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Is HGH Good for Women

It’s on the television. It’s all over the Internet. It’s on radio, too. People are saying that it’s a normal part of aging to have a diminished growth hormone level, and that is the reason why we look older than we may actually be in years. It also causes problems with putting on extra pounds and losing some strength and stamina. There is even some talk about it being a factor in being resistant to the common cold and flu bugs. When my husband told me he heard that HGH for women is a good thing … of all places … on an ESPN podcast with Colin Cowherd, I was stunned. I had to stop and ask myself if I was really missing the boat here. So for the first time in my life as a female, I listened to a sport broadcast to find out what all the fuss was about and if this stuff might actually be good for me. Could I possibly use HGH to lose weight and finally be successful with a diet?

Usually, when you hear a sports pundit discussing these things, it is related to some major sports star having been accused of using it illegally. And yes, I understand that all the sports governing bodies have ruled that professionals in the field should not be using the stuff. I get that, too, besides it is against the law. Sports are only fun and fair when there’s a level playing ground. No one wants to play against the guy who has an unfair advantage. But what about the rest of us … do the same rules apply? Is HGH good for women?

Apparently the wife of this radio announcer was having great success on a program to increase her levels. Even though the discussion of anti-aging therapies and diet programs are all over the Internet and on television, there is one professional who has really caught all of our collective attention. On this podcast, they mentioned that Dr. Oz says HGH is good for women. I was able to confirm this easily on his website since he has done more than one show discussing the advantages of increasing one’s growth hormone levels. One of the things I have read about says the molecule is made up of 191 amino acids, and in terms of those sorts of things, that’s really huge. You can’t take it orally because the digestive fluids are always stimulated and it never gets to the small intestine to be absorbed. So putting it directly under the skin with a shot is the only real way to make the most of this kind of supplement or hormone medication.

One of their comments really got me thinking … he said that he was convinced that years from now, we are going to look back and be amazed that more people didn’t take advantage of this miracle of modern medicine. I was thinking about 100 years ago, when you think about penicillin … how crazy would it have been if we had not learned to understand and finally believe in its effectiveness! There have been many advances in the field of health and medicine, and there are always skeptics. This is one place where I for one am really going to examine the details about HGH therapy for women and see if I might be missing something that could really do me some good.

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