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Get the Facts about HGH Treatment

HGH Treatment

There is a saying that youth is wasted on the young, but the more relevant statement may be that human growth hormone is wasted on the young. HGH is arguably the most important hormone our bodies manufacture. It stimulates, controls, or plays a role in immunity, metabolism, cell reproduction, brain functions, heart health, eyesight, libido, and quite a bit more. These are all areas that start to suffer as we age, and having an abundant supply of HGH to carry us through life is vital.

Thankfully, although HGH levels begin to decline around the age of thirty, those suffering from an HGH deficiency can receive bioidentical human growth hormone treatment to restore a state of balance in the body.

When it comes to HGH treatment, adults can qualify for a prescription following blood analysis and physical examination that show a definite HGH deficiency.

  • What is HGH Treatment?

Human growth hormone treatment is a way of restoring balance to a critical hormone level that time has taken away. Using bioidentical HGH hormone treatment, we can replenish the missing supply of this chemical for optimum body functions.

The best HGH treatment requires a doctor’s prescription and receipt of medications from a licensed US pharmacy. Our doctors here at Kingsberg HRT Clinic will provide the prescription upon completion of blood testing, physical examination, and consultation with a hormone specialist.

What Results Can You Expect from HGH Treatment?

Living with human growth hormone deficiency is often like being on a runaway train – you are powerless to take any actions that can stop the impending doom. The difference is that instead of the train running off the tracks and crashing into some other object, your body runs out of energy, starts to decline physically and mentally, and you feel emotionally drained more often than not.

Enter doctor prescribed HGH treatment results to the rescue. Much like someone taking control of the train and getting it back on course, human growth hormone treatment restores the necessary balance to the body that puts it back on the natural right track.

Here is what you can expect from HGH treatment:

  • Improved metabolism resulting in loss of excess weight and increased energy
  • Better sleep – also bringing more energy
  • Better cell regeneration resulting in:
    • Increased collagen to thicken, firm, and tighten the skin – reduced appearance of sagging, wrinkles, and cellulite
    • Stronger nails
    • Improved hair growth and fullness
    • Increased bone density for stronger bones – decreased risk of osteoporosis
    • Restored internal organ size and functions
    • Improved lean muscle mass and strength
  • Sharper mental functions, memory, focus, and cognitive processing
  • Better immunity and quicker healing and recovery
  • Enhanced sexual desire, performance, and pleasure
  • Reduction in PMS and menopause symptoms
  • Shaper eyesight and night vision
  • Lower cholesterol and improved cardiac output
  • Better mood and outlook, reduction of stress and depression

How to Get HGH Treatment

As exciting as those benefits sound, you can only get them if you are a candidate for human growth hormone treatment. HGH therapy is available to those adults whose bodies are no longer producing enough growth hormone to supply the daily needs.

How do you find out if you are in this category?

A doctor who prescribes hormone replacement therapy will run diagnostic blood tests to determine the need for low HGH treatment. Additionally, you will also undergo a physical examination and provide detailed background on your prior and current state of health and any medications, treatments, or supplements you have or are currently using.

The only way to get legal HGH treatment is with a prescription. Any other purchase of human growth hormones may result in receipt of dangerous or counterfeit products.

Where to Find HGH Treatment Centers

Adults today have the option of visiting local HGH treatment centers or turning to national hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinics such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic. Do not let the designation fool you – national HRT centers require the same diagnostic steps as local specialists. The difference is often in cost and convenience.

With a local doctor, you will pay for office visits. These can also be time-consuming and put a strain on your schedule. With Kingsberg HRT Clinic, the overall HGH treatment cost is lower because we conduct all consultations by phone rather than in person. It is easier to schedule a phone call than an office visit into your busy calendar. Also, instead of paying for a specialist to provide your examination, you can visit a walk-in medical center or doctor near you.

To learn more about human growth hormone treatment, or to arrange for your local blood test, please contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic at (954) 800-5590 for a confidential consultation at no charge. You can also complete the form above, and one of our clinical advisors will contact you.

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