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Uncovering the Credibility of HGH Injections Reviews


You may have heard about the amazing results of HGH on television, or read about it in a magazine, or possibly know someone who is using human growth hormones right now. You are curious if the benefits are real, and if the credibility of the online reviews is legitimate.

First of all, here at Kingsberg HRT Clinic, we know that online HGH injections reviews are sometimes falsified by other companies. You are most likely to see this on websites that offer HGH drops, pills, and patches for sale because those products do not contain real HGH and have not passed research studies to show their benefits.

Also, be careful when reading HGH injection user reviews on websites that are not legitimate medical clinics. Companies that sell HGH illegally (meaning without a prescription) are more likely to place false reports on their websites.

The best reviews on HGH injections are always from people you know who have used them, although that might be hard to tell. It is not as though you are going to go around asking everyone whom you think looks young if they are using HGH.

That is why your next best move is to turn to HGH complete reviews on the websites of medical hormone replacement clinics such as this one. We research for you and provide detailed information from clinical studies.

Anti-Aging and Weight Loss HGH Injection Reviews

Getting older impacts more than just one’s appearance. Yes, hair loss, sagging skin, wrinkles, and weight gain often occur with aging and low growth hormone levels, but we also find that bone mineral density declines, putting a person at risk for osteoporosis.

In the first of our HGH injections reviews, we look at a study of elderly women with osteoporosis who received human growth hormone injections daily for one year. The women were found to have increased hand grip, decreased waist to hip ratio, and significant changes in radial and lumbar bone mineral density. [1]

Next up we look at HGH injections for weight loss reviews and find that HGH has a beneficial impact on body composition. The biggest change is in visceral and trunk fat mass – belly fat. One study showed that individuals treated with HGH lost 9% of their body fat while those on a placebo saw a 4.3% increase over six months. [2]

We find that most people tend to gain an equal amount of lean body mass compared to the amount of fat loss they experience. Losing weight from HGH injections brings another benefit – more energy which can help increase exercise and further weight loss.

The same study, as well as many other HGH anti-aging reviews, show positive benefits for improved cognitive performance – an area that often suffers as we age. Both verbal memory and executive functioning improved.

Finally, a study on patients recovering from a stroke found many positive results, including more energy, increased exercise endurance, better daily functions, and improved skin elasticity. [3]

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Comparison Reviews of HGH Injections vs. HGH Pills and Sprays

The same positive HGH injections comparison reviews cannot be applied to over-the-counter copycat products. The first thing to realize is that real human growth hormone has a particular 191 amino acid composition that is molecularly too large to enter the bloodstream any way other than by injection. The products that you find advertised or sitting on store shelves do not have this structure.

When it comes to HGH reviews, 2017 probably saw more forms of “homeopathic” HGH than ever before. One product, SeroVital, cites many positive studies, but upon further review, it is clear that they were supported or funded by the parent company. Homeopathic products do not contain real HGH. Instead, they are merely blends of beneficial amino acids that can help the body in many ways. The only problem is that when consumed orally, these substances are broken down and destroyed by digestive enzymes. Real HGH also will not be able to penetrate the linings of the mouth or nasal passages.

When we compare HGH reviews, injections vs. the other products, we also find that those items often state they are releasers or boosters. What that means is that they do not directly increase HGH levels the way HGH injections will. Instead, they say that their products will help the body increase natural human growth hormone production.

For the most up-to-date HGH injections reviews and superior treatment options at affordable prices, please contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic for a free consultation.