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HGH Benefits for Healing from Injury and Surgery

HGH Benefits for Healing

Injury, illness, and surgery can interfere with work, personal life, family, activities, and even take a toll on one’s mental state. For adults with a human growth hormone deficiency, it can take even longer to recover from these conditions than for the average person. That is where HGH benefits for healing from injury and surgery can be helpful.

Imagine being told your broken leg will take ten weeks to heal, but at a follow-up appointment, your doctor tells you that you are completely healed after six weeks. Wouldn’t that be a positive benefit to hear about HGH therapy?

While not everyone will have those amazing results, many will. In fact, Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, is counting on it. He has provided funding to the University of Michigan to determine if HGH healing benefits can help athletes recover from injuries and surgery by:

  • Speeding the healing process and recovery time
  • Protecting against the degradation of lean muscle mass during recovery
  • Promoting the regrowth of connective tissues that also help protect tendons and ligaments
  • Preventing osteoarthritis in the joints

These results can get athletes back in the game with less down time and physical loss. Regarding the many benefits of HGH, healing joints and preventing the breakdown of connective tissues is crucial after an injury.

How HGH Supports the Body’s Healing Processes

When we look at how human growth hormone works for the healing process, we find that it activates a gene called Foxm1b that promotes the healing of tissue at a molecular level. The activity of this gene diminishes with age, but, HGH benefits for healing help to increase the activity of Foxm1b dramatically. Foxm1b also supports human growth hormone stimulating liver regeneration.

HGH leads the way in the body’s process of cellular reproduction. By stimulating the liver to release insulin growth factor 1, a vital hormone that serves as a mediator to the functions of HGH, cells become more readily available to repair and heal the body.

In regards to HGH healing broken bones, research has documented how growth hormone stimulates bone rebuilding and muscle building properties. Accelerated recovery, especially in older people whose bodies become stiff and painful after long recuperation periods, is beneficial. Anything that can get someone up and out of bed at rehab and back into his or her own home is worth using.

HGH and Surgery – Helping the Healing

Surgery of any kind is hard on the body. The longer it takes to recovery, the greater the risk of physical breakdown. Very few studies have been completed on HGH healing after surgery. Those that have reported results are extremely promising. Kingsberg HRT Clinic continues to research new studies about the healing properties of HGH therapy.

For example, HGH benefits for healing after ileoanal J-punch surgery for ulcerative colitis patients (juveniles) showed the following results:

  • Lower total muscle strength reduction on day ten post op (7.6% in HGH group and 17.1% loss in placebo group)
  • Return of complete baseline muscle strength in HGH therapy group on day ninety post op compared to 5.9% decline in placebo group
  • HGH treated patients regained more lean tissue mass than those receiving the placebo

The use of HGH recovery after surgery is still in the early stages, but promising results of the University of Michigan study should be forthcoming later this year.

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HGH Speeding Healing after Injury

In its role of regenerating cells, HGH helps heal injuries by fueling the renewal and rebuilding process of tissues, bones, and cartilage. The body’s largest organ, the skin, requires the most new cells on a daily basis. With age and a decline in human growth hormone production, skin becomes thinner and subject to tearing easily. HGH helps to increase collagen production, stimulating the thickening of the skin. This allows it to heal quicker after an injury.

In fact, one look at HGH and recovery from injury focused on burn victims. The healing process for severe burns can throw the body into a hypermetabolic state that tears down tissue and muscle. HGH helps speed the healing process by reversing the catabolic state and promoting anabolic activities.

A report on patients with broken tibias in Germany showed that those individuals whose fractures did not break the skin had accelerated healing times as a result of HGH therapy.

Although not directly related to healing, HGH also helps improve overall mood and outlook, while decreasing cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body. Human growth hormone improves sleep quality and duration. All of these factors go a long way in improving the overall healing process.

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