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What Does HGH Cost?

What Does HGH Cost

The human body needs growth hormone throughout life for optimal function. During childhood, it is especially important for linear growth; in adulthood is needed for maintenance, sustenance and repair. It is common for every person to suffer a decrease in the natural production of growth hormone as the body gets older. In some cases, the levels drop low enough to cause a condition known as Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (or AGHD for short). This is when, basically, the body is unable to restore and rejuvenate itself each day, resulting in signs of illness and wear and tear. This condition is both treatable and reversible by injecting bio identical human growth hormone in a prescribed, specific dose over period of time to elevate the levels in the body back up to what the body needs to function normally. With the idea of treatment comes another question: what does HGH cost? One who is living with the many symptoms of deficiency that keep increasing will begin to realize soon what it is costing him or her in a limited life. HGH injections work to restore quality of life, and there is no price one can put on that. By keeping the glass full, so to speak, the body is immediately infused with what it needs to allow its own proper maintenance and at the same time work on repairing any damage that has been caused. HGH is a single treatment program that covers many aspects of health and wellness. The individual treatment of such issues such as mental health, weight management, pain control, cholesterol and blood pressure, bone health and simple illness prevention can come with a price tag much higher than what HGH costs without being able to cure anything. Isn’t it better to manage the cause instead of just alleviating symptoms?

What Are The Real Costs Of Injectable Growth Hormone?

There is much talk in celebrity and athletic circles about the improvements growth hormone can produce including better muscle tone and lean muscle mass, a decrease in body fat (especially around the midsection), better stamina and capacity for exercise, improved sexual performance and endurance, and firmer skin. While these claims are not wrong, they are incomplete. That includes how much growth hormone therapy costs. HGH injections will provide these benefits for a person who is clinically deficient in growth hormone whose body has already suffered negative changes in these areas. These improvements are not additions; they are a matter of restoration. Growth hormone injections rejuvenate flagging body operations and correct the damage the body has already suffered. HGH is not a treatment taken in addition to, or on top of anything else. Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency is a medical condition and HGH injections are the prescription treatment for it. How much does growth hormone therapy cost can only be realized after each individual treatment program is assessed. The decline of growth hormone that occurs naturally as a person gets older is what causes the characteristics of getting older that many consider to be negative: graying hair, thickening waistline, flabby body, sagging and wrinkled skin. There are other effects also caused by deficiency that go beyond simple aesthetics, such as:

  • high cholesterol
  • high blood pressure
  • increased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • increased risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • vision problems
  • poor sleep
  • memory loss
  • reduced cognitive function
  • depression and mood instability
  • a decrease in cardiac output
  • shrinkage of the heart, kidneys and liver
  • sexual dysfunction
  • limited movement due to poor joint health
  • increased risk of bone breakage
  • a lessening of the body’s ability to heal properly
  • a lowered immune system.

Some of these symptoms can eventually lead to a partial or total loss of independence, whether it be losing the ability to drive, needing a caregiver, or being confined to a bed. By managing human growth hormone levels with HGH injections, and understanding the value of the real costs of injectable growth hormone, any changes that occurred during the deficiency will be reversed, and the recovery advantages will include:

  • improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • healthier skin, hair and nails
  • improved vision
  • an increase in lean muscle mass
  • improved sleep
  • a reduction in body fat
  • improved joint health
  • stronger, denser bones
  • a better sense of well-being
  • faster healing and recovery time from injury or illness
  • improved memory.

Adult Growth Hormone Disorder is an easily treatable and reversible condition. What the decline of growth hormone can take away from a person, the replenishing of the hormones to optimal levels can give it back. What this adds to a person’s quality of life is immeasurable, and well worth what HGH injections cost with prescription. Kingsberg HRT Clinic has many clinic and laboratory locations local to anyone where prospective patients can obtain the blood work for comprehensive hormone level testing. The diagnostic testing and physical examination are essential to help determine candidacy for hormone replacement therapy. A deficiency can cause many adverse health issues, but too much growth hormone can cause problems that cannot be fixed. Because of this, our treatment programs and prescription dosing are assessed on a patient by patient basis, and we will only provide prescriptions for HGH if clinical need is present. We do not treat our patients as average, and will not quote what is the average monthly cost of HGH therapy until the patient is assessed individually.

How To Get HGH Injections For Sale Online

One can’t listen to the high-profile elite to get the real information on how to get HGH injections for sale online, because with bodybuilders and sports figures much of their use is based in misuse or recreational use which involves illegal purchase, and the Hollywood youth-seekers tend to lean towards the sale of a product with their name on it (or one they receive monies for endorsements), and these are also not prescription medications. HGH is purchased online the same way it is purchased offline; it must be prescribed by a physician after specific blood tests reveal medical need. While the medication purchase itself can be made over the internet, the initial testing must always be done in a medical office. The easiest way to get HGH injections for sale online is to go through a hormone replacement center. One still has to make one trip to a clinic or doctor’s office, but the rest of the process can be handled from home, by telephone, email or website. Kingsberg HRT Clinic provides physician-regulated and prescribed therapy in a treatment program customized to each patient. By calling the number provided on this page and speaking to one of our experts, one can be well on their way to a happier, healthier existence in no time!

Cost Of HGH Prescribed By A Doctor

Clinical studies on human growth hormone injections have shown the positive health effects a six-month program can have on a patient, creating a feeling of health equivalent to a 10 to 20 year age reversal. With HGH injections, created specifically to treat AGHD, there is no reason for anyone to resign him or herself to the slow decline in health that is associated with a GH deficiency. What is the worth of 10 to 20 years of good health? In that light, the cost of HGH prescribed by a doctor for a short 6-12 month treatment program pales by comparison. Many people do not notice the gradual decline of human growth hormone and the changes that accompany it until it crosses a certain threshold, and it seems that almost overnight the body has aged. There seems to have occurred a sudden drop in enthusiasm, sex drive, overall health and mental wellness. How much is it worth to increase your sex drive? Has a noticeable lack of interest in sex or impaired performance affected your relationship? Your confidence? Is your job affected by a lack of energy, unexplained feelings of apathy and disinterest, or poor mental capability? Are you stressed most of the time? Are you able to sleep at night, or do you wake up multiple times without ever being fully able to fall deeply into sleep? Do you just feel old? Call Kingsberg HRT Clinic. Ask the clinical advisor, what does HGH therapy cost in US? Each caller will be given the full rundown of hormone replacement therapy procedure and be informed of necessary testing. Our advisors will even help set up that necessary diagnostic testing appointment. Kingsberg HRT Clinic physicians, if the testing proves that a GH deficient condition exists,  will help assess nutrition levels and lifestyle habits (exercise and sleep) to ensure that each patient’s prescribed treatment program will encompass every aspect that can contribute to good health, and go out of their way to make sure each patient achieves the full health goals they seek.

Average Cost Of HGH And Testosterone Treatment

Adult growth hormone deficiency and low testosterone are treatable and reversible conditions with hormone replacement therapy, but they are not considered ‘average’ treatments, nor is there such a thing as average cost of HGH and testosterone treatment. People aren’t average, and neither is their individual chemical makeup. Before questioning the price of growth hormone and testosterone treatment, one must first have the levels of both tested. Neither will be dispensed without proof of medicinal need. Testosterone is responsible for producing typical male attributes such as growth of the male sex organs, facial hair, and deepening of the voice. It also plays a role in height growth, muscle mass and strength, sexual performance and drive, and mood stability – in both men and women. Men have a condition later on in life that is similar to the menopause that women go through, and they can experience depression, inability to concentrate, mood swings, and even hot flashes. This is called andropause. The symptoms of both menopause and andropause can be affected by low growth hormone or low testosterone, or both, as both are vital to muscle development, sexual function and temperament. While they have a synergistic relationship with each other, low growth hormone does not automatically convey low testosterone, and vice versa. Individual tests on each hormone must be done to see if one or both is deficient. Because every body’s chemical makeup is different, there is no average prescription dose for either growth hormone or testosterone, nor is there an average cost of HGH and testosterone treatment. A hormone specialist must first determine the presence of a deficiency before being able to assess a prescription dosing schedule.

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Where Can I Buy HGH For The Best Price?

If you’re concerned about the cost of HGH prescribed by a doctor, here are a few considerations:

  • Go to your medicine cabinet and take a look inside. How many different medications are there (both prescribed an over-the-counter) to alleviate symptoms that could be caused by a growth hormone deficiency? Are there medications there specifically for the prevention of certain problems? Any diet aids?
  • Look at the vitamins you are taking. How many do you take each day? And how many are for different issues (energy, focus, joint health, skin, hair, immunity)?
  • Do you consume caffeinated products energy or specifically designed energy drinks?
  • Do you regularly purchase expensive specialty products for skin and hair?

By comparison, the cost of HGH prescribed by a doctor may be of an equal or even lesser amount, especially in terms of value. A current commercial on television advertising a wrinkle cream mentions a “graveyard” of products in reference to a common habit people have of purchasing products for specific reason that they stop using after a short period of time because they feel the products don’t work and stay end up with a “collection” of sorts of half-empty bottles and jars. How much money do you think you spend on that? Do you have such a collection? These products in the category of health and beauty contribute to a multi-billion dollar industry. And these smaller items are just the tip of the iceberg. Larger expenses can include personal trainers and expensive gym memberships, expensive mattresses, meal replacement programs, gastrointestinal surgery, Botox injections and other various skin injections, light therapy (for both skin treatment and mental attitude), hypnosis and holistic programs, psychotherapy, the list goes on. Every type of product or service alluded to in this paragraph is designed to treat or improve the condition of many issues that could be directly related to a growth hormone deficiency. If you have discovered that you may be spending a small fortune on many of these products and services, it may be cost effective for you to find out if you are growth hormone deficient by calling Kingsberg HRT Clinic and asking, where can I buy HGH for the best price?