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Get Details About HGH Benefits and Side Effects for Better Health

HGH Benefits And Side Effects

What if you could spend your entire life feeling the way you did when you were in your twenties? That would certainly be something worth attaining. Believe it or not, it actually may be possible to maintain that type of feeling throughout your life. One of the reasons people often feel as though they are aging way too early is a decrease in the production of a vital substance known as somatotropin (growth hormone/GH). This essential chemical provides messages to various points throughout the body that play a role in just about every major function. As we explore the different HGH benefits and side effects, you will understand just how necessary it is to maintain this hormone at a proper level in order to ensure that the body is kept in good working order. As with other such chemicals, GH production does change throughout the course of an individual’s lifetime. It revs up during adolescence to aid in proper maturation. It then levels off once a person enters his or her twenties, and starts a slow decline from the thirties onward. Many people never even notice any change taking place, but for those who do, drastic effects can occur that can interfere with the quality of life one experiences, as well as work productivity, passion, and health. It is for these reasons that supplementation with HGH injections is often required and prescribed. The only way to know this is through blood analysis that is ordered by a doctor who prescribes HGH injections. This article will answer many of the frequently asked questions about the benefits and side effects of HGH human growth hormone therapy in adults.

How Does HGH Human Growth Hormone Benefit Overall Health?

The chemicals that circulate in the body carry out many varied functions. Some stimulate the release of other hormones; others control specific bodily functions. They sometimes interact with each other to create a certain effect. The health benefits of HGH human growth hormone are based on both direct and indirect actions. Somatotropin is vital for maintaining many crucial functions in the human body. Without it, the consequences that can arise for a person who is deficient in the production of this chemical for decades can be debilitating. Loss of independence is a very real concern that can stem from this condition going untreated for an extended period of time, as we will see in the question below:

  • How do the injectable HGH benefits affect the body long-term? Will they have any bearing on functions that can render a person dependent in any way?

This is quite possibly one of the most important questions an individual may ask. There are two extremely serious ways that a man or woman can lose their independence if growth hormone deficiency goes untreated. The first way is the fact that GH supplies the skeletal system with new cells to replace those that are absorbed in the remodeling process that takes place continuously throughout the course of one’s life. Old bone cells die off, and new ones are needed to take their place. Since growth hormone has a significant impact on cellular reproduction, both directly and indirectly (it is responsible for the secretion of Insulin Growth Factor 1 by the liver) along with IGF-1, this deficiency can lead to a person developing osteoporosis. That can then lead to fractures. In fact, only two out of every five people to break a hip will ever return to the level of freedom they had before the fracture occurred. The other concern is that GH also has many receptor cells in the brain that regulate both learning and memory. Dementia is another serious condition that can rob a person of the ability to live on their own in later years.

  • What are the benefits of HGH injections on mental health? Does GH deficiency affect the emotions in any way?

It may seem strange that a hormone that controls cellular regeneration and cognitive functions can also affect mood, but depression is a very real problem for many people with low GH levels. There are certainly many reasons for a person with this condition to be depressed. Sexual desire and arousal are often lower than what most people would like to have in their lives. Performance and pleasure also suffer. The same cell reproduction problem already mentioned can cause sagging skin and wrinkles, making a person look years, or even decades older than they he or she should. It can cause hair to become thin, gray, and even fall out. Is it any surprise that these changes would lead to depression, as well. Mood changes, feelings of isolation, and frustration with the way things are can affect many individuals. Many people with growth hormone deficiency report that they have stopped accepting social invitations, preferring to stay home alone. Thankfully, these issues all resolve themselves naturally once HGH injections begin to work.

How do the Physical Benefits of HGH Injections Compare to the Side Effects of Treatment?

Human beings are, by nature, skeptical of things that sound too good to be true. There must be some type of catch or risk associated with a treatment that has so many positive results. This is where understanding the actual HGH injections benefits and side effects can help. There is very little in life that is without risk – the simple act of waking up in the morning can put pollution, irresponsible drivers, pesticide laden food, and many other health hazards in our wake. That does not mean that we are going to hide under the covers all day – every day. It is always important to balance out the risks against the good. In this case, a person who works closely with a doctor who prescribes HGH injections on a regular basis will have experience and knowledge on their side. It is this training and expertise that will help avoid any possible side effects that could occur. Blood testing and physical examination with NYGoodHealth are crucial to ensuring that the right dosage of medication is ordered to prevent any adverse effects that could occur. Let’s take a look at two questions about this topic:

  • How do the growth hormone benefits and side effects compare in terms of severity? Are the symptoms of GH deficiency in adults worse than the possible risks associated with the treatment of this condition?

Severity is an interesting concept. What may be unfathomable or intolerable for one person may be nothing for someone else. Each person has his or her own pain threshold, as well as what is considered to be an acceptable change in his or her life. Take energy, for example; one person’s deficiency may make them feel a bit lethargic by mid-afternoon while another’s decline can make it virtually impossible to rise from the bed or the couch. Although that is an extreme, it is a very real scenario for some people with this condition. That person may be willing to take any risk at all to have energy in his or her life again. Thankfully, any risks associated with this condition are rare, and usually only occur when a person takes this medication when they do not need it, or when they have been prescribed a dosage higher than what is truly required to correct the deficiency.

  • In regards to the benefits and effects of HGH injections, which can be more detrimental in the long term? Can the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency cause more permanent harm, or will the risks associated with treatment bring more serious concerns later in years?

There is no doubt at all that the symptoms of this deficiency can have a greater negative effect on one’s life. We have already seen what the changes in bone density and memory can do. Since GH also regulates metabolic functions, gaining weight can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and other serious health concerns. Decreased focus and energy can result in reduced drive and productivity on the job. This can even lead to loss of employment and income. A change in libido can alter a relationship, even leading to suspicions of infidelity and possible divorce. Decreased immune functions can result in frequent illness, which is a leading cause of hospitalizations in the elderly. Without treatment, these symptoms will only worsen over time. Any risk factors associated with HGH therapy will improve once the dosage is lowered by the doctor.

The Facts about the Side Effects of HGH Human Growth Hormone Injections

Although the risks associated with HGH injections are minor, it is still wise to understand what they are so that you can be watchful of any adverse changes when you begin treatment. That is why we always do present all the human growth hormone facts. Side effects are nothing to mess with or overlook. The good news is that if anything out of the ordinary does show up while you are receiving the many therapeutic HGH benefits, the doctor can lower the dosage of the medication that you are administering and that should resolve any issues. This is why it is never, repeat never, recommended for anyone to try and self-diagnose or order this medication without a doctor’s prescription. Although there are websites that will sell HGH injections without a prescription, that practice is illegal and could result in not only adverse reactions from too high a dosage, but it could put a person in the hospital if he or she receives a product that is contaminated or toxic in any way. There is a large black market for this type of treatment, and some foreign manufacturers and companies are not at all legitimate.

  • What are the side effects of taking HGH in too high a dosage? How will I know if there is a problem?

One of the most common occurrences that a person might see is edema. Another issue is joint and muscular pain. Since many people with growth hormone deficiency already have joint pains and stiffness, it is important to be wary of any adverse changes. Breast swelling or tenderness in men is another issue to be mindful of, as is high cholesterol and an increased risk of diabetes. Tumor growth is possible, which is why this medication is not prescribed to those with cancer until an oncologist treating the individual gives the “all clear” signal. If anything adverse should appear, the doctor can carefully lower the dosage until the negative effects subside and only positive results are left.

  • Are there any side effects of HGH in men that are different from what women might see? Can you explain the positive and negative aspects that are different for men?

For the most part, the HGH benefits and risk factors are the same for both men and women. The biggest difference is in the area of libido and sexual performance. Too much human growth hormone can interfere with sexual performance in a healthy man, as opposed to the fact that too little growth hormone can interfere with the same in a man suffering from this deficiency. What this simply means is that too much of a good thing can be bad for you, in the long run. That is why a professional hormone replacement specialist should be the only one to determine how much HGH to prescribe. Many times, women dealing with menopause will lose their sexual desire and suffer from vaginal dryness which can make intercourse painful. HGH therapy can alleviate the problem, bringing positive enjoyment for women once again. In fact, both men and women have reported incredible improvements in this area of their lives as a result of receiving HGH treatment.

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How Long Will it Take to See the Benefits of HGH Injection Therapy?

Most people who contact a hormone replacement doctor have been dealing with the adverse effects associated with this condition for quite some time. It would be unnatural to assume that the positive changes would occur immediately. How long does it take to see benefits of HGH injection therapy? The excellent news here is that one of the positive aspects of this treatment will occur almost immediately. Increased energy is typically the first thing most people notice, and this most always occurs during the first week of therapy. In fact, some people report seeing a change the very the first day, although this is not to be expected. Better sleep and an improved mood or outlook are often noted by the end of the third week, if not sooner. There are pages on this website devoted to the timetable of when to expect each of the HGH benefits associated with this therapy. Some results are seen during the second month of treatment, and most are noticeable by the third month. These positive changes will all continue to improve from month to month. It is possible to live your life with the vitality and passion you had years, or decades ago. Now that you understand more about the HGH facts and side effects of what to expect, the next step is to contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic to speak with a clinical advisor to learn how this treatment can benefit you directly.