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Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Therapy

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Therapy

As of yet, modern medical science may not have unlocked all of the physiological secrets contained in the human endocrine system, but it has been able to reveal many of the benefits of human growth hormone therapy. As the hormone that everyone’s body produces in the greatest amount, HGH was only discovered and isolated by scientists less than a century ago. Yet in the decades following their initial discovery, scientists have been studying this enormously influential hormone continually in their mission to completely comprehend just how critically important its role is in fostering our physiological growth, development and sustenance. Early on, they were able to determine that growth hormone begins its progressive decline in the body sometime during early adulthood and this decline steadily continues on as people age. When they realized that an individual’s abnormally low GH levels could serve as a major contributor to premature and accelerated physiological deterioration, it served as a valuable incentive for them to explore the benefits of increasing human growth hormone for people who had that deficiency. They first needed, as a basis for comparison, to establish what the normal progression of growth hormone decline was for an average healthy adult. What their extensive research showed was that following the approximate age of 30, an adult’s GH supply declines by about 25% each decade, which means that by the age of around 60, nearly all adults will have only 25% of their original growth hormone capacity remaining. However, in people who have developed a medically significant GH deficiency, the numbers are even lower and represent a greater threat to staying healthy. Many years of further scientific investigation led to the discovery of the advantages of human growth hormone therapy for those people, and that is why it is medically available to them today.

Human Growth Hormone Injections Benefits

There are members of the medical community in the US who feel that bio-identical human growth hormone injections benefits are just a passing fad. It is obvious that people accept, adapt to and ultimately embrace progress at their own widely varying pace. Even though the successful creation of biosynthetic HGH coincidentally occurred at approximately the same time as the successful launch of the Internet, some members of the US medical community have embraced its therapeutic value and availability, while others have been very slow to accept it. However, this lack of a united front regarding HGH has not held back the continual biotechnological advances and ongoing clinical studies that all strongly support the viability and health advantages provided to patients by synthesized human growth hormone replacement therapy. In the smaller doses that today’s experienced hormone physicians prescribe for their patients, using the biochemically synthesized version of this essential hormone exerts virtually no side effects while providing them with a variety of measurably health-enhancing benefits. So in our present time, any individual with deficiency symptoms who decides to approach their primary healthcare provider about having their GH levels tested for the purpose of detecting a treatable deficiency has no way of knowing in advance whether or not their doctor will support this request. That seems to be one of the main reasons that many people are currently looking to hormone replacement specialists to help them attain the many benefits of human growth hormone injections. They believe that no one with a treatable GH deficiency should have to pass up the exceptional range of wellness-enhancing benefits they deliver when used under the supervision of a capable hormone physician’s medical expertise.

Human Growth Hormone Therapy for Adults

More Americans are arriving at the conclusion that politics and propaganda have a stronger influence on the current state of healthcare in the United States than science has. Yet as demoralizing as this belief is, the availability of human growth hormone therapy for adults proves that science sometimes prevails over politics. Between the prevalence of industry lobbyists and the predominance a US health insurance industry valued at approximately $880 billion dollars, how can Americans ever really know who to trust or what to believe when it comes to their healthcare?  It appears that power special interest groups have taken control of the critical decisions made on both the state and national levels that affect the lives of all Americans, so where does that leave us? With our good old-fashioned American resilience and resourcefulness, that’s where. If that means that people need to be better informed and more proactive about staying healthy with the assistance of treatments such as human growth hormone replacement therapy, so be it. If it means that people should be more aggressive about questioning the necessity of surgical procedures, or want to be made fully aware of the adverse aspects of certain forms of toxic treatments such as chemotherapy, that is their right as well as their responsibility – and both of those entities should be treated with the seriousness and respect they deserve. In assuming personal responsibility for maintaining one’s healthfulness, all individuals can empower themselves to rely more on their personal instincts, experience and knowledge in regard to their own state of health. The benefits of human growth hormone therapy are not a fad, not invisible and not imaginary – they are real, visible and extremely meaningful to people who have been inflicted with a clinically evident GH deficiency.

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Injections

Does anyone like having injections? To be completely frank, probably not. However in all fairness, not all injections are created equal, just as there is an extremely broad array of medical reasons for their use. However, the benefits of human growth hormone injections can be delivered by very tiny syringe needles, or portable and easy to use pre-mixed injectable pens, that are simple and relatively pain-free for patients to self-administer. Synthetic HGH must be administered by injection because of the biochemical nature of hormonal substances. It cannot effectively be introduced into the patient’s system orally since it will break down before ever having the chance to enter the patient’s bloodstream where it needs to be, in order to become physiologically accessible. Science has consistently proven that by injecting bio-identical human growth hormone following a medically controlled protocol, a patient can access the cell-renewing and metabolic benefits of growth hormone therapy without experiencing adverse complications, which has been the therapeutic goal that has motivated the members of the scientific community who have been involved in HGH research all along. They believed that if they could devise the correct procedures for introducing a replenishing supply of GH back into the systems of patients with a detrimental level of deficiency without causing any physiological harm in the process, those patients could safely reduce their higher exposure to the health hazards posed by having inadequate GH supplies. Because they succeeded, GH deficient adults can confidently enjoy experiencing the pro-health and anti aging benefits of growth hormone therapy today, while significantly reducing their exposure to the deterioration of their health throughout all of their tomorrows. 

Advantages of Human Growth Hormone Therapy

Whenever people decide that they would like to acquire the wellness advantages of human growth hormone therapy, they are showing that they take their responsibility for sustaining their own condition of healthiness seriously. Moving ahead with a prescription treatment program is not an endeavor that a person undertakes lightly or on the spur of the moment, and arriving at this decision deserves a person’s thoughtful consideration of the personal commitment that it will require. However, it can represent one of the most meaningful and advantageous personal commitments that a person who truly desires a healthy lifespan can make. In deciding to obtain the impactful benefits of human growth hormone therapy, adults can do much more than be concerned about maintaining their health throughout their lives – they can actually become the pilots of their own healthy life’s journey. Passivity no longer serves any productive function in today’s continually evolving, or some might say devolving, healthcare scenarios. Each day, more Americans are realizing that it is now compulsory for them to become their own best advocates in every single issue that has the potential to affect either sustaining or improving the state of their overall health. If obtaining a prescription for clinically indicated human growth hormone therapy for adults means that individuals can avoid physical and financial distress both now and in the future, it seems somewhat irresponsible not to give it serious consideration, at the very least. That is the conclusion that many individual have been reaching, as their dissatisfaction with the unclear focus of the current American healthcare picture has continued to grow.

Human Growth Hormone Benefits for Men

To fully appreciate the consistently exhibited human growth hormone benefits for men, it is helpful to be acquainted with the totality of health obstacles that GH deficiency can generate in the adult males who have developed this unfortunate disorder. These obstacles can include a decrease in bone integrity; unfavorable changes in cardiovascular risk markers; reduced aerobic capacity; and increased mortality; and other dangers that substantially reduce a man’s healthiness and lifestyle quality. However, when appropriately dosed, the clinically established benefits of human growth hormone injections can unequivocally improve a majority of the damaging alterations induced by GH deficiency in men. Researchers have observed that in therapeutically replacing an individual’s deficit of invaluable growth hormone, he will experience multiple beneficial effects that mitigate the health and mortality consequences induced by the deficiency. Because GHD (growth hormone deficiency) in adults can be difficult to identify, a man can suffer from deficiency symptoms for years without realizing that it is the underlying cause of his struggles with diminished energy and sex drive; added weight; lack of concentration and moodiness; even his greater susceptibility to and lengthier recovery time from bone fractures and other injuries. This definitely illustrates why it can be crucial to get tested for GHD if an individual has one or more of these indicators of deficiency; it is the first critical move in advancing to a full recovery by using human growth hormone therapy for adults as directed by one’s supervising physician. Science has determined that thus far, there is no better or more effective medical treatment available for adult-onset GHD.

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone for Women

Most pre- and post-menopausal females have been reminded by their doctors that they need to mindful of their increased risk for bone density related fractures; and that issue is just one of the many aspects of the benefits of human growth hormone for women that have been gaining more attention from members of the female population all throughout the US. Women have also been talking among themselves about GH therapy’s capacity for rapidly reducing the abdominal fat that is typically linked to a higher risk for heart attacks. Yet there are many other therapeutic aspects of treatment for GH deficiency that serve very advantageous health purposes for women whose growth hormone levels have become detrimentally unbalanced, as more of them are now discovering. Along with the widely publicized anti aging benefits of growth hormone therapy, which have been addressed by practically every medical media expert in the country, the restoration of an adult woman’s GH balance can help to improve her sexual function and libido; lower her diastolic blood pressure by approximately 10%; improve her cholesterol profiles; and improve her moods and sleeping patterns, which are frequently altered as a result of GH deficiency. Three separate studies performed in England, Denmark and Sweden concluded that bio-identical GH replacement therapy even had a dramatically positive effect on patients who had reported feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem and depression. However, it appears to be the benefits of human growth hormone for women that are associated with reversing the signs of aging that most media outlets appear to be more interested in reporting, undoubtedly in response to the value that US culture attaches to the attributes of youthfulness.

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Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy

It’s often been said that all publicity is good, but is that the case with the publicity that human growth hormone therapy has been receiving? In today’s world, it probably is not. The era of information overload that we are all living in, coupled with advent of Internet business opportunism, has produced an overabundance of contradictory claims; fraudulent and illegal companies; and mind-blowing quantities of data that people must now contend with. Some people believe that this is the trade-off we must make in the name of technological progress, while others believe that this is not the kind of progress that ultimately benefits society. However, there is an equal amount of valuable information and communication tools that pertain to becoming informed about the risks and benefits of growth hormone therapy that can be found online, as well. So how does any person successfully navigate the Internet’s wealth of published information, opinions and interactions to learn about and access medical treatment for their symptomatic GH deficiency? Where can an intelligent and mature woman with no time for nonsense and scams simply access the facts about HGH therapy for women? What about the guy who just wants to learn the basics about what the human growth hormone benefits for men could mean to his health? If they want to quickly access factual advice and information from trained and experienced hormone replacement medical professionals, they can call Kingsberg HRT Clinic toll-free and speak directly with one of their patient support clinicians, or use the contact form that can be found on the informative Kingsberg HRT Clinic website to email them for personal assistance.

Benefits of Increasing Human Growth Hormone

There has been general consensus among the hormone research community that man of the psychological and metabolic abnormalities related to GHD can very effective be reversed through the benefits of increasing human growth hormone in the patient’s endocrine system. From the unhealthy central adiposity it causes to the cardiovascular and skeletal risks it presents, GH deficiency in adults can have serious repercussions. Fortunately, individuals who have severe GHD are the ones who are most likely to experience a higher order of health benefits resulting from their replacement program. Many doctors believe that this is as it should be, since GH therapy is not a medical treatment that non-deficient patients should even consider. Prior to 1996, it was only children with a confirmed diagnosis of GHD who were being medically treated to gain the advantages of human growth hormone therapy; since then, its wide acceptance by medical professionals in the US for therapeutic use in treating adults with this disorder has been repeatedly supported by a magnitude of compelling clinical evidence. Yet this important treatment remains appropriate for only those adults with medically confirmed GHD, since excessive GH levels can also present a serious biochemical detriment to an individual’s health. Who will benefit the most from the range of physiological and metabolic benefits of growth hormone therapy is a medical determination that physicians base on specific test criteria, the presence of symptomatic evidence and the patient’s historical medical information. Since a universally agreed upon recommendation for the duration of GH therapy has not been defined by the doctors who prescribe it, the length of treatment will typically vary based on each individual patient’s clinical response to their program and the medical judgment of their physician.

Anti Aging Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

In a way, when people approach their doctors about getting a prescription for HGH injections the so-called elephant in the room is usually this: Do they have a legitimate medical need for them or is experiencing the anti aging benefits of growth hormone therapy their primary motivation? While many of the people who are reading this might be thinking what difference does it make why a person wants a prescription, it actually makes a huge difference both medically and legally. That is because there is only one medically legitimate and legally acceptable reason for doctors in the US to prescribe injectable HGH for their patients and that is for the clinically confirmed treatment of adult GHD. Yet because the age-reversing human growth hormone injections benefits have become so widely publicized, many individuals who do not fall under the currently established US legal parameters would still like to use them. This is easily understandable, since these well-documented anti-aging benefits include increasing the elasticity and collagen content of the patient’s skin; new hair growth; the elimination of cellulite; and the reduction of facial wrinkles. However, the fact remains that currently in the US, it is only legal for physicians to prescribe human growth hormone injections benefits for their patients who have legitimately received a medically confirmed diagnosis of having adult GH deficiency syndrome. Asking doctors to make an exception to this requirement is in essence asking them to do something that is unlawful and that could lead to their prosecution.

Metabolic Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

Somatotrophs are the pituitary cells that manufacture the body’s supplies of growth hormone, which reaches it peak during adolescence to enable the rapid growth spurts that typically occur at that life stage. When a person’s somatotroph activity has excessively dropped off, they might require the metabolic benefits of growth hormone therapy. The loss of growth hormone’s physiologic effects within the body can directly alter the function of several organ systems, including the one that is responsible for regulating the body’s metabolic activity. Consisting of two categories called catabolism and anabolism, metabolism encompasses all of the body’s chemical and physical processes that either use or convert energy. These processes are what the benefits of increasing human growth hormone can substantially enhance and they include breathing and body temperature control; the digestion of nutrients and foods; blood circulation; muscle contraction; waste elimination; and brain and nerve function. As most people know, metabolism also affects a person’s weight loss and gain, which is why most adults with a GH deficiency develop a stubborn layer of adipose fat around their midsections. The metabolic benefits of human growth hormone for women with inadequate growth hormone levels are just as significant as they benefits that men receive, and they also share most of the same symptoms. Does human growth hormone therapy help patients to burn excess fat and rebuild healthy muscle tone by improving their bodies’ metabolic function? Many patients believe that the results that they have received from their therapy say it all.

Risks and Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

Does using human growth hormone therapy lead to abnormal bone growth? This is one of the many urban myths that have become attached to the risks and benefits of growth hormone therapy. This particular myth is disproved by the biological fact that the ends of the body’s long bones fuse after puberty and are thus unable to continue to grow. Yet it still persists, along with a number of equally unsubstantiated claims that appear determined to doggedly attach themselves to the use of biosynthetically produced human growth hormone injections. Another common myth is that it is possible to use over-the-counter forms of HGH in the form of pills or oral sprays to cause enough of this substance to enter the bloodstream to produce positive effects. This is also not true. The only medically reliable way to gain therapeutic human growth hormone benefits for men is to use the injectable form, which must legally be prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner. There are also some individuals who believe that because human growth hormone is a naturally occurring biological substance, it is completely legal to purchase and possess it – however, it is not. While it is true that human growth hormone is not listed as a controlled substance by federal law, the unlawful distribution, use and possession of HGH has been criminalized both by federal law and in certain states, by state law as well. It pays to know about the factual risks and benefits of growth hormone therapy well before moving ahead with treatment. Leave the urban myths to others and simply contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic to learn all of the facts.

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