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Benefits of HGH and Testosterone Therapy

Benefits of HGH and Testosterone Therapy

Hormone replacement seems to be in the news quite a bit these days. This is, in part, due to the long life spans we can now look forward to. Part of the reason why we are living longer today than ever before, is the amazing advancements that have been made in modern medicine. Among them, we can turn to the benefits of HGH and testosterone therapy. It seems as though every day brings reports of new breakthroughs in the treatment of many different diseases that at one time shortened life spans considerably. Now we can look forward to living longer, and thanks to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) options that are available at this time, we can enjoy the time we have much more than we did in the past. There was a time when old age was synonymous with rocking chairs and porches. The grandchildren would come to visit and grandpa might be able to sit by the lake with a fishing pole in his hand. Although the same activity still goes on today, it is highly likely that the same scenario might take place on a boat for some high energy deep-sea fishing. Instead of sitting on a bench at a well-known theme park, today’s grandparents are likely to be the first in line to test out the latest roller coasters and thrill rides. Increased energy and endurance are just two of the many benefits of HGH and testosterone treatments that today’s adults can look forward to receiving.

How do we distinguish the benefits of growth hormone therapy in adults from what can be received by testosterone? What is the way of determining which type of medication is required? Is HGH for women and testosterone for men? Lots of questions about a subject that requires a lot of questions to be asked before it is begun. Right off the bat let’s clear up one very important fact – both men and women can be deficient in GH and suffer from Low T. As a matter of fact, some men can even be deficient in estrogen. If you just cringed at the thought of increasing estrogen artificially, you are not alone. The very risks and dangers associated with this type of chemical intervention has kept many women from seeking out other avenues to treat menopause. This will be discussed in detail on this page. The only way of telling which chemical or chemicals in the body are faced with a decline in production is with blood analysis. That is how a doctor specializing in HRT will make the determination of what is needed for each individual.

In many cases, the testosterone replacement therapy benefits overlap those that can also be achieved by HGH injections. That is because many of the symptoms of each of these deficiencies are the same. That is why blood testing is extremely important. No doctor can prescribe either of these medications without first checking blood levels for a decline. As we examine each of these areas in more detail, we will be able to understand the similarities and differences that they provide. Most importantly, by working with a professional HRT specialist, each person will receive a customized program that will provide his or her body with precisely what is needed for optimum functioning and physical performance. These treatments not only benefit the physical body, but provide psychological improvements, as well.

What Benefits can be Achieved with HGH Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

Embarking on any type of medical care should always yield some type of positive change. Antibiotics are only given to clear up infections. Buy quality online. Narcotics should only be prescribed for severe pain that does not respond to other treatments. What are the benefits of human growth hormone – HGH in adults? We all know that this medication is used in children to correct short stature. Growth is not the only purpose of this essential chemical. It also aids in cellular regeneration which is crucial to the entire body. GH strengthens the immune system, maintains strong muscles and bones throughout our entire lifetime, and helps keep the mind sharp. These are just some of the many HGH benefits that will be achieved when a person dealing with a decline in growth hormone production receives a customized treatment plan from an HRT doctor. The protocol prescribed will follow an in-depth review of physical examination and blood test results. A detailed medical health history questionnaire will also be completed to ensure that nothing else is causing the changes that are occurring in the individual’s body.

We know that many women shy away from HRT because of the bad rap that estrogen treatment has received over the years. Why would anyone want to increase her chance of developing breast cancer, heart disease, or a stroke just to get rid of a few undesirable symptoms? The fact of the matter is that there are some types of replacement, such as HGH injections, that are safe when prescribed by a specialist. Among the many benefits of human growth hormone for women are thicker hair, smoother skin, and a decrease in the appearance of cellulite. This is all due to an increase in collagen production that comes from having more cells produced each day to replace those that are lost. Since GH also plays a role in how well the body metabolizes food, fat retention will be a thing of the past, and the HGH will help to penetrate fat cells to break them apart. This will result in a gradual loss of excess pounds. Many of the positive results that women achieve with HGH replacement are the same as what men will notice in their bodies.

Everyone would love to have that toned, chiseled physique at any age. Being able to lose weight without dieting is just one of the many HGH benefits of human growth hormone for men, as well as for women. An increase in lean muscle mass that also becomes a reality can aid in providing that well-toned physique. Stronger bones and muscles help to maintain the body’s physical integrity. Clearer focus and a sharper mind make remembering details on the job much easier to come by. Perhaps one of the most fabled benefits of HGH injections is in the area of sexual health. Since both men and women complain about a decrease in arousal and pleasure when they are diagnosed with low growth hormone production, it is no surprise that receiving treatment for this condition brings superior benefits in this area to members of both genders. Increased desire, performance, and pleasure are reported across the board.

What are the Advantages of Receiving Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

As with GH deficiency, many of the same symptoms apply to both men and women. That would also make the advantages of testosterone replacement therapy the same. One of the biggest differences that should be noted here is the type of treatment that will be received. It is easy to understand that men produce a much higher level of this chemical than women, much in the same manner that women have a greater level of estrogen in their bodies than do men. Both of these hormones are necessary for both genders. One thing to note about testosterone is that some of the excess of this chemical is naturally converted by the body into estrogen. Those men and women who would not benefit from this process will often be prescribed an estrogen blocker along with their treatment for Low T. Since the level of this chemical needed is higher for men, they will typically be prescribed this medication in the form of an injection. Women will receive a cream or gel version of this treatment to accomplish their needs.

We find that men are just as prone to unwanted bodily changes as women as they get older. In this case, the term used to describe this time of life is andropause. From hair loss to muscle shrinkage, memory loss to erectile dysfunction, the signs of change that can accompany this time can be extremely frustrating. It is no wonder that many men go through a mid-life crisis at this phase of their life. Among the many benefits of testosterone therapy for older men is a change in attitude. With renewed focus and mental abilities comes a better attitude and frame of mind. The fact that many men see a regrowth of hair and muscle tone provides for a positive change in body image. Perhaps the best part of all is the return of the lion in the bedroom. What man does not want to retain his virility until the end of his days? Those jokes about men in retirement homes engaging in passionate sex is no joke at all. It is possible to have a fantastic sex life at any age when everything in the body is working properly. Since testosterone plays a big role in this area, ensuring that the level of this chemical is where it is supposed to be can go a long way in improving one’s performance and pleasure in the bedroom.

Recent studies have shown that many women are deficient in testosterone when they are in menopause. Increasing estrogen levels will not do anything for improving the amount of this chemical in a woman’s body. The good news is that, among the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy for women, increasing this particular chemical will also increase estrogen levels naturally. A woman who has had or is at risk of developing breast cancer will be prescribed an estrogen blocker along with her medication for Low T to prevent that conversion from taking place. If you have been determined to be low in testosterone based on the results of blood testing, you will be happy to know that treatment will help put an end to night sweats, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, memory loss, and the other annoying side effects of menopause.

With so many positive benefits for both men and women, what are the advantages and disadvantages of testosterone replacement therapy over other hormone options? Perhaps the most important thing to explain is that there are no adverse risks associated with this treatment when it is prescribed by a specialist. A doctor who understands the intricacies of prescribing this type of therapy will be able to do it safely and effectively. That is why it is always important to work with an expert in this field. HGH injections have also been proven to be safe when prescribed in this same manner. Never attempt to engage in any type of hormone replacement on your own without doctor supervision. There are many benefits to be received when working with an HRT specialist.

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By Understanding the Advantages of Hormone Replacement Therapy, You can Reap the Benefits

We are living longer today than ever before. That is a fact. The important thing is to ensure that we can be productive and healthy throughout all those years. While there are some things we cannot avoid, there are some steps we can take to increase our odds. What are the advantages of hormone replacement therapy for men and women? We can look forward to having more energy at our disposal, stronger structural integrity of the body, a better functioning immune system, and sharper cognitive functions. Our hearts will pump blood more efficiently, we can lower our bad cholesterol levels, and shed excess weight and unwanted fat. Firmer skin and thicker hair will help us look younger while improvements in our mood and self-image will enable us to take part in all the options available to us. And, yes, our sex lives will also be better! Kingsberg HRT Clinic has an experienced team of professionals who are ready to help you discover if HGH hormone replacement therapy is right for you.