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HGH Benefits for Sexual Function – Restoring the Passion

HGH Benefits for Sexual Function

Just because a person gets older does not mean that one’s sex drive, the level of performance, and pleasure have to suffer. A deficiency in human growth hormone is sometimes to blame for the loss of passion in a relationship.

HGH can restore the passion in your relationship

Thanks to the many HGH benefits for sexual function, adults no longer have to fake a headache or feel as though they are a failure. Passion can be restored, and it is never too late to seek out the help that can improve erectile functions, vaginal lubrication, desire, and pleasure.

Although the signal to release growth hormone from the pituitary gland comes from a particular chemical called growth hormone-releasing hormone, the hypothalamus which secretes that chemical receives crucial signals from androgen sex hormones which also get their signals from hormones secreted by the pituitary gland. This circular action is what sometimes leads to a decline in libido and sexual functions.

Once you can rule out illness and outside stresses such as work, children, or aging parents and their needs, it is important to look internally for a reason why libido is falling. The reason often stems from a lack of HGH. Sexual function will suffer right along with emotional well-being, mood, outlook, productivity, energy, body self-image, immunity, brain functions, and more when adult growth hormone deficiency is present.

Impact of HGH on Sexual Desire and Arousal

Human growth hormone’s impact on sexual desire, arousal, and performance starts at the cellular level. HGH keeps the production of new cells going strong. These cells, including blood cells, protect the heart and internal organs, improve the movement of oxygen through the body, and increase blood flow to sexual organs that stimulate the feeling of arousal.

HGH can improve sexual functions

Other HGH benefits for sexual function include enhancing erectile strength and duration, as well as restoring vaginal secretions for a woman. Vaginal dryness is one of the biggest reasons why women stop having sex as they age – it does not have to be this way, and Kingsberg HRT Clinic can show you how to have an enjoyable love life well into old age.

Another issue that often affects sexual desire and arousal with age is body image. Low HGH levels slow down and affect how well the metabolism process food. Instead of turning what you eat into energy, the metabolism allows for the storage of fat. Weight gain often makes a person feel less amorous. Also, lean muscle starts to decline, and a once toned body becomes flabby. Self-image starts to suffer, often leading to depression which is extremely common for people with HGH deficiency.

Restoring the proper levels of HGH and sexual function goes hand in hand. Not only will you increase human growth hormone levels for enhanced sexual desire as well as improving muscle tone, but you will also begin to lose weight as your metabolism improves. These physical changes help to impact your overall mood.

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HGH, Sexual Performance, and Pleasure

It is easy to lump sexual desire, arousal, performance, and pleasure into one common category as they all seem to go together. You cannot perform if you are not aroused. You will not be aroused if you do not feel any desire. Without all of these denominators, there will be no orgasm and pleasure.

HGH can keep sexual desire strong throughout your life

The HGH benefits for sexual function begin with the mental factor – how human growth hormone provides signals of well-being to the brain. Increased HGH reduces the stress hormone cortisol in the bloodstream. Mood improves, opening the door for a brighter attitude. This, in turn, helps boost feelings of sexual desire.

Next, you have improved blood flow stimulating the sexual organs to feel desire and longing. Increased energy contributes to prolonging and enhancing sexual performance. Orgasms become stronger and pleasure skyrockets.

When it comes to raising the levels of HGH, sexual function is one area where both women and men can reap tremendous benefits.

Sexual desire does not end because you reach a certain age. The maintenance of hormonal balance is what can help you enjoy a pleasurable and satisfying sexual relationship throughout your life.

To find out if growth hormone deficiency is destroying your love life, contact the hormone specialists at Kingsberg HRT Clinic for a confidential consultation at no charge.