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Ever Wondered, What Happens When You Stop Taking HGH Injections?

What Happens When You Stop Taking HGH Injections

So you’ve been taking human growth hormone to treat a demonstrated deficiency and you’re thinking about stopping treatment. Are there risks? How about benefits? Here’s a little information about what we know—and what we don’t—when it comes to ending treatment. First, a little background. Doctors have been prescribing this hormone to short-statured children for more than half a century with very good results. If a child is very small for his or her age, and the parents have chosen this therapy, it is typically discontinued once the growth plates have closed. After decades of research, there appear to be few if any consequences of stopping treatment in these circumstances. In other words, stopping treatment doesn’t mean these kids will lose the inches they’ve grown or suffer from any other adverse consequences. When Doctors Prescribe HGH Hormone Therapy for adults with laboratory-proven deficiencies, and for children who have certain problems with their pituitary function, there are some consequences to ending treatment, however.  

For Many, Stopping Therapy Means Losing Its Benefits

There are many HGH Human Growth Hormone Benefits, which is why children and adults who don’t produce enough of it on their own do well with therapy. While there don’t appear to be any general problems associated with stopping treatment, it’s also true that individuals will no longer experience the physical benefits of the hormone circulating in the bloodstream. The waning benefits are often gradual and include reduced energy levels, increased fat, and reduced bone density and muscle mass. If you have been benefiting from your treatment but decide to stop because of financial considerations or an adverse side effect, you might be able to keep going with your treatment at a lower dose. Even in small doses, GH supplementation can be very helpful in helping people to maintain the right body fat composition. Since there don’t appear to be any real problems with ceasing treatment beyond losing the powerful benefits, there should be no problem if you decided to find out What Happens When You Stop Taking HGH Injections. There is nothing wrong with stopping treatment, seeing how you feel off of the medication, and starting up again if you need and want to. It’s important to note that different people have different experiences. Some even find that a short course of therapy is enough to get them motivated to make the kinds of changes in their lives that lead to better health in the long term. In other words, this therapy appears to have the power to get some of us highly motivated to eat right, exercise and take better care of ourselves. Viewed in this light, HGH Hormone Therapy also appears to be a powerful short-term solution.

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