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Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency

My entire life I’ve been overweight. Little did I know that Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency was at the root of my problem. I remember shopping in the Husky Department with my mom. Not cool! I was active as a kid with youth sports leagues and always running around with the kids in my neighborhood, but look at any picture of us all, and you would see me – the fat kid. I remember reading that science had discovered that the amount of fat cells you have as an adult is determined by the number you create as a child. Well that was really bad news for a kid like me. Now the doctor says I have a slow metabolism and an obesity problem. Back then, parents were happy that I had a hearty appetite and was never sickly.

Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatments

As a teenager and young adult, I played in a lot of league sports which kept my weight under control. I was still big, but not really considered all that fat. I could move well, and I was always welcomed on any team sport. It wasn’t really apparent that I had an Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, however, at that time my levels were probably closer to normal. I remember playing on a softball league in my twenties. I had plenty of energy and could really whack the ball over the fence. I had enough speed and, well … momentum going for me, that I could usually rush the plate and scare the catcher back a few feet. After all, none of us were willing to risk a trip to the emergency room just for a softball game.

In my mid-thirties, I got promoted in my company and that meant a transfer to the big city. I loved the excitement and energy of the big city. There was always something to do, and always something to eat. My hometown friends and weekend sports were a thing of the past, and the weight really started to pile on me. I didn’t really even think about having an Adult Hormone Deficiency. I didn’t think much of it until the elevator in our building broke one day, and I had to walk up 10 flights of stairs. I optimistically started off at a trot … for the first flight. By the time I reached the third floor, I was gasping for air and stopping to rest. I tried to go on autopilot and just will my legs to get me up to the next level, but it just wasn’t working. Around the seventh floor, I actually sat down. This wasn’t just fatigue and low energy – it was outright exhaustion. It occurred to me to be thankful that I wasn’t a smoker. That would have made matters much worse. It took me about a half hour, but I finally made it to the tenth floor. I promptly collapsed at my desk and closed my eyes. I was afraid I might do something stupid like have a heart attack or something. When I finally came to, I started looking on the Internet for the best way to lose weight.

I didn’t want to just fix a part of the problem. I knew that being overweight was part of a bigger issue. I found a doctor who wanted to check all my levels in my blood and give me a complete physical to be sure that I didn’t have something more serious wrong with me besides just being fat. My blood test showed that my IGF-1 level was really low. My doctor suggested that I get with the good folks at Kingsberg HRT Clinic to see about getting on hormone replacement therapy. My doctor let me know that Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency is nothing to mess around with. It could affect the long term condition of my heart, my immune system and my bone density among lots of other things. I’m really glad I have a doctor who is on the ball (pun intended) and was able to help me turn my life around. I’m not just losing fat with these HGH injections, but I’m also getting healthier all over. I feel so much better. My advice to you is don’t mess around with your health. Always hit for the fences and go for the home run. Your health is worth it.

Jimmy Barton
Charleston, SC

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