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What You Need to Know about Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

You may be thinking about starting HGH therapy to combat the fatigue, weight gain, low libido, memory fog, premature aging, and other changes associated with a decline in growth hormone production, but the fear of adverse reactions may be standing in your way. Do not let human growth hormone side effects stop you from beginning this vital treatment.

The more you research and learn about HGH, the better able you are to make an educated decision about your health and future well-being.

Kingsberg HRT Clinic is a national hormone replacement clinic, so we have firsthand knowledge about the benefits and risks associated with HGH therapy. When it comes to HGH side effects, male reactions are most likely to happen to those individuals who attempt to use human growth hormones without doctor supervision for athletic or physical enhancement such as bodybuilding. Anytime you increase a hormone level higher than its natural state you position yourself for trouble.

Women rarely see HGH side effects. Female use of HGH is more likely to occur under doctor supervision. That is not to say that some female athletes may not attempt to buy HGH on the black market, it is just that the instances of this are rare.

If you engage in the proper use of human growth hormones, you should not have to worry about HGH side effects. Anger, depression, fatigue, joint pains, and other issues should not be problems.

Most Common Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

Your hormone specialist is a doctor with extensive experience in balancing hormone levels, so you can feel confident that the dosage prescribed to you will promote homeostasis in the body and not increase your HGH levels to the point where adverse reactions occur. Most people never experience any human growth hormone side effects, but there are some worth discussing so that you know what could potentially happen:

  • HGH side effects: bloating – sometimes called swelling, fluid retention, or edema, a buildup of fluid in the extremities is possible and is often a warning sign that you are injecting too much human growth hormone
  • HGH side effects: diabetes – insulin and glucose levels may be affected when too much HGH is in the body
  • HGH side effects: high blood pressure – along with higher levels of LDL cholesterol, these changes are potential reactions to significantly increased human growth hormone levels
  • HGH side effects: carpal tunnel syndrome – this joint problem is signified by pains in the hands; other joint, muscle, and nerve pains may also occur
  • HGH side effects: depression – while people with human growth hormone deficiency are often depressed, and treatment corrects this concern, depression may also occur when too much HGH is administered over an extended period

Rare Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

Although less likely, the following rare human growth hormone side effects could also occur:

  • HGH side effects: face – again, bloating or fluid retention can lead to the face looking fuller so be aware if you notice any bloating in the body
  • HGH side effects: extended belly – this is also due to bloating that might occur
  • HGH side effects: cancer – human growth hormone does not lead to cancer, but there is a slight concern that using HGH when cancer is present can increase the growth rate of malignant cells which is why treatment is not provided to those individuals being treated for active cancer until approved by the oncologist
  • HGH side effects: mood swings – as with depression, changes in mood are possible
  • HGH side effects: aggression – feelings of aggression are unlikely but possible

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How to Reduce the Risk of HGH Side Effects

The number one way to reduce any risk of human growth hormone side effects is to follow the doctor’s orders for the administration of HGH injections. Do not purchase this medication without a valid prescription from a doctor specializing in hormone replacement. Also, always ensure that your medications are coming to you straight from a licensed US pharmacy.

The next important fact to remember is that while serious adverse reactions to HGH therapy are rare, you do want to contact your hormone clinic if you notice any unexpected changes at all. At Kingsberg HRT Clinic we want to ensure that you are receiving superior benefits without any side effects. By reporting these changes, you are preventing further problems.

The doctor may determine that a short-term lowering of the dosage is necessary to reverse any side effects before a gradual dosage increase resumes.

Please contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic with any questions, or for your free consultation with a hormone specialist.