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What are the HGH Benefits and Risks of Injections?

HGH Benefits And Risks

If you are an adult over the age of thirty, and for some unknown or unexplained reason you do not look or feel the way you believe you should at your age, this article about HGH therapy may be of great importance to you. Before thinking about embarking on a course of human growth hormone injection therapy, it is essential that you understand the HGH benefits and risks of this treatment. First of all, there is a reason why you must be over thirty before contacting Kingsberg HRT Clinic or any other hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinic. Before that time, the pituitary gland is still producing more than enough somatotropin (growth hormone, GH) to meet the body’s needs. If there is a problem in earlier years, an endocrinologist must be sought out for help, as that could mean something entirely different from growth hormone deficiency. HGH injections are used in otherwise healthy adults who are not only showing signs of this chemical decline, they are also proven to be deficient by way of blood testing. That is the only diagnostic method of determining that GH levels are below the point where they need to be to allow for the body to function in an optimum way.

With age comes knowledge, experience, and hopefully the rewards of a lifetime of hard work. What we don’t want is sagging skin, fatigue, joint pains, memory loss, stiffness, weight gain, hair loss, and everything else that can go along for the ride. By exploring the benefits and risks of growth hormone treatment in human aging, we can better understand what is happening to our bodies as we get older. Yes, there are certain changes that regularly take place. However, they do not have to be extreme or debilitating in any way. HGH therapy can prevent that from occurring. Loss of bone density can lead to the development of osteoporosis which can then lead to fractures that can make a person an invalid for the rest of his or her life. Memory loss can turn into dementia which can rob a person of the freedom that comes from knowing who and where you are at all times. Growth hormone plays a role in all of these functions. It helps to stimulate the reproduction of new cells that are vital for the skin, hair, muscles, internal organs, bones, circulatory system, and more. HGH injections can fill in the missing space between what is secreted by the pituitary gland and what is needed by the body to perform at the highest level possible.

The comparison of growth hormone benefits and risks does not stop with cellular reproduction. This essential chemical sends signals to receptor cells in the brain to process new information that is learned and to recall that which has been previously stored. That foggy headed feeling many people complain about is often due to a decrease in GH secretion. HGH benefits the brain and cognitive functions, the heart by increasing left ventricular wall mass, cardiac output, and exercise endurance, and it helps to strengthen the immune system and reduce recovery time from injury and illness. On a whole, there are no real risks associated with this treatment when HGH injections are prescribed by a doctor who specializes in this field of medicine. The biggest risk factors arise when an individual decides to purchase this medication on his or her own off of a website that they find on the internet. These black market companies that sell HGH and other pharmaceutical products without a prescription being required are operating illegally, and often ship items that are unsafe to use. This is the biggest chance and gamble a person can make with overall health and wellness, and is never recommended as the right choice for receiving any type of medical treatment.

Understanding the Benefits and Side Effects of HGH Therapy can Alleviate Any Risks

No conversation about HGH injection therapy is complete without clearly understanding what is at stake once treatment begins. What are HGH benefits and side effects that each person should be aware of before treatment begins? We have already seen that human growth hormone injections that are used in adults over thirty who have tested positive for GH deficiency can help with brain functions, strengthen the immune system and all of its duties, improve heart health, strengthen bones, and contribute to keeping the internal organs from shrinking with age. There is still so much more to this powerful little chemical. It helps a person achieve deep and restful sleep at night which becomes even more essential when you realize that nearly half of the body’s daily secretion of somatotropin takes place during slow-wave sleep. The side effect of not achieving a sound eight hours each night is that a decrease in the production of GH will occur. This can lead to fatigue, inability to meet the demands of work, decreased productivity and drive, falling asleep behind the wheel, short temper, and lack of energy for one’s family in the evening. Activities that were once enjoyed tend to be brushed aside in favor of collapsing on the couch

Many people call HGH injections the fountain of youth for the way in which its users appear younger as a result of receiving this treatment. That is because collagen production relies on a plentiful supply of new cells each day. Collagen is what keeps the skin smooth, firm, and young looking. HGH therapy provides an increase in cellular production that can then help to increase collagen for smoother, younger looking skin. There are certain risks of HGH use that are essential to point out. There are those who think that if a little human growth hormone is a good thing, a lot is a better thing. That is as far from the truth as you can get. This is clearly a time when too much can be detrimental rather than beneficial to one’s overall health and appearance. That is why nobody should even engage in purchasing this medication without the supervision of a doctor whose specialty is HRT. Extremely careful calculations must be used to determine the precise dosage that will benefit each individual. Blood test results are used along with information gathered from the outcome of a physical examination and off of a questionnaire that each person will complete about their current and past health concerns and issues. Only then can the best dosage be prescribed that will provide positive changes without running the risk of any adverse reactions or side effects.

The majority of people who follow this path will never experience anything other than positive benefits from their treatment. Does HGH have side effects that are permanent for those who do receive too much or buy this medication on their own? These are two entirely different subjects to examine. The first focuses on those who are prescribed HGH injections by a doctor in a dosage that winds up being too high for their needs. In this type of case, a person might start to feel muscle and joint pains or notice edema (a build-up of fluid that can cause swelling) in his or her body. Too high a dosage can also lead to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, high cholesterol levels, breast enlargement or tenderness in men, or even diabetes. What is important to note is that all of these effects are reversible by having the doctor who prescribed HGH therapy lower the dosage. It is very rare that a person who works with a specialist in this field will see any of these adverse effects. It more often happens when a doctor with little experience in this area of medicine is used for the prescribing of this treatment. The other part of the question focused on those who venture into the black market to purchase their medications without doctor supervision. There are well over 10,500 companies that can be found online for this purpose, and approximately 97% were found to be operating without following pharmaceutical standards or in a fraudulent manner. Many sold medications that did not meet quality standards, and some even contained harmful, toxic, and unknown substances. This is not the type of risk anyone looking to better his or her health should take at any time.

Are There Any Special Benefits of HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men?

The majority of HGH benefits that the body receives are the same for members of both genders. Everyone can benefit from increased cellular regeneration, smoother skin, better memory and focus, increased immune system functions, stronger bones and muscles, and all the other positive changes that accompany this treatment. There are specific benefits of hormone replacement therapy for men that are worth discussing here. We are speaking about the subject of sexual performance. Although both genders do suffer from issues in regards to arousal and desire, men, specifically may find problems with erectile dysfunction. This can show up as a loss of the morning erection, inability to achieve or maintain a proper erection for an extended period of time, or complete loss of ability in every way. There may also be issues with reaching an orgasm. The same lack of endurance that affects a man at the gym can also affect his performance in the bedroom. Thankfully, HGH injections can help to reverse all of these problems, reinstating a vigorous, passionate, and pleasurable love life. On a side note, women will often see an end to vaginal dryness which can interfere with their lovemaking enjoyment. Both men and women who receive HGH therapy report significant improvements in this area of their lives.

How is HGH good for you long-term? Will the changes received be permanent? These are questions that both men and women want to be answered. Will the improvement to muscle tone and physique that a man sees in the mirror be long lasting? Can smooth skin and thick hair make a woman appear years younger forever? The answer to these questions will be based on whether or not therapy continues beyond the initial session for some, and what lifestyle changes are made for others. Each person is unique, and how his or her body responds to HGH therapy is also unique. Most people automatically use their new found energy to improve their health habits. Many begin or positively change their exercise regimens. Increasing high-intensity cardio workout will help the body secrete additional growth hormone during the day. Being able to fall asleep easier at night can lead to better sleep. It is essential to get eight hours each night in order for the body to produce the necessary amount of somatotropin for its daily needs. Eating healthy and limiting stress are other essential points to consider. Some people choose to continue with their therapy for an extended period of time. The doctor will recheck blood levels to determine if lowering the dosage is called for at this point. The goal of therapy is to provide each individual with the opportunity to live a vitality and passion filled life at any age.

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Final Thoughts About the Many Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

Just because a person reaches the milestone of his or her fiftieth or even seventy-fifth birthday does not mean that he or she has to throw in the towel and hang up the tennis racquet or put away the golf clubs. Understanding the benefits and risks of growth hormone therapy can help you to make an educated choice as to what is best for your own future. Mother nature is kind to some people and often times cruel to others. Aging early in life often means that something else is going on, and for many people in this situation, it means that a decrease in GH production is the problem. Correcting this deficiency with HGH injections can reverse all the physical and psychological changes that have occurred. Depression, mood swings, frustration, and anger at the state of affairs of your body is no good for you or anyone else around you. Seeking out the help of a professional in the field of hormone replacement is the answer. Being prescribed the right dosage of HGH therapy can restore happiness and vitality to your life.

When you compare the HGH risks vs benefits, it is clear that the positive attributes that come from this treatment win out every time. Whether you are a busy professional in the middle of raising a family or you have already reached the retirement phase of your life, we can help you enjoy the place you are at today. It doesn’t matter if you want to finish that big project on deadline or travel the world with your spouse, you still need the energy, stamina, and focus to make it happen. Kingsberg HRT Clinic is a national clinic that specializes in hormone replacement. Our doctors and medical staff are ready to answer any questions and provide the necessary testing and treatment required to improve your overall quality of life.