti aging benefits and its negative side effects (usually only occurring when a person is treated without a diagnosis, prescription or medical supervision) as well. Any person interested in hormone replacement therapy is urged to do their research on the pros and cons of HGH injections before making the decision whether or not HRT is the right thing for them to do or not. Many of the positives and negatives have been discussed herein and have been confirmed as reliable from many different sources and professionals alike.

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