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Is HGH Legal in the USA?

HGH therapy has been around for decades, but its use is not always for the right reasons. When is human growth hormone legal and when is it not? If you know the legitimate uses of human growth hormones, then there is no worry or concern when buying and administering this medication.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the legality of HGH in the US:

Is HGH legal in the USA for anti-aging and restorative purposes?
Anti-aging is a broad term that does not provide a clear response, and HGH is considered illegal for use as an anti-aging treatment. HGH is deemed legal for treating verified adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) that often leads to the early signs of physical and mental aging. Legal use of HGH to reverse these changes often has restorative benefits.
Is HGH legal to buy for sports use or bodybuilding?
Human growth hormone is not legal in the sports world. Athletes, bodybuilders, and others subject to random drug tests before competition face disqualification, as well as potential legal ramifications. HGH is also dangerous to use when not needed by the body to make up for a deficiency in hormone production as it can result in potentially severe side effects.
Is HGH safe and legal if a doctor prescribes its use?
The only way HGH is legal is when authorized for use by a doctor for legitimate reasons. Human growth hormone therapy is safe once blood analysis shows an HGH deficiency and the doctor calculates the amount of HGH necessary to restore hormonal balance.

How Can You Get HGH Legally in the USA?

The next group of questions focus on how to get human growth hormone legally in the US:

Is HGH legal to buy online from the many websites offering it for sale?
Roughly 96% of the websites selling medications are not following the guidelines established for the sale and dispensing of pharmaceutical products as reviewed by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). You can only buy HGH legally when authorized for use by a doctor following blood testing and physical examination.
Is HGH legal with a prescription for adult use?
Yes, once a hormone specialist reviews the blood test and examination results, he or she can issue a prescription that may be filled legally at any licensed US pharmacy.
Is HGH legal in the USA when purchased with a prescription from an online pharmacy?
While having a prescription does make the purchase of HGH legal, that does not make the product safe to use. With only 4% of all websites compliant with proper protocol, you have the chance of getting a medicinal product that is unsafe to use.

Where to Buy Legal HGH

Our final questions will help you learn where to get human growth hormone legally in the US:

Where is HGH legal in the US to buy?
You can purchase HGH with a prescription from any licensed US pharmacy. To find out if you are a viable candidate for human growth hormone therapy, you will want to contact a hormone specialist for comprehensive diagnostic testing. Only after completion of a health history questionnaire, blood test, consultation, and physical examination can an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan be provided to you.
Is HGH legal in the USA when prescribed by an online medical clinic?
Hormone replacement clinics such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic require you to fulfill the same stringent testing steps as a local doctor’s office. The only difference is that you will conduct all consultations by phone. You will still visit a local physician or walk-in medical center for a face-to-face exam with a medical provider, and have your blood tested at a local lab. The diagnostic process is the same, but you will save time and money by skipping the office visits with the specialist and conducting them over the phone.

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