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Dangers and Benefits Of HGH Injections and Effects on Quality of Sleep

HGH Dangers And Benefits

More and more studies are beginning to show how a lack of sleep can negatively affect one’s body and lives. Many of these people, however, are starting to wonder how much of that could be contributed to a deficiency of another kind. Patients are beginning to look into HGH dangers and benefits as they begin to make these connections. Recently in the news, many articles have been published noting that not getting high quality rest affects various parts of a person’s life. Some of these articles have made many bold claims, including that it is destroying the lives of the people affected, but as these people look at the symptoms, they are starting to notice the similarity between those lacking sleep and those with low growth hormone levels in their bodies. They are also starting to make the realization that often HGH causes a person to not get as much sleep as they need. At first glance, this could prove to be a ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg’ situation, but what is becoming apparent to most professionals studying this topic is that growth hormone deficiency is more than likely the root to the current problems. Before someone completely immerses themselves into how the body is affected by human growth hormone and if the medication is dangerous or not, they should understand how this medication works. Did you know a prescription is required to receive this medication? That a blood test is the only way to receive this medication? Or that growth hormone is chemical that is naturally produced by the body?

What Is Human Growth Hormone and How Does it Benefit the Body?

There are indeed many questions involved with starting any new type of medication or treatment and a human growth hormone therapy doesn’t prove any different. The biggest concern that people have involves human growth hormone risks and benefits. They want to know how it will affect their body and what can they expect during their treatment. It is important to understand how growth hormone affects the body in the first place and how a deficiency affects one’s overall health. Growth hormone deficiencies affect many different parts of the body from physical decline, to mental well being, and even emotional instability. This is because growth hormone is a product of the body which regulates many functions of the body and plays a large role in allowing cells in the body to reproduce and to repair themselves, as well. When the body cannot properly carry out these functions, the health of the person slowly starts to decline. Generally, the benefits of human growth hormone significantly improves health in a noticeable way, especially when you understand the spectrum of deficiency symptoms. There is a long list of problems that arise when there is a lack of this essential hormone including:

  • Weight gain
  • Decline in muscle mass and bone density
  • Slower functioning metabolism
  • Poorly functioning immune system
  • Decline in memory and cognitive functions
  • Depression and emotional instability
  • Poor heart health and higher cholesterol levels

These are only a handful of the symptoms associated with human growth hormone deficiencies … there are so many more. All of these symptoms tend to make people feel like their life is just dragging on. When the body starts to be brought back to a natural level of growth hormone, these symptoms slowly start to go away, and the patient slowly begins to get their life back.

What Are The Risks Of Sleep Deprivation And How Can HGH Be Beneficial?

So, how exactly is this connection made between HGH and sleep deprivation? As these many articles about sleep deprivation often list many of the same symptoms are similar to growth hormone deficiencies. More and more people are looking at what are the benefits of human growth hormone, and realizing that it is possible that their problems really lie in not having enough growth hormone present in their blood. Lack of sleep has a list just as large as growth hormone deficiencies, these symptoms include:

  • Weight gain (studies show that people with less sleep have a greater risk of obesity by at least 30%)
  • Memory and cognitive issues
  • Higher levels of stress
  • Reduced immune system
  • Homeostasis (regulation of body temperature) interruption
  • Increased risk of stroke or heart attack

Similarly to human growth hormone a decreased amount of sleep also has many more side effects than the ones listed above. The combination of these symptoms often proves to be dangerous and over time can build up and affect a person significantly, just as a GH deficiency can. Considering how simple it is to diagnose a deficiency in growth hormone, it becomes clear that the human growth hormone benefits clearly out weight the dangers and how greatly it can affect some one’s life. All of these various side effects can easily be broken down and explained. For example, when the body does not get enough sleep it starts to produce larger amounts of cortisol, which as described by Forbes, is the stress hormone. As there is more stress hormone in the body, it begins to affect other parts of the body. When the levels of cortisol start to rise, the immune system begins to decline significantly. Not only that, but cortisol attacks collagen in the skin which causes wrinkled to show. Less sleep causes metabolism to slow which often means weight is harder to lose making belly fat more apparent. The University of Rochester’s research on the brain and on sleep has shown that when a person gets enough rest it allows the brain to break down toxic proteins that otherwise remain in the brain. When there is an insignificant amount of rest present these toxic chemicals causes the brain to decline in mental capabilities such as cognition and memory loss.

Is It Safe To Use Human Growth Hormone To Improve Sleep Quality?

It is apparent that the side effects of both health issues are mostly the same. There are very few differences between poor quality sleep and growth hormone deficiency, and it is very possible for one to cause the other. Often people raise a brow at the idea of using HGH for anything, this is common because there is a misconception around growth hormone treatment in human aging benefits and risks. Most often these people do not understand how exactly growth hormone works, but they were told that it has been abused for various reasons. Although there are people out there who do abuse growth hormone and use it illegally, and in some cases sell it illegally too, it is still a valuable and important drug. As long as a blood test has been performed and a valid prescription has been written by a qualified physician, growth hormone is not only extremely safe, but it can be very efficient at treating sleep disturbances and making a positive change in one’s life. In simple words, it is safe to use human growth hormone as long as it is prescribed to you and you are being monitored by a medical professional. Due to the nature of growth hormone injections, just as it is possible for levels of growth hormone to be too low, it is also possible for levels of growth hormone to become too high. It is always possible that side effects will pop up when using HGH injections. These risks are why it is important that a prescription is written in the patient’s name to receive HGH injections. It is important to stay in contact with the doctor who writes these prescriptions so if any issues arise they can be handled promptly.

What Does HGH Specifically Do To Benefit The Body And Sleep Issues?

Once the basics of various sleep issues and HGH therapy are covered, it is pretty simple to sit back and understand how these two relate with each other. It is obvious that they are similar, but what are the specific benefits of human growth hormone, and how do they help the side effects of sleep deprivation? Simply put the there are many benefits to human growth hormone including:

  • Increased amount of memory and focus
  • Higher self-esteem, lessened feelings of depression and emotional stability
  • Better libido and sexual function
  • Reduced levels of stress
  • Better heart rate and lower cholesterol levels
  • A smaller chance of heart attack or stroke (due to lower cholesterol levels)
  • Better immune system function
  • Quicker recovery from wounds and illness
  • Stronger nails and hair
  • Weight loss even without diet or exercise
  • Better cellulite and better looking skin.
  • Increased muscle mass and bone density

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Possibly the most important benefit of taking human growth hormone, and the one that affects sleep deprivation the most, is the ability to have quality sleep. Human growth hormone deficiencies often cause the body to receive lower amounts of sleep. When the body begins to receive more growth hormone, one of the first ways that it responds is by getting better quality sleep. People who use human growth injections tend to get more hours of sleep. They also report having a more restful sleep. The national sleep society has reported that less than half of Americans get the amount of sleep necessary for proper functioning. It could be possible that this half of the population need to learn the dangers of not taking HGH injections, and how not using this important hormone is causing their bodies to not receive the rest that it needs. It is encouraged for all adults to receive at least six to nine hours of sleep to recover the necessary amount each night and to avoid damaging the body more. The fact that an adequate level of human growth hormone allows the body to receive a greater amount of sleep is what causes people to question if not getting enough sleep the cause of their problems or if not getting enough sleep is a side effect of not having enough growth hormone.

These aren’t the only health benefits of HGH human growth hormone that are affected by sleep. Getting more sleep can definitely lessen different side effects such as moodiness, weight gain and poor heart health, however, it is hard for the body to continue to recover and make large amounts of progress if a growth hormone deficiency is still present. Growth hormone injections allow for the body to continue healing. Wikipedia lists a handful of different things that stimulates the body to naturally create growth hormone. Some of these items include after large amounts of exercise, fasting and after deep sleep. When the body goes through somatopause (starts producing less amounts of growth hormone), it not only does not create as much growth hormone on its own, but it also has a tendency of being unable to have those moments in which greater amounts of growth hormone are created. Aging adults, who use growth hormone, often learn the risks and benefits and see that many of their problems may relate back to not creating enough growth hormone naturally. A lessened amount of growth hormone causes the body to not get enough rest, and thus not be able to create bursts of growth hormone. Energy and stamina also decrease as the body produces less growth hormone. This lack of energy does not make it easy for anyone to participate in the vigorous exercise that also creates growth hormone. These two could also easily go hand in hand. As the body gets less rest, it cannot generate enough energy to perform any amounts of exercise.

Just as it is important to know the benefits of growth hormone injections, knowing the dangers of taking HGH is also extremely important to understand. Human growth hormone is an injection type that occasionally causes problems to arise. Every person is different, and there are some people who are just not meant to take HGH injections. It is advised to not start a growth hormone deficiency if there are underlying issues such as cancer of any type, liver or kidney disease, or diabetes. These are all issues that can become worse for certain people when taking HGH injections. By providing a medical history form to our doctor, we provide the best way to avoid risks and enjoy the benefits that go along with human growth hormone. Creditable doctors, such as the local doctors at Kingsberg HRT Clinic, always check the patient’s medical history to be certain that they are avoiding any issues that may arise from HGH injections. Another way to avoid risk in getting human growth hormone is to buy them only from doctors who sell injections with a prescription. Any places that do not require a prescription are potentially dangerous. It is impossible to know that real HGH medication is being received when these injections are bought without a prescription. Answering the question, is taking human growth hormone dangerous, is pretty simple. Potentially, the injections can be dangerous, but the medication is generally safe as long as the proper methods to receive the injections are taken. There are a few side effects that may come up when taking HGH injections. Risks for the following problems should be watched for:

  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Arms and legs have the chance of swelling
  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome
  • Injection site reactions

All of these side effects are generally rare during HGH Injection therapy. It is important, however, to consult our doctors or medical professionals if any of these do appear. They can advise you in the best way to proceed. When done properly, the benefits of human growth hormone can be significant, but the effects of taking it incorrectly can be just as significant. If any of these side effects becomes suddenly apparent or extremely uncomfortable, contacting a doctor is the most important thing to do. Although doctors are extremely proficient at diagnosing growth hormone deficiencies and the dosages needed to treat them, at times doctors may need to adjust the amount that a patient needs what may appear to be the right amount may be too much or at times not enough.

The concern over how safe is human growth hormone is reasonable, but it is nothing that should be worried about as long as the proper doctors are consulted, growth hormone injections are extremely safe. As long as a deficiency is confirmed, they are safe in treating the various symptoms associated with low levels of growth hormone. When a lack of growth hormone is present, some of these symptoms are safely treated and controlled, without the need for various types of other medication. The article by Forbes notes that avoiding sleeping medication is important because sleep medication often interrupts the brains natural processes. They can also occasionally cause a dependency. HGH injections allow the body to naturally restore vital levels of these compounds and work as it once did. There are many other things that people are concerned about when it comes to the safety of human growth hormone, including weight loss. Weight gain is often the most apparent sign of our failing health. It is often easy to notice due to how much it affects our bodies. Not only that, but it is something that is on our minds due to the fact that everyone else can see it, as well. It is alarming to clients because they are concerned about what their friends and family are going to think of the extra pounds they put on. Being concerned over taking human growth hormone safe for weight loss understandable. The only problem is that growth hormone injections should never be used purely for weight loss. At times, growth hormone injections are sought out because they are believed to be the best weight loss method of our times. Purchasing injections just for weight loss without a diagnosed condition often proves to do the opposite of its intended use, and it often can become dangerous to the user. Just as mentioned before, an overabundance of growth hormone can prove to be just as dangerous as too little growth hormone. The only way to receive the benefits specific to human growth hormone injection therapy is to receive it properly. Do not seek out injection therapy because you feel it is going to solve weight issues, but because there is a greater issue at hand. When there is a deficiency growth hormone is excellent at providing the needed growth to gain your life back. HGH injections are extremely beneficial for helping with various deficiency symptoms. They even have the potential to get to the root of other issues such as sleep deprivation, and allow the body to heal so that it can function just as well as it one did.