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Is HGH Therapy Safe?

Is HGH Therapy Safe

When a person walks into a doctor’s office for a face lift or tummy tuck, there is always a concern of safety. Undergoing anesthesia is a scary proposition, and germs can run rampant in hospitals. That is why many people ask is HGH therapy safe as an alternative to bring about a more youthful appearance, as well as to accomplish some weight loss. The answer here is yes; human growth hormone injections are the safest, most effective way of restoring a younger looking appearance, and bringing about desired changes to the body overall. There is no need to resort to bariatric surgery, liposuction, or even hair replacement, as all these areas can be addressed by receiving treatment for changing hormone levels. Imagine going to a carnival and a man inside a booth offers to guess weight or age. This can be a frightening thought for anyone who is not happy about the state of their body. Having to step on a scale in public, or hearing an age that is older than what appears on a driver’s license may win a prize, but it will not leave a person feeling good about how they look in the long run. HGH injections have been safely and successfully used for decades to treat children with short stature, and enable them to reach their proper adult height. They have also accomplished incredible results for both men and women nationwide who are diagnosed with adult growth hormone deficiency. This is a very real, and potential serious condition. Heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes are just some of the risks involved when GH levels become lower than what the body needs for optimum functioning.

How Safe is Growth Hormone Therapy?

How safe is growth hormone therapy in comparison to other methods of accomplishing the same goals? To better understand this subject, it must first be explained that HGH injections are not used for only one type of result. The condition that this medication treats is known as growth hormone deficiency. When this occurs, numerous types of changes can take place in the adult body. On their own, each of these signs or symptoms can be treated in its own unique way. A person facing a head of grey hair can easily turn to hair dye to correct this issue. The risk factor here is that many commercial hair coloring products have dangerous chemicals that can ruin the hair, as well as the possibility of containing cancer causing agents. Research is still going back and forth on this subject. Is HGH therapy safe for women to use in place of traditional estrogen treatment that can increase the risk of blood clots, stroke, and breast cancer? The answer here is an emphatic yes! Many women suffer through the weight gain, hot flashes, mood swings, depression, memory loss, weakened bones, and other side effects of menopause rather than deal with the more dangerous risks associated with estrogen therapy. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) specialists know that both HGH treatment and testosterone cream are safe alternatives for women in getting rid of the unwanted effects of menopause. When the proper dosage is prescribed by a doctor who specializes in HRT, a complete and total transformation back to a happy and productive life is possible. What about men in the middle of Andropause? That is the term for the changes a male will go through with the passing of years and the decreasing of certain chemicals that they need for optimum health and well-being. Is HGH therapy safe for men to use, as well? Again, the answer is yes. Just as with women, men can also face loss of lean muscle mass, weight gain, depression, memory concerns, and more. Even worse is the possibility of erectile dysfunction and other libido issues. If growth hormone levels are low, raising them to the proper state with doctor prescribed HGH treatment is the best way to proceed. This will allow the body to return to a state of homeostasis for overall well-being and vitality.

Are HGH Injections Safe to Use Around Children?

There are some types of hormone replacement that require specific care to be used around children and even other adults. Are HGH injections safe to use around young children? Because this medication is administered via injection into the body, there is no risk of cross contamination as with other forms of therapy. There are concerns when using testosterone cream and estrogen gel or cream that a child or other person could inadvertently come into contact with the treated area. Estrogen therapy brings serious risks of that due to the large area that must be treated – an entire arm. Testosterone cream is rubbed into an extremely small area, and can easily be covered up by a sleeve, reducing the risk to others. Care is required with this treatment, in order to ensure that any risk is eliminated. No such risks are associated with the use of HGH injectable therapy. A used needle container is provided with all orders, to ensure proper and safe disposal after administration of the medication. This makes human growth hormone therapy a safe choice for use by parents who have been diagnosed with low chemical levels that need to be corrected.

Is Growth Hormone Treatment Safe for Long Term Use?

The average duration for first time users of human growth hormone therapy is six months. During this time, the body will experience many incredible changes. Externally the benefits are astounding. Possible hair regrowth, hair thickening, the return of natural hair color, skin tightening, reduction of wrinkles and sagging, and even stronger nails are seen as a result of increasing the GH level in the body to its natural state. Is growth hormone treatment safe for long term use beyond the original six months? There are many people who choose to continue their therapy long term because they love the results they see and how they feel. From time to time, additional blood tests will be ordered by the doctor, to determine if the dosage prescribed is still adequate for each person’s needs. This continual monitoring by our medical staff ensures safety and efficacy of treatment for both long term and short term users of HGH therapy. Both men and women have reported excellent results in the areas of weight loss, bone strengthening, improved muscle mass, increased energy, improved cognitive functions, increased immune functions, and more. How long is it safe to take HGH after the initial six months? At this time, there have been no complications of any type found for people who use it long term. Many adults have safely used these injections for years without any adverse reactions or side effects of any type.

Side Effects of HGH

Speaking of adverse reactions, are there any side effects of HGH that one should be concerned with noticing? The rare occasion when a side effect is noticed is usually due to a person receiving a higher dosage than what their body requires. This will happen if the prescribing doctor is not familiar with HRT. That is why it is never recommended to ask a doctor who does not specialize in this therapy, to prescribe it as a treatment. Determining the proper dosage for each individual requires specific knowledge and experience. That is the same reason why it is never a good idea to order HGH shots from overseas companies that do not require prescriptions. There is no way to know what dosage to order that will be beneficial as opposed to dangerous. On the rare occasion that a side effect does appear, lowering the dosage under the care of a doctor will usually correct the problem and provide benefits in a safe and legal manner. Ensuring that an HGH safe dosage is always prescribed is something that our doctors at Kingsberg HRT Clinic take very seriously. Extreme care goes into the review of each person’s medical file, to determine the best treatment options available. Every member of our medical staff is experienced in all areas of hormone replacement and can answer any questions in an informative and understandable manner.

Is HGH Safe to Use for Athletes and Bodybuilders?

There have been numerous press reports of athletes who attempt to use hormone therapy of different types in hopes to increase their energy or strength. Is HGH safe to use for athletes and bodybuilders in this manner? This is where the answer is no! The use of human growth hormone in the sports world is forbidden. The only time this medication should be used is when an actual deficiency is present in the body. Any other use is considered to be foolish and risky behavior. When HGH is introduced where it is not required, the pituitary gland will receive signals to halt its own natural production of this vital substance. That will require the individual to remain on this supplementation long term just to reach adequate levels. It will more than likely also bring about negative side effects such as carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle and joint pains, and possibly even diabetes and high cholesterol. Even though HGH is used for increasing lean muscle mass, bone density, and endurance, it is not a sports or strength enhancer. Its sole purpose is to restore balance in the body so that natural functions can take over. Under no circumstances will our doctors prescribe HGH injections to athletes, bodybuilders, or anyone under the age of thirty.

Is it Safe to Buy HGH Online?

Most people are familiar with going to their doctor when something is wrong, and then walking out of the office with a prescription in hand that will then be taken directly to the local neighborhood pharmacy. Is it safe to buy HGH online from companies such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic? How does this procedure even work in the first place? These are important questions to ask. We are a medical clinic that is overseen by doctors with years of experiencing in the field of hormone replacement. As a matter of fact, our physicians probably have more experience than those popping up in shopping centers across the US. Doctors that advertise as anti-aging specialists are jumping on a bandwagon that focuses in one area – restoring youth. That is a benefit of HGH treatment, not the ultimate purpose of it. When a person is experiencing this particular chemical deficiency, all areas of their life may be affected. Low energy, reduced stamina, poor focus, depression, and memory issues can put livelihood at risk. Low productivity on the job, or even mistakes can result in termination. Increasing GH levels with bioidentical human growth hormone can restore the balance that will ultimately result in a renewed sense of youthfulness. It is crucial to work with a doctor that is focusing on the entire well-being of the body, and not just appearance. What makes a clinic such as ours a safe place to buy HGH online? The experience of our entire medical staff is the first benefit, the caring concern is next, followed by our commitment to customer satisfaction at all times. All consultations take place over the phone, so our clients never feel rushed that another person is waiting to speak with someone in the next room. Blood tests and physical exams can be scheduled at local laboratories and clinics, which make it easy to accomplish no matter where in the US a person lives. Even the medical history questionnaire can be filled out through our secure server online. Once the doctor completes the medical file review, an accurate diagnosis can be made, and a prescription can be forwarded to one of our advisors to discuss with each person. All medication is filled and shipped from licensed and regulated US pharmacies. That is how this medication can be purchased safely online.

A Final Word on the Safety of Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy in Adults

There are always many methods of accomplishing the same thing. A wrinkle free face can come from plastic surgery, Botox, or HGH injections. Increased lean muscle mass can be a product of extreme workouts or restoring hormonal balance in the body. Weight loss can be the result of dieting, surgery, liposuction, starvation, high intensity exercise, or providing the metabolism with the tools it needs to work efficiently. The list can go on and on. Starvation is not healthy. Surgery is risky. The safety of growth hormone replacement therapy in adults has been proven through numerous studies and results seen across the country. Our staff is here to answer any questions about how a GH deficiency affects the body, the symptoms to look for, and the benefits that can come from receiving the right treatment protocol that has been individually prescribed based solely on the needs of each person. Please contact us today with any questions about this subject.

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