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HGH Benefits for Skin & Hair

HGH Benefits for Skin & Hair

Some people hardly seem to age while others appear ten, twenty, or even thirty years older than their chronological age. A chemical in the body called human growth hormone (HGH) may play a role in how you age.

What if you could essentially turn back the clock by providing rejuvenating HGH to the body when it no longer produces the amount necessary to fuel the many functions it supports? Would you want to receive powerful HGH benefits for skin & hair that could restore a more youthful appearance?

Of course, you would, as would anyone who was unhappy with the texture and visual appearance of their hair and skin.

The use of growth hormone for skin care and hair regrowth may save you quite a bit of money each month since you can put away all those skin creams, hair thickening agents, and vitamins designed to improve your skin tone and hair growth.

Women and men who use HGH for better skin, improved hair growth, and other benefits such as weight loss, increased energy, sharper memory, and enhanced libido rave about their results. Kingsberg HRT Clinic wants everyone dealing with a growth hormone deficiency to have access to some of this country’s best hormone specialists so that they, too, can reap these positive benefits.

The Many Ways HGH Benefits the Skin

Superior HGH skin benefits are one of the highlights of human growth hormone therapy. The process for improving skin tone and appearance begins with HGH stimulating the liver’s secretion of insulin factor 1, another hormone that works together with HGH to enhance the regeneration of new cells. The use of HGH for skin care begins as cellular reproduction increases, allowing for better collagen formation.

As collagen levels improve, we find that the production of elastin also increases. This leads to the benefits of HGH and skin elasticity. The many layers of the skin begin to thicken. The epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis all begin to thicken and become stronger.

One of the problems seen in the skin of older adults is the thinning and easy susceptibility to tears that can lead to infections. Using HGH for skin repair helps to reduce these risks in later years.

The many HGH benefits for skin & hair continue as the increased collagen helps to firm up the skin, reducing the visual signs of sagging and wrinkles. Even cellulite appearance begins to decline.

Using HGH for skin tightening helps you look up to ten or twenty years younger, depending on how human growth hormone deficiency affected your skin’s tone, texture, and appearance.

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How Does HGH Improve Hair Growth and Appearance?

Another problem that plagues men and women considering using HGH for skin and hair is hair loss, thinning, and color fading to grey with age. Hair is primarily strands of dead cells, and the older we get, the thinner these strands become.

HGH benefits hair regrowth by increasing the amount of keratinocytes that produce the keratin necessary for hair growth. When faced with human growth hormone decline, hair formation suffers because you lose blood cells that bring hormones to nourish the formation of hair in the follicle where living cells grow and divide to form a strong hair shaft.  As we continue to look at HGH benefits for skin & hair, we also find that pigment cells increase, producing more melanin to help return the hair’s natural color.

Whether you are looking at HGH for aging skin, thinning hair, hair loss, or any of the other ways that growth hormone affects the body, we can help.

Here at Kingsberg HRT Clinic, our hormone specialists run diagnostic blood tests to determine the cause of your symptoms, and then treat the problem, not cover it up. When growth hormone levels in the body decline, a vast array of issues can appear. That is why the benefits of HGH for skin elasticity, hair regrowth, metabolism, cell regeneration, immunity, libido, and brain functions create such widespread positive results.

To find out more about HGH therapy, diagnostic testing locations near you, and affordable treatment options, contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic for a free consultation today.