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How to Get HGH from a Doctor


When looking to get HGH, make sure you understand how to proceed. Trying to get human growth hormones without knowing the facts can lead you to a mistake that could ruin rather than improve your health.

The information box below tells you how to get HGH injections the right way:

How to Get HGH from a Doctor

  • 1. Contact a hormone specialist for a consultation
  • 2. Complete a health history form (be honest)
  • 3. Get a blood test for hormone deficiency
  • 4. Have a physical examination

Each of the steps listed is essential in the diagnosis and treatment of adult growth hormone deficiency:

  • The consultation identifies the suspected symptoms of AGHD.
  • The health history lets the specialist know if anything now or in the past is a contributing or mitigating factor.
  • The blood test rules out other health issues and measures necessary hormone levels to get to the root of the problem.
  • Finally, the exam provides essential information used in determining treatment and ensuring that no other concerns are present.

Why Do You Need a Doctor to Get HGH?

You may not think that you need a doctor to get HGH online because so many websites state “no prescription needed.” Now, look carefully at those sites and find the company’s address. If they are not located in the US, you have no guarantee that what you will receive is safe to use. Counterfeit HGH is rampant overseas.

Next, if the company is in the US and selling HGH without a prescription, they are operating illegally, and do you really trust that with your health? By the way, you may face prosecution if you attempt to buy HGH anywhere without a prescription.

There is another important reason why you need a doctor to get HGH – that is the only way to ensure that you need this medication and how much to administer. Taking HGH when not required or in too high a dose can increase the risk of side effects such as carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, and more.

Can I get HGH from my doctor during my yearly check-up?

Probably not, unless your internist specializes in hormone replacement. You want an expert in the field to engage in the balancing of your hormone levels since offsetting one the wrong way can have a rolling effect as many hormones influence the production and function of others. One note: your check-up report can come to us to fulfill the physical exam requirement if it was a recent visit.

Where to Find a Doctor to Get HGH

You can find a hormone specialist in one of the following ways:

  • Ask a friend you know has received hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
  • Ask your physician for a referral to get HGH from a doctor who specializes in HRT
  • Search online for a local HRT physician or clinic
  • Search online for a national hormone center such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic

You may be thinking why should I look any further for where to get HGH therapy when I am already here at our clinic’s website. Truthfully, we wanted to give you all your options, but we believe you should stay right here and complete our contact form or call us directly for a free and completely confidential consultation.

What makes Kingsberg HRT Clinic the right choice for all your hormone therapy needs?

  1. We put you first – your needs, your feelings, your health, and your results
  2. Experience – hormone replacement is all we do – all day, every day
  3. Care – many of our employees, clinical advisors, and doctors have faced some form of hormone deficiency, so we understand what you are dealing with and how best to help you
  4. The best quality medications – if we would not prescribe it for our families we will not prescribe it for you
  5. Affordability – we know money is tight, that is why we have many treatment options
  6. Convenience – no office visits, consultations by phone, HGH medication and supplies sent right to your door

How to Ensure that Your HGH Injections Are Legal

When asking can I get HGH legally in the US, please realize that the only guarantee you have is when you get a prescription from a doctor, and your HGH comes from a regulated US pharmacy. Any other sale may be illegal and land you in serious jeopardy in many ways.

Do not try to get HGH legally from a guy at the gym or someone at work. Just because they use a particular dosage does not mean that is what you need.

We cannot stress enough the importance of getting real HGH injections from a licensed US pharmacy. This is a medication that you will inject into your body, and not something to take chances on. Your health and well-being are too important.

For more information on how and where to get best HGH injections safely, affordably, and legally, contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic for a free consultation.

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