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Testosterone and HGH Therapy

Testosterone and HGH Therapy

One does not have to be in the public eye to want a better body. For everyone, a better body means a better mind, and the desire for health and wellness is inherent in all people. Aging is a part of life that everyone has to deal with and sometimes, dependent on the lifestyle of an individual, the aging process can take a toll on the body and its basic functionality. Another factor of aging is the gradual decrease in the body’s secretion of growth hormone and testosterone (in both men and women); and both play a large part in the daily maintenance of cellular restoration. Testosterone and HGH therapy are methods for helping people achieve the goals of health and wellness by restoring the body’s cellular infrastructure, increasing metabolism in the cells so that they reproduce and rejuvenate nearly every bodily function. With testosterone and HGH therapy, lean muscle mass is restored, fat dissipates, memory can improve and become sharper, sexual drive is increased, and energy and stamina seem to become boundless. Aging no longer means having to slow down. One can live the life he or she lived at the age of 30 well into their 50’s or 60’s or longer!

Is HGH and Testosterone Therapy The Same?

The majority of people have heard of testosterone therapy, yet their knowledge is limited; the general thought process is that testosterone issues are primarily only dealt with in men, and only for issues regarding sexual activity and performance. This is only partly true. Testosterone is produced in both males and females. Yes, more men will have issues with low testosterone than women; however, that is only because a male’s body produces more testosterone than a woman’s body to begin with.  And, yes, testosterone plays a major role in the activities of the libido. Is HGH and testosterone therapy the same? No. Generally speaking, one way to understand the differences between the two might be to consider the difference between electricity and a radio: electricity powers everything in a building, including the radio, but it is the radio that specifically delivers the music. Electricity is a broad and general form of power and needed to supply the radio for one to be able to hear the music, but it is the radio that harnesses the waves to bring the music in. They both contribute to the same outcome, but one in a broader sense than the other. Testosterone and HGH therapy work together, again generally speaking, like electricity and a radio. For a deeper understanding, call Kingsberg HRT Clinic’s expert clinical advisors at the toll-free number located at the top of this page.

Testosterone and HGH Injections

With aging some people, both men and women, will not only have lower levels of growth hormone in the body, but also lower levels of testosterone.  In this case, a physician expert in the field of hormone replacement therapy may also prescribe both testosterone and HGH injections for the optimal results desired by the individual. Combined together they offer fast results in weight loss and muscle building, as well as restoring youthful energy and endurance in all areas. Other benefits of testosterone and HGH therapy include:

  • Reduction of cholesterol levels
  • “Quality” sleep habits
  • Firmer skin with less wrinkles
  • Enhanced libido
  • Thicker, fuller growing hair
  • Improved outlook on life
  • Better resistance to minor illness
  • Speedier recovery from minor illness

…and more!

By helping the body restore lost hormones—essentially the building blocks of the physical system—hormone replacement therapy restores ‘life.’  If it appears that a hormone and/or testosterone deficiency is causing chronic fatigue and a lack of enthusiasm for life, call Kingsberg HRT Clinic and speak to a professional about testosterone and HGH therapy.

HGH and Testosterone Therapy Cost

We live in a world run by the “almighty dollar,” and in a vicious circle … we need money to live, yet need to live to earn it. This definitely puts a higher importance—and higher value—on health and wellness. On the days it is a struggle to get up and go to work, a question arises: Is it all worth it? It really is a terrible feeling to have, a terrible burden to bear, knowing how necessary a job is when it is hard to work up any energy or enthusiasm to actually do it. The symptoms of getting older makes those feelings much worse, when it becomes harder and harder to perform at work when both energy and mental sharpness are compromised. Added to that are the other basic responsibilities of life, like family and home. Thus begins the daily “grind.” Testosterone and HGH therapy are extremely beneficial in restoring the basic energy and mental focus needed to re-awaken interest and peak performance in that oh-so-necessary job. Wellness can be achieved. This brings the circle back to money and HGH and testosterone therapy cost. With all the many products on the internet promising to be the ‘real deal’ in growth hormone and testosterone, it should first be noted that the only safe and legal way to obtain replacement hormones is through a doctor’s prescription. Blood tests will determine whether or not there are deficiencies in growth hormone and testosterone; and those results combined with physical assessment and medical history determine the exact dosage needed.

Is HGH Therapy Better Than Testosterone Therapy?

Sometimes an individual may be prescribed both testosterone and HGH therapy together, depending on their own individual hormone levels. Both have great effectiveness in increasing mental focus and increasing energy. With growth hormone therapy being a more “overall” well-being enhancer, a common question is “Is HGH therapy better than testosterone therapy?” That answer really depends on the needs of the individual being treated, and his or own her levels of deficiency in both growth hormone and testosterone. For men, testosterone greatly reduces the risk of prostate cancer, and for both men and women, it has both anti-inflammatory properties and bone and muscle protection. So, basically, there are a little more specific qualities to testosterone replacement over the more encompassing qualities of HGH. Again, the need for either treatment or both combined is solely based on a patient-specific level. One is not necessarily better than the other; it depends on the hormone levels of each patient. Anti-aging specialists, like those working with Kingsberg HRT Clinic, can administer the necessary tests to determine whether or not there are hormone deficiencies, and which treatment plan will work best.

HGH Therapy vs Testosterone Therapy

Having low growth hormone levels in the body does not have the all the same symptoms as having lower than optimal levels of testosterone. Yes, they both share some of the same symptoms, and HGH alone can have a positive effect on those symptoms of low testosterone, but it won’t fully remedy the issues. Combining the two compounds the maximum effectiveness of each. Testosterone even helps HGH work faster in the body. When comparing HGH therapy vs. testosterone therapy keep this in mind: testosterone and HGH therapy are connected. A decrease in growth hormone causes a decrease in testosterone, and vice versa. Lower than optimal levels of each share common symptoms and side effects. If a patient has already been determined to have deficiencies in growth hormone, his or her doctor should also consider assessing the levels in testosterone. Testosterone and HGH therapy, when working together, speed up the benefits associated with each and have the combined benefit of enhanced body composition.

How Much Does HGH and Testosterone Therapy Cost?

Nobody knows the value of health better than the person who feels his or hers is lacking. Problems concentrating on work, or having the energy to fulfill a job, or even just basic aches and pains that slow a person’s movements can have disastrous repercussions in a career. Who wants to be replaced by the newer, younger intern who has more drive (and therefore, more positive results) and energy? Who wants to worry about being replaced in a job, due to lagging performance? It is not uncommon to hear stories of companies “downsizing” by getting rid of its older employees. Why? It is an accepted belief that the younger person can far out-perform an older employee, in both energy and newer ideas.  This doesn’t have to be the case. Testosterone and HGH therapy can restore that youth, enhance that mental acuity. The 30 year old will be no match for the new and improved 40 and 50 year olds. How much does HGH and testosterone therapy cost? Kingsberg HRT Clinic matches patients with local clinics which will conduct the necessary blood work and physical exams to determine if there are any deficiencies in either growth hormone or testosterone in both men and women. After including consideration for physical condition and family medical history, the doctor can assess the need for replenishment levels for each.

HGH and Testosterone Therapy Results

Governing agencies are very specific in determining the purposes for which HGH Injections can be prescribed, and for the clients at Kingsberg HRT Clinic, that purpose is to restore verified low growth hormone levels. There is a secret to reversing the aging process: keep the body working the exact same way in the later years as it had in the younger years. After the age of 30, the body starts secreting less and less of these hormones gradually. By replacing the ‘lost’ hormones with testosterone and HGH therapy, it becomes as if aging never happened. The sluggishness that slowly creeps in past the age of 30 is replaced by new energy; a failing romance is given new life with an enhanced sex drive; working out becomes less of a “workout” as endurance and stamina is increased. HGH and testosterone therapy results in keeping the body in optimal physical condition, stimulating growth in cells and organs, putting youth back into skin and hair and overall appearance. Cholesterol is reduced, cellulite disappears, daily aches and pains are gone, and healthier sleep patterns are restored. All this combined keeps a person more youthful, no matter what his or her actual age really is!

What is The Difference Between HGH and Testosterone Therapy?

A doctor who’s an expert in regenerative medicine will test for deficiencies in both growth hormone and testosterone knowing the two are linked and share many of the same symptoms and negative side effects, and may prescribe both testosterone and HGH therapy to patients whose blood tests show deficiencies in both. This is one reason why it is very important to choose the right doctor. Most general practitioners have very little experience dealing with hormone levels, and may be quicker to assume treating the symptoms rather than finding the cause. Kingsberg HRT Clinic’s professional clinical advisors are experienced in regenerative medicine and know that certain symptoms are shared by multiple deficiencies or illness and know what to look for before treatment is determined. What is the difference between HGH and testosterone therapy? Both can enhance body composition and libido.  HGH more support to the immune system and cellular regrowth, and testosterone has more anti-inflammatory qualities. Both can stimulate weight loss and the creating of lean muscle mass. Testosterone can actually boost the performance of HGH, as well.

Taking HGH and Testosterone Together

The many benefits of hormone replacement therapy are extensive, and the benefits of taking HGH and testosterone together are far greater than taking either treatment individually. Achieving complete rejuvenation occurs faster with the combination of the two. A few of the many benefits of testosterone and HGH therapy include:

  • Healthier metabolism and heart rate
  • Renewed libido
  • Sharper memory
  • Enhanced mental focus
  • Weight loss
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Greater immunity to illness
  • Stronger bones and joints
  • Faster recovery time after injury or surgery
  • A positive mental attitude
  • More elasticity in skin
  • A better body composition
  • Lower levels of cholesterol
  • Ability to withstand and maintain greater physical activity

Testosterone even acts as a booster to HGH. Optimal body and mind performance is achieved faster when HGH is combined with testosterone. Call the professionals at Kingsberg HRT Clinic, the leading HRT clinic, to make an appointment with an experienced anti-aging doctor, or fill out the “Get Started” application at the bottom of the page. Youth does not have to be wasted on the young any longer!

Can You Take HGH and Testosterone?

An experienced hormone replacement therapy doctor will test both a patient’s growth hormone levels and testosterone levels, knowing that they share many of the same adverse symptoms. If the doctor finds the patient is lacking in both HGH and testosterone, he or she will prescribe treatment for both. Can you take HGH and testosterone? The answer is a resounding YES. In fact, taking the two together will completely rejuvenate the body that much faster, since testosterone aids in speeding up the process of HGH. Faster weight loss, even without a change in activity level or diet or the energy to sustain a regular workout longer, making it more effective. Testosterone and HGH therapy together bring about a faster reversal of the symptoms of aging. Noticeable differences in skin and hair, body shape, and less fatigue are the most immediate changes, followed by an obvious enhanced immunity as patients experience less sickness and more general wellness. Depression is lifted and a sharper, more focused mentality prevails.  Cellular regrowth, rejuvenation of body organs, and better cholesterol levels equal a healthier body and happier mind.

Benefits of HGH and Testosterone Therapy

There’s an oft-used saying, ‘Youth is wasted on the young,’ and it is true. The young do not appreciate the full capacity of what their bodies are capable of, because they know no other way for a body to be.  It isn’t until the start of aging, when those wonderful, youthful qualities start to decline and disappear that appreciation starts. When testosterone and growth hormone levels are not secreted as fast the body seems to slow down, joints ‘creak’ when they are bent, and aches and pains seem to come out of nowhere. Testosterone and HGH therapy replenish and replace hormones that the body loses as aging sets in, giving back that energy, strengthening those joints, and eliminating daily aches and pains. A more youthful attitude is achieved, a newer sense of renewed hope and a looking forward to of the future — especially a younger future!  Body and mind well-being, those are the benefits of HGH and testosterone therapy. Youth does not have to be wasted on the young any longer!

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