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Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

It is an often accepted fact that the human life span can run up to 120 years. Forty years old is no longer considered midlife, and 50 and 60 year olds are no longer considered old. The idea of spending old age sitting on the front porch drinking lemonade and watching the world go by is now outdated. Also outdated is the idea of what “old” really is, or what it really has to be. The signs of aging are a general slowing down of the body. Energy levels are low, health issues are up, libido is failing, skin sags, etc. This is caused when the natural levels of growth hormone, which are produced by the pituitary gland, begin to decline in production in later years. Living a longer life with less “life” in it does not sound very appealing, does it?  Now, there is a convenient way to replenish the natural growth hormone with bio-identical (hormones created to act like natural hormones) hormone therapy. Since growth hormones affect total body composition, the benefits of growth hormone therapy are numerous: lethargy is replaced with a steady energy, daily aches and pains disappear, sexual appetite increases, and skin becomes firmer. Expert clinical advisors serving clients at Kingsberg HRT Clinic are prepared to answer pertinent questions regarding this new lifestyle.

Anti Aging Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

There is a decided look and feel of old age: feeble and frail, slower in action and thought. It’s not uncommon to hear people complaining regularly about feeling old. This is because they remember the energy and excitement of childhood. Oh, to reclaim that!  It is possible now, with the anti aging benefits of growth hormone therapy. Clearly, the reason the energy was there in childhood was due to the body’s production of adequate amounts of growth hormone, which can decline as a person ages. Growth hormone naturally increases body metabolism at the cellular level, restoring skin, hair, joints, mental capacity and energy—these are the remarkable and welcomed benefits of growth hormone therapy. By restoring growth hormone levels to the levels produced at younger ages, optimal well-being can be achieved and maintained at any age! Call the number on this website for more information.

Risks and Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

Weighing the risks and benefits of growth hormone therapy is important. As with any medical treatment—and really everything else in life—moderation is key. This website represents a leading authority on HGH therapy, working with only quality regulated pharmaceutical companies. Patient comfort and safety is as important as patient satisfaction. Experienced doctors, after studying the patient’s medical history and taking blood tests, determine each individual’s need to replenish growth hormone to optimal levels. When treatment is prescribed, monitored and moderated by a licensed physician there are no proven adverse side effects to bio-identical growth hormone therapy. What is gained from the benefits of growth hormone therapy is a new lease on life, a new enthusiasm for each new day. Noticeable improvement in skin texture and hair, combined with more energy and better mental alertness add bounce to the step—and with no joint pain, feel free to skip! Look better, feel younger, live longer with GH replenishment treatment!

Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy in Adults

Ask a child, and they will answer that the best concept about finally being an adult is “being able to do whatever you want to do.”  One thing that never crosses a child’s mind is how different an adult feels from a child. Children are tireless, with mounds of energy. If a child falls he or she gets right back up, wipes the dust off, and moves on without missing a beat. As an adult, that which is most mourned is the loss of that energy. Adults look at children and think, “Where do they get that energy?” That energy comes from growth hormones in the body. Peak production time is during sleep, which children tend to get steady amounts of, and more growth hormone is produced by the body during more of the younger stages of life than later. Benefits of growth hormone therapy are increased metabolism, restructuring and regeneration of cells in the bones and joints, stronger immunity against common ailments, less fatigue, and improved sleeping habits. The benefits of growth hormone therapy in adults, fuller nights of sleep, seemingly boundless amounts of energy, better physical shape, and improved mental attitude culminate in the very real ability to have what children think adults have: “whatever they want”!

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What Are The Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy?

Low levels of growth hormone in the body is responsible for many of the ailments of aging. Chronic fatigue, a foggy mind, depression, high cholesterol, and susceptibility to illness are just a few. Kingsberg HRT Clinic is on the leading edge of HGH therapy treatments, connecting patients with doctors knowledgeable and experienced who know the answers to that important question: what are the benefits of growth hormone therapy, and what is the best way to provide treatment.

  • An increase in muscle mass
  • Faster metabolism
  • Enhanced immunity against most common illnesses, as well as speedier recovery times
  • Weight loss
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Thicker skin with more elasticity and less wrinkles
  • Improved quality of sleep

These are only some of the most often praised benefits of growth hormone therapy. Each one of these benefits singly has a ripple effect on the rest of one’s body and mind that cannot be fully tallied in a mere bullet-list and can only be experienced to fully understand how GH therapy can enhance a total life.

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Therapy for Men

While it is commonly known about menopause and the change women go through at later times in life, less is known about the changes a man goes through. Men do experience hormonal changes, although not quite in the same way women do. Menopause tends to last for a relatively short period of time. The changes men go through, commonly referred to as andropause, are slightly more insidious in the fact that the changes occur gradually over a longer period of time and not noticed all at once. The benefits of human growth hormone therapy for men are most obvious by what men don’t experience after beginning treatment: no more constant fatigue, no more general aches and pains, no more depression, no more of the feeling that life is passing by. Other benefits show in an increased sexual drive, more energy and endurance, less weight gain and more lean muscle mass, and a sharper mental focus. Growth hormone replacement therapy treatment provided by a leading HRT provider like Kingsberg HRT Clinic can effectively erase the symptoms of ten to even twenty years of aging.

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Therapy for Women

Women are well aware of what hormonal fluctuations can do to a female body with having to deal with temporary but regular changes on a monthly basis for roughly half of their lives after the onset of menses. In an ironic twist, though, it goes sometimes unnoticed that the symptoms a woman will experience as she gets older, like chronic fatigue and depression, can stem from lower levels of growth hormone. Mood swings and anxiety are common companions, well-known and often joked about symptoms, to menstruation and the hormonal changes that go along with it. Yet when women get older and experience those symptoms on a more regular basis, they fail to see that the problem could be hormonal and rush out to their primary care providers, who immediately prescribe anti-depressants and sleep aids, when instead they should be checking growth hormone levels to see if low levels of GH are where these issues are stemming from. One of the benefits of human growth hormone therapy is in the medication itself. Bio-identical hormones (hormones created identical to human hormones) are definitely a much safer alternative over the often prescribed synthetic drugs, and they have the potential for more effective results. The benefits of human growth hormone therapy for women show in improved moods, sharper mental focus, even sleeping habits and less weight gain.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Human Growth Hormone?

Considered an anti-aging miracle, the use of injectable growth hormone treatments is becoming well-known. What are the benefits of taking human growth hormone? An enhanced way of life, for starters. The restoration of youthful vigor, the rejuvenation in outward appearance when skin is noticeably firmer with a healthy glow, an improved outlook on life, more energy, less pain, more endurance. A new excitement to life. Waking up ready for the day after a night of quality sleep. These benefits will be experienced in every facet of life; in the energy and improved attitude for work, and the sustained energy for play. Better sleeping habits, better night’s sleep that allow a person to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Free and easy physical movement without joint pain. All of these add up to not only a healthier outlook on life, but the actuality of a better life. A simple phone call to Kingsberg HRT Clinic and conversation with a knowledgeable clinical advisor can provide answers to any and all questions one might have about human growth hormone replenishment therapy and the benefits of such treatment.

Benefits and Side Effects of Growth Hormone Treatment

Longevity and a happier, healthier quality of life are the main benefits of growth hormone therapy. GH replenishment therapy adds life to years, most notably in the increase in energy experienced almost immediately at the start of treatment. Soon into treatment patients experience physical changes in the skin and hair and reduction of weight in the midsection. When optimal levels of growth hormone are replenished, the years of gradual decline melt away. Kingsberg HRT Clinic’s physician prescribes treatment on a patient-specific level, after careful examination of blood test, medical history and physical exams and monitor the progress of each patient being treated. Studies have shown no adverse side effects of bio-identical injectable hormone therapy when prescribed and monitored by an expert physician. Yes, beginning any type of medical treatment is a cause for concern for many. Getting answers to questions about the benefits and side effects of growth hormone treatment is easy; speak to an expert at Kingsberg HRT Clinic.

Metabolic Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

Bio-identical hormone therapy stimulates cellular metabolism. Regeneration of the cells at the base level translates into improved immune functions, stronger joints (fewer aches and pains), faster recovery time from surgery. These are many of the metabolic benefits of growth hormone therapy. Each human body rejuvenates itself faster and more effectively from the inside; the HGH injections keep the cells regenerating and functional at the source, improving heart function and body composition. Optimal production or supplementation of growth hormone can eliminate depression, lower cholesterol, deplete fat stores in the body and encourage lean muscle mass. The body heals itself faster from common illnesses. Hair grows in healthier and skin’s elasticity is restored, erasing years of puffy skin on the face and the wrinkles around the eyes. The need for other remedies such as sleep aids, anti-depressants, painkillers and energy boosters is eliminated. Experts in these local clinics can arrange for testing and prescriptions from a physician experienced in growth hormone therapy. Get started by calling the number at the top of the screen.

What Are The Specific Benefits Of Human Growth Hormone?

Naturally produced human growth hormone provides the starting point for abundant regeneration of cells and growth, helping to maintain the tissue of the kidneys, brain and other vital organs. With age can come the decline or reduction of naturally produced GH. The benefits of growth hormone therapy lie in the bio-identical makeup of the medication; the hormone created is identical to the body’s own natural hormone, and the body treats it and reacts to it as such. What are the specific benefits of human growth hormone? Bio-identical hormones regenerate body organs and tissue at the basal level in the cells, speeding up cell growth and metabolism. This in turn leads to healthier organs, increases of energy, enhanced stamina and sex drive, an even temperament, a boost in the strength of the immune system, improvement of skin texture, and healthier bones and joints. These benefits even speed up healing time after an illness or surgery. The benefits of growth hormone therapy can lower cholesterol and ease depression as well, reducing and even eliminating the need for prescribed, synthetic cholesterol medications and anti-depressants. Quality of one’s life is improved by the lessening of aches and pains, and it is as if the clock has been turned back ten to twenty years when growth hormones are replenished to optimal levels.

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