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HGH – Human Growth Hormone Therapy Via HGH Injections

The human growth hormone is a protein that is produced naturally by the pituitary gland. This hormone is important for growth levels in the human body but unfortunately, as we get older the rate at which the body produces it decreases. One of the most effective ways of dealing with deficiency related issues is to issue regular HGH injections.

Taken regularly, HGH injections can help to repair body tissues, enhance muscle growth and even increase the recovery rate from illness. Whilst HGH injections are used to treat children with growth disorders and adults recovering from serious injuries; HGH injections are also used by many to help slow the aging process. Many people are unhappy about the effects of getting older, especially any loss of sexual prowess and therefore turn to HGH injections for help.

One of the biggest benefits of taking HGH injections is weight loss. Lots of overweight people use HGH injections in order to lower their level of body fat and the findings are supported by numerous medical studies.

Others prefer to use HGH injections to slow down the aging process, and in some cases therapy can even reverse some of the side effects of getting older. Hair thinning and graying are two of the most common and most feared signs of aging. However, studies in HGH injections have shown that regular use could help in restoring hair color and even stimulate fresh hair growth. By using HGH injections hair appeared to become fuller and thicker.

Another part of the aging process is lack of energy and vitally both mentally and physically. HGH injections have showed evidence of improving vitality in elderly men and women and it is also known to increase mental awareness. It can also improve sexual function which is known to be one thing that does deteriorate with age. Skin tone can be improved in both men and women with HGH injections as it stimulates both elastin and collagen, therefore wrinkles can also be dramatically improved.

High cholesterol is something that often comes with age but studies have shown that HGH injections can help lower the level of LDL, the bad cholesterol, and raise the level of HDL, the good cholesterol. Memory and brain function is also something that tends to go downhill with age but again HGH can help.

The results of taking HGH injections tend to gradually manifest themselves over 6 to 12 months and the benefits may continue to increase for anything up to 18 months after the therapy is started. The therapy can also help the body to increase its own supply of HGH naturally which is great all round for the body.

If you think that HGH injections could be beneficial for you then great, but you do need to be careful where you purchase them from. There are plenty of websites out there all claiming to give you the best value for money but not all of them are safe. At Kingsberg HRT Clinic you can be sure that all the products on sale are tried and tested and only sourced from the most reputable and leading manufacturers. The HGH injections on offer here are prescribed by highly-trained hormone therapy doctors so you can be sure you are in safe hands!

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