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When my children were little, I had no trouble getting down on the floor and playing with them. I can remember racing my sons down the quiet street in front of our house. Now that they are teenagers and I’m a few years older, I started having a continual issue with my knees. For some reason, and I have no idea what it is, no other joints have been effected, but my knees have been in almost constant pain. This isn’t the end of the story because thankfully, I did find Anti Aging HGH Therapy, and it has made all the difference. I suffered through a number of years not being able to do much of anything. I always needed help when it came to getting things off the bottom shelves in the kitchen. I couldn’t get down low to wash the dog, and stairs were a really big challenge.

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When I decided to move into a house with stairs, I realized it was time to do something about this issue. I went to my doctor, and she ran a battery of tests. I had them all, from blood tests to xrays. There really wasn’t anything too terrible going on. There were no signs of degenerative diseases or tissue damage. I eat pretty well, but at her suggestion, I started leaving out anything with gluten. I started eating more greens and omitting almost all foods from animal sources. I never really thought I would be a vegan, but I do feel a lot more energetic when I eat a plant-based diet. None of these changes helped all that much with the knee pain. I even tried different types of shoes hoping it would make a difference. My doctor is not one to give up and she is well acquainted with the programs at Kingsberg Medical. We started looking into their Anti Aging HGH Therapy programs to see if it would help. I’m really way too young to be suffering like this.

Once I started on the Anti Aging HGH Therapy injections, I was amazed. I wanted to celebrate. I felt like dancing. Yes! That was it. I had always wanted to learn to Tango, and I had been putting it off for “some day.” Well no more – some day was happening right now. I started taking Tango lessons, and I was thrilled to find that an gentleman friend was interested in Tango, too. We have danced for hours and hours on end, and now that I’ve found HGH injections, it is amazing how good I feel. My whole body has improved so much. I have energy and stamina and I feel really strong and healthy. As the self-proclaimed best dancers in our dance class, we decided it was time to take this show on the road. We signed up for a regional Tango competition for the entire southeast of the US in Atlanta GA. It was such an exciting event to see so many dancers. There were over 300 couples competing in the event. With a serious case of the nerves, we danced one round after another. It was so exciting to see so many beautiful people and beautiful clothes. It was like dancing through a fairy tail. The end of the story was that we came in at 9th place. That’s a wonderful accomplishment for me … the lady with the sore knees just one short year ago.

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