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Cost of HGH Therapy

Cost of HGH Therapy

HGH therapy can add years to a life as well as adding “life” to years. An enhanced quality of life in career, love and play is nothing one can put a price on. What is the value of a good night’s sleep? How important is it to have clear focus on the job? Can monetary value be put on low cholesterol levels and healthy heart and lung function? When considering the cost of HGH therapy it is important to consider the cost of not having optimal levels of growth hormone: lack of energy to perform the most mundane tasks, yearly weight gain, sore joints, higher cholesterol, and depression. The many over the counter ‘fixes’ purchased to relieve symptoms of aging like painkillers, anti-depressants, energy drinks and even face creams can be eliminated, thereby reducing the cost of HGH therapy. However, only a licensed physician can prescribe true, bio-identical growth hormones, and they can only be prescribed for those who qualify for treatment by having a confirmed and verified growth hormone deficiency. Bio-identical hormones act like the body’s own natural hormones and serve the exact functions. Only after testing the patient’s blood levels, and factoring in physical examination results and medical history, is the physician able to assess the proper dosage and treatment needs for optimal results. Kingsberg HRT Clinic, a true state-of-the-art institution specializing in age management, puts the patient in touch with the right physician, experienced in growth hormone therapy treatment.  Take the first step towards a new life by filling out the medical profile on this page!

Cost of HGH Injections for Weight Loss

Catch a few minutes of television or scan the magazine rack, and one can see that obesity is big business. People may wonder about the cost of HGH Injections for weight loss, but that is not the primary reason for them being prescribed by doctors. However, it may be a happy added result to restoring dangerously depleted growth hormone levels. The World Health Organization (WHO) has assessed that the weight loss market in the United States is now estimated to have reached over $60 billion and rising daily.  Most of the money spent in this area is not even “one-shot” deals like liposuction, or some type of gastro-intestinal restrictive surgery, but on items used on a daily basis: gym memberships, artificial sweeteners, diet drinks, diet and low-calorie foods, appetite suppressants, and diet pills.  These are but a few of the costs incurred for weight loss, and the majority are for weight loss only, and not about rejuvenating sagging skin after the weight is gone or increasing muscle mass and strengthening the density in bones and joints. The cost of HGH injections for weight loss by comparison is quite minimal, because HGH injections do so much more for the body than just deplete fat stores.  HGH injections thicken the skin and improve elasticity as well as aid in weight loss, and contributes to the gain of lean muscle mass over fat. This eliminates additional purchases of skin-firming products, extra time at the gym, and even the newer lines of clothing aimed at keeping sagging skin ‘contained’. With added benefits of weight loss and improved muscle and joint tone from growth hormone injectable therapy, the competition in the weight-loss market is rendered insubstantial, ineffective, and a waste of money. The reduction and elimination alone of sub-standard treatments, procedures and products more than covers the cost of HGH therapy.

Average Cost of HGH Therapy

There is no such thing as an average cost of HGH therapy, since there are many determining factors. An individual’s hormonal makeup is as unique as a snowflake or fingerprint, with many environmental and genetic influences. A patient’s blood level measurements, medical history and current physical condition as well as desired results of growth hormone treatment determine the cost of HGH therapy per individual. The current lifestyle versus the lifestyle desired, the patient’s current weight and health issues all play a role in the assessment of individual need for growth hormone injections.  Everybody suffers the symptoms of aging and decline of hormone levels at different rates and different degrees of severity, and the differing ages of each patient matter as well.  The treatment schedule that allows a 60 year old man to live his optimal life with energy and enhanced sexual drive may not be the same as the 45 year old woman whose age-related and growth hormone-related issues have more to do with weight gain, depression, and skin problems. Talking with an expert in the field of hormone replacement therapy, like the physicians affiliated with Kingsberg HRT Clinic, can shed a little more light on the subject of the cost of HGH therapy, however it is not until actual examinations and tests are done on a patient and the dosage and treatment needs assessed can the exact cost be totaled.

How Much Does HGH Therapy Cost?

While HGH Therapy is never prescribed by Kingsberg HRT Clinic doctors for cosmetic or other forms of enhancement, those who qualify for treatment by having a dangerously low level of growth hormone will find many other benefits accompany this therapeutic program. How much does HGH therapy cost? Well, consider this perspective. How much does the average American spend on over-the-counter weight loss pills and appetite suppressants? How much money is spent on undergarments that hide and reform a person’s body shape? How much money is spent on mail-order meal programs and gym memberships? Artificial sweeteners? Expensive face creams, specialty skin and hair products? Add to that how much money is spent on mood-stabilizing anti-depressants. People would be surprised at how much money they spend daily in their quest to hold off the aging process, or eliminate the symptoms of it. How much does HGH therapy cost? HGH therapy alone has been proven more effective in weight loss, body rejuvenation, restoring of sagging skin and dulling hair, even increasing energy levels and staving off depression. The cost of HGH therapy is offset by the elimination of so many other daily products, rituals and treatments and has been proven far more effective and safe than all of them combined. Fill in the medical profile or call the toll-free number on this website for the leading HRT clinic, Kingsberg HRT Clinic, and talk with a professional who knows the ins and out of growth hormone therapy treatment who can help determine the individual need for replenishment of growth hormones through blood testing and examination of each patient. Kingsberg HRT Clinic helped thousands of people gain independence, confidence and a renewed excitement and interest in their own personal futures. Getting older is not an option; feeling older is!

How Expensive is HGH Therapy?

Bio-identical human growth hormone replacement therapy has been called a wonder drug in the anti-aging market, replacing the need for so many different types of creams, pills, treatments and foods alone. All by itself, HGH therapy rejuvenates the body by regenerating cellular metabolism which in turn branches out into so many other benefits like weight loss, enhanced immunity, a sharper focus, increased sex drive and so much more. How expensive is HGH therapy? Look back ten years and tally the personal amount of money spent trying to look and feel younger, or to feel physically better, or happier, or thinner including prescription medications like heart and cholesterol medications and anti-depressants. Even with rough estimates the amount would be staggering. Although the actual cost of HGH therapy cannot be determined by anyone other than a licensed physician under strict guidelines, it is already easy to guess the amount of money saved when so many other products and regimens are removed from a daily routine. HGH has even been proven to speed the body’s healing mechanism; patients have reported up to a 50% reduction in healing time from illness and injury. Regenerating the body at the cellular level affects all major organ function. Joint tissue and bone density is improved. Also, too, the benefit of looking and feeling younger and better overall add so much more value to each new day!

Cost of Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy

With new studies proving that humans are in fact living longer lives, there is a desire to find the fastest and most effective way of improving the quality of life as people age. Retirement age is no longer looked upon as the time to sit back and relax, in fact, many people are now going back to work after official retirement. This changes the game in how people take care of themselves in general, as well as how differently they look at the future. Rocking chairs are out; having a life is in. There is a newer feeling that ‘there is time’ to do and try new things, and people want to ensure that they are in the best possible shape to make that all happen. As with any new item, product or treatment, the cost of growth hormone replacement therapy is a concern. It is proven that GH therapy improves the quality of life and longevity. Giving an individual back the sustainable energy had at ten or twenty years prior in life is an amazing gift, and one that cannot be given a price tag.  That alone translates into so many other possibilities in career, relationships, and life in general. And that is only one way that growth hormone replacement therapy can improve the quality of life. What that adds to a lifestyle, even without the other benefits that go hand in hand with GH therapy more than make up for the cost of HGH therapy.

What Is The Cost of Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

Life has changed in so many ways over the last 50 years.  Technology has come an amazingly long way, even if hovercrafts are still not the normal method of transportation.  The growth in technology has changed the job market considerably.  Men and women are not going to school and learning only how to work in a factories, or stay home and run households.  The idea of just one career for life is also becoming outdated; the new life span of a career is roughly 8 years. Single-income family households are also now a thing of the past, and it is not uncommon for one person to work more than one job at a time, and to work later in life. This has caused in increase in concern about aging, and aging well enough to play an active role in later years. GH therapy is by far the most effective and cost-effective method of guaranteeing wellness past the age of thirty, when human growth hormone levels can begin to decline. Growth hormones play a significant part in the body’s ability to rejuvenate itself and arm itself against infections and illness.  What is the cost of growth hormone therapy? This can only be determined by a licensed physician, as the individual needs of hormonal replenishment are patient-specific.  Every body is different; every body has been through different situations, illnesses, climates, lifestyles, histories, and has different physiological and genetic makeups. The cost of HGH therapy is as individual as every person. 

HGH Replacement Therapy Cost

People work hard for their money, and want to make sure that it goes toward worthwhile endeavors. Many would be surprised, though, at how much money is wasted on unnecessary and/or ineffective programs and products.  Growth hormone therapy has the real serious potential of reducing or even eliminating many unnecessary expenses. HGH replacement therapy cost is first assessed by and expert physician, like the physicians affiliated with Kingsberg HRT Clinic, after testing the patient’s blood, a physical examination, review of the patient’s medical history and determination of current level of growth hormone along with the desired range hoping to be achieved.  The physician will only then prescribe a dosing treatment with a specified duration.  Careful monitoring of the patient’s progress may cause ‘tweaking’ to the routine, but from there the cost of HGH therapy is fairly well set.  It is up to the individual from then on to determine the cost-effectiveness of choosing the many benefits of HGH therapy over other products that may promise to enhance a great change in lifestyle, but don’t deliver.

How Much Does Growth Hormone Cost?

Imagine jump-starting a flagging career, and speeding by co-workers in job performance. Imagine waking up in the morning, feeling refreshed and looking forward to going to work … and then imagine having a fulfilling career and going home to enjoy quality time with the family. Playing football with the kids. Playing football with the grandchildren. Learning a new skill or hobby. Venturing out and exploring the world. Does that sound like a dream? That dream can be reality. Growth hormone replenishment therapy is only available to those who have a verified deficiency as determined by blood tests and medical examination. However, if this applies, then this remarkable therapy also delivers on its promise of an enhanced lifestyle by giving a person back the energy, drive and ambition had at the age of 30! People over the age of 30 who are experiencing a subtle decline in their quality of life because of flagging hormonal levels are given a second chance to be young again from the many benefits of GH therapy: more energy, more sexual drive, increased muscle mass, stronger bones, weight loss, clearer and sharper thinking, and a more positive attitude. How much does growth hormone cost?  Compare the cost of treatment to the price paid living half a life. One person’s depression and mood swings can wreck a family unit (and cost thousands of dollars in medications and therapy). Lack of romantic interest or inability to perform sexually can ruin a relationship or marriage. Loss of focus and mental clarity can kill a career. Unhealthy heart function can land a person in the hospital. Actual cost of HGH therapy is patient-specific. The dosage for treatment and the duration of treatment can only be prescribed by a physician, one who has studied the patient’s medical past, current physical condition and personal levels of naturally produced growth hormone.

Cost of HGH Therapy for Men

Although in our American society, men are seemingly allowed to ‘age gracefully,’ there are still many symptoms of aging men would choose to be different. Yes, character lines in the face and slightly graying hair at the sideburns may be considered elegant or distinguished, but a ‘spare tire’ around the middle, lack of energy and strength, and an inhibited libido are certainly not thought to be enviable qualities. Let’s face it, no man wants to admit to growing older. The cost of HGH therapy for men is in giving up that extra weight around the middle, losing the desire for frequent naps and giving up solo time for quality time spent with that significant other. What is that worth?  GH therapy boosts energy and sustains those energy levels. Sometimes it seems the hardest exercise is working up the motivation and ability to get up and get started. Self-discipline is enhanced by the positive attitude towards being active. Treatment enhances the desire for socialization and keeps romantic interest afloat. The actual financial cost of HGH therapy can only be assessed by a licensed provider, like those with Kingsberg HRT Clinic, the leading HRT medical facility. The physician will determine the replenishment dosage based on the individual’s own bioavailable levels of growth hormone alongside of the desired levels required for optimal results. A review of the patient’s lifestyle, medical history and current physical condition also affect the duration of dosage.  Call the number at the top of the page to speak to an advisor at Kingsberg HRT Clinic right now!

Cost of HGH Therapy for Women

Mood swings and weight gain.  As if this isn’t something women have had to deal with for most of their lives (once a month for many years), having to deal with these same issues with aging seems unfair. Declining levels of growth hormone produced in the body can greatly affect a woman’s mental attitude and outlook, as well as add weight that seems to be impossible to get rid of in certain areas of the body. A few of the many benefits of GH therapy for women have to do with reducing mild depression, or a general sense of malaise, and chronic fatigue, and depleting those fat stores in the body contributing to lean muscle mass gain.  The cost of HGH therapy for women is decided first by a physician after accounting for natural GH levels present, a physical exam, and careful review of the individual’s medical history. The cost of HGH therapy is minimized greatly by the reduction in necessity of such things as weight-control meal plans, energy boosters and even quite possibly anti-depressants and mood stabilizers. HGH therapy also helps increase production of serotonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine. There are many other benefits of growth hormone therapy, including improved, thickened skin that has less wrinkles and is more radiant and translucent. Fuller, healthier hair grows in, and hair regrowth is enhanced. How many beauty products can be eliminated by those benefits of human growth hormone replacement therapy alone? Again, this program is never prescribed for cosmetic enhancement or weight loss alone, but those can be welcomed side benefits to doctor prescribed HGH injections taken to reverse a serious deficiency in growth hormone levels. Turn back the clock and call Kingsberg HRT Clinic now!

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